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It’s here! Our birthday issue! And like always, we have packed it with some great features. Not only do we have the gorgeous Casey Batchelor on as our covergirl, but we also have some great real-life stories, including Taaliah’s interview with one of Manchester’s glamour escorts talking

about the highs and lows in her job. We also get our teeth stuck into the Cocka Doodle Moo menu, in Hazel Grove. A great place, which we recommend highly! We hope you love the birthday issue! Please share your views with us on twitter!

Happy Birthday Within | 3

This time last year, the team of WITHIN eagerly sat waiting for the first published issue of the magazine. The vision was to create something that Manchester didn’t have. Something more than just another lifestyle magazine. We wanted to create a publication that got people talking. A magazine for the Manchester women that had them admiring a certain fashion trend on one page, and then leaving them absolutely gob smacked, by a real-life story, on the next. We wanted to create a local magazine which became as much of a necessity to the Manchester woman’s life that a number of national magazines are. Sub-Editor, Hannah Burke said, “I think the reason people keep picking up Within, is because they know each month there will be something new inside. We have covered so many aspects, from Domestic Abuse to Plus-Size models, Hollywood interviews to back street bar and grills. Each month is something new!” So, to celebrate our 1st birthday we would like to thank all of you, the readers of Within Magazine. Many of you have been with us from issue one – some of you may have only picked up this issue. Either way, we would like to thank you for showing the support you have and voicing your opinions. We hope you will be reading our 10th Birthday issue in many years to come!

Desert Island. What are your three essentials? Mascara as it is the only make up I use and I never leave home without it, a hair bobble to control my crazy hair that seems to have a mind of its own and my Kindle, which is crammed full of all the books on my ‘to read in an idle moment’ list. What makes you angry? Injustice, bullying and close-minded people - in that order. Most treasured possession? My extensive book collection. I love reading with a passion and have collected books since I was young. They are all over the house. I just can’t stop. My perfect shopping trip always involves at least an hour in Waterstones, where I can often be found sniffing the pages of the latest best seller.

Who are your dream dinner party guests? Tom Hardy (witwoo!) and Jim Carrey, he would be a hoot! Most treasured possession? I have got to say my new GoPro camera! I love it! What is your worst habit? Eating way too much pizza Biggest Pet-Hate? Rudeness Weapon of choice? The Elder Wand - Harry Potter fans will know!

Do you have any Phobias? Watching people have blood tests! It sounds a little silly but it actually makes me faint - I avoid it at all costs. Fashion is a big part of your life. Who’s style do you love most? I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Fearne Cotton and her ability to rock up any outfit - she’s probably the only person that can get away with socks and sandals. I also love blogger style - they always know how to work the trends in the best ways! Worst Habit? Biting my nails - I don’t even realise I’m doing it!

Desert Island. What are your three essentials? Hmmm, a toothbrush, a knife and a hell lot of suncream. I’m from the country, I reckon I could survive and get rescued with just those things. What is your worst habit? hoarding. I hate waste, so I’m one of those people that think everything could come in useful. It’s a problem; I’m working on it! 4 words your friends would describe you as? Sociable, quirky, stubborn hippy. What makes you angry? Selfish people.

Who are your dream dinner party guests? Russell Brand and Karl Pilkington. I agree with so many of Russell’s opinions and Karl’s dry humor and view of the world is just hilarious. Weapon of Choice? I don’t want to kill anybody! Well… not at the moment!

Desert Island. What are your three essentials? Three? Hmm. I’d best make one a vat of gin given my reputation hadn’t I? I can always experiment with island botanicals. Secondly, I’d have to be practical and take a Swiss army knife - far too useful not to. And finally, I’m probably going to say a wind up radio.

If you could interview anybody for Within Magazine, who would it be? Dead or alive? I would interview Margaret Thatcher. So many people have a negative view of her, and whilst I might not agree with her policies she paved the way for women in British politics and I would love to know more about the woman rather than the politician.

What makes you angry? Rudeness, poor manners and bitchiness. The latter especially. Just, why?

Do you have any phobias? Yep – Rats. I hate them. Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl!

Desert Island. What are your three essentials? A Kindle (prefer a good ol’ book though), my cat, peanut butter

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I was amazed by the lifestyle in New York, when I visited. But home, for me, is where my family and friends are. So I am happy here in Manchester.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? On that Desert Island

Who would you love to see on the cover of Within Magazine? I would love to see Emma Watson on the front cover. Not just for obvious reasons – but it would be great to hear her quick fire answers too!

Most treasured possession? Probably the scrap of knitting that sits in my craft basket at home. It’s one of the last pieces my mum ever knitted and though it’s too small to be of any use, is too precious to throw away.

Biggest Pet-Hate? Rudeness If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be? To be my cat for the day For fry-ups and Chocolate to be completely harmless For spiders not to have the sense of humour that they clearly have

We are so pleased that the amazing War Horse spectacular is back in Manchester! Based on the beloved novel by Michael Morpurgo, War Horse tells the powerful and uplifting story of young Albert, his beloved horse Joey, and the unimaginable obstacles they overcome both individually and together. Hailed by Time Magazine as ‘a landmark theatre event’, War Horse is an unforgettable experience, filled with stirring music and songs. At its heart are astonishing life-sized puppets by South Africa’s award-winning Handspring Puppet Company, who bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to thrilling life on stage.

We’re all counting down the days, here at Within HQ, to see Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst at this year’s Pride. Eurovision sensation Conchita Wurst is set to headline this year’s Manchester Pride Big Weekend festival. The Austrian drag artist, who won this year’s contest in Compenhagen, will perform at the festival over the

It seems that, Rio Ferdinand’s, Rosso Restaurant has become somewhat of a celebrity hang out with the likes of Simon Webb, Kym Marsh and Georgia May Foote (pictured above) being regulars at the Italian restaurant.

We are not only celebrating Manchester’s No.1 Women’s Magazine’s birthday this issue, we are also celebrating Manchester’s No.1 star, Karl Pilkington’s birthday too!

We are yet to try out the fine-dining hotspot but we will do soon that’s for sure! Hopefully we will bump into David Beckham!

Yes, that’s right, the ‘bald Manc Twonk’ as Ricky likes to call him, turns 42 in September, and we wanted to wish the genius a happy birthday from all of us at Within HQ!

August Bank Holiday weekend. All Saints, Foxes and Anastacia are among the other musical acts who will take to the stage at the Gallo invited the soap star to Cathedral Gardens in four-day festival. Manchester to make the most of summer come rain or Mark Fletcher, chief shine with Gallo Family Vineyards’ new Summer Rosé and pop down to sample the wine with her man. executive of Manchester Pride, said: “We’re delighted to announce some great new artists, joining the already confirmed stellar line up for the 2014 Big Weekend.

The couple spent the day sipping the cool and delicious wine whilst playfully giggling and feeding each other strawberries during a picnic before heading of to a family party. Jennifer who had recently came back from Marbella with her Hollyoaks pals, was looking beautiful and sun kissed and was dressed in a pair of on trend floral wide leg flowing trousers and a cute crop top. She admitted that she was in need of a girls night out very soon, and would probably be choosing Manchester as her number one destination.

Happy Birthday Within | 9

Helen Flanagan has made no secret of the fact she’s keen to start a family with her longterm boyfriend Scott Sinclair. And now the stunning blonde has confessed she’s actively trying to get pregnant. Speaking to Closer magazine the former Corrie star said she’s come off her strong acne treatment, which had stopped her from trying to conceive in the past. “I’ve always wanted to be a young mum and I now feel ready,” she said.

“It’s something I’ve wanted for ages and Scott’s going to be a great dad. I just hope it doesn’t take me too long to get pregnant. And I’m not bothered about getting married beforehand.” She also gushed about her “perfect boyfriend” who she’s

currently living with in Bath. ‘I just hope it doesn’t take me too long. And I’m not bothered about getting married beforehand.’ Helen, who used to play Rosie Webster in the ITV1 soap, said she and the Manchester City player are ‘loved up’ despite their split last year. The busty actress also admitted she’s more body confident and doesn’t restrict herself any longer after being a dainty size six at the start of the year.

“I’ve stopped doing that now and I know I’ve put on weight but I’ve just accepted it,” she said. Manchester City football player Scott and Helen started dating in 2009 and late last year she admitted she “dreamt about babies” but said she’d start thinking about having a baby soon. Watch this space!

Helen is set to star in her own reality show following her life as a WAG and her attempts to launch her own underwear range. But the 23-year-old recently admitted she struggles to be taken seriously as an actress following her stint on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in 2012. We are looking forward to seeing what Helen has up her sleeve!

Happy Birthday Within | 11

Describe yourself in three words. Loving, Loyal, Fun :) What did you want to be, growing up? Well from the young age of 3, I went to dance and drama school, so performing has always been my love. Then I went to Italia Conti, so it’s all I really know and hopefully acting might be something I’ll be getting into more...watch this space!! You became a household name through Celebrity Big Brother. What was your most favourite memory of the experience? I loved the tasks, had alot of fun, we became a little family. In a weird way I miss being in there! But I’ve made some friends for life from it. Jim and Ollie I see and speak to loads, I love them. What qualities do you look for in a man? Qualities in a man would definitely have to be how we get on with eachother. If you can’t be yourself and laugh out loud then there’s no point! How would you spend the perfect first date? My perfect date, not sure if I can say something specific, but I would love to go to one of them open air cinemas, when you all sit on the grass and watch the big screen under the stars.

Let’s talk fashion… We’ve been checking out your new Wild Leggings range. What makes them ‘Wild’? What makes them wild!? Well depends how you want to wear them, you can make them as wild as you like! Haha! They look perfect for summer – do you have a favourite pair? I love them all, they’re all different designs for different occassions, you have really dressy, to really fun, to more casual. I do love the white and gold pair though. We get a lot of questions from buxom ladies asking for the best places to buy lingerie – where would you suggest? Marks and Sparks! I always find good underwear for us buxom ladies there. It’s hard for us to find sexy lingerie in a large size, but M&S always deliver for me Rumour has it you are looking to pursue a career in acting. What would be your dream role? I am looking to pursue my acting career, I love doing comedy. I did Russell Howard’s Good News comedy sketches with him last series which was so much fun, but I would also like to try a more serious role, something that you would least expect from me.

If you could invite anybody for dinner, who would it be? Hmmmm anyone to dinner, well I would say Channing Tantum, but hes taken now. Damn! haha! What is your worst habit? My worst habit, I do like to burp after a good old swig of a fizzy drink haha! If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it? Definitely with my family. Family is really important to me, I cant wait to have my own family x Who is your inspiration? I love Julia Roberts. Amazing actress, absolutely beautiful, and a down to earth lovely person And finally, what’s next for Casey Batchelor? Whats next for me, I hope lots. I’ve got lots of things in the pipeline, so you’ll have to wait and see for them. Hopefully expanding Wild leggings into more range of clothes as its done so well, hoping to have my beachwear range out soon, and shooting my calander in Ibiza this month, cant wait for that, so if your out there when I am, lets partyyyyyy!!!

Happy Birthday Within | 13

Most brides putting together wedding gift lists ask for household items or money for their honeymoon, but for BBC presenter Sarah Stone material things were far from her thoughts. For when sports presenter Sarah, from Manchester, got married at St Paul’s Cathedral to football agent Dan Potts, she made a special request that instead of guests giving the couple traditional wedding gifts, they make donations to Manchester cancer hospital The Christie. The Christie has long been close to Sarah and her family’s hearts as her father received treatment there, but he sadly died when Sarah was just 13. So in his honour, Sarah set up a justgiving page for her wedding guests to donate to The Christie instead of setting up a traditional gift list.

I’m so happy! In total it has helped Sarah raise £6,500 for the leading cancer hospital and she said: “I’m so happy with the generosity of my guests, the amount raised is beyond what I thought and I hope it will help The Christie

continue its wonderful work”. Heather Robertson, community fundraising co-ordinator for the charity said: “We were incredibly touched by Sarah’s generosity and thoughtfulness in choosing The Christie to benefit from her wedding day. Donations such as hers allow us to continue to fund life changing and potentially lifesaving projects.”

Fairytale It was a fairy-tale wedding for Bramhall-raised Sarah and her husband Dan at the grand setting of St Paul’s Cathedral in May, and she was given away on the day by brother Nick Stone. Former beauty queen Sarah wore a stunning cream dress by designer Caroline Castigliano for the wedding ceremony at St Paul’s before a reception at Claridge’s Hotel in the capital. The couple first met at Old Trafford three years ago - when Sarah was working for MUTV and Dan was looking at potential talent on the pitch. Sarah has been involved in a host of charity

projects in recent years, and has just got back from visiting one of Brazil’s slums, the Santa Marta Favela, in Rio de Janeiro, when working in the country during the World Cup. The Favela, famous for being a part of Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” music video welcomed Sarah to the slum where she spent time helping the locals and other volunteers painting houses. Sarah also played football with the local children and handed out lots of football shirts to them that her and her group brought with them. She currently anchors Sport Today on BBC World as well as sports bulletins for BBC news, and presents snooker on ITV as well as live reports for BoxNation.

Happy Birthday Within | 15

Resident feature writer, Taaliah Nazar, recently met up with one of Manchester’s high class escorts to find out what it really is like working in the industry.

“Don’t dress like a hooker, don’t do anything unprotected, do not try and undercut the other girls and never give out your personal phone number.”

towards her hands it feels like Nikki is almost reliving the experience as her voice drops and the light seems to all but disappear from her eyes.

Smart, funny and exceptionally witty, Nikki looks much younger than her 35 years. She dreamt of being a singer and enjoys writing poetry. Born in Brazil she settled in Manchester as a young girl when her parents came in search of the promised ‘better life’ they had heard so much about.

“Most of the time you would never know I was an escort. Remember I am a normal woman too. I sit next to you on the train, I get changed next to you at the gym and I pay for my milk next to you in the supermarket.”

She doesn’t know what he did for a living; he didn’t make much conversation. One thing Nikki does know for sure is that she was totally unprepared for what happened that night.

She is also an escort and spends her evenings having sex with men for cash. Far from the preconceived ‘victim’ or ‘down on her luck’ addict that springs to mind, Nikki is the epitome of class and sophistication. Long, lustrous hair swept back off her face and smooth, clear skin, she has a figure that makes women envious while bringing grown men to their knees. It’s hard to ignore the lustful glances she is attracting as we chat over a glass of wine in a busy Manchester bar. With so much in the news recently about the rise of girls forced into prostitution, Nikki is eager to lift the lid on the other side of this often-misunderstood profession – where, for some, selling sex is a choice and not a necessity. “I sell sex because the money is good, the hours are flexible and to be honest, I’m really good at it. I made the choice to become an escort and I’ve never really looked back, finally I can support myself and have a pretty decent standard of living at the same time.”

Before Escorting Married for a number of years, Nikki says she was ‘happy with her lot’ and looking forward to possibly having children one day, until her husband had an affair, eventually leaving her for a much younger woman he had allegedly met at work. “It knocked my confidence hard when he left because I never saw it coming. He just went to work one day and never came home.” “I was enrolled on a book keeping course at college and wanted to become an accountant but, after he left, things began to fall apart. That’s when I made the decision to do what I know best. Sex was never an issue when I was married, in fact the thought of being paid for my time felt rather empowering.” Nikki says it was incredibly easy to get into escorting, after finding an advert in the local paper; she called an agency, spoke to the madam and was invited to the ‘office’ for an interview the same day. The office turned out to be a smart apartment in Hale, one of many in a private, residential block. Here Nikki met *Sue, the lady in charge and was told the ‘rates and rules’.

Friends & Family This raises the issue of what other people think of her career; Nikki admits that she can’t always be honest with those around her.

“He lived in a posh apartment in Chester, there was a doorman and I gave him my real name by mistake when I arrived. He was one of my first clients and I wasn’t used to my fake name yet.”

“I only have a handful of friends that know what I really do, my family and everyone else believes that I am a very successful accountant, they probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.”

“The instructions from the agency had made it clear that the door would be unlocked and I was to let myself in, naively I never really thought anything of it. When I arrived there was music playing really loud, the bass thumped through my body as I walked in and closed the door behind me.”

“It can get awkward, one time my friend brought her books round to me in floods of tears, asking me to help her make sense of it all. I spent a whole morning ringing accountants, eventually paying £200 to one willing to do the work quickly so I could say I had done it for her.”

“The bedroom was in front of me and, as I walked in, I could see an envelope next to the bed with my ‘name’ on it. A small Chinese man appeared behind me wearing a bathrobe. He spoke impeccable English as he told me to turn off the already dimmed lights.”

Asked if there are any plus points of her job, Nikki’s eyes sparkle as she describes a world far different from any most women could imagine.


“The gifts are brilliant, I have regular clients who spoil me all the time, I’ve had perfume, clothes, jewelry and even a couple of exotic holidays over the years.” “Most men I meet are like puppies, eager to please and looking for some attention – it’s easy to make them feel special and in return they treat me well.”

Sex When I ask about the sex aspect of the deal Nikki shrugs it off as a very small, occasionally enjoyable part of her unusual job. “Sometimes the man is unattractive or not really my type but I just block it out, concentrate on my shopping list instead.” “It turns me on to know that this man is paying me for my time, for my body – I have a high sex drive so it suits me just fine. Besides, what woman could honestly say that she wouldn’t like to be wined and dined then showered with gifts?” “I see men from all walks of life, most are married and all have their own reasons for coming to me. If I had a pound for every time I heard that classic ‘my wife doesn’t understand me’ I could retire.” The cynicism lies heavy in the air and the conversation takes a darker turn as I ask about the other side of the coin, the bad punters, as she refers them. Looking down

“It all went wrong from there really. He was really rough, pulling my hair, grabbing me and almost folding me in half, with my legs in the air. It hurt my hips so bad I had to stop myself wincing with pain. Then he wanted to change positions but I just couldn’t do it, I was in agony and feeling really scared by then. I told him I had to stop and he went ballistic, it was like he wanted to hurt me deliberately.” I ask her why she didn’t just leave. “I don’t know, I didn’t know what to do” she shrugs. Leaving as soon as she could, Nikki broke down sobbing in the lift and called the agency to say she never wanted to see him again. Since then he has been blacklisted from other agencies too, turns out she wasn’t the first woman he had done this to. So, is this Nikki’s dream job? “No, but I can think of worse ones” she says. “The men I see are generally good guys, it’s only now and then you get a bad one and you just have to deal with it. What other job could pay me so well for so little – I say who, I say when and I say how much, that makes me in control, doesn’t it?” As Nikki finishes her drink and turns to leave I can’t help wonder if it really is her or actually the next punter who is in control after all.

Happy Birthday Within | 17

Halal Hysteria has swept across the UK and suddenly we’re having a huge moral panic over how our meat is slaughtered. This has been fuelled by ‘certain’ sections of the media; having realized the threat of imminent terrorism is wearing a little thin, they’re now telling us there’s some kind of sinister plot - inflicting halal meat on innocent, animal loving Brits. Unsurprisingly, the BNP and EDL have jumped on the anti-halal bandwagon, using the debate as a proxy for the real concern, the presence of a growing Muslim population. Do you really think the papers are concerned with animal

rights? If so, where is the debate not about all forms of slaughter? – The fact it’s only the halal method that’s being discussed is no coincidence. Why the sudden interest now – if everyone is so worried about where the meat they eat comes from, why have they never asked before? That’s because it wasn’t really a problem, was it? Well, not until The Sun said it was anyway… So what does halal actually mean? Put simply it’s like this – The animal must be healthy and uninjured. A relevant prayer is recited while the animal is slaughtered, using a single cut to the throat with a sharp knife. All blood is then drained from the body.

There’s no nice way to kill an animal in order to eat it, but personally I find this method slightly more palatable than the other ‘non-halal’ methods – the thought of an animal shot with a bolt through the head, or a chicken hung upside down, dipped in electrified water then having its head mechanically removed makes me lose my appetite.

‘100,000 pupils crammed into overcrowded state schools’ and ‘One in eight primary school pupils taught in classes officially too big’ - Both are headlines but one is from October 2010, the other June 2014 and it would seem little has changed. Despite knowing of these figures over four years ago, the government have failed to act accordingly – not enough new schools have

There’s nothing more annoying than the relentless Facebook game requests popping up on screen. All I want to do is check on the day’s news n views, maybe share the odd picture of a cute cat now and then - not play virtual farm.

These people clearly have too much time on their hands that could be much better spent – from Candy Crush to Diamond Dash the list is endless. Only yesterday I got invited to play ‘Odd Socks’ – yes, I kid you not; there really is such a thing.

We should have our meat labeled, with a detailed explanation of how the animal was killed and then let the consumer decide – in fact, maybe a live feed from the abattoir, relayed on a huge screen directly above the meat fridges is the way forward…

been built, in fact over 1000 primary schools have closed since 1999 and the children keep coming. It would be easy to blame immigration alone for this growing problem, that ‘they’ are the reason little Tommy is practically spooning his classmate as they vie for space designed for far less children – after all that’s what the media would have you believe. The reality is that yes,

immigration has played a part but then so has financial pressure – resulting in many children moving from private to state schools, added to this we also have babies being born at a rate not seen since the 1950’s. These children haven’t just appeared from another planet. The fact there isn’t enough space in our schools for them is down to the government lack of planning and investment in our kids education system.

Facebook gamers you need to step away from your laptop and join reality, I have plenty of laundry here, should you feel the need to pair endless amounts of smalls…

Happy Birthday Within | 19

With a career spanning almost three decades Kylie Minogue is a force to be reckoned with. At 46 years old the chart topping, multi-award winning singer, actress and entrepreneur is one of the best known and well-loved voices in global pop music today. Kiss Me Once, her first studio release in four years and first under the new management of Jay Z’s Roc Nation, is being supported by the Kiss Me Once Tour which begins this month in Ibiza. The pop princess will grace the stage at Manchester’s Phones 4U Arena for one date only on September 26th before continuing her European tour which concludes in November. Kylie is playing five dates in Australia in March next year and is currently gracing Australian TV as a coach on The Voice Australia alongside will.i.am, Ricky Martin and Joel Madden, but is no stranger to a camera having shot to fame in 1986 when she was cast as Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours. Whilst she is also a fashion designer and philanthropist, singing has always been Kylie’s first love and her 1988 debut album Kylie entered the charts at number one and was the first album by a female solo artist to exceed sales of two million in the UK. To date the pop icon has had 46 consecutive UK chart hits, sold 70 million records worldwide, released a dozen studio albums, as well as live CDs, greatest hits and tour DVDs, making ‘Kylie’ a household name. Kylie’s 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once, is a collaboration of talent from A-List producers such as Pharrell, MNEK, and Darkchild and has been called an ‘intoxicating blend of uptempo dance tracks, funky club cuts, sexy midtempo jams, and the occasional ballad’.

Moving On... After 25 years under the same management Kylie moved to Roc Nation in 2013 and has since been working with a range of producers and experimenting with new styles. “It’s bringing out something different in me, which is cool. I need to know what it is to do something different – different styles of delivery, different beats, different subject matter,” she said of the experience. “I think that I am a natural chameleon, so that floats my boat.” You can tell by listening to the album that Kylie has enjoyed exploring these new sounds, and whilst there is no real consistency to the theme or nature of the songs (apart from some ‘subtle’ references to sex) the record is a tribute to the signature disco vocals and electro/ dance-pop sounds we know so well. With numerous hits, awards and tours under her belt it is no surprise that in 2008 Kylie received an OBE from the Queen and became a Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (pretty much the French version of an OBE) for her services to music, and in 2011 was inducted into the Australian music Hall of Fame for her accomplishments. Not to mention that bronze statue of her standing in Melbourne Harbour… Amongst other awards Kylie was presented with the Courage Award for her fight against breast cancer and dedication to raising awareness in 2013, which she said was probably the best achievement of her life.

Hard Times

“I don’t like to talk too much about my experience because it’s super personal, but I do speak about it because it’s important and it’s not something you can give sound bites on,” said the singer. “It’s a profound, life changing experience, and there are so many emotional levels and stories within that story it’s hard to wrap up how you feel about it”. Kylie has always remained a global star and icon and has graced the covers of some of the world’s most prestigious magazines including Vogue, Rolling Stone, GQ and FHM, and whist she admits to attracting people from all walks of life to her tours, “from a row of muscle Marys and drag queens to dads, moms, grandmas”, her biggest fan base in undoubtedly with the gay community.

Gay Icon “I didn’t become a gay icon or become popular in the gay community for doing something specific. That happened just because I was being myself” she told the Advocate in an interview. “I really resisted being pigeonholed and perhaps that’s one reason the gay community has felt some allegiance with me. Because I didn’t want to be told I was one thing and couldn’t be another. I didn’t want to have just one colour to my personality.” You know what they say, the best things come in small packages, and if you have tickets to see the tiny pop princess you won’t be disappointed, with a guaranteed set list of all her greatest hits along with some of her sexy new numbers. As one of the few stars who have survived in the music business for so long sat on top of her throne the pop princess has earned her title. All hail Kylie.

Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and underwent a lumpectomy and chemotherapy, later declared cancer-free, and has since been an advocate for cancer charities devoting her time to fundraising and raising awareness.

Happy Birthday Within | 21

Just like their longer counterparts in the fall and winter, denim shorts make for the most versatile staple for the warm-weather months. Fondly referred to as “jorts,” the seasonal favorite comes in all shapes, washes, and lengths and pretty much goes with anything. Looking great for a night out, or as part of a short suit with a blazer, as well as essential beachwear, these shorts are a wardrobe must-have.

Former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan has unveiled her debut fashion collection, and says it’s “a dream come true” to see her name on her own range of dresses. Irlam-raised Michelle, who has modelled the full collection, says: “Seeing my name on a price tag and label is quite surreal. “It still doesn’t feel real at the moment! When I go to the Trafford Centre or the Arndale and see my clothes on the rack, that’s when it will hit me. Or when I see people wearing the pieces. That will be another ‘wow’ moment.” The range includes figure-hugging dresses as well as sophisticated jumpsuits and jackets, and is priced from £20 - £80, aimed to be affordable to her fans, she says.

possible in colour and style so that they can be worn season after season.”

“Victoria Beckham is my style hero!” Her fashion range puts her alongside other celebrities who have brought out designs - including the Kardashians and Victoria Beckham - and Michelle is delighted to sit alongside them. She beams: “Victoria Beckham is my style hero. She’s amazing and has really put her stamp on the fashion world now with her own label. Her clothes are timeless, unfussy and cut really well.” “The price tag makes you gasp a bit but you are paying for something that won’t every be out of fashion, or go to pieces after a few washes.

There will be plenty more fashions to We have had a look at the range and we come fromMade Michelle, with more Former In Chelsea star designs Caggie before Christmas, and alreadyto modelabsolutely love it! We have even picked Dunlop has taken to she’s the camera out our favourite pieces (right). So make working on spring/summer 2015. her brand new clothing collection. sure you go check Michelle’s range out Caggie first launched her brand ISWAI (aka She haveAn been asback involved as 2012, as soon as possible! It says: Starts“IWith Idea) in May I can be in the process, every creating fivedesign T-shirts designed by up and piece is something I would wear and coming talent. Now, Caggie has grown The former corrie girl’s range is availhave about.her I have heralready fashionworn babyout by and launching spring/able now on Lipsy London’s website – www.lipsy.co.uk tried to keep‘14 therange pieces as classic as summer which encompasses clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Happy Birthday Within | 23

Hello lovely Within readers! I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the spouts of Summer weather we have been blessed with! The past couple of months have been full on festivals, celeb scandals and of course, the final of Masterchef - it’s all fun over here! It’s been a while, so I feel we are due a pretty big catchup. Since we spoke last, I have been pretty busy in Laura land, including lots of blog work over at Tiny Twisst. I hit 10,000 YouTube subscribers on my channel

24 | Within

(and screamed about it, a lot) and was shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards for Best Established Fashion Blog. This obviously means the world to me as I put a lot of hard work into my blog. It would be great if you guys could take two minutes to vote for me, you can find all the information on tinytwisst.com. Now in terms of fashion, I never really stop shopping! This summer I have been loving Birkenstock inspired sandals (so comfy!) high waisted jeans with crop tops

and vintage inspired pieces - especially patterned skirts! I have a right thing about fifties fashion and I’m always trying to inject more of it into my wardrobe. It’s also the month of Within’s 1st birthday, hence this exciting birthday issue! So, Happy Birthday Within, here’s to the next year!

This edition of TOTM (yes, I totally abbreviated it!) is a little different. As a blogger & Youtuber myself, I obviously read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of videos - I find that this can be the best place to be inspired, and sometimes it even beats out trusty celebrity fashion. So this month, my trendsetter is the lovely (and very beautiful) Sammi from blog and YouTube Beauty Crush. I find myself obsessing over her style - whether it be on her blog or social media, as soon as there’s a new outfit post I need to have whatever she’s wearing - she leaves me feeling completely inspired. Sammi has a wonderful way of making effortless outfits look splendid. She has a certain charm about her that can turn a plain white tee into an outfit worthy of a mention. It’s actually pretty difficult to pull off effortless style and takes a lot more work than you might think.

It’s all about the relaxed vibe… slightly scruffy hair, a thrown on type attitude and accessorising with the perfect pieces. In this outfit, Sammi has picked a simple denim skater skirt, paired with a oversized white tshirt, tucked in only at the front to help create that “just thrown on” style. I really love these shoes also, a fun take on the Birkenstock trend, and they look super comfy! Paired with a simple pair of classic RayBans, this outfit consists of only 4 pieces, yet is beautifully striking. I might even add a hat for an extra oomph and you could also introduce some colour by adding a colour pop lipstick. Check out Sammi’s blog: Beauty Crush www.beautycrush.co.uk

Someone spills red wine down your brand new frock? Have no fear! Get them to buy you a glass of white wine and pour it straight on. It should cancel out the stain!

Favourite nail varnish turned a bit gloopy? Pop it in the fridge for a few days, it’ll sort it right out!

Happy Birthday Within | 25

Tell us a little about yourself!

I grew up traveling all over the USA living in 36 different states! I have always had passion for painting and art, which then developed into doing makeup. Each face is an exciting new canvas for me! I have been working as a professional makeup artist for 16 years. I specialize in fashion, runway, editorial and print as well as bodypainting. This last fashion season I was the head of makeup backstage for Portland Fashion Week & FashioNXT. Being able to execute the makeup looks for amazingly talented designers like Seth Aaron, Michael Costello and Michelle Lesniak are what makes what I do even better!

What is the benefit of using artificial/ preservative-free cosmetics over the drug-store brands?

To me a high quality product is something that is made from better raw ingredients, In general, high–quality cosmetics use better-quality base ingredients, which cause the products to glide on more smoothly, last longer, crease or crack less often, and be gentler on skin. They can also be custom formulated to treat acne, and other skin issues.

High quality cosmetics also provide a richer pigment and require little to no touch up’s through the day. Drug store products contain fillers and preservatives that tend to agitate sensitive skin and Tell us about Skull Sugar Cosmetics. also contain paraben & talc, which are Skull Sugar Cosmetics® are for the fun and known to be cancer-causing agents. fashion forward! We offer a wide range of high performance pigments for the makeup How did you come up with the name, artist, fashionista or makeup diva! Our Skull Sugar? formulas consist of all-natural powders, As a body painter and artist my favorite which are made of 100% pure minerals. thing to paint on a model is a Sugar Skull. It was my love of the Day of the Dead The natural ingredients work with the oils theme that I chose the name Skull Sugar. in your skin to provide you with a flawless coverage. It is extremely gentle and free of The name and design of your preservatives, chemical dyes, paraben, talc, cosmetic line seems very edgy. oils, and other fillers making it suitable for Does that reflect your personal style? all skin types including the most sensitive Absolutely! Anyone who knows me skin personally can see the reflection of me

| 26 Happy Birthday Within

in this line. I am a girly girl but I am pretty edgy…I have 4 skull tattoos! I wanted my line to show my style! Skull Sugar is Jamie O’Neill

Is it difficult to make products that are artificial ingredient/preservative-free? I don’t believe that it is difficult to make safe products, however it is more expensive to offer high quality products that are free of preservatives and fillers.

I believe this is why many cosmetics companies choose not to offer talc and paraben free options. Skull Sugar Cosmetics cares more about our clients than the bottom line.

Where can we buy Skull Sugar products?

Currently our products are sold on our website at www.skullsugarcosmetics. co.uk and will be available in select boutiques coming soon! In fact save 15% off your first order by entering coupon code new15 at checkout!

The Bobbi Brown Sand Eyeshadow Palette is one of two Surf & Sand Eye Palettes available with the Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Summer 2014 Collection for a limited time.

One of Manchester’s favourite soap stars, Kym Marsh, never fails to look her best – whether it be on the cobbles or on the red carpet! One of the reasons is due to Kym’s gorgeous glow, and with the summer months drawing to a close, next month, it’s a must that us girls look healthy and bronze into the Autumn season! Check out Clarins’ Radiance glow booster. It’s perfect to boosting your skin tone and will give that natural look too!

Spritz one or two pumps of this super fine mist directly onto closed eyes and the mix of water, liposomes and pro-vitamin B5 will replenish dehydrated eye skin as well as the tear film inside your eyes.

Balance Me has reformulated its multi-award-winning body wash by upgrading the natural surfactants in it (surfactants are the cleaning agents that make a product foam). The result? A more luxurious and bubbly shower experience. Our fave is the Rose Otto. It contains rose Otto essential oil, so smells like the real deal Perfect for dry or easilyirritated skin.

The palette does feature a mismatch of textures, finishes, and formulas so there isn’t any one way to describe all the colors as they each have their own personality.

Don’t let the dark bottle fool you; Gucci’s newest addition to the Flora family is ultra feminine and light. Firstly, peony marks its territory before hints of pepper and musk give it a sexy edge.

Retail therapy is a must for us girls. This month, we recommend Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lipstick. Rich, deep red and sexy, this berry red lippy is a stalwart of the lipstick scene and will take an outfit from good to great in just a slick of its moody hue.

Recently, we’ve been obsessed with mastering the art of ‘grown-up sparkle’. So when Sally Hansen’s new Color Frenzy Collection landed we had high hopes, and we’re pleased to report the polish strikes the perfect balance

between kitsch and so, so cool. The glitter particles come in different shapes, sizes and textures (matte and shiny), so the effect is more of a ‘splatter’ than the usual sandpaper texture.

It’s not often that we get that excited about toothpaste. But this one is rather cool. This is the first UK toothpaste to whiten teeth instantly using clever trick-of-the-light technology. Full of tiny little blue pigments that you can’t actually see on your teeth, but reflect blue light making your teeth appear immediately whiter.

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Michelle Keegan is the latest celebrity to join Inanch London’s elite club of Gold Class Hair extension clients. Just when we thought the former Corrie actress couldn’t get any more glam, she paid a visit to the London salon earlier this week to have hair extensions applied by extensionist to the stars, Inanch Emir. Inanch is renowned for tending to the tresses of the A-list and came highly

recommended to Michelle by several of her celebrity friends – which is why she visited the salon ahead of her huge fashion launch with Lipsy London. Inanch applied Gold Class Hair extensions in shades of chocolate and caramel to add some extra volume and length to Michelle’s natural hair.

Happy Birthday Within | 31

Happy Birthday Within | 33

Perfection is much like beauty, a matter of opinion. Perfect is defined as conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type. This ideal type is as transient as the weather; chopping and changing dependent on culture, class and conformity. Throughout history, the bigger woman was always used to represent beauty. Until recently it was a full figure that was the physical aspiration for women; as little as 40 years ago advertisers would target women with high-calorie delights such as ironised yeast to avoid being too thin! The advert depicts men literally running away from “that skinny dame,” then complimenting her on her yeast-fuelled weight gain.

Skinny Became Sexy So when was it that skinny became sexy? The 60’s swung in with waif like models (such as the fittingly named Twiggy) who were recruited for the new fashions of mini-everything. Along with this was the creation of the Barbie doll. The developing saturation of media and the vast portrayal of this new ideal distorted our concept of body image, which resulted in women striving for skinny. As a consequence we now find 90% of women unhappy in their bodies, dieting, bingeing, purging and despairing in attempt to fit perfect. The funny thing is that nobody does live up to this impossible standard and we torture ourselves in attempt to. As a photographer who spends the majority of each day photographing women, whether they’re models, plus-sized, elderly, or every day types, nobodies’ body is perfect. Even the models look nothing like the representations we are provided with. Observing the direction to perfection is both bemusing and horrifying when regarding the state of our society. A concerning trend most visible in our younger generations is the androgynous morph into hairless, plasticised, robots. The magazine-mirage that we aspire to is genuinely unobtainable, but increasingly sought. Skilled professionals warp and distort the reality of humanity to produce what we

| 36 Happy Birthday Within

hold today as our notion of perfection – fake. Regardless of the fact that we are well aware of the media’s lies, it does not seem to alter our desire to subscribe to these idealisms. Why? Humans are competitive animals; it’s part of the nature of survival, which translates as the compulsion to be the best. Whether this is at your job, your hobby, or your appearance; it all feeds back to the need to be noticed. Not to be noticed, is to not stand a fighting chance against competitors that can steal away your procreational opportunities. Ultimately, this desire to please a possible mate is why we strive for the unobtainable perfection. Intrinsically women are attracted to men with a muscular, ‘V-shaped’ physique as this implies optimum physical fitness and the offer of protection from a potential sperm-donor or partner. Men are naturally attracted to women with a figureof-eight body, which biologically makes perfect sense. A curvier shaped female form is scientifically better breeding material; larger hips for child-bearing and bigger breasts for feeding their young.

Marilyn Monroe Aptly, sex-symbols back in the day were the likes of Marilyn Monroe: a curvaceous, 5ft, fluctuating size 12-16, radiant, babe. By today’s standards, she would most likely be labelled short and fat. Though as a species we have evolved to grow larger in height and bone structure since her era, the way in which our bodies are naturally structured is rejected in favour of the quest for modern perfection. As conscious beings who have somewhat developed past basic animal instincts, we have developed the unfortunate habit of mixing social standards with our innate drive: skinny with curves as the new ‘ideal.’ So some women choose to starve, others seek surgery and many find comfort for their physical dissatisfaction by over-indulging to the point of ill-health; all in attempt to comply with this perverse bodily-ideal. We have provided ourselves with endless opportunity to suffer with failure to comply.

Women are shoehorned in to body shaped categories like apple, pear, slender, curvy, athletic and hourglass. As a race, we come in all shapes, sizes, heights and colours; but we are told the skinny-hourglass is perfect. Inflicting one solitary ideal upon the entirety of a gender is just the same as telling all dogs that they are only beautiful if they look like a poodle. Ridiculous. We will always want what we don’t have. I used to want to be a petite olive-skinned brunette; with my tall-Scandinavian heritage - it’s impossible. There are endless hang-ups that every person on this world feels about the way that they look. Regardless of the extent in which you feel so inclined to toy with nature to try and change yourself, there will always be something.

Warts and All In order to feel acceptable to just be yourself, warts and all, you just have to come to terms with the fact that this is the body that your soul so happened to be placed within. It’s not perfect. But as time goes on and we each grow older, some things just seem to matter less. I no longer care as much that my nose isn’t smaller, my boobs aren’t bigger, my teeth aren’t whiter and my hair will never be straight. All I want is to be able to enjoy the fleeting gift of being alive and in good health. There’s no such thing as perfect, but being healthy and happy in whatever body came up in the genes pool the day your parents made you. Life can be so short; don’t waste your precious time and energy on something so fleeting as beauty. If we’re lucky enough to make it to old age and our wrinkles take over our faces, the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is those few extra pounds, affording fake boobs or having frizzy hair. You’ll be thinking of your health and the missed opportunities of your youth, opportunities you’re missing right now!

Murdered by My Boyfriend which aired on BBC THREE, saw Ashley, an ambitious, confident and popular teenage girl, fall in love with Reece; an older ‘charming and polite’ man. Based on true events, this drama captured the sad reality of domestic violence, and even murder. Ashley’s story starts as a typical girl-meets-boy scenario. There’s plenty of flirting, texting and nights out after she meets Reece at a house party. Reece is seen as a true gentleman who treats Ashley like a princess and even gets the thumbs up from her friends. As a viewer, even I was impressed by his romantic and old fashion ways at first! We later see

| 38 Happy Birthday Within

Reece playfully snatching Ashley’s phone and asking her jokingly who she is texting. When, at first, Reece refuses to give her phone back, we get a first glimpse of the worry in Ashley’s face. Not long into their relationship, Ashley discovers that she is pregnant and a convincing Reece talks her in to keeping their child. The physical abuse begins when Ashley is around 7 months pregnant. Reece hits her and pushes her head against a wall in an upstairs bedroom, too scared to walk away at the thought of being pregnant and alone, Ashley stays with Reece as he promises to never hurt her again…

Four Years Over the course of four years Ashley’s world is turned upside down as Reece learns to control Ashley both physically and mentally; policing her choice of attire on nights out with friends and forcing her to send photos of herself as proof of where and who she is with when they’re not together. Ashley’s body is covered in bruises from the beatings and her friends soon discover the type of monster he truly is. In a brutal and disturbing scene, viewers watching the emotional drama witness Reece head butt Ashley and throw her into a dressing room at her place of work as he continually

punches her in the face for apparently ‘getting involved with his business’; Ashley discovers that Reece is seeing another woman behind her back.

Dramatic Turn Just when you hope Ashley will walk away and all of the torment will be over, she gets back with Reece after he hounds her on a daily basis; this is where her life takes an even more dramatic turn. After a night out with her friends, Reece is seen questioning Ashley in bed about a male friend she had met up with, on a few nights out, when they had split up. During the discussion, Ashley

admits to sleeping with the male friend and it is then that Reece murders her in front of his own daughter.

Distressing Scenes The distressing scene first shows Reece using his fists as he sits on top of Ashley and proceeds to throw punch after punch in her face. The final blow is given when Reece grabs the ironing board and brings it down countless times on a lifeless Ashley. The scene cuts and it is revealed that Ashley lay on the floor of her bedroom for two hours, her frightened two year old daughter by her side, before an ambulance was called. Ashley’s life was over. The chilling tale of Ashley’s story has stayed with me since it first aired and has left a sickening realisation with me that domestic abuse happens on a daily basis to lots of people around the world. Both women and men have suffered at the hands of their partner or ex partner, and although it probably starts off as something small, the end result is almost never a happy one. Domestic abuse doesn’t necessarily have to be physical, even the most confident person like Ashley can be controlled mentally and reduced to a former shadow of their once bubbly self.

As a woman, it is important to know that this type of abuse can come from something as small as a spat of jealously that was perhaps triggered when you’ve been talking to someone of the opposite sex, or even the same sex. Logging into your personal social media networks to check your messages. Controlling what you wear and whom you go out with. Commenting negatively on the way you look, and bruising your ego to make you feel less confident about yourself. Checking your phone while you’re not looking. It’s the little things that go unnoticed in cases like Ashley’s and it can, and in most cases will escalate. It took 4 years for Ashley to die. How long must domestic abuse continue before it finally comes to that? There is no time limit, and in some cases it can go on for less and in other cases even longer. If the warning signs are there, be vigilant, it may just save your life.

One Lucky Escape One lucky escape came in the form of 33 year old Zoe Horne, a mother of three from Ashton-Upon-Mersey who suffered at the hands of her abusive ex for almost 3 years after their third child was born in 2009. Zoe admits she was too scared to walk away from her ex husband after years of mental and physical abuse that went on behind closed doors at the home they shared.

“I was trapped and felt like a rabbit that had been caught in the headlights.” Luckily for Zoe she managed to break free from the abuse and finally got the courage to pack up and leave her husband and old life behind. “My kids have been my support. Just when you think it won’t get better for you, life gives you something to fight for and I finally plucked up the courage to walk away and I’ve never looked back. The last 5 years have been incredible and I’ve got over so many hurdles and I’ve forgotten what my old life was like. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and so are my children!” Zoe has no contact with her ex who is still in prison and is eternally happy knowing she will never see him again. She also urges men and women of all ages and in any situation to walk away from domestic abuse. “Don’t be frightened of being ‘alone’ and don’t be blackmailed into staying. Run and be free, you only get one life.” It’s refreshing to hear a story like Zoe’s that has a happy ending! Let Zoe be an inspiration to everyone out there who’s suffering at the hands of someone else. For more information or to seek help on Domestic Violence you can contact the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpine on 0808 2000 247.

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Fancy something a whole lot more relaxed? How about a crafternoon tea to indulge in some knitting or embroidery?

I’m talking plastic willies and blown up condoms deeley boppers, L-plates and pink sashes declaring who is the bride and who are the bridesmaids, cocktails and fizz. The most popular (when I asked all the brides I knew) was Tiger Tiger in Manchester. Book yourself a table, booth or party area (depending on the size of the do) and boogie the night away, or even organise a little cocktail masterclass for the ladies.

Or a vintage makeover? Or even a dance demonstration? If this is much more your style (or more importantly, the brides) then you need Gwyneth and Vintage Afternoon Teas who will arrange an afternoon of leisurely creativity, a smattering of tea and a whole lot of cake. And you get to take away a momento that isn’t a huge hangover. Win, win.

Well now, if you’re talking sausage, you might as well be eating some, so why not visit Splendid Sausage for something a little… phallic shaped.

Why not take it to the classiest venue in the city, The Milton Club, hire yourself a VIP Booth, so all of you can be treated like celebs for the night.

| 42 Happy Birthday Within

Start with the fizz earlier in the day and head to Rosylee Tea Rooms for a full afternoon tea with a glass of Prosecco. Or two. Or the bottle.

If a vast amount of mouthwatering delicious food, tasty cocktails and quality service is your thing, then let us recommend Cockadoodlemoo! Located in Hazel Grove, Stockport, this little gem is really something to shout about. This meat shack produces a smoking menu filled with flavour and there’s something for everyone. From sizzling starters to combo meat platters, you’ll probably want to come back time and time again until you’ve tried everything on this gut-busting menu! Cockadoodlemoo even produce their own home made sauces, and there’s even a terrifyingly hot Scotch Bonnet sauce. They certainly love to turn the heat up here! Every Wednesday many willing contestants turn up to attempt the famous Hot

Wings Challenge; a plate of 6 seriously HOT chicken wings that have to be eaten within 6 minutes…the wings are so hot you are required to wear a pair of rubber gloves (provided of course!), once the challenge has been completed there’s a further 6 minute ‘Burn Time’ where not a single drop of liquid must pass your lips; however, they do supply you with countless glasses of fresh milk afterwards. Winners gain a T-Shirt and their photo on the wall of course. If hot food isn’t your thing we would still recommend going on a Wednesday night simply for the entertainment of watching some crazy people daring this ridiculously amusing task! The manager Nelson pulls out all of the stops to ensure you are made to feel at home, and when we couldn’t decide

what to have from the menu he suggested a bit of everything… although we didn’t expect EVERYTHING! The plates were piled high, the food tasted amazing and we just couldn’t eat our way through the colossal amount of food set before us. However, we did have a good go! For those stuck in a similar situation we would suggest ordering the Chargrilled Chilli King Prawns to start, they’re served on crunchy veg and their house dressing and taste divine. If seafood isn’t your thing, go for the Smoked Meat Balls smothered in their very own tomato BBQ sauce or the Jalapeno Poppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Amazing! If that’s not enough to tempt you, all of the mains are oozing with flavour! From stacked

burgers to smoked beef brisket, pulled pork to slabs of St. Louis Ribs; Cockadoodlemoo is up everyone’s street!

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