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Creative Dessert Ideas Unique Engagement Rings Wedding Gowns & more!

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Stand Out and Rock On Alternative Engagement Rings

Handmade Happiness

Gorgeously Glam Party Decor

Groom’s Style Guide Something for Everyone

66 - Handmade Happiness: Charming Photo Displays 68 - Hope Springs Eternal by E.R. Barry This magazine is printed on FSC®-certified post-consumer and post-industrial recycled paper.

Love’s Restoration Editorial Photo Feature

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Whether you’re an expat coming home to say “I Do” or a die-hard local who wouldn’t dream of wedding your sweetheart anywhere else, Buffalo is ready to be a part of your love story. Bursting at the seams with creative life and new energy, we’re a city that facilitates possibility. We pay respect to our past while actively building an entirely new future, all the while remaining big enough to give you everything you need and small enough to care about you every step of the way. This is the spirit of the Boutique Bridal Party. This is our inspiration. And this, friends, is our great Buffalo love story. Buffalo is the kind of city where you'll often hear "We're all in this together,” which provides an undeniable sense of kinship. This interconnectedness is part of the reason that we have found ourselves deeply involved with this city’s cultural renaissance. Running our individual businesses for years, we were eventually brought together after realizing we had a shared drive to push the boundaries in the Buffalo wedding world. Soon after, we discovered we were not alone! The Boutique Bridal Party has been created to celebrate the Buffalo indie spirit which has been existing quietly under the radar. We have gathered the most talented and caring wedding artisans who are rocking the bridal industry, giving everything to their customers while staying on the cutting edge of the ever-changing wedding world.

Much like the modern brides we cater to, we make our own rules. These days the champagne toast is about as traditional as it gets! The Boutique Bridal Party focuses on bringing the truly unique to the mainstream while having a blast breaking out of the standard wedding routine in the process. We do things a little differently. We party. We laugh. We drink cocktails. We do all of this while sharing the joy and excitement of planning every detail of your wedding. And we are certainly not like any bridal publication you’ve ever read, as we present you with fresh ideas that can all be found right here in the Queen City! We’re ecstatic to be releasing our first issue of With Love, a publication that showcases the best in Buffalo bridal, while educating and inspiring our brides and grooms with innovative ideas and a creative approach to tying the knot. You may not even realize it, but if you are a wedding artisan growing your small business locally, or a newly engaged couple embarking on the exciting adventure of planning your big day here, you are helping to build this city back up, piece by piece. We hope to inspire you along the way, and provide you with the resources you’ll need to make your visions come true. May your planning be filled with fun, with excitement, and of course, with love!


’Žœ¦¤“Ÿ¦Ž¡“Š—Š¡¥®Ŷ“¤’œ¨Ž magazine were created by Erica Eichelkraut Zilbauer, owner of “¤® “‘’¤£ ¤§“œထ œŃŽ¡“š‘ Š ŠŽ£’ ¤Š–Ž œš ªŽ“š‘ Šš œ¡¥¢Š“¤ ’œ¤œ‘¢Š’­ Ŷ Ali Eagen, owner of made by anatomy, a ‹¡Šš œ Š¡¥§——­ Ž£“‘›Ž Šš ‹ŽŠ¦¤“§——­’Šš¤Š“—œ¡Žªœ˜Žšဠ£ªŽŠ¡န “¤’œ¨Ž“£˜ŠŽœ££“‹—Ž¤’¡œ¦‘’¤’Ž Œœ——Š‹œ¡Š¤“œš Šš ¨“£“œš œ œ¦¤“Ÿ¦Ž ¡“Š— Š¡¥®ဠ£ ‘¢Š’“Œ Ž£“‘›Ž¡ထ œ“ œŽ¡ထ œªšŽ¡ œ šŒ’œ¡Ž ‹­ Ž£“‘›!



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Buffalo’s Most Unique Bridal Show

31 Club ........................................................................... 64 Anchored by Design ....................... 38* Ayres Photography ....................... 13* Blue Collar ................................................... 02* Blue Hill .................................................................. 56 Buffalo History Museum ......... 35 bureau ..................................................................... 43* City Lights Studio ............................. 65* CJ Sound ................................................................. 28 EPH Flower Crowns .......................... 52 Fairy Cakes ..................................................... 54* Fawn and Fox Salon ........................... 52 Fern Croft Floral ............................... 29 Hotel Lafayette ...................................... 08* Kelly Place Illustration & Design .................................................... 52 Larkin Square ........................................... 05 M bellished events .............................. 29 made by anatomy ............................... 70* Mari McNeil ......................................................... 29 Megan Callahan ....................................... 56 Modern Nostalgia ............................ 02* Oliver's Catering ................................ 71* Pearl Street ................................................ 19 Quaint Rentals ........................................... 56 Red Lantern Creative ................... 29 ROOM ............................................................................ 02* Sitting Pretty ............................................ 16* The Mansion on Delaware .... 25* William's Florist & Gift House ............................... 72*) Indicates premier members



Showcase your creative services to Buffalo's modern brides!



With a one-of-a-kind engagement ring!

Ageless Heirlooms : Black onyx bow 14k white gold, c. 1920/ 10k Rose gold with angel coral and inset diamond, c. 1890/ Triple set pearls with rose cut diamonds, 14k yellow gold, c. 1900/ Oval filigree is 14k white gold, c. 1920/ Genuine emerald and diamond, 14k yellow gold c. 1930/ Platinum art deco blue sapphire diamond engagement ring c.1920

Aurum : 4ct Platinum baguette diamond band, Tiffany & Company estate piece/ Antique opal and 18ct diamond ring, 14ct yellow gold / Antique sapphire and diamond ring 18ct yellow gold



Kelly Place Illustrations Sweet, delicate calendar reminder of your love

Invitation Design by Morgan

Steadfast introduction to your engagement

Rust Belt Love Rustic and charming cork announcement


February 2013 in California. “While there we got the geographical coordinates tattooed on our ankles to forever remember the day.�

Photo Credit : Ayres Photography

“We love to dig through books and records at the local shops. We also love spending hours lounging on a picnic blanket at Delaware Park while listening to vinyl on our portable record player and reading.”

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R&T will be wed on April 25, 2014 at Pearl at the Webb. They are using themes of literature, music and art throughout. “I'm hand making water-colored bookmark escort cards as well as individual hand-painted mini canvas artworks for each and every guest (all 250 of them!) Our guests will be able to walk through this mini gallery and pick out whichever work of art speaks to them and take it home as a token of our gratitude.”

Rachel and Tom picked unique spots like Talking Leaves, Record Theatre & Delaware Park for their photos. “We knew it was very important to us to let our true personalities shine through as well as our love for each other. We also knew we didn't want the typical setting. We needed a few locations that were near and dear to our hearts. And we also wanted to represent our city, Buffalo, where we were both born, raised and still reside”.

Creative Ways to Ask Your Girls to Put The “Party” in Bridal Party!

CUPCAKE JAR AND TAG What You’ll Need: Jar / Ribbon / Paper / Printer / Scissors Hole Punch / Cupcake / Computer Perfect for asking your sweetest friend to be a part of the big day! Pick out an adorable jar, turn it upside down and place a tasty cupcake inside. Find a design online or be creative on your own to make this personalized tag. Print it on your home printer, cut it out, and hole punch it. Tie a fun ribbon around the jar and string the custom made tag before giving to a lucky lady. Designs by: Anchored By Design

BANNER IN A BOX What You’ll Need: Circle Box / Scissors / Paper / Printer Twine / Hole Punch / Computer Pop the question to your bestie with an adorable banner that she can treasure for years to come. Pick out 8.5” x 11” sized scrapbook paper from your local craft store (keep in mind you have to print on it, so keep the patterns simple). Type a cute saying on your computer using different fonts and fun elements. Print each word out and cut it to fit the shape of the box. Hole punch the circles and string the twine through, making an adorable banner any bridesmaid would love to show off!

WINE BOTTLE LABEL What You’ll Need: Wine / Bowl of Water / Vinegar / Computer Printer / Label Paper / Scissors Grab a bottle of your friend’s favorite wine and soak it in a bowl of water and vinegar to remove the label. In the meantime, get on your computer and customize a new label. Add a cute saying or even a picture of the two of you. Print it on label paper that can be found at any office supply store. Cut it out and place it on the cleaned, dried bottle. While planning your next girls’ night, tell them you’ll bring the wine!


CHAIR &29(56‡,19,7$7,216‡&225',1$7,21‡&$1'<7$%/(6

Chair Covers

Custom Candy Tables


From left: Anna Grace Darling $76 | Ooo la la Boutique LBisse $130 | Modern Nostalgia Greylin $108 Second Chic Ann Taylor $20 | Modern Nostalgia Gental Fawn $105 | Anna Grace Velvet $162 | Anna Grace WJulianne $172

Kick Off Cocktail Hour with These Lush Libations

The Mansion on Delaware: Cascina della Rose Barbera, originating from Italy. The Mansion searches for wines from around the world, focusing on small production, natural, biodynamic, and organic wines. The Pan American Bar and Grill: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The" Champagne Cocktail: Soak a sugar cube in bitters, cover with Grand Marnier and top with champagne.


Mike Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Steakhouse: The Pink Lady: 2oz Dry Gin, .75 calvados, .25 grenadine, .25 fresh lime juice, 5 egg white. Shake all ingredients with ice, strain and dry shake again then garnish with mint sprig.

Photo Credit : City Lights Studio

Add Luxury to Your Engagement Party, Shower, or Reception with These DIY Projects!

GLITTER CANDLESTICK HOLDERS What You’ll Need: Candlestick Holders / Spray Adhesive / Glitter Newspaper or Table Covering / Finishing Spray Lacquer Cover any size and shape candlestick holder with spray mount and dusted glitter for easy sparkle to any table top. Once dry, coat with a clear spray lacquer.

SCALLOPED BACKDROP What You’ll Need: Tissue Paper / Scissors / Pencil / Object to Trace Shape Masking Tape / Level Perfect for a photo backdrop or for the food or gift display, the soft tissue paper is easily folded into fourths to cut out strips of your shape of choice. For the scallop, trace the top of a bowl or glass after folding the tissue paper. A 20” piece of tissue paper can yield 4 rows of 5” high scallops. Be sure to leave about 1” at the top of straight paper for taping to the wall. With a level, mark the wall with white painter’s tape (to protect your wall), and begin lining up your strips!

MARQUIS INITIAL What You’ll Need: Large Cardboard Letter / X-acto Knife / Pencil / Ruler Strand of Low-Heat LED Lights / Electrical Tape / Paint Using a store-bought cardboard letter, simply cut off the face with an X-acto knife and plot the bulb circles evenly spaced apart, leaving some room for the excess cord between bulbs. If you want to paint the letter, do so at this point. X each of the spots so you can push the light bulb through, secure with some electrical tape, and voila!

June 14, 2013

“The beginning of our relationship was a long-distance one. We met when we were both traveling in Las Vegas; he lived in Oklahoma City and I lived in Buffalo. He later relocated to Virginia Beach and we continued to travel back and forth, until I pulled the trigger and made the move as well. Travel continued to play an important role in our story when he surprised me with a trip to one of our favorite cities, New Orleans, where he proposed to me!”

“Because travel & geography are such an integral part for our story, we decided to incorporate that as the theme for our wedding day. This included personalized cookies with fleur-de-lis shapes to represent the city of New Orleans where we were engaged, fire helmets and USMC cookies to represent my husband, and some high heeled shoes and girly things to represent me. Our guests really loved the uniqueness!”

“The Mansion holds special meaning for me as my father proposed to my mother there 36 years ago, back when it was Victor Hugo's restaurant. The Mansion is also where my now husband and I stayed the first time he visited me in Buffalo, so it holds special meaning for us as a couple also. Because of this sentimentality, The Mansion was the only venue I considered for my ceremony and reception and I was so elated that it worked out for us to celebrate our day there. One of our favorite moments of our whole day was our sparkler send off! When 11:30 PM rolled around, my husband and I ran through the archway of sparklers surrounded by our closest family and friends and led our guests to Lloyd's Taco Truck, which was the grand finale surprise treat!”

#part yonb rides bou tiqueb ridalpart y.com


Photography : Nickel City Studios | Venue : The Mansion on Delaware Avenue | Invitations & Decor : C Designs & Illustrations Florist : Flowers By Johnny | Make-Up/Hair : DiLusso Salon & Spa and Runway Makeup Artistry | Bridal Wear : Vera Wang Groom's Suit : Napoli's Per La Moda


Photo Credit : Knight Studio

featuring: Room | Ro | Blue Hill | Thin Ice | Roycroft Campus


1400 Hertel Ave, Buffalo: Whether you’re starting fresh or fine tuning a working household, Room is packed full of contemporary furniture, accessories, and the unique little details that will make your house a home.


732 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo: A smattering of vintage with the highest quality locally made furniture, Ró serves the most eclectic personalities searching for a style undefined.

Blue Hill Kitchen & Home

1374 Hertel Ave, Buffalo: Kitchen envy at its best, Blue Hill can fill your home with the highest quality kitchen appliances and cookware while offering all the gadgets and trinkets you need to complete the room.

Thin Ice

719 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo: A truly unique gathering of local artisans, Thin Ice offers pottery, hand-blown glass, and other home accessories that make your home distinctive.

The Roycroft Campus Copper Shop

31 South Grove Street, East Aurora: Include the historic Mission styling of the Roycroft and its offerings in your home, with handcrafted furniture and accessories certified by the campus, so you can be sure your piece is one of a kind.

716.668.5412 1.800.227.6380 CJSOUND.COM


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c i s



From start to finish, make your event uniquely you through personal touches and embellishments.




716 - 4 4 5 - 3 3 8 9 W W W. F E R N C R O F T F L O R A L . C OM

August 17, 2013

“We have known each other for sixteen years and started out as friends but quickly become inseparable. We didn’t start dating until I came home for a Christmas vacation from college and we hung out for the first time in five years. In 2008, he finally blurted out the words I had been wanting to hear from him for so long, ‘I have had feelings for you this whole time.’” Their love story continued when he took her to his home country of Brazil and proposed on the beach under fireworks (thanks to a national holiday!)

“My father and I recorded a song together and we played this during our father/daughter dance to make it extra special. There was not a dry eye in the entire room.”

“We chose a fun theme of SpunkyGlam to truly showcase our personalities. Our colors were blue and green (the colors of the Brazilian flag) and we continued this by lightly accenting little bits of the whole day and night with peacock feathers.”

Photography : Suzano Signature | Ceremony Venue : Wesleyan Church of Hamburg | Reception Venue : Lucarelli’s Banquet Center Florist : William’s Florist | Music : Joe “DJ Byrd” | Videography : Jeremy Cooper | Cake : Paula Litwin | Officiant : Champagne Memories Make-Up/Hair : Sheer Expressions | Bridal Wear : M.A. Carr, Ashley Smith, Pamela Dayton

lace, feathers, and shine!

A fresh take on the top trends in bridal by designer Ali Eagen Mermaid silhouettes are made even fuller with modern fishtails of tulle while elegant feathers make their way back into bridal.

Stunning crystal embellishments are used to adorn gowns, especially on sleeves to add glamorous sparkle. P inks and nudes are the accent colors of the season. Fresh flowers serve as a creative alternative to the traditional veil or head piece.

Simple and sensible, the cocktail length dress is a favorite amongst modern brides. Lace, always a staple, is used as a design detail this year by being placed along hemlines, bodices, and trains. High necklines in lace are an elegant and vintage detail thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sure to be on top this season. The most opulent trend for this year by far is textural and dimensional floral laces. Juliette caps of all styles are the veil of choice.


@anchoredbydesign / anchoredbydesign.com / jodilsoper@yahoo.com

Own the Aisle with These Heels

from top left:

head over heels for shoes | nadia gold & silver, chica bellabelle shoes | blissb, dawn, lucky, taken

# part yo n b ri des bo u tiq u e b ri da l pa rt y. c o m




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featuring products from Blue Collar Buffalo & Room 2

Give your sweetheart an entire jar chock full of things you’d like to do together in your new life as a married couple! Pull from the jar whenever you have some downtime for an adventure together. Every woman loves perfume, but why not give her something truly unique? Head over to Her Story Boutique to create a custom perfume for your lucky lady. Mix different scents to find one that is uniquely hers. Shock him, surprise him and knock his socks off with a boudoir photo session at Bubbles & Berries Boudoir! Get glamorous photos you’ll both love forever & give him a wedding day gift he’ll never forget.

Spoil His & Hers Creative Gifting

Start a gratitude journal! Every day, write down one nice thing your partner does for you, simple to extravagant. Gift this to them on your wedding day as a way of showing how much you’ll always appreciate them. Capture that sweet moment of your first dance forever with hand-painted artwork of your lyrics from Kelly Place Illustration & Design. Frame to hang in your home or give to your new spouse to keep in their office as a special memento from your big day! Hop onto Etsy.com and order custom engraved jewelry. We love this stack which looks like silver rings from the outside, but hides a secret message for her only on the tops of each ring.

June 22, 2013


“We have always enjoyed the simple things. We take pleasure in pointless car rides and long hikes. We wear sneakers and t-shirts and drink beer. So, when it came to planning our wedding, we didn’t want ourselves to become lost in the details.”

L&W designed their wedding to be a simple summer picnic on the beach. “We made pinwheels (our version of the windmills) and placed them in pails filled with sand. We used a vintage picnic basket as our card and ceremony program holder. We also offered vintage bottles of Coke with stripy straws as our favors!”

“We had family and friends recite the lyrics to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Thank You.’ We wrote our own vows. We chose a ceremony in which we literally ‘tied the knot,‘ where we tied a fisherman’s knot to symbolize the strength of our bond. It was short, but incredibly sweet. It was my favorite part of the day.”

Photography : Shaw Photography Co | Venue : Woodlawn Beach State Park | Caterer : Joseph’s Catering | Florist : Flowers by Nature Invitations/Programs/Wedding Coordination : rust belt love | DJ : Whirlin’ Disc Sound | Cake : Muscoreil’s Fine Desserts Candy Buffet : Simply Sweet Events | Officiant : Champagne Memories | Make-Up/Hair : Elizabeth Dugan and Teez Salon | Bridal Wear : Bridal’s by D

Jim Bush

Ed Healy

KC Kratt



Invite your guests to get lost in our rich history and enjoy some of the best of our past & present!

9GIF9HCG<5F9I::5@C~G=B7F98=6@97F95H=J97I@HIF9, K=H<KCF@8 7@5GG5B8;F5GGFCCHG;5@@9F=9G5B8IB=EI9 places to hang!


pI::5@C =GHCFM%IG9IA ,F5J9@657?=BH=A9<9F9 pCF9GH$5KB9A9H9FM LD@CF9H<9GDF5K@=B;HK9BHM57F9G p&5J5@5B8%=@=H5FM(5F? ,CIFH<F99A=@=H5FMG<=DG p,<9C8CF9*CCG9J9@H!B5I;IF5@+=H9 .=9K=BH9F57H=J99L<=6=HG p'@8CFH&=5;5F5 '@89GHC77ID=98A=@=H5FMG=H9 pCKBHCKBF7<=H97HIF9 +=;BID:CF5HCIFH<FCI;<I::5@C ,CIFG9LD@CF9H<9GHIBB=B;6I=@8=B;G pF5B?$@CM8/F=;<H CA9G I::5@C<5G5:9KC:H<9G9 gems,K=H<HKCCD9BHCH<9DI6@=7 Classic Eats

p.9F5(=NN9F=5  5B87F5:H98DFC<=6=H=CB9F57C7?H5=@G p$5?9::97H=B9F CF9HFC5HH<=G7CNM8=B9F p%=?9~G$CIB;9 @5ACFCIG@MF9AC89@9865F=BG=89H<9 :5ACIG CH9@$5:5M9HH9 p'@=J9F~G 7@5GG=7F9GH5IF5BH=BJ=BH5;9GHM@9 Unique Shopping Experience

p.=8@9F~G /5B89F5GHIFCF5GHCD=BH<=G7@5GG=7shop p@5F9B79BH=EI9%5@@ CA9CB5+IB85MACFB=B;:CF endless collections of treasures p ,<9 (988@9F  ,F5J9@=B; +5HIF85M A5F?9HD@579 :I@@ C: vintage finds

$95FBACF95HJ=G=H6I::5@CB=5;5F5 7CA

Gallery Gazing

p@6F=;<H #BCLFH5@@9FM %5>CFG<CKD@579C:AC89FB5B8 contemporary art pIF7<:=9@8(9BB9MFH5@@9FM 98=75H98HCH<95FH5B8 5FH=GHGC:/&1 p@@9BHCKBFH9GH=J5@yLHF5J5;5BH5FHG:9GH=J5@<9@8=BH<9 @@9BHCKBB9=;<6CF<CC8 p=FGHF=85MG CB~HA=GG5ACBH<@M9LD@CG=CBC:@C75@5FH AIG=7CB@@9B+HF99H Explore the City with Your Camera p/=@?9GCB(C=BH9 p+=@C=HM p,=::H&5HIF9(F9G9FJ9 p9@5K5F9(5F? p(9579F=8;9 p=HM 5@@

Fun & Fine Dining

p$9:H5B? =B98=B=B;=BH<9<95FHC:H<9/9GH+=89 p%CH<9F~G 7@97H=795HGK=H<CB9C:H<97CN=9GH7CIFHM5F8G p,5DDC %C89FB!H5@=5B6=GHFCK=H<5FCC:HCDH9FF579 p 5F8K5F9 %=8 F5B;97F95H=J995HGK=H<5B9J9F 7<5B;=B; ;5@@9FMC:@C75@5FHKCF? p$@CM8~G,57C,FI7? 5H7<H<=GFC5A=B;F9GH5IF5BH:CF5 HFI@MIB=EI9HF95H

Angel Art Ltd

Angel Art Ltd

Ed Healy




+<CK MCIF D5FHM 5B=A5@G K<M K9~F9 5 FC7?=B~ 7=HM ?BCKB:CFCIF89@=7=CIG:CC8, loud music & nightlife!

Spend Some Time Outside p<9GHBIH*=8;9(5F?  =?9HCH<9}H9FB5@@5A9~ p&=5;5F5G75FDA9BH (5=FK=H<585MHF=DHC&=5;5F55@@G p #BCL 5FAG +H5H9 (5F?  /5B89F 5FCIB8 H<=G ;CF;9CIG 7CIBHFM9GH5H9C:H<9#BCL:5A=@M p /CC8@5KB 957<  C5F8K5@? 6957<  65F 5@@ K=H<=B HK9BHMA=BIH9GC:8CKBHCKB pCH5B=75@5F89BG !B8CCF7C@@97H=CBC:;CF;9CIG:@CK9FG open year round p C@=85M.5@@9M +?==B;,GBCK6C5F8=B;, and tubing

Concert Spots p,CKB5@@FCCA -B=EI97CB79FHGD579F=;<H8CKBHCKB p$5F?=B+EI5F9 $CK ?9M, innovative outdoor venue p569J=@@9 B==F5B7C~GF9GHCF988CKBHCKB7<IF7< p&=9HNG7<9'G 'B9C:@@9BHCKB~GC@89GHAIG=7J9BI9G65FG

Gather Round at Canalside p $IB7< 5H $=69FHM CIB8  5B;CIH G<=DG=89 CB CB9 C: I::5@C~G69GHD5H=CG p,<IFG85M5HH<9 5F6CF F99GIAA9F7CB79FHG9F=9GK=H< national acts p)I99B=HM9FFMy CD5FCIB8H<9<5F6CFG p#5M5?=B;yC5H,K5H9F6=?9,5B8?5M5?F9BH5@G5J5=@56@9 p5=@MJ9BHG !B7@I8=B;CIH8CCFACJ=9G, yoga, artisan A5F?9HG, and more Earthy Eats p%9F;9 *9GH5IF5BH;5@@9FM:95HIF=B;GCA9C:H<97=HM~G best vegetarian options p9HHM~G %C89FB6IHEI5=BH8=B9F:95HIF=B;G=AD@9:CC8 p%5FH=BCC?G /9GH+=89F9GH5IF5BH:95HIF=B;:5FA HC H56@9 menu options

Party the Night Away p@@9BHCKB CNM,@C75@65FGK=H<D@9BHMC:;CC8699F live music to be had p@AKCC8 5GM ;C=B;9LD9F=9B79K=H<5K=89F5B;9C: F9GH5IF5BHG5B8ACF9F9@5L9865FG p <=DD9K5  /=@8 8CKBHCKB 8=GHF=7H D57?98 K=H< 7C@@9;9 bars & dance clubs p C66@9GHCB9 =GHF=7H  &9K D5FHM 8=GHF=7H 6M H<9 5F9B5, including a comedy club & multiple bars p/<9F9J9FMCI;C,69DF9D5F986M?BCK=B;I::5@C8C9GB~H 7@CG98CKBIBH=@%5=FK5FB=B;'IF89@=7=CIG7<95D 8F=B?GF95@@MA5?9H=A9:@M Coolest Spots for Great Eats & Drinks

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Simple Yet Elegant Decor for Any Event

YARN-WRAPPED BOTTLES What You’ll Need: Wine Bottle / Yarn/ Hot Glue Gun Clean the wine bottle and remove the label. Tie the yarn around the top and secure with glue. Continue to wrap the yarn down around the bottle, gluing a little bit to secure as you go. Glue the last bit of yarn on the bottom once you’ve reached it and you’re done!

PAPER FAVOR POUCHES What You’ll Need: Cardstock / X-acto Knife / Ruler / Ribbon Paper Decoration / Pearl / Hot Glue Gun / Double-sided tape Cut cardstock paper down to 7x7". Gently score at .5" and then 3.75". Fold in half so you have two equal sections 3.25" wide with a tab. Cut semi-circles on each cut end (tracing a roll of tape is helpful here) and score semi-circles in the opposite direction to create the ends of the pouch. Use double-sided tape to secure the .5" tab to one of the long sides. Tuck the ends in and decorate with ribbon and embellishments to complete!

MILK-GLASS MASON JARS What You’ll Need: Mason Jars / Small Foam Brush / Acrylic Paint The simplest of all the projects, just squeeze paint inside of a clean mason jar and spread with foam brush until covered. Play with adding water or white paint to adjust opacity, or mix colors to really make it your own! 51

Your wedding is uniquely you - a physical representation of who you and your sweetheart are along with everything you love, so why not show that off to your guests in a fun and creative way? Creating a specific identity, or “branding” your wedding is a modern concept which allows you to pull your wedding look together and showcase your personality and style as a couple. These five steps will give you some guidance on how to pull this off!

Think about how you want to brand your wedding One of the most important steps when planning your wedding is to think about how you want it to feel: romantic, modern, intimate, or fun! Make a list of words that reflect you and your partner’s thoughts on your wedding. Create a custom graphic that will be carried out to make your brand consistent on your save-the-dates, wedding website, napkins, menus, thank you notes, and custom stamps. A monogram of your initials is a great place to start. Other ideas include incorporating a common interest then adding a unique font, color scheme, and patterns or textures to tie your brand together.

Think about what you want to share For many couples, social media is a huge part of branding their wedding. Invest in an app so all of your wedding posts and photos from guests are contained in one place, such as Buffalo based app Cake Face, Appy Couple, or Wedding Party App. These apps collect all your guest’s photos into a virtual streaming album,

available only to those you choose to share it with. Your custom graphic overlaid on an engagement shot can be the first photo they see on the app.

Develop a hashtag Hashtags will allow those you share it with to easily view all of your wedding photos on your app or other social media platforms. Make sure to check to see if it’s in use on social media sites before implementing it. Incorporating your last name and wedding date is a safe bet, like #MrandMrsSmith2014, but you can also get creative, like using #ErinandChrisGetHitched for a rustic wedding.

Invite your guests in on the fun Use your colors, font, and design to create a custom sign at the rehearsal dinner, stamp it on your welcome bags, or if you’ve forgone formality, add the hashtag on your invitation. Your guests will have fun sharing pictures from the entire weekend of celebrations. Best of all, you’ll have moments to look back on that you missed at the wedding.

Continue your brand after the wedding Use your design for thank you notes, a return address stamp, or holiday cards. It’s so easy to forget to print photos with the ease of smartphones and tablets, but don’t let your pictures fade away into the app. CanvasPop specializes in printing Instagram photos, creating beautiful works of art from your low res images. Artifact Uprising creates simple and eco-friendly albums (all made in the USA) starting at just $16.99 for 40 pages. Those with large budgets can rent Instaprint at their reception, a device that automatically prints every photo with your specific hashtag from Instagram. Your monogram or design can be easily added to each polaroid-type photo.

by erin scherer

#  T With Gelato cart Surprise your guests with a roaming gelato cart at your reception! They will love this fun addition, especially if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re having an outdoor wedding during the summer months. Let them pick their flavors and enjoy this chilled creation! No one does better in Buffalo than the ,5,7 7.

Donut Display Treat your guests to a glorious display of donuts of every kind! Provide bags for them to take some home and decorate with cute toothpick pendants in your color or pile onto beautiful vintage platters of all heights! There are many places where you can grab these decadent desserts, but the classic &5 5v 0 always wins our vote!

! ,  T#5U Every wedding has its classic elements: the rings, the vows, the first dance, and of course, the big, elaborate, multi-layered, fabulously formal wedding cake. But if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a true Boutique Bridal Party bride, then we know youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re seeking something different! Have some fun and liven up your reception with these drastically different desserts!

Cotton Candy If your wedding is all about fun, than this treat is for you! Bring your guests right back to their childhood by renting a cotton candy cart and having this brightly colored sugary snack made fresh right at your reception! You can choose the color of the sugar and the wrappers to fit your theme. Find this locally from $40/day from places like 3 5  and 43-&57$5.

Pie Buffet Ditch the cake & bring on the pie! Offer your guests a large spread of this cozy treat, which fits perfectly with more rustic or earthy weddings, giving a much more relaxed feel than formal wedding cake. 5 7-5  - 5 7 bakes them fresh daily and has a wonderful array of flavors!



Eat, drink & be married

Let’s get real. Everyone likes weddings but everyone LOVES free food and an open bar! Embrace this and give your guests something to remember. Your cocktail hour is your guests’ introduction to the celebration of your marriage; so choose exciting appetizers and drinks that show off your style. Skip the cheese and crackers and work with your caterer to create unique treats that everyone will love.


If you’re looking for the crystal-covered, candle-lit, elegant reception of your dreams, then these tips most likely are not for you. However, if you’re looking Have a lounge area to throw the wildest party of your life that your guests will talk about for years to come, then keep reading! Invite your guests to relax during your reception!


Start the party off right

Keep the tunes going

Pick a DJ who truly suits your style - and knows you will have a mini-meltdown if the Chicken Dance makes its way into your reception. For a truly high-energy reception, hire a live band! They are a great way to make your wedding celebration unique and keep the crowd moving all night long!


Don’t forget the photobooth

It’s not the newest thing in weddings, but it sure is a must-have for an epic reception. Photobooths are the best way to guarantee great, candid shots of your guests and provide them a fun activity when Bring in a few comfy sofas or set up a quaint they need a break from dancing! outdoor, fire-lit area for a refreshing step away from the dance floor.


Welcome your guests with an entrance that gives them a clue about what a fun night they are in for. Keep the speeches simple Line the doorway with exciting decorations, hang It may be your day, but trust us, everyone will up cute signs, have creative escort cards, and want a bit of the spotlight. Before you allow all greet them with drinks as soon as they arrive! ten of your bridesmaids to take a turn on the mic to rehash how you met, just remember your guests are waiting for their dinners and not everyone needs to know about that one time in Hit them with good music right away college… Ever walk into a quiet party and think, “This looks like so much fun!” No? We didn’t think so! Start the night off right by welcoming your guests with Don’t kid around great tunes from the get-go. Speak with your DJ Keep the kiddos from running your reception by or band about the kind of music you want your being sure to provide them with plenty to do! guests sipping their drinks to, or even better, use Make a fun table just for them, chock full of cocktail hour as a way to bring in another element hands-on activities like crafts, small toys, and of live music that fits your theme (think steel puzzles and keep them entertained long enough drum band, acoustic artists, or a jazz trio!) to enjoy your dessert!





Pack your night with surprises

Include some late night fun like midnight snacks, a food truck pop-by, a whiskey and cigar bar, costumes and crazy hats for all, or go big with a sparkler exit or fireworks!

Take the lead


The bride and groom are the conductors of the evening, so dance the night away with a big smile on your face to keep the party going. The guests will feed off of your energy, so put it out there!

#part yonb r ides bou tiqueb r idalpart y.com



Real Buffalo Couples : Stephanie Parobek & Jessica Baker Timothy & Nicole Staszak Brandon Davis & Patrick Finan Photography : City Lights Studio Hair and Makeup : Elizabeth Dugan Dresses : made by anatomy Suits : Bureau Props & Set Design : Ró Floral Design : Williams Florists Accessories : Peg’s Hardware Shoes : Bella Belle Shoes Hair Pieces : Savage Millinery


716. 332 .3 1 3 1 31 Nor th J o hns o n P ar k Buf falo, N ew Yo r k the31c l u b.c o m

Get Creative with your Wedding Photos !

COLLAGED GRAPHIC LETTER What You’ll Need: Wooden Letter or Symbol / 4x6” Photos Mod Podge / Foam Brush / X-acto Knife Do a rough layout of your photos on top of the shape of the letter. Once you love what you have, start to tear the photos to fit and secure with Mod Podge, leaving some of the photo hanging off the edges. Mod Podge over the entire surface once complete to secure all loose sections. Once dry, flip over and cut along the edge of the letter for a clean line. Stand up and show off!

AGED WOOD BLOCKS What You’ll Need: Wood Blocks or Cubes / Photos Printed to Fit Within / Mod Podge Brown Paint / Foam Brush / Paintbrush Sandpaper Choose which photo and place in center. Secure with Mod Podge. Add another layer on top to seal all corners and add texture. Once dry, use a paintbrush to add a watered-down brown paint on top. Allow to dry and sand to age, roughing up the edges of the photo and wood. Make an entire cluster for a truly unique wall display!

VINTAGE WINDOW FRAME What You’ll Need: Window Frame / Print Sized to Fit / Cardboard Backing Tape / Hardware for Hanging Check out remodeling and thrift stores to find a unique window. Measure the glass panels and order one or more photos to fit within. Prep the window by cleaning the glass & lacquering the frame to secure any loose paint chips. Press the image into the back of the window and secure with cardboard to eliminate any wrinkles. Tape down, add hardware for hanging and show it off!

It’s difficult these days to check out Buffalo’s skyline and ignore the presence of renewal. The city, which has for so long felt like a shadowy, decaying souvenir of its more gleaming history, is breathing again. Its epitaphs are being sanded away, chiseled out, and painted over. Its deathbeds are being tended, fertilized, and replanted. And the people who live in it are finding ways to create a home that will outlast its makers. They are laying down roots and settling in for the long spring they believe they are greeting, finally, happily, after a long winter in a dark corner of Upstate New York. My husband and I are those people. The commitment types. We said our vows last year, after just under eight years of togetherness in varying degrees: long distance, short distance, cohabitation. We didn’t have to do it. Neither do you. I think that’s important to note. Because while there was a time in our history when the willful avoidance of matrimony would have been seen as bucking tradition, this is most certainly not it. Like so many other couples our age, we waited a good long time before getting married. We shared a car and a cell phone plan before making it legit. There is an old saying about not fixing what ain’t broken that comes to mind. And yet, if you’re an idealist like me, you like to think that it’s not just the broken things that need renovating. Putting good energy toward an even better outcome seems to be a good enterprise. There are people who think marriage is… well, outmoded. They worry about all the ways the world has changed—is changing, will continue to change—and they wonder how our traditions can survive a human race that is hurdling toward modernity. They may tell you about the divorce rate. They may ground your light heart in cold, hard truths about the feasibility of “till death do us part,” conjuring the name “Kardashian” as they ridicule your collapsing institution of choice. And they may have statistics on their side. But, I wonder—have those people looked up recently? Have they seen the skyline? Have they felt the energy of people hoping for something better—and not just passively, not dreamily, but actively, with their hands—and has it changed them? Like a crane on the horizon of a forgotten Rust Belt city, a new marriage is a sign of hope. And yet, just as some have abandoned marriage, so have many, many people thought of Buffalo as just another city fast on its way to extinction.

But the future of our home here will not be decided by those people, and nor will it be decided by the bystanders who don’t seem to care either way. It’s the commitment people who make things better: those foolhardy optimists who stand on the site of a crumbling, decrepit piece of history and say, “This is the place I believe in, and this is the place I choose for my future.” For my husband and me, the decision to get married was grounded in a shared desire to lay down our roots—here, and together. And though it would have been fine to evade the legalities and hope for the best, hoping for the best means little without a real commitment to the hard work that ultimately brings you to there. It’s no easy thing, getting married. And, no I’m not talking about the seating chart or the guest favors, though party planning does bring headaches of its own. I’m talking about deciding you won’t be the most important thing anymore. Your needs, and the pursuit of meeting them—an activity that has stood at the focal point of daily life thus far—must bend a bit to make room for someone else’s. Your life’s desires don’t so much disappear as they do take on a new shape. You can’t be thoughtless in your words, hasty in your actions, or neglectful of the relationship you’ve sworn to honor, cherish, and protect. You have to be willing to renew your vows every day, because the landscape of life can change in an instant, but your loyalty cannot. Maybe you felt that you and your beloved were doing all this already. But there’s something in signing a contract and stating your intentions for everyone to hear that makes it more real than you could have imagined. A blueprint—for a new harbor, a new bridge, or a new building—is just fine. But it takes a promise to make the skyscraper go up. It takes a press conference to let the world know we’re for real. And it takes a hand to make a crane move.

Artwork by: Kelly Place

The truth is, if the world has changed—is changing, will continue to change—I don’t want to face it alone. That’s why we create communities and bind our lives together in ceremonies, and none of that is new. Life will happen, surely, and I am not so naïve as to think there will be no trial or tribulation great enough to split us along the way. Admittedly, I was not thinking on my wedding day about the reality of those long years we promised one another—the bitter disagreements, the sagging skins, and the inevitable misfortunes that often obscure an otherwise happy ending. But I look to my wedding day as a foundation. I will always have that moment to come back to. I can go there, and know that this was the place on which we stood, and held each other, and said we were ready to build together, knowing nothing of what the new skyline would show.

Love begins in hope, and it lives on through mindful action. One day, someone will look up and admire the enduring beauty of what you have made. But first, you must endeavor to break ground.

Splendidly Designed, Artfully Crafted Custom Bridal Wear and Accessories



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With Love Issue 1 by Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings  

An indie wedding publication offering a fresh take on everything bridal! DIY projects, creative decor ideas, real love stories, LBGT editori...