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Within punkzine is currently looking for people that want to express their creativity or self expression or just plain random thoughts. If you have some haunting, disturbing issues that need to be addressed, we are willing to hear it and even give you a bit of wrongful, demented advice as unprofessional self-help motivational speakers with a deranged sense of humour.What ever the damage is we’ll be sure to document and spread the word. Choose not to follow the grain of society’s views and showcase self expression. Have some old vintage stories of years gone by? Send us a script or two. Or if something just plain doesn’t add up in your opinion give us a rant at www.

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GUTTERMOUTH A Night Out With Mark Adkins



HORROR REVIEW:2001 Maniacs







Robert Englund Lin Shaye

7/10 At first glance, this movie Directed by Tim Sullivan, and directed by Eli Roth and co. would appear to be just another sad attempt at the horror/comedy genre, but this movie is an undistributed gem found in the discount bin at your local bargain store no less. This movie is undoubitably worth the 15 dollars spent on any of the hollywood horror remakes anisipated in the past years. Casting Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman, the cannibalistic civil war general bent on revenge is not leap of the imagination from the macabre, sexually explicit and comical characters we know from the Freddy series, Dance of the Dead and Zombie Strippers. Lin Shaye, AKA “Granny Boone” the local madam provides the perfect complimenting role along side Englund with her harem of well stacked, gore hungry skantily clad women. Aside from the well known cast characters like Hucklebilly and Harper, and cameos from Kane Hodder ( Jason Voorhees) and Eli Roth add equal parts comical relief and disturbing dialogue. This movie provides guts, gore, tons of tits and ass and the occasional “off colored joke" Love this movie for what it is a “splatstick” backwoods, dueling banjo good time.



Have something bottled up inside that makes you want to really rage out! drop us a line let us know?.

Okay I’ve got two problems to rant about.. First, Whats gone wrong with society today? Cause when I was younger,Like,well here take this,On mtv (when i watched it) they played shit like NIN(nine inch nails) and fucking greenday(when they were good before they totally sold out)and btw did ya know there band name (before going big or selling out) was sweet children,ya google’s good for that,But now,I was rolling a doob yesterday and said sure how bad could it end right? NO FUCK NO WHAT THE BOLLOCKS IS THIS WORLD COMMING TOO?? Like what the fuck is this band called tokey sumthing hotel?? Like talk about mother fucking fagoots..And Ohh what the shit is about these guys wearing purlpe and pink shirts.. Fuck man.. Okay and heres my second problem,Remeber that movie, Alice in wonderland,And well i dont know any of you people, but all i gotta say i s i loved, to drop acid or take some shrooms,and ditch school go home and trip balls to alice in wonderland,well me and my girl,goto about 3 fucking movie stores and a blockbuster, So I take her to a cinema one,And after 20 mins i say lets ask they clerk. (ohh bright idea this was) So Theres me,and my girl, Standing in front of some chick clerk who was either trying or trying really hard to look like some fucking cat ,anyways off topic So I say, Hey missy you THERE,do you have alice in ...bloody wonderland, (clerk fake cat person wannabe says to me Nope),looks at her nails like 20 times,SO my girl ask’s,Whats the deal with no stores having alice in fucking wonderland, (now heres the fuckig Rupid part)Ya rupid,Rancidly stupid, anyways the clerk chick fucking dumb broad says,Well you see, Theres a very good reason, Its in the disney vault..... I looked at my girl, She looked at me,And i said lets get the fuck outta this mall,and go have some beeers and smoke a J.. Well cheers for listening,Im going to go drink,So go fuck off and have a good weekend.

First off who the fuck watches Disney Shit..Read “Alice through the Looking Glass”,Of course you need to be educated for this so you really should stay in schoool. And Second of all anyone that knows classic animation for what it’s worth know’s it is only available in special editions and releases. On that note might as well go jerk off to Snow White or someting, And about the Purple and PInk shirts it would seem everything is a fashin statement kinda like the word “BOLLOCKS”. Last time i checked that went out the window just like nancy did after Sid said “Fuck This”. And on the final thought for the peanut gallery who the fuck cares what’s on MTV..really..i suggest picking up some vinyl crakning it up to it’s highest level and get some fucking orginality. Cheers.


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WEASEL Danny Vapid

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HAMILTON 905 548 0039

INJUSTICE GENDER BIAS RULINGS ARTICLE BY JAY BOLDUC In today’s modern times we live in an era of equality and social freedom. The freedom of equal, open values and social responsibilities. It used to be that Justice was fair and ruling to keep the moral conduct of humanity where it needed to be. This article looks into the depth of society’s views concerning parenting in regards to custody issues in the Family Law Courts. Many parliamentarians report that family law issues appear to dominate constituent concerns: unfairness of the judicial system, gender bias, criminalization of divorce, legal costs beyond the reach of the average Canadian, asymmetric tax treatment of divorced parents, and the crying need for drastic reforms. I would have liked to have discussed in more detail the historical development of gender bias in law and society. Did you know that British, Canadian and American law formerly gave custody pretty well automatically to fathers almost 100% of the time? Did you know that the roots of blatant maternal preference date back in the U.S. to 1830. Great Britain and Canada were a little slower to grant women more rights in this area. In 1839, Britain passed legislation enabling courts to grant custody to mothers. In Canada, by the 1920’s, judicial maternal preference was clearly established. Thus the was established as the status quo for many years under the common understanding of society’s views in regards to parenting values in conjunction with the income contributor and the primary parent written into the Family Law Act’s guidelines. While both parents have had equally vested rights and obligations to the child protected for centuries under “parens patriae”, the Act essentially institutionalized a model of the nurturing custodial parent and the financially supporting non-custodial parent as a matter of state convenience with no apparent surviving parental rights upon divorce. Arguing in favour of a legal “primary caretaker” presumption, question the degree to which shared parenting actually reflects pre-divorce family structures, and caution against an uncritical acceptance of the position that women and men make identical contributions to parenting during marriage. The 1985 Act set the stage for C-41 and supporting legislation standardizing child support obligations and enforcement provisions in response to complaints about high variations in judicial child support awards. While jurisprudence both before and after C-41 established the dual norms of Child Costs being restricted to the need of the child and proportionally borne by parents according to their means.Continuing complaints of gender bias in court decisions, lack of enforcement of access provisions, and ongoing dissatisfaction with Child Support led to the formation in 1998 of he Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access. The resulting report “For The Sake of the Children” reflected the most comprehensive involvement of public input on marriage and divorce in our history. Central to the 48 resulting recommendations was the concept of Shared Parenting and a less adversarial approach to divorce. The recommendations were effectively shelved.

1998 of he Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access. The resulting report “For The Sake of the Children” reflected the most comprehensive involvement of public input on marriage and divorce in our history. Central to the 48 resulting recommendations was the concept of Shared Parenting and a less adversarial approach to divorce. The recommendations were effectively shelved. This has created a delusional court that is predicated on the fallacy that all women who make allegations are always telling the truth, and the rules of evidence are suspended. It also suspends all due process to accused parties, usually men, who frequently are labeled as violent, as sexual predators, and as drug or alcohol addicted, without any witness or other substantiating evidence outside of a woman’s words. False allegations by women of child abuse, domestic violence, and stalking are almost never questioned by judges for fear of being politically incorrect. An innocent father involved in a nasty contested divorce from a woman who vows vengeance is helpless in Family Court. Important child support laws enacted are now strictly, and sometimes unfairly enforced. On that same note womens rights have come along way in protecting victums of violence fairly noted. Arbitration results in a one way approach to custodial rights to Custody and Access in regards to Family Law ,since Mediation can not be achieved in regards to fairness and equality. In general terms terms the Family Act needs to be reformed in the approach to allow judgement of joint custody issues and fairness to both parties despite thier gender. In all Judicial matters in regards to trial it is up to the jury to find the truth and draw a conclusion to judgement. I believe the outdated judicial system of older judges have a permanent effect on the outcome of justice in regards to parental roles. Why is the women or the man the only primary care?. Or for that matter why is the Man or the women the only source of income. today’s modern reality is that the work force is now equal and has overcome many boundries implied by generations of the past social awareness and responisbilities of equal parentership is a common reality in todays modern era. The Judicail sytem needs to evalute the Family Law Act to make considerations in regards to fairness and Equal Responsibllity regardless of harsh overtones or bitterness residual of divorce resulting in a incapacity to comminicate between parents. Let’s remember that it is children, not women, who are the real victims of the gender bias in our family courts.

(Resources) D.A.D.S Canada Fathers Battling Injustice H.E.A.R.T

The Beatdown / Self Titled

Stomp Records / Union Label Group Sit back and enjoy the groove. Montreal’s “The Beatdown” have released their first self titled cd following an extensive summer tour. This united four piece band brings a unique blend of soul bound Jamaican reggae with upbeat punk chords guaranteed to make you chill out and enjoy life. With similarities to Tim Armstrong’s “A Poet’s Life” this Canadian four piece really brings forth the relaxing atmosphere that reggae has to offer with a catchy upbeat. The Beatdown is on tour this summer playing every night across Canada, following up on the Victoria B.C Ska Festival before completing the tour in Europe. With catchy songs like “It’s Alright” and “Justice”, it’s easy to see this hard working four piece will go far and bring a new feel to the ska scene. This one makes you want to hang out by a pool sipping back on some rum, enjoying life and not having a worry in the world. Or for those that want to relax and look back on the zen of things in life without having to swerve off the road in anger while launching projectiles in rush hour. I would rate this one up there along the ska favourites and a must have for the collection if you like Jamacian Reggae influenced ska. The Beatdown self titled disc is available on Stomp Records through Union Label Groups online store.

The Union Label Group 78 Rachel East Montreal, Quebec H2W 1C6, Canada Phone 514.842.5887 Fax 514.842.5906


124 Ottawa St.N Hamilton,ON

(905) 543 8286



Stomp - Union 2112 78 Rachel East. Montreal, Quebec H2W 1C6 Canada P: 514-842-5887



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Adam Cargin

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Justin Perkins


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So what happens when things get messy and you realize you just want to move on but you made a promise and then get stabbed in the back. Same thing that always happens with good punk rock - it moves on. Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid decide they weren’t done contributing to the scene after a long drawn out hiatus..and brought on Adam Cargin (Blueheels) on drums and Justin Perkins (Yesterdays Kids) on bass. Drew Fredichesen blazes back as the second guitarist. All current members of course are also touring as the Official Riverdales line up. Asian man records no longer holds Screeching Weasel or The Riverdales or any of Ben’s side projects. Instead, Recess Records has signed them and released a new Riverdales Lp entitled “Tarantula “a follow up to “Invasion Usa”. Blazing through pretty much the best of set lists...all except for “Blister my paint” and ending up the show with “cool kids”, Weasel is fantastic live - but one tends to wonder - where is the running around Ben? Collective Concerts The Phonenix Concert Hall

GUTTERMOUTH An Night Out With Mark Adkins By Jim Smith & J.B Mark Adkins

Photo:Jason Bolduc

So what happens when you have

one of the most legendary punk bands known for such amazing tight shows show up in Toronto on such short notice? Well what you get is just pure shitfaced satisifcation, total scathing humilation and humour that can’t be matched,unforunately it’s just not best viewed sober after all it is “GUTTERMOUTH”. What transpires next is something that haunts your imagination and makes the deranged look like friendly innocent door to door salesmen. A one on one with Mark Adkins while drinking back some rum and cokes as rapidly as possible with the help of a fine quality sipping straw..After all anachry does have some form of structure. J.B : Hey “Mark” if you got a few moments I would like to talk to you about something....maybe we can help you out, after all we are kinda motivational people. Do you remember my friend here “Jim” he helped you take the “ Garbage can out”last time you were in town. Mark: Hey i may need some help again it always seems the garabge piles up so high all the time. Jim: Ya man i know there’s a bar around the corner wanna go for a drink?. Mark : Is that some kind of false pretense or something let’s go i’ll buy oh you’re just grabbing your girls,alright let’s go.

Brandon Zinkil

Mark: (Huge Smile) Man every time I play that song I swear I think I’m going to get lynched! I’m sorry man, but I don’t play that song anymore. (Grin) Although you never know what happens, each show is it’s own thing, it changes all the time. But to answer your question, a majority of the time it’s just how I read the news you know the world is really fucked up out there and people are just fucking weird. J.B: Yeah I know my life has turned to shit, I tried doing the plan thing and that just didn’t turn out too good. But in the end it all worked out, I guess just gotta have fun. Mark: ( Straight Faced) There’s “No Such Thing As A Perfect World” I have a girl friend she’s fantastic, we bought a house...................... but i never know her income and she doesn’t really know mine and that’s cool you know sometimes I think she questions me or judges me to see if I can behave or something, make sure I can handle myself. All in all it’s cool though, because I love meeting new people from all over the world and I love if someone shows up and needs a place to crash - the more the welcome you know? I’m like that I like to hang and go and surf or something, or just chill out and party or something. After all, the house is closer to the beach now it’s sweet as hell. I used to live in Hawaii and fuck that place man they treat you like shit if you’re not an islander they make you feel like you don’t belong, like I’m a piece of shit. Jim: So what the fuck...happened with ‘Shave the Planet”? Mark: Oh fuck sorry man I gotta say “Sorry, yeah we just jammed that one together, threw it all together in like a week or something and just didn’t care, you know “what i mean”. J.B: So what do you think of the new sound of punk, it seems that it’s all going off it’s course of four chord to a lot of metal roots, now i mean a lot of the surfpunk is still going on.. but even “Pennywise” isn’t the same anymore. Mark; (Cynical Grin) Yeah oh ya I think after the tour is done I’m going to audition for “Pennywise”, they’re looking for a new singer..

Brandon Zinkl /Photo Jason Bolduc

J.B:I hope i get this all down! Mark: If not just make it up it’s all J.B: First of all what the hell motivates you to write? Cause man, I gotta say sometimes I just can’t peel this retarded shit eating grin off my face. Your songs are hilarious, just plain brillant. Mark: (Sip)Ya thanks man you know to tell you the truth I find inspiration for song titles on the spines of books when I’m sitting in a library hanging out. Library’s are fucking cool shit, man they have the most interesting people hanging out in them. I mean all of the knowledge and creativity are trapped into those walls and nobody uses them. Jim: Okay what about “Lipstick” or “Chicken Box” by the way are you playing “This won’t hurt a bit”?

Dave Luckett /Photo Jason bolduc Photo:Jason Bolduc Jim:Fuck Off! that would be too much..Are you Kidding? Mark: No man, I’m really thinking about it, I know they are thinking about the singer from “Ignite”. J.B: (Thinking this is a Reference to the Warp tour) Don’t you have to be on soon? Mark: Ahh it’s all cool, I’m sure they will call me or something, besides they know it’s time! Mark: So ..lets see is it these...or it time to pay the meter maid soon?. Jim:Yeah it’s all good no I noticed you telling that black kid that you don’t do requests? (Laughing)... Mark: Well you know what can I say - “Guttermouth” - I have a reputation to live up to. Jim: Anything new in the future, maybe something back to the speed of “Musical Monkey” Mark: Well it’s going good right now but ya I would like to do something new soon. J.B: Same label or back to one of the previous ones?. Mark: Definately “Volcom”, they have been really good to us and helped us out a lot. J.B: Your phone’s been flashing for about twenty minutes now... Mark: Oh shit the ringer’s down i’m on... !! Stay tuned for part two

Mark/Japanese Kung Fu Ninja

LISTINGS Cincinatti Records Casbah ,Hamilton,ON

--- San Sebastian (Sat June 26) --- The Aggrolites (Sat July 3) --- Tommy Ramone’s Uncle Monk (Sun July 4) --- The Creepshow (Thu July 15) --- High on Fire & Priestess (Tue July 20) --- Sons of Butcher (Sat Aug 7) --- Juliette Lewis (Tue Aug 10) --- The Sadies (Fri Aug 13)

All available at Casbah Lounge, Dr.Disc and online at


Photo:Jason Bolduc After running onto stage, Mark performed one of the most outrageous, satirical, humorous shows I can truly say I ever attended. A non stop breakdown of the entire crowd one by one ... playing classics from all albums except for “Shave the Planet”. And yes for all those who don’t remember any of this including myself, Mark did make good on Jim’s request by singing his favourite and giving us a night to remember. So next time around we’ll catch up with Mark again and hopefully go further into one of the most interesting people I can honestly say I have come across. Cheers Mark! Article J.B / Jim Smith


GUTTERMOUTH Tuesday August 24th -10 / Sneaky Dee’s

The RockPile Bar Etobicoke,On ,5555 Dundas JULY 9 -The Matadors With Special guests SilverScreams, The Alcohollys,Grave Yard Jumkies. Doors at 8.30.


Sunday, August 1, 2010 at Lee’s Palace NEKROMANTIX GUTTERMOUTH Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at Sneaky Dee’s Friday, September 10, 2010 at The Phoenix STRUNG OUT RUFIO MUTE WE ARE THE UNION

All other shows are updated weekly on withinpunkzines facebook page.


Within Punk Zine  

Issue two interview with Mark Adkins of Guttermouth and photos from the screeching weasel tour

Within Punk Zine  

Issue two interview with Mark Adkins of Guttermouth and photos from the screeching weasel tour