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in focus: MRS SIPPY BALI three days in LA dinner in canggu: JI RESTAURANT TRAVEL - JAPAN destination KUALA LUMPUR

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a note from the editor - Tiffany Newman

Our second issue out and boy do we have a jam content, our stories would be surface deep. This is packed journal for you. From Bali, New York, LA not what we are about. to Tokyo, we are excited to bring you more creative stories from your favourite cities. This issue showcases who and what inspires us. From the new venues popping up around Bali to Incase you missed our first issue, within journal the cultural hub of Los Angeles, we share with is our vehicle to publish content through a more you our experience of creative culture, cuisine thougthful and curated process. Constantly mov- and travel. ing between Bali, Melbourne and New York has allowed us to collaborate with creative individuals Whilst our very first issue was an amalgamation who we know will nourish your soul and inspire of past work and new stories, in this issue you will you. see many new faces, hear a many new stories and lust over new cafes and restaurants around the My team and I work to create beautiful story tell- world. Each issue is our opportunity to connect ing imagery and content of depth and substance. with you. Creating a narrative is always at the forefront of what we do. We seek out and establish relation- From our creative spirit to yours, we hope you valships with likeminded individuals and brands ue & enjoy within journal just as much as we do. who understand our vision. We don’t focus on how many followers they have on instagram, we // connect because they connect with their craft and the world. Tiffany We place value on real relationships. Real life, in- Creator & Editor teractive & honest relationships. Without this, our



in this issue creative profiling with karen woo p.5 a path made clear with loekie joosen p.6 peace silence & stars p.8 the tokyo stories p.12 a night with the good food brotherhood p.18 meet photographer shayna pitch p.20 dinner at ji canggu p.26 meet the soul press crew p.30 three days in LA p.34 little vietnam p.38 sundays at savage kitchen p.40 visit kuala lumpur p.50 in focus - mrs sippy bali p.55

A special thanks to all our creatives who allowed us into your hearts and minds. Mentions to the following creatives & businesses: Loekie Joosen Karen Woo Hugh Davies Shayna Pitch Fatuma Ndenzako Laurinda Ndenzako Dior Drummond Soul Press Melbourne Markiss Koffee Savage Kicthen Island Deli Bali Thanks to our sponsors & partners for this issue

Middleton Manning PR Da Maria Bali Ji Restaurant Canggu Motel Mexicola Mrs Sippy Bali

creative profiling

with karen woo lifestyle & fashion photographer THE WOMAN BEHIND THE LENS An incredible talent; fashion and lifestyle photographer Karen Woo has fast become one of Melbournes most notable creatives. After leading a life as a Senior Business Consultant, Karen knew that the creative life was for her. Having opened her own photography studio in 2011, Karen’s work caught the eye of many stylists, bloggers and brands including Charles and Keith, Mercedes Benz Worldwide (see our road-trip together in issue 001) and the St Giles Hotel group. Now Karen continues to create beautiful imagery and content for clients based in Australia and internationally. What makes Karen unique, is her ability to understand a clients needs, going above and beyond the brief every time. She pushes herself and other creatives to be better at their craft. Her go getter attitude and vast network of creative individuals across Australia has seen Karen succeed where others have not. Karen’s work in the local menswear scene has in part contributed to the growth of the community itself. Working with the likes of Christian Kimber, Nami Nguyen, The Button Brothers and Samuel Wines, Karen’s photographic contributions have helped cultivate and share the Melbourne menswear culture. Read more about Karen’s journey on her website and follow her work on instagram @heykarenwoo.

a pathway made clear by Loekie Joosen 6

I didn’t want to sing for the sake of getting attention or for fame. My dream was different. So for a long time I only sang when I knew nobody was around me. And I was so critical to myself when I did, it made me lose ambition slowly.

I always felt that there was some- 14 years later I realized that I was living the life of a zombie and I needed to take action to create a thing so magical about singing.... As a four year old girl I sang myself to sleep under my blankets at night. Sometimes it made me emotional, there I discovered the power of singing. That it was not just easy on the ears, but so much more. At the age of twelve and thirteen, I remember searching through my parents’ record collection. It was like going through a chest of toys! When I came across an album by blues singer Beth Hart, I didn’t know the impact it was to have on me. Listening to her music shook me to my core. I had never heard something like that before. Not only did I feel her pain, I felt her message of hope, even in her saddest songs... ‘Cause no matter how low you sink, there’s always music and music heals big time. Music became my anchor during my teenage and formative years. It became my solace, inspiration and hope my little escape from the world. And so my dream became even bigger. I wanted to move beyond just singing, I wanted to spread the message of hope and make people forget about their problems for a while.

beautiful life before it was too late. My busy life in Amsterdam made me loose my ambition to create completely. Writing, singing, it felt like it wasn’t even a part of me anymore. It made me unhappy. So I took a leap of faith. I moved to Bali to follow my heart and creative ambitions as a singer and writer. But that took a while too, the first six months in Bali I was still hiding behind things I kind of liked doing but wasn’t passionate about. Put simply, it wasn’t what I wanted to do in life. Just another distraction, another roadblock. So I decided to no longer put energy into my former blog and I’m building my new website to help expose my music and writing there. Since making this my focus, I have noticed a real shift in my productivity an commitment to my passion.

Finding myself a good vocal and business coach has made such a huge impact. She helps me with the creative process and making money with my writing. I have given up alcohol in order to stay focused and have created a recording studio in my (very tiny) bedroom. I found a guitarist to work with and will begin guitar lessons as soon as I find But with dreams often comes big disappointmyself a good teacher. ments. I was too scared to really sing out loud, as my voice is quite powerful. I felt like I was disIt’s a long process. One people often don’t underturbing people when I wanted to sing out loud, so stand. But I want my music to be perfect, to be I didn’t. good enough for this big wide world of ours. I guess I am just grateful to have found a clear path. Performing during my schooling is when I began However long it took, the journey was worth-it. to be recognised for my voice. Many suggested I try out for television contests, but at the end of the Follow Loekies journey of song on instagram day, that’s just not me and many didn’t get that. @soulfoodbali


the island went silent, and there was nyepi words & photos: Tiffany Newman

It’s an odd feeling, silence in paradise. Where streets would usually buzz with the sound of motorbikes, cars, tourists laughing and vendors bartering, there was simply nothing. Not a peep, not a sound, just silence.

Whilst it may seem extreme, there really is so much beauty in it. A whole island, an entire people, undertaking a day of disciplined silence to foster their own spiritual connection with their religion, their surrounds and their community.

Nyepi; the Balinese Hindu version of new years And some how every year, the gods, mother naday (saka new year). A day to refresh, reflect and ture, the spirits, whatever you may want to call it, relax. Where silence, fasting and meditation are reward the community for doing so. combined. When the sun goes down and stars begin to shine Following the festival of OGOH OGOH, in in the night sky, a unique and magical vision ocwhich statues built of mythical beings, mostly de- curs. Billions of stars ignite the skyline like nothmons, are said to purify the spiritual pollutants ing you’ve seen before. Words simply cannot deemitted from the activities of living beings, Nyepi scribe it, photos cannot capture it’s true beauty. is the renewal of humanity’s spirit and mind. This vision is the gift of Nyepi. But it’s not just silence on the island that takes place. This holiday is taken very seriously by the locals, including each and every banjar (local council). It’s a day where no electricity or fire is to be used. No work, no entertainment or pleasure and certainly no travel (not even the planes fly on this day). In fact, these activities are prohibited. The only people allowed to be seen outdoors are the Pecalang; traditional security men who patrol the streets to ensure the prohibitions are being followed.

So as each Nyepi ends and a new year begins, the bustling sounds of the island are turned back on as if the gods had an on/off switch. There are so many lessons to be learned from this holiday but the main take-away is to slow down and appreciate your life, your world and your very existence....even if for a moment. See more Bali inspiration via @thiswithin


the tokyo stories words by Billy George

Over the years I had heard many enthralling stories of Tokyo from friends who came and went. I would sit there, envying their adventures but also questioning, “Can it really be that good?” I thought maybe my friends had been exaggerating. But it wasn’t until I went myself, that I realised; I was wrong.

Fast forward a few months, while watching a Japanese cooking series, I felt a familiar twitch. A certain itch for that touch of exquisite food. Two days later, I was booked and a couple of weeks more, jet-setting back to the city I adored. That’s all it took, food. But then again, that doesn’t surprise me, it really is the way to my heart.

Rewind to September last year, where I first stepped If you’re anything like me, holidays are all about hitout of a 737 and into Tokyo. My friends were right. ting the streets, finding your feet and exploring all the little nooks and crannies each city has hidden away. All of them. For me, finding the many hidden eateries and devourYou can’t describe the bewildered feeling of stepping ing the delicacies each chef has spent years perfecting, out of Shibuya station and into the bright lights of was truly a delight. Cuisine in Japan, it’s an art form. busy streets, bags dragging me ever behind as we plot- A unique blend of dedicated mastery and patience. ted the zig zagged lanes to our Airbnb. Tokyo has a lot of everything that I adore. But travel That single trip wasn’t enough and as the 16 days is always better shared, so here are a few of my Tokyo of bliss came screeching to a holt and I was back on EAT, STAY, PLAY, REPEAT. home soil. Post-holiday blues ensued, and life felt like >>>>> a ball & chain dragging me back.


The operational hours are a little different in Japan. Nothing really opens until 10am, yet most businesses Just try everything. There is this silly belief that Jap- stay open until late. I like to enjoy the quiet streets anese food is all about raw fish, when it really isn’t at before the chaos begins. A time when you can appreall. Find a little corner cafe that’s tucked away, one ciate the landscapes and architecture. that serves freshly roasted coffee and katsu curry for lunch. Head into a shoe box restaurant where the I highly recommend jumping on a train and take it to chef has three ramen dishes on offer with a variety of the end of the line. This is something I picked up on toppings. The best way experience Japanese cuisine is my last trip and in doing so, I explored some unique landscapes and roads not normally taken by tourists. to explore. If you do anything, head to Yakitori alley and try the BBQ - it is to-die-for! You’ll also find delight in a secret hidden spot called the “Meat Village” in the back streets of Shibuya. It is without a doubt my favourite place to share and experience Japanese food with friends.

By Night Hidden and intimate bars suddenly come to life when the sun goes down. Scattered throughout the city, pick up a conversation with a local; if you make an effort to speak Japanese, they’ll return the favor and lead you to Tokyo’s trendy spots.

The combini’s (convenience stores) are on every corner are also a must. My advice? Try everything you Music is another passion of the Japanese. There are a can get your hands on in there! It’s like walking into a few places about the town that are dedicated to funk. I recommend taking a short trip out to Shimo Kitazafoodie dream. wa to experience its musical culture. It has a beautiful The Japanese spend their lives devoted to the perfec- atmosphere and is just lively at night. tion of their art form, in this case: food. So enjoy every minute of it. I’ve always come back heavier, despite REPEAT the hours spent exploring each day. But I wouldn’t expect anything less...Like most of our readers, I live for My feet & heart keep bringing me back to many places in this city. Whether it’s for the food, the fashion, or good food. the music, my favourites are as follows... STAY Combinis’ - For a glimpse into Japan’s delicacies, or to I always get asked “Where should I stay?” and my just satisfy your hunger at any given hour, finding a response is always the same. Shibuya. It’s central. The good combini is like finding gold. hub of Tokyo and the pinnacle of what the city has to offer. Filled with some of the best places to eat, shop Ichiran - For the simple fact that you can get an amazand drink all within a few minutes’ walk, you can step ing bowl of ramen and a cold beer at any hour of the out of your door at any time of the day or night and day. find something to do. Don Quixote - For the spare moments you have nothHarajuku is a brisk 20 minute walk where you’ll find ing else to do then wander the countless isles of goodtrendy cafés and the latest fashion trends walking the ies at Don Q. street (and if you’re lucky, you’ll be stopped by a photographer to have your photo taken for a magazine). Harajuku - For the coffee, culture, fashion and those “out of the way” back streets filled with creativity. Two stops on a train from Shibuya is Daikonyama, a leafy inner city suburb filled with book shops and art Shimo Kitazawa - For the eccentricity and it’s ode to filled street. Head to the T-Site, grab a coffee and read individuality and expression. Visit the little bar on its first floor, where I spent many nights chatting with the a book with the locals! owner over a few beers and the best funk Japan has to offer. PLAY

By Day

See more of Billy’s travels on his instagram @billygeorge



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sourced ; grams we love who: @joekenneth_ role: creative, writer, photographer based: nyc vibe: provoking thought

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a night with the good food brotherhood a new menu at watercress We were lucky enough to attend a preview of the new menu at Watercress with some of our fellow island bloggers. One thing we adore about this island is the creative community. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by creative individuals who inspire us, our content and our readers everyday. From bloggers, photographers, to the local hospitality influencers, our little Bali community really is something special.

With new celebrity Chef Braden White at the helm, a wave of new dishes and old favourites will populate the new menu as of September. Guests can expect innovation, simplicity and cuisine full of flavour.

We can unequivocally say that the new menu is delicious. Our favourites? Sashimi Tuna Tataki Nori Dust, Watercress, Pickled Ginger alongside the Panfried Cauliflower and Sweet and Sticky Fried Chicken for a starter. The Local Mahi for If you have been around Canggu and Seminyak, main and without a doubt the Lemon Meringue you’ll know that the team from the Good Food tart for dessert. Brotherhood are a part of this thriving community. Continuing to innovate and raise the standard Officially launching in September, be sure to head of food and dining here in Bali, their venues Wa- on over and check out the new menu. tercress, Ulekan and Milk Madu, are some of the islands most popular foodie destinations. // If you aren’t familiar with the Good Food Broth- A huge thank you to the Good Food Brotherhood, erhood, duo Pablo Fourcard and Jordie Strybos Chef Braden, Paz Fourcard and Lani from The dreamed of bringing Australian-style cafes where Gu Guide for organising such an incredible event. ingredients are chosen with utmost care and everything in the kitchen made with a lot of love. One of the pioneers of healthy cafe culture in Bali, Watercress has become known for its diverse menu of curated international cuisine.


seeing beyond the moment We chat to culture photographer Shaynna Pitch-Nadeau based on the island of Bali.

When did you first realise you were creative? It’s funny you know, I can’t really say. I’ve always loved art, and all things creative. Someone asked me just the other day, when I got my first camera and I actually had no idea. I must have been around 11 I think. Every summer, I went to sleepover camp and would come back home after two months with about 25 roles of film to develop. I guess that’s when I noticed how much I loved documenting moments and the people around me. As a photographer, tell us what you look to capture in each country you visit? That’s an easy one. If you have a look at the photos I take after being in any country, 95% of them will be portraits. I find it’s the people that make a place worth visiting. They can make or break the experience you have when visiting a new country. While some people want to the perfect landscape shot, I search the crowds for certain unique faces for an interesting portrait. Current projects we should get excited about? I’m currently researching the best online teaching platforms to deliver courses through. I get asked all the time about how I approach, interact, and photograph strangers. I want to develop an online course that teaches you all of that as well as the post production side of photography. 20

“Using only body language, I asked him if he’d mind moving to a better spot with better lighting further down the road and he nodded.” Take us through your top three favourite captures, what significance do they have? The answer to this constantly changes but at the moment here are some that I really love... photo one (pictured on page 19) I love this photo because it was so unexpected. I was asked to photograph some puppies who were up for adoption, here in Bali. This little one wouldn’t sit still, and so I asked this man to help me hold the puppy for a photo, I really just needed a quick snap. The way he took the puppy from me and held him close was so sweet. I love how content and almost proud he looks posing for this photo. I think it just captures the two things in Bali I love most; the amazingly kind people and of course the Bali dogs. photo two (pictured left) This photo represents why I love street photography. As I walked through the busy streets of Havana, I noticed this man. There was something about him that caught my attention right away. He didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish but he saw my camera and smiled. Using only body language, I asked him if he’d mind moving to a better spot with better lighting further down the road and he nodded. We walked slowly together, as he had a bit of a limp, to the better location, where we took several photos. It’s moments like those, where I’m in a new place, with a total stranger communicating in our own little way. it was such a small interaction that made such a big impact on me. For me this photo captures his kind demeanor perfectly. I find that photography constantly teaches me about the kindness of strangers, and he is by far one of my favourite encounters yet. photo three (pictured on page 22) I love this photo for its rawness. This was taken on the streets of Havana in Cuba. I noticed this adorable little girl playing and laughing with her siblings and I knew I wanted to get a photo of her. I (almost) always shoot with my 35mm lens which means I get very up close and personal with anyone I’m photographing. Each person has a unique reaction to that and with her, there is a connection I feel 22 she created through her curious and innocent gaze.

a night of indulgence dinner at ji - canggu Jl. Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu Beach

“a bohemian romantic playground, where Japanese subtleties pepper Ji’s decor...” On a balmy Bali night, we headed to the hub of Canggu; Batu Bolong, to visit Ji Terrace by the Sea. Hidden above the Tugu Hotel, Ji’s head chef Colin Buchan has developed a contemporary take on traditional Asian cuisine. for your visual senses…. A romantic setting, Ji focuses on every little design detail. Every where you look, traditional Chinese and old Balinese culture are combined to create a warm and inviting space. Preserving one of Bali’s original temples, the restaurant is complemented by ancient Chinese artefacts from the Qing dynasty. Walking through the venue feels like walking through a museum. Heading upstairs, Ji’s new terrace transforms the historic aesthetic in to a bohemian romantic playground, where Japanese subtleties pepper the decor. With an exotic sea view bar found on the second floor, guests can watch the sunset roll in every night, cocktail in hand. for your foodie needs… Focusing on the exploration of Japanese, Indonesian, Indian and Thai flavours, Ji sources only the freshest of local produce, creating a fascinating fusion of dishes. Most notable is Ji’s level of elegance and underlying sense of comfort. Whilst you are consciously consuming delicately plated sushi, grilled salmon or their incredible take on arancini, each dish has depth, as though it was made with century old secrets. Heartwarmingly delicious. for those sunset cocktail vibes… Similarly inspired, Ji’s menu of Asian infusion cocktails are artistic & full of flavour. The signature Smokin’ Coco Sexo takes its inspiration from the volcanic landscapes of Indonesia. Likewise, Ji’s popular Gin & Tea, uses gin infused with Javanese tea and other herbs to reflect the natural landscape and resources of the archipelago. If presentation and flavour is what you are after, Ji’s menu is for you. Find Ji on instagram @jirestaurantbali or book your next outing in Canggu through their website here.

Our editor Tiffany was a sponsored guest of Ji Restaurant and Middleton Manning PR. We thank Ji for their hospitality and look forward to returning very soon.

doing it for themselves:

meet the soul. press crew the healthy gem of melbournes south eastern suburbs

“Our customers are like our big Soul Press family. Because everyone is so excited and positive about what we do, it gives us the motivation and energy to keep innovating and being the best we can be.” How did you first come up with the concept for Soul Press? I have always been a passionate cook, but I was cooking with ingredients such as sugar, flour & dairy. I bought a Thermomix, completely changed the way I cooked and began to substitute the traditional ingredients I was using for more healthy alternatives. Doing this made me feel so full of life and energy that I was able to work so much more effectively and efficiently. I didn’t feel run down or low anymore and I realised that it was as a result of what I was putting in my body. After coming to this realisation, I made a conscious decision to combine my passion with work and dedicated my life to helping others reach this same point of balance and nutrition. I realised this type of food was really missing in our local community (Bayside Melbourne) and I wanted to offer this way of living to so many individuals and families who wanted and needed it. What attracted you to the location of Bayside Melbourne? How has this community played a role in the success of the business? I grew up in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne and I have always felt a strong connection to our local community and our amazing beach side location. I’ve always had an affinity with the ocean and I feel like it speaks my language. Our community here is incredible and really focus on healthy lifestyle and living. You can always see people out walking their dogs, children playing and local sports going on in the area, which is just fantastic. The community have definitely been a huge contributor to the growth of the Soul Press group. Our customers are like our big Soul Press family. Because everyone is so excited and positive about what we do, it gives us the motivation and energy to keep innovating and being the best we can be. At the end of the day we want to give back as much as we can in service to the customers that have been in support of us from the start! You expanded very quickly and developed a cult like following. How has social media contributed to this? You’re right, we expanded very quickly due to our local community embracing what we did. There is such a huge community here that is interested with healthy actions and lifestyles, our goal was to provide them with a place that felt like home and offered a healthy choice for them that was packed

with flavour, colour and excitement. In terms of our social media, I just posted exactly what we were eating, feeling and doing that day, the fact that there were so many people that connected with that on so many levels is truly amazing and it has given my brand exposure and notoriety that has allowed me to grow and progress this passion endlessly, it’s a dream come true! As you’ve continued to grow, you have built a strong hard working team. Tell us about the ethics behind motivating a team like this. Our staff are everything to the success of Soul Press. Every staff member is connected with what we do and has a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. I think young people have so much motivation to be the best they can be in life and we are so lucky to have so many amazing & beautiful people who are willing to give their all for my passion. It really means the world to me and it feels like we are a family growing constantly. In that sense motivating my teams come from a culture. It comes down to surrounding myself with people close to me that further embody my energy, values, ethos & motivations. I try to pass the same spirit around my whole company. All I can do is try to be the best me I can everyday and be as innovative as I can to make Soul Press the most exciting place to work. Our customers also motivate our teams. When you have incredible customers who love what you do, people feel great about helping them. It’s the fundamentals of a trade; when you feel great about the product you are selling and customers love what you have to offer it becomes very easy for both parties to feel like they are part of something special. It’s that energy of positivity that makes such a huge impact on the success of Soul Press! Have you always been entrepreneurial? Would you have any advice for those looking to take the leap in to their own business? Yes, from the age of six, I was at local markets selling handmade soaps alongside my mother’s market store selling baby blankets. My parents, who were both very entrepreneurial have been a huge influence of me. During school I sold jewellery and after school I went to Hong Kong to try and start a swimwear brand. The biggest lesson I learned growing up was from my Dad. He taught me the importance of having a good work ethic and being able to achieve your aspirations through hard work. To this day this has been my strongest value and is at the core of everything I do. What are some of your favourite options available at Soul Press? Definitely our bowls & smoothies. They have always been my favourite and if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Bowl w’ the Lot & Peanut Butter Sauce or The Hot Bowl. I can’t go past the Coconut Yogurt and the hot apples, it’s like an apple crumble in a bowl! For me, our smoothies have always been my go-to, but if I need a burst of energy and freshness, a Sushi or Mexican Bowl is perfect. What’s next for Soul Press? I’m not the sort of person to sit still. I like to innovate and jump on to the next thing. I always want to be working on new ideas that are game changers in our industry and sky is the limit for Soul Press. I believe everything happens for a reason and I will keep pushing to grow Soul Press to be the best version of itself and to give my customers the very best experience they can have! Follow the Soul Press journey on instagram and visit one of their three locations in Bayside and Mornington.



three days in LA a quick trip around Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles. The ultimate cool kid scene and the While your pedaling, grab yourself a coffee from one place where everyone seems to be ‘someone’. The Butchers Daughter. Quite often misunderstood, Los Angeles has a few 4. Visit Little Tokyo in DTLA hidden gems. From the hipster scene to the beach babes, LA does alright, if you do it right. Little Tokyo is definitely worth the journey in to Downtown LA. Whether its a market, the cute Here is our go-to LA guide. Japanese fashion boutiques, Combinis or the cheap as chips restaurants, Little Tokyo has a lot 1. Get yourself a shack in Venice Beach to offer. Make sure you head to Ped Xing and pop your head in to the Grand Central Market for a Renting out a cute little shack in Venice is the selection of delicious food and fresh produce. perfect alternative to outrageously priced hotels. Venice is a perfect location; close enough to Santa 5. Sangria at The Bungalow Monica, right on the tourist hub of the foreshore, around the corner from the eclectic street of Ab- Transformed from a breezy, baja 1947 cottage, bot Kinney and an uber ride away from DTLA. The Bungalow bar is definitely one of the chicest spots in Santa Monica. With good crowds, retro 2. Wander Abbot Kinney interiors, decent and charismatic bartenders, it’s a natural fit for your Instagram standards. Order a Without a doubt this street is the cultural hipster jug of Sangria and the tacos. hub of LA. Abbot Kinney (actually named after the man who developed most of Venice…cheers 7. Walk the Venice canals mate) is your go-to spot for good coffee, green juice, boutique fashion design, artistic graffiti and Walking the Venice canals at sunset is pretty spea good glass of wine. It’s basically Bondi meets cial. Bringing a slice of Venice paradise (the ItalBrunswick. ian one) to LA, the canals were the bright idea of Abbot Kinney himself. Walking around will For good coffee, Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia both ensure you’ll have plenty of scenic content for deliver a decent brew. If organic greens are more your social feeds. Think ducks, row boats and seayour style, Kreations menu have a range of op- side community charm all wrapped into one man tions to suit your needs. For wine, tapas & pizza, made vista. And if you happen to venture there Gjelina is a must. Order the olives to get you start- at sunset like we did…you are definitely in for a ed and then move on to any one of their incredi- treat. ble gourmet wood fire pizzas. 3. Cycle your way down Venice Beach Hiring a bike is the best way to get around Venice Beach and Santa Monica. The traffic in LA can be a little crazy, so cycling will get you where you need to be and also keep up that exercise you’re missing out on back home.

For more LA vibes, hints and tips, head over to @losangeles or @visitsantamonica over on Instagram.


little vietnam While we would prefer to be walking the streets of Saigon or on the beach eating fresh seafood in the heart of Nha Trang, good Vietnamese food is plentiful in Bali and Melbourne. Our top 5 Vietnamese joints from Bali to Melbourne.

1. Xich Lo Bali - Kerobokan

ORDER? The Salt and Pepper Calamari & Pho Bo. Add a dash of soy with fresh chili for that kick Possibly the best low-key traditional Vietnamese you’ve been looking for. Trust us, the fire is worthon the island, Xichlo’s menu is full of delicious it. options from pho to salads. Bonus points for delivery with GO-FOOD. 4. Uncle - St Kilda ORDER? The Pho Bo with Brisket. If you’re Our go-to local in the inner city suburb of Balafeeling low or need a pick me, Xichlo’s hot beef clava, Uncle is a vibrant and buzzing venue. Besoup is the perfect choice. tween their cocktail list, gorgeous menu and non nonchalant atmosphere, they certainly aim to 2. Bo & Bun - Seminyak please. With a dreamy interior and dreamier menu, Bo & Bun’s Instagram will have your mouth watering before you get there. With a modern take on Vietnamese, Bo & Bun deliver the goods.

ORDER? To start you’re going to want to order the Crispy Pigs Ear Bahn Mi. We know it sounds insane, but once you get over the name, you’ll want to order a second round. Move on to the Turmeric and Coconut Grilled Chicken for your ORDER? Tuck in to the crispy spring rolls as a main. Delicious. starter then Sweet & Sour chicken wings alongside the Bulgogi Fries. We actually have no words 5. Dandelion - Elwood for how good this is. Whilst we don’t get there often, when we do head 3. Pho Chu Le - Springvale to this Elwood Vietnamese heaven, we wonder why it’s been so long. The perfect place for a date, Located on the ever buzzing Asian foodie hub of Dandelion has a delicious selection of traditional Springvale in Melbourne, Pho Chule has become & modern Vietnamese dishes. somewhat of a local institution for all Vietnamese food lovers. Our foodie meter hits peak levels here ORDER? The Caramelized pork hock with tamevery single time. You know it’s good when you arind with fragrant herbs and iceberg lettuce 38 have to squeeze in to get a table. wrap...Ridiculously good.

sundays at

savage kitchen




sundays with savage kitchen

Salmon & Sweet Potato Rosti with poached eggs, asparagus and hollandaise sauce. SUNDAY LUNCH:

The hero of the Savage Kitchen menu; the “Master your own meal” concept. Combine any of 6 proteins, salads and sides to suit your lunchtime In an effort to get back to basics, Bali’s Savage cravings. If you’re a fussy eater at lunch like us, Kitchen (located in Berawa, Canggu), has rethen this menu is for you. leased a new health conscious menu that revolves around the way we are supposed to eat. OUR ORDER? Using regionally sourced and locally grown ingredients from the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia, Savage Kitchen offers an incredible selection of fresh and delicious options. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the core concept at Savage is the same; nourishing basics.

Australian black angus brisket with roasted vegetables, quinoa and coconut. Pair with a Pinot Noir if wine at lunch is for you. //

Whether you are on holiday or simply an expat living the casual Bali life, if you are looking for a great meal with a great vibe, then Savage Kitchen If breakfast or brunch is your vibe, the breakis your go-to in Berawa. fast menu is packed with super foods, fresh fruits, alongside a range of eggs and traditional dishes. 41 SUNDAY BREAKFAST:

new kids on the block

Though so far apart, Melbourne & Bali have so much in common when it comes to food culture. With so many new places opening, we feature two of the very best new kids on the block. NEW KID MELBOURNE: TWO FEET FIRST NEW KID BALI: ISLAND DELI LOCATION: Nepean Highway, Chelsea

LOCATION: no.5 Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak

FOODIE THOUGHTS: A welcome change in the little beach side town on Chelsea. With a chic interior and oh so Melbourne menu, this place is highly recommended for breakfast, lunch for dinner.

FOODIE THOUGHTS: Recently opened, Island Deli is a small cafe located in Berawa specialising in Bagels. With a small yet delicious selection on offer, this cafe is worth visiting....more than once.

BREAKFAST: With so many options to choose BREAKFAST: Order a Jamu to kick off your from, we recommend the Breaky Burger with a morning alongside the corn fritter bagel and a splash of Tabasco and a mandatory latte. side of bacon (if that’s your thing). LUNCH: For those looking for a healthy light lunch, the Calamari Salad is for you. Order the Super Green Super-food smoothie for extra energy.

LUNCH: We prefer something a little more spicy at lunch time so we suggest the Tempe Burger with an additional side of Tabasco. Holy moly it’s good.

DINNER: Grab a glass of sparkling to start and order the beef short rib with pickled red cabbage, green beans and hazelnut crumb. Simple but wholesome flavours. If meats not your thing, don’t worry. Order the mushroom ragu, it won’t disappoint.

SNACKS: If you’re looking for something light or need a quick pick me up coffee after a gym workout, we suggest a soy latte with one of island delis delicious chocolate brownies.

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journey part one feat’ collective closets photography Hugh Davies creative direction: Tiffany Newman & Laurinda Ndenzako

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visit kuala lumpur #malaysiatrulyasia We recap our favourite hotspots in KL to eat, stay and play

Kuala Lumpur - a melting pot of culture everywhere you turn.

be sure to head here.

EXPLORE: KL by foot


Jump on the train (located at KL Sentral) to arrive and begin your on-foot journey at Central Market; the oldest market in the city. This iconic spot, just like KL, is a melting pot of cultures.

Depending on your definition of play, we encourage you to the rooftop pool and bar at our hotel the Aloft in KL Sentral. Grab one of the best meals in town at Nook first and then head up to view the sunset with a cocktail or two.

Little India is also a must do. Full of colour, we headed here for a delicious lunch. Order a Mango Catching an early flight from Denpasar to KL Lassi and Dosa to get you through the day. While saw us arrive early and ready to explore the city. your at it snap a few images of the beautiful Basing ourselves downtown, we were positioned perfectly to explore all elements of the city. Once you’ve finished lunch head to Merdeka Square where you’ll find the city buzzing. Find STAY: Aloft Hotel KL Central the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery to experience the local art. A boutique style hotel by The W, Aloft KL was our home away from home. Chic yet cosy, the hotel EAT: NU Sentral offered everything we could want. Location perfection? Check! Endless roof top instagrammable This 6 level shopping centre has any cuisine you pool? Check! Incredible gourmet food? Check! want. Whether you are feeling for pancakes, Stunning interiors and a bed you could sink into pressed juices, sushi, curry, burritos or pasta, NU permanently? Check. The Aloft provided us with Sentral has your back. We especially liked the our modern amenities and fantastic hospitality. visits to Sushi Tei, La Juciera and Godiva.

Full of arts, crafts and food from South East Asia, you can find almost anything craft related you When you find yourself looking to party on, head want. Our choice? Head to the Indian bazaars, to the Bukit Bintang for some street food at the for stunning fabrics straight from Rajasthan. night markets. From there head to China town where the world See more of our journey through Kuala Lumpur over is your oyster. Bags, sunglasses, shoes, food, fash- on our Instagram feed. ion, electronics, you name it they have it. If you plan on doing a little shopping non brand related, 52

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in focus -

mrs sippy bali

for all your #poollife needs

“There’s no cool kid vibe. You don’t have to look, feel or act a certain way. It’s come as you are and enjoy the space from day to night” ter is a great option paired with a refreshing beer with lime. Otherwise, we recommend the wagyu burger for good measure. the venue...

If you find yourself raging on in to the night, than you must try the incredible cocktail menu. Mrs Sippy, dubbed the modern oasis of Semin- We have a few favourites, but recommend the yak, has set itself apart from many of the crowd- Mangostein Margarita and the Orange Sherbet ed beach side pool clubs in Bali. Located in the Martini. heart of Seminyak, the venues large space creates a vibrant atmosphere, whilst allowing guests the vibe... to feel a sense of privacy. Inviting families to experience breakfast and brunch pool side, Mrs What we appreciate about this venue is it’s ability Sippy turns in to an adult playground from mid- to include everyone. There’s no cool kid vibe. You day onwards, when the cocktails begin to flow in don’t have to look, feel or act a certain way. It’s come as you are and enjoy the space from day to to the night. night. Whether you want to read a book poolside or dance all night long, all are welcome. the decor & design... Feeling as though you could be looking over the ocean in Santorini, Mrs Sippy has created one of Bali’s largest salt water, most instagrammable pools. With its raw yet minimalist design, the pool is surrounded perfectly by gardens and shady palm trees. We recommend sitting pool side on one of their lavish daybeds with a jug of sangria. the menu... Let’s start with the breakfast/brunch options. Offering a range of traditional dishes, whether you want Smashed Avocado (for your Aussie cravings), eggs benedict or a healthy apple and coconut bircher, the breakfast menu delivers the goods. Bonus points for great coffee.

what’s on at mrs sippy... Thirsty Thursday 4-9pm: 2for1 beers and slushies Saturdays @ Sippy 7pm-12am: Cheap drinks and good vibes only. Bottomless Brunch Club 10am-2pm - Every Saturday eat brunch until your hearts content or stomach is full. Make sure you book! the details...

Address: Jl. Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia Hours: 8AM–12AM Phone: +62 361 3351079 For lunch or a pool side snack, the chacutrie plat-


journey part two feat’ collective closets photography Hugh Davies creative direction: Tiffany Newman & Laurinda Ndenzako

the lowdown

our directory - nyc/mel/bali BALI CAFES & RESTAURANTS

Jl. Batu Bolong Beach, Canggu Beach

BIKINI Jalan Kayu Cendana, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta, Seminyak

open 12pm-11pm

open 5pm-12am BO$$MAN Jalan Kayu Cendana, 8B, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak open 11am-4am BUCU Jl. Umalas II, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta open 7am-6pm

KIM SOO HOME Jl. Aya Wood No.21, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak open 9am-10pm LUIGI Jl. Batu Mejan No.1, Canggu, North Kuta open 5pm onwards MILK MADU Jl. Berawa Beach No.52, Tibubeneng, Canggu

Belig, Seminyak 9am-6pm MRS SIPPY Jl. Taman Ganesha, Gagak 8, Seminyak open 8am-12am KU DE TA Jalan Kayu Aya, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak open 8am-2am PANAMA KITCHEN LOUNGE Jl. Berawa Beach No.13, Tibubeneng, North Kuta open 7am-8pm

DA MARIA Jl. Petitenget No.170, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak

open 7am-8pm MONSIEUR SPOON


open 12pm-2am

Jalan Umalas 2, Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak

ATEONEATE HAWTHORN 818 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

open 7am-9pm

open 11am-11pm

WATERCRESS Jalan Batu Belig No.21 A, Kerobokan Kelod

DANDELION 133 Ormond Rd, Elwood

GRAB ME BALI no.5 Jalan Kayu Aya, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta, Seminyak open 6am-9pm EKO CAFE Jl. Bumbak Dauh No.89x, Kerobokan open 730am-7pm ISLAND DELI Jl Berawa, Canggu open JI RESTAURANT

open 730am-11pm XICHOLO VIETNAMESE Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta open 10am-10pm

BALI POOL CLUBS CABINA Gang Daksana no.3b, Jalan Batu

open 12pm-1130pm HAWKER HALL 98 Chapel Street, Windsor open 11am-11pm HENDRIKS 105/107 White St, Mordialloc open 8am-3pm

SOUL PRESS MORNINGTON 105/5 Ross St, Mornington



190 Allen St, Lower East Side, New York

TWO FEET FIRST 451 Nepean Hwy, Chelsea open 7am-10pm UNCLE 188 Carlisle St, St Kilda open 12pm-11pm

open 530pm-2am MOMOFUKU SSAM BAR 207 2nd Ave, Manhattan, New York open 530pm-12am RUBYS 219 Mulberry St, SOHO, New York


BLUESTONE LANE COFFEE 55 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich Vil- THE MARKET lage, New York 372 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn open 8am-6pm

open 8am-9pm

COFFEE SNOB BK 1177 Bedford Ave, Bedford Stuyve- THE SMITH sant, Brooklyn 956 2nd Ave, New York open 7am-8pm

open 730am-12am

DOSA (SIN) ROYALE 258 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn,

THE STANDARD 848 Washington St, The Highline, New York

open 11am-11pm

open 7am-4am FLINDERS LANE 162 Avenue A, Manhattan, New THE SPOTTED PIG York 314 W 11th St, The West Village, New York open 11am-11pm open 530pm-2am KARASU JAPANESE 166 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

URBAN VINTAGE 294 Grand Ave, Brooklyn

open 630pm-11pm

open 8am-730pm

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within journal - issue 002  

Our quarterly journal is a documentation and exploration of the creativity in each of the cities we visit. Currently based in Bali, New York...

within journal - issue 002  

Our quarterly journal is a documentation and exploration of the creativity in each of the cities we visit. Currently based in Bali, New York...