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studying the best cafés in New York, gathering instrumental information on the keys to their success. “At that time, I still had the intentions of opening my vegan restaurant, but first I had to get my feet wet,” he says, “so after leaving (Collins Quarters), Jennifer Jenkins helped me gain a firm footing in the Fox Family of cafes, and we’ve worked together ever since.” Jennifer is the owner of the Foxy Loxy and the Coffee Fox cafes. After his stint with Collins Quarter, Clay managed Jenkins’ Coffee Fox, an award-winning craft coffee house in the heart of downtown for about two years before managing the Henny Penny Art Space & Café. During this time, the pair was dutifully scouting locations for Clay’s new restaurant. With the help of his new partner and now co-owner, The Fox & Fig Café began serving up its plant-based delicacies in the fall of 2017. “We became the only all-vegan restaurant in town,” Clay says proudly. “The process (of bringing the restaurant into fruition) has truly been a collaboration all along. While Jen brings the heart and

no labels here While the Fox & Fig is categorized as a plant-based restaurant, Clay is quick to add that he doesn’t make a habit of throwing out the words “vegetarian” or “vegan.” He says, “I want people to know that they can eat plant-based food with no loss to their palate. We don’t have an agenda to push, or at least one that’s obvious; we just want our customers to enjoy their experience here.”

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Chatham County Living Magazine - Summer 2019  

Chatham County Living Magazine - Summer 2019