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STYLE GUIDE 002 A/W 2013

Welcome back to another Without Prejudice Style Guide, your personal handbook to North West London and menswear style. In this second installment we look at our brand new Autumn Winter ‘13 collection. We also explore the streets of our charming neighbourhood to show you what inspires us. Read about our contemporary new range, unearthing the latest men’s styles that are taking London by storm. So gentlemen, put down that whiskey and focus, because today you’ll discover what to wear this season, and more importantly, where to wear it. It has been a remarkably hot and beautiful summer this year in London, however, soon the leaves will fall and the colder climes will return, compelling us to rethink our morning attire. Do not fear the inevitable this year, instead embrace it by confidently selecting layers that allow you to once more show-off your true colours. This season, under a scarlet autumn sky, we explore the darker shades of the urban landscape of North West London, with warmer textures and thicker fabric, ensuring that you keep sheltered from the elements. We won’t let the early setting sun stop you from going out in your smart winter attire, as we show you where to find the five best beers as well as our ten favourite spots to visit in North West London. We would love to hear what you think of our latest Without Prejudice Style Guide and Autumn Winter ‘13 collection, as well as if you have any suggestions for the next issue, just get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. So dig in!

Rob (left) dresses in the Buckley Wool Jacket in blue with the subtle elbow patch and peak lapel collar, while Jeremy (right) wears Kingsley Check Jacket in Brown with its trademark contrast collar and ticket pocket.



Let us set the scene for you. You’re walking down Regent Street on a brisk winter morning, the red remains from the rush of autumn leaves paving the footpath. A gust of wind sends a chill down your neck, so you pop up your collar and button up the front of your thick woollen Navy overcoat. You’re glad you decided to wear your knitted Italian wool jumper over your wide collared shirt and silk tie, because you feel sorry for shivering pedestrians that pass you on the street. The comforting fabrics of your ensemble blend in well with the glistening snow-covered streets. You grin, pleased with your decision to visit the Without Prejudice website the week before. After a Mediterranean summer season collection, we move back to Britain exploring the textures and shades of North West London in the colder months. As a result of our designers constructing more layered looks with contrasting textures and fabrics, our pieces, like London, adapt seamlessly to the autumn and winter months. We are also pleased to be launching our knitwear range online, while also adopting warmer winter materials like the fabled Mohair, bringing a new element to our classic Kimberley suits. In true WP style, we continue to explore the features that make our pieces unique, with quirky peak lapels, contrasting collars and pockets, colourful internal lining and of course the signature purple button hole. This season we go for a more fitted look, allowing you to layer up without losing your silhouette and ensuring that no piece hangs off you like your older brothers hand-me-downs. As our story grows, so does our brand, so check out what we have in store for you this season and start noticing the little things.

Rob wears the Bradiston Cardigan in blue, a piece from the brand new knitwear collection that we now offer online, with the blue dual collared Mombray shirt (available at House of Fraser).



LAYER UP WITH the the A NORTH WEST burton burton ATTITUDE The iconic modern gentleman The iconic modern gentleman The Burton jacket, in its lightweight, mercerised fabric, employs a look of chic confidence without being ostentatious. Paired with our slim-cut (15� bottom) chino and bold coloured penny collar shirt, this is a look designed for your holidays in warmer climes.

Rob layers up for the London winter in the grey Sarre Wool Coat with the faux fur internal collar, a blue Bradiston Cardigan and a checked blue Mombray Shirt that is available at House of Fraser.



We believe that the quality of our suits should speak for themselves, and so sewn inside every Without Prejudice suit jacket and blazer is a label with the words ‘The Truth Within’. Saying that, each garment has a distinct character and so rather than naming them with a mundane series of numbers, we name our suits after the streets and areas of North West London. The streets of North West London are full of history and character. Take the Randolph cut for example, named after Randolph Avenue in Maida Vale. Sitting on Randolph Avenue is The Warrington, a decorative Victorian pub that was more recently transformed by Gordon Ramsay. However, in 1837 The Warrington was a brothel, thus the expression ‘I’m feeling Randy’. Our Kilburn suits pay homage to a town that has its origins in a 12th century priory. In 1715 a well of ‘chalybeate waters’ (water impregnated with iron) was discovered. The water from the well was promoted as a cure from ‘stomach ailments’. In 1773 the The Public Advertiser described the Kilburn Wells in an article as being a place ‘adapted to the use and amusement of the politest companies. Fit either for music, dancing and entertainments’!

Jeremy looks suave in the peak lapelled navy Buckley Wool Jacket, complimented by a pair of Maygrove Wine Twill Trousers and a blue and white floral Kingswood Shirt (available at House of Fraser).



After 18 months of relentless renovation it’s finally time for Without Prejudice to move back in to our headquarters, literally cementing our place in North West London. Our new head office provides plenty of space for our rapidly growing team, with a shiny studio for next season’s photo-shoot, as well as a section especially for our digital and creative team. Beneath the glistening veneer of our majestic new office lies an inspiring history. The building was originally occupied by Hooper & Co., the company responsible for building the majority of the Royal family’s automobiles, including Queen Victoria’s horse drawn carriages. Hooper & Co. endured both World Wars as well as the Great Depression by manufacturing planes and small arms for Britain and its Allies. After the war they continued to supply the UK with luxurious car parts. One iconic car make which Hooper supplied parts to was Rolls-Royce. They were one of the coachbuilders providing bodies for The Rolls-Royce Phantom I. Like our Without Prejudice suits this car oozes class and its luxury fitting using Monocoque construction (a structural approach that supports loads through an object’s external skin) fits our preoccupation of providing our clients with a perfect fit. Hooper & Co. was a company with British design expertise at their core. They were able to reinvent themselves to adapt to changing times, even in the face of adversity. With a history like that we’re feeling confident about the future and we thought it fitting to name the building “Coach Works”.



THE KILBURN This page: Rob wears the slim-fitting notched lapel Kilburn Suit in grey with a Kingswood Shirt in Purple in a Dog Tooth design. That page: Jeremy is dressed in a grey two button notch lapelled Kilburn suit that is available at House of Fraser. Underneath he wears the buttoned down penny collared Andover Shirt in white.




THE KINGSLEY Jeremy stands tall in white Mombray shirt and the navy Kingsley jacket that features a very subtle paisley pattern embedded deep in the fabric.

THE THE KILBURN KILBURN Jeremy dons a smart Kilburn suit in maroon featuring a Jeremy dons a smart Kilburn suit in maroon featuring a touch of Mohair that is exclusive to our House of Fraser touch of Mohair that is exclusive to our House of Fraser range, while wearing underneath the Andover Fine Stripe range, while wearing underneath the Andover Fine Stripe Shirt in blue. Shirt in blue.




Both models wear the classic Without Prejudice Canfield shirt in white and light blue, accompanied by Italian silk crafted ties from our latest Autumn Winter collection.

THE ANSON Rob looks sophisticated in one of this seasons favourites, the Anson Fine Pinstripe Wool Suit in navy, complimented by a Kingswood pink striped shirt and a Polka Dot tie and handkerchief.



Twelve months ago I received a phone call from a British menswear company headquartered in North West London. They told me they had big plans and wanted someone who could take an already successful business and evolve it into an international brand of caliber. A brand that would look as comfortable in London as it would in the UAE, Canada or Australia. It was game on! Over the last six months my role as acting Director of Brand & Creative at Without Prejudice has seen me flying between meetings from Queens Park to Shoreditch, New York to Hong Kong. Most recently I’ve been directing the photo shoots for our Autumn/Winter collection. I’ve been particularly impressed by this seasons fabrics, specifically the Salusbury boucle jacket (4855/65). The fleck is definitely back, but in this jacket I don’t feel out of my comfort zone and the tone of red is just enough to be noticeable but not noticed. I’m definitely a less is more kind of guy. That being said, on fabric, I have to lay mention to the velvet paisley Kingsley jacket (4859/75). Already a favorite amongst the WP team, the fabrics definitely got star quality. I love the versatility of Without Prejudice, the way you can mix and match and wear it for any occasion, particularly handy when I go abroad as I only ever take carry-on luggage. The Salusbury deconstructed blazer is a must have (4865/09). The jersey cotton and wool mix hold the jackets shape and allow it to travel brilliantly – a personal necessity! Styled with an Andover penny collar (WP59) and a Woodchurch knit and I’m travelling comfortably classy. I’ve never been one for a noose, so this look suits me down to the ground. I always try and work a brand into my own style and to be honest, I’m very much a blazer and chino man (the silhouette is more becoming on me in comparison to a suit). I have 3 mannequins in my studio in Shoreditch, which I’m constantly styling to create new looks. I’m also fortunate to work alongside a lot of highly fashion-educated women who are always offering me fashion advice. It’s been an immensely exciting year and we’ve still got big plans ahead. I have no doubt my clothes will equip me on this journey. Rob fashions the slim-fitting black three button Salusbury Jacket, with the contemporary crafted dual collared Mombray shirt in white with a Micro-Dot design.



Winchester Navy Jacket Maygrove Brown Chino Mombray Blue Shirt Buster Brown Brogues Meet the Winchester, a beautiful woollen jacket in a strong navy cut, accompanied by the stylish dual collared Mombray, brown Maygrove Twill Trousers and smart Buster Shoes in brown.

Kingsley Brown Jacket Woodchurch Navy Jumper Maygrove Wine Chino Buster Brown Brogues Welcome to the Kingsley, with its charming brown checked design. Completing the ensemble is the blue Woodchurch Jumper, red Maygrove Cord Trousers and Brown Buster shoes.



Detective Poirot was perhaps Agatha Christie’s greatest invention. The ultimate gentleman, Poirot was always immaculately dressed, flawlessly groomed, charming to both men and women, extremely punctual (how could you not be with a pocket watch like his?), fastidious with his personal finances, fond of classical music and most importantly, an incredibly skilled detective. So it was in the same vein of Detective Poirot that we set out to solve the mystery of the ‘Kilburn Fox’. The fox in question being more of an artwork, a stencil to be precise, painted on walls across North-West London in red, pink, white or black. For an animal that many Londoners regard as a menace, the Kilburn Fox has caused quite a stir, with a number of blogs dedicated to the whereabouts of this urban wanderer. From Ladbroke Grove to Camden, Hampstead to Queen’s Park, the Kilburn Fox has clocked up a number of miles. Our investigation in the end came to nothing; we always felt we were at the ‘tail’ end of things. Perhaps not surprising given the cunning and solitary nature of the subject matter. So we will leave it to you to guess. As Poirot once said “unless you are good at guessing, it is not much use being a detective”.

Who do you think is behind the Kilburn Fox? #WPFOXHUNT



The Holly Bush 22 Holly Mt, London NW3 6SG Concealed on a pebbled lane five minutes walk from Hampstead station, The Holly Bush epitomises the area with a long history, a log fire, wooden booths and some great beers.

1 Southampton Arms 139 Highgate Road, London NW5 1LE Resting on the bar sits a sign claiming “we are the only dedicated ale & cider house in London to sell only beer and cider from small independent UK breweries”. Need we say more.


Pineapple 51 Leverton St  London, NW5 2NX Always buzzing, great Thai food and a brilliant Monday night quiz makes the Pineapple a beacon in an otherwise fairly unexciting part of NW London. The beer’s good too.

3 Brewdog 113 Bayham St, London NW1 0AG Craft-beer mecca, the BrewDog serves a huge array of international craft beers. No Palace of Versailles, this is a place focused on drinking, so bring mates, not dates.

4 The Clifton 96 Clifton Hill, London NW8 0JT


A hidden gem in the gentrified surrounds of St John’s Wood, The Clifton attracts a well heeled yet understated crowd of locals. Grab a seat in the front garden (there are heaters) and enjoy a pint and board game.

Got another suggestion? We’re always looking for a new pub to try. Let us know what you think the best five pubs in North West London are at AW13 / STYLE GUIDE 002



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1. Lunch at Burgh House

6. Watch the cricket at Lords

Beautiful garden café with homemade food using fresh seasonal produce. The 300-year old house bears an interesting history. Worth a visit.

Lord’s is widely referred to as ‘ the home of cricket’ and also home to the world’s oldest sporting museum.

2. Stroll down the manicured gardens of Regents Park Originally a hunting ground for Henry VIII, it now hosts exciting events like the Frieze art fair as well as an open-air theatre.

3. Climb Primrose Hill and enjoy the view You might bump into Jude Law or Daisy Lowe walking their dogs. If you don’t, check out Primrose Hill high street, which is filled with little boutiques and cozy cafes for some much needed consolation.

4. Swim in Hampstead Heath Taking a dip in the ponds is a century-old tradition, and one of the loveliest spots to go to when the weather is favourable. Just don’t take a dip in the women’s pond or you might run into some trouble…

5. Picnic at Kenwood House It is especially fun when there is a concert on, and the audience transforms into a sea of waving British flags. Not to mention the spectacular fireworks.

7. Educate yourself at the British Library Qlso referred to as ‘ the world’s knowledge’. An 1863 football rulebook? The Magna Carta? Anyone?

8. Get back to nature at ZSL London Zoo The insect and reptile houses are great for gaping at some serious freaks of nature. The London Zoo also prides itself in having the only population of hummingbirds in the UK.

9. Learn about the Battle of Britain at the Royal Air Force Museum. In the Battle of Britain Hall you will find the most comprehensive selection of aircraft from both sides that fought in the Battle and a sound and light show that explains it all.

10. Take your significant other for afternoon tea at The Landmark The Winter Garden’s award winning afternoon tea is one of the city’s best afternoon teas, and never disappoints. A classic.




Rob wears the stylish new Lonsdale coat with buttoned epaulettes available at House of Fraser, while underneath he wears a Kingsley Checked Jacket in Navy and a Canfield Single Cuff Shirt in white.




Jeremy stands in a North West London alley wearing a peaked lapel grey Winchester Jacket that is exclusive our House of Fraser collection and the simple yet smart Canfield Single Cuff Shirt in White.



Jeremy wears a smart winter ensemble consisting of the Kingsley Herringbone Jacket in grey, knitted Woodchurch Jumper in black and the new Victor Shirt in navy.


Rob fashions the charming Kingsley Jacket in navy blue with the unique contrasted collar and ticket pocket, with a wide collared single cuff Canfield shirt in White.




Jeremy stands nonchalantly against a North West London wall dressed in a grey Barlow Jacket (available at House of Fraser), a white floral Victor Shirt and a pair of Maygrove Trousers in a winter green.




Rob is casually dressed in the two button Salusbury Boucle Jacket in red, a white Canfield shirt, smart black Maygrove trousers and a pair of black Principle Shoes.




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QUEEN’S PARK RANGERS We are very excited to be supporting QPR under a oneyear contract, during which WP will be supporting the team through this year’s Sky Bet Championships. As part of our Suited and Booted campaign, we have positioned ourselves as the club’s official tailor, supplying them with our signature Kimberley Navy suit. As part of this campaign, presenter Casey Paul spent a day at the QPR clubhouse sizing up and interviewing every player as well as QPR’s new manager Harry Redknapp on fashion and football. You can read the player’s interviews on our I AM WP page. Now let’s move on to the actual football. Attending the first game of the championship’s season against Sheffield Wednesday at QPR’s home ground at London’s Loftus Road Stadium only increased our excitement in the project. Not only was the team clad in our beautiful tailored suits - they also secured a 2–1 victory.






Without Prejudice – Style Guide 002  
Without Prejudice – Style Guide 002  

Without Prejudice – Style Guide 002