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Lift me up, Mother Ocean,

as I enter your waves. As I swim in you, keep me safe. ~Ceisiwr Serith

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“These words herein are from me to you, each picture, thought, and quote we imbue. This issue reflects the knowledge I have to share, use each spell, ritual, and work with care.” July brings us the perfect time to connect with the element of water-

wherever you are in the world. This is one of my favorite themes as I am a huge water magick lover!

Within these pages, you'll, of course, find what's new in the witchy community, must-haves for a water-themed July. We also cover the

history and folklore of water magick, Selkies, and witch bottles. And you'll also find a Tarot spread for the Blessing Full Moon, information on our goddess of the month- Aphrodite, and correspondences for ruby and thyme.

But that's not all! Make sure to give our three wonderful interviews with Dianic Priestess Bridget, Water Priestess Annwyn, and artist Brianna a read and enjoy the delicious and magickal recipes and a

witchy directory towards the back of the issue! Please also note, we

cannot guarantee any outcomes from the content of this magazine, but please don't give up on the magick within you! Blessed be witches,

Ambrosia Hawthorn

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Our Writers & Contributors Ambrosia Hawthorn Editor Ambrosia is a writer, card slinger, and an eclectic witch. She found her practice at a young age and still balances being a witch and being discreet. She also has a witchcraft blog. Her goal is to provide modern content to every kind of witch! www.witchologymagazine.com @witchologymag @witchologymag @wgmagick admin@wildgoddessmagick.com

Miss Wondersmith Spreading wonder through writing about everyday magick to enhance our connections to ourselves, our community, and the glorious natural world of the Holly Charles Pacific Northwest. Tarot Spread Creator www.thewondersmith.com @misswondersmith Holly is a modern day mystic, a holistic and Ayurvedic therapist, an eclectic @thewondersmith patreon: thewondersmith witch, medium, and spiritual development specialist. She helps people on a misswondersmith@gmail.com spiritual path to find balance and restore harmony in order to become the truest and brightest version of themselves. Monica Crosson www.hollysholistichealing.co.uk @holistic_holly Monica is a contributing writer for Llewellyn Worldwide and Faerie Magazine, @hollysholistichealing @holisticholly weaving magick in beautiful Pacific Northwest Washington. She is the author of holistichollymoderndaymystic@gmail.com The Magickal Family: Pagan Living in Harmony with Nature. Published by Llewellyn Worldwide. www.monicacrosson.com @monicacrosson @themagickalfamily @monicacrosson1 tangle-wood@hotmail.com

Mike Sexton Mike is an eclectic solitary Wiccan practitioner with strong knowledge in kitchen and hedge witchery as well as crystals and many other areas. Mike has been practicing for many years and is also an author of On Your Wiccan Way: Learning to Build Your Wiccan Path www.mikesextonstudio.com/bitomagick.html @mike.sexton.547 @mwsstudio mwsexton77@gmail.com @artistmikes

Stefanina Baker Stefanina is a psychic, Tarot reader, and eclectic witch based out of Wilmington, Nicole Dunn Delaware. She has been a practicing witch since she received her first Tarot deck Contributing Writer at 13. She practices folk magick, enjoys performing fire rituals, and mixing Nicole has been a practicing witch her entire life. She loves all things natural potions and elixirs. and www.readingsandrituals.com believes in the ways of the universe. She owns and operates a shop online @readingsandrituals for all things witchy. @readingsandrituals readingsandrituals@gmail.com www.etsy.com/shop/thewitcheshaven @thewitcheshaven @thewitcheshavenn @havenwitches mimstheword.91@gmail.com

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10 Types of Water Magick 18 Creating Magick in the Sand 19 All About Empaths 22 Dance of the Selkie 29 The Blessing Moon 31 July Astrology Forecast 36 History of Witch Bottles 46 Connecting with the Goddess Aphrodite

43 Herb: Thyme 45 Crystal: Ruby 48 Goddess Aphrodite



24 Incorporating Water Magick in your Practice 37 Seashell Meanings and uses in Magick


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35 Making an Ocean Witch Spell Bottle 40 DIY Rune Shells 42 Witch Cleansing Boil


49 Summer Pavlova 51 Seafood and Mermaid Layered Chia Parfait

What’s New in the

Witchy Community

Want to know what’s happening in the Pagan community? Well, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the latest products, books, and more. Backwoods Witchcraft: Conjure & Folk Magic from Appalachia

Tarot for Troubled Times: Confront Your Shadow, Heal Your Self & Transform the World By Shaheen Miro & Theresa Reed Tarot for Troubled Times is not just another book on how to read the Tarot—the authors provide specialty readings and suggested practices for issues such as grief, addiction, depression, fear, anger, divorce, illness, abuse, and oppression, and provide practical suggestions for stepping up as an ally or leader so that you can shape social policies. With a selection of mindful, introspective tarot spreads, you’ll learn how the Tarot can help you rewrite your healing story and change your life, and help transform the world. Released on July 1, 2019 on Amazon.

By Jake Richards
 In Backwoods Witchcraft, Jake Richards offers up a folksy stew of family stories, lore, omens, rituals, and conjure crafts that he learned from his great-grandmother, his grandmother, and his grandfather, a Baptist minister who Jake remembers could "rid someone of a fever with an egg or stop up the blood in a wound." The witchcraft practiced in Appalachia is very much a folk magic of place, a tradition that honors the seen and unseen beings that inhabit the land as well as the soil, roots, and plant life.
 Released on June 1, 2019 on Amazon.

The Vagabond Wild Tarot By Tiffany Sosa The Vagabond Wild Tarot is a 78-card deck created to resonate with travelers, wanderers, and mystics on their journey of self-discovery. It's a tool for obtaining harmony with the universe and getting life-affirming answers. Each suit represents an element and Tiffany brings this out in the color palette of her work. She include the corresponding astrological constellations and planets to bring another dimension to your readings. The cards have whimsical, feminine illustrations of the traditional symbolism on cosmic backgrounds. Printed on superior smooth quality art paper. The guidebook is in color and is packaged inside the box. Released on June 15, 2019 on Amazon. 7

JULY MAGICKAL WORKINGS July is the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar and is named after Julius Caesar in 44 BCE. Its original name was Quintilis, Latin for the “fifth month,”

indicating July’s position in the early Roman calendar. July’s summer heat makes us feel a bit slower than

usual which makes it an excellent time to slow down

and focus on states of the mind as well as to enjoy the enchantment and fluidity of the element of water. This is an excellent time to focus on meditation,

divination, dreamwork, and spells that bring you closer to the ocean’s depths.


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JULY Must-haves Our favorites for this month!

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Types of Water

Magick By Mike Sexton Many witches use moon water- it's a pretty standard item in our toolkit. It has wonderful uses such aspurifying and consecrating altars and tools, using in spell work, and drinking to empower ourselves. There are so many ways to incorporate water into our magickal day to day lives. Seawater for example, while we can't drink it, we can use it to bring the ocean's power to our home and magickal workings. Think of all the power that sea water possesses just from an energy standpoint. With the constant crashing of waves, the constant ebb and flow of the tides, sea and lake water is always a battery, if you like, of intense energy that we can harness to do our workings. Seawater can help with banishing work as well as cleansing, not to mention, as a terrific offering if you are working with a water-connected deity. River water can be used in spells and rituals dealing with change and transformation. Imagine the incredible energy boost your working will have if you use this kind of water for such things as moving on from a past situation/relationship. Or perhaps even to infuse and charge a special necklace or ring, that you can wear daily to help you become the person you want to be or to help protect you or your loved ones. Rainwater is also an excellent source of power for us to connect with. It is fantastic when doing anything that involves needing more creativity or inspiration. Some ways to be creative: • Dab your finger into the collected rainwater and draw the Kenaz rune on your forehead, right where your third eye is and let inspiration guide you. • Let a few drops get on a piece of green aventurine or carnelian and keep it on your person when you're trying to create something new (always check on the crystal you'll use to be sure it's water tolerant). 10

• Drink from rainwater, but I'd advise boiling it first to get rid of some of the particles the raindrops pick up on their way down from the sky. You can't be too safe. Then there is another form of water that many overlook that I love to use. That is snow. Every year, I try to collect some of the first fallen snow in a glass jar, and I place it in my freezer for later use. Snow is wonderful to charge your magickal tools, to protect your home, to purify amulets, and it possesses healing properties so when you or someone you love is under the weather or has aches, boil some of the snow and make a lovely tea with peppermint or lavender and feel yourself healing from whatever is bothering you. Water magick is more than just using the beautiful liquid that nature provides us, it's also about using things that live in the water- such as seashells, sea glass, kelp, and seaweed. We can use these all the time and best of all, if you're not open about your witchcraft, you can use such items, and no one's the wiser. Seashells are especially useful for spell work because you can create a spell involving herbs, oils, and crystals, stuff them into the sea shell and then seal the opening of the shell with candle wax and you have an all-natural spell "jar" that also will incorporate the energy of the seashell itself. You can have this sitting on your entertainment center, on a coffee table and it looks like a beautiful adornment, but little does anyone else know that you're creating powerful magick with this "decor item." You can even create an ocean powder with seashells by mixing sea shells, egg shells, sea salt, white sand in a mortar and grind them up well with a pestle and then pour that into a bottle that you can close and use for protection and purification workings. These are just a few of the many ways that you can use water magick in your daily lives. I hope that this has been of help to you and that you'll use a few of these methods in your workings. See how well your magick will work with the extra boost that water and waterrelated items can provide for you and your loved ones.

Water Magick- More than Just for Drinking 11

Interview with Annwyn Avalon


Interview with Water Witch, Annwyn Avalon Annwyn Avalon is the author of Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition and I’m excited to share her journey and practice with you all! Tell us a little about you and your craft. I have always been a bit different and deeply connected to nature. While I can't say that I became a witch as a child, I definitely had leanings in that direction. I loved to play in the swamps, swim in the ocean, garden, and pick flowers as a young child. Over time my love for nature and the water grew and grew. I was given my first deck of tarot cards when I was fresh out of high school. I was so intrigued by them and began to read immediately. Over the years it grew and grew, and the next thing you know I'm academically studying and obsessing over magic, witchcraft, and the occult. I lived in Japan for a few years, and here I joined an American Pagan open circle. This is where my water witchcraft first gave rise. Without going into too many details, we had an adopt a beach that we cleaned, and I connected with the local and water spirits that were there. Eventually, I moved back to the states, I sought out formal training and found a coven, studied, and was initiated. Not

long after this, I moved to Arizona, and while I missed the water and its connection- I started a coven which grew quite large. We now have 3 locations across the U.S.

It was during my time in Arizona that my longing for water urged me to dive deeper, and since I couldn't spend as much time in the water, I began to read about water, watch videos, learn, and eventually seek out an academic degree in Anthropology. I was fascinated with freshwater sources such as lakes rivers and sacred wells, and I wanted to know more about how our ancestors practiced there. I also began to regularly take ritual baths,

which are now a strong element to my path. The coven got involved with Pagan Pride Day, and we began to dance, teach, and lead rituals. Time turned again, and the desert was too much for my watery soul, and so we moved to the very wet and full of sacred springs, waterfalls, and land here in the Pacific Noth West. Where I practice, teach, and live a very magical life in rural Oregon. Now, after more than a decade of uncovering the secrets of water and water magic, I have a few classes that I offer on my website about water, magic, and witchcraft. I would describe my path as threefold. I am a sacred dancer and work with a few different groups of women to produce high-quality ritual theater and sacred dance experiences. I also consider my path and the work through Triskele Rose Witchcraft to be focused on Avalonian Magic. As such, this leads to the 3rd portion of my practice, which is rooted in traditional witchcraft, Celtic culture, and water magic. They are all an extension of each other, three spirals spinning together creating magic!


What inspired you to write your book, Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition? The Water Spirits, the 9month water magic course, and my best friend were the reasons why the book came to be. My best friend was not only the muse for the 9-month course, but she was the one that really believed in me and encouraged me to get this work published. The 9-month course was the foundation that I built the book upon. Though the final product of both the book and course are almost entirely different, there is overlap on topics such as water bodies, foundation and grounding, and shielding practices. The book, of course, focuses on the Celtic tradition, but the course expands past that. The other thing was the pressing need for the information to become accessible to as many as possible. Our water, nature, and the planet are in peril, and we must not only become conscious of what we are doing to the earth on a physical basis but a spiritual one as well. So, for this reason, I included a few spells to protect and heal out waters in Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition. What courses do you offer, and why did you begin creating them?


I currently teach several courses on water magic and witchcraft. I also teach in the local community and through Triskele Rose Witchcraft, which is a traditional year and a day program that our local circle members take. This course is only for local students. I have several water-based courses they include: a recorded lecture, the six week Secrets of the Sacred Well course, which is a short introduction to Water Magic, Spring Water, and spirits. Though the most thorough and dynamic water course I teach is the 9-month water magic course. I offer mentorship through this as well as lessons packed with information and supplies. These include items such as crystals, herbs, and ritual bath salts. I really love this course because I get to connect with students and hear their experiences. Those that dive deep and really work the material have fantastic results, and through this build confidence in their own craft. There is nothing better than this! I was that type of student, digesting as much as I could about witchcraft and I really enjoy working with students like this as well. Even those that don't take advantage of the mentorship benefit from the work and suggested homework. The course is designed so that no matter how much work you

put into it, you will learn so much! I decided to start teaching the Water Magic course because there was little to no information out there. I had been practicing water magic for a while, but after I began to research it, I found there was so much information that was not easily found or accessible for others. So I wanted to offer it to others that may have been looking for the details into a waterbased practice but were coming up dry. No matter what one's specific path is, they can incorporate this information into their own established practice by diving deep or just experiment with this style of magic some even decide to follow a complete water-based path. So even if you don't identify as a water witch, there is much to be learned! What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your witchy business? Currently, I am working on a new project that focuses on service to the water and priestess work. It will launch soon, but I can't really talk about the details yet! So this is taking much of my focus at the moment. However, it is also in full blooming glory here in Oregon, and so I have been really focused on my garden, wild harvesting and creating magical waters and herbal medicines. I am

Let Annwyn Avalon, a practicing water witch herself, take you into the world of water magic. The water magic and lore in this book focuses on the Celtic tradition, but draws on other water magic traditions as well, and features rainwater, as well as lakes, rivers, oceans, canals, swamps, and other watery locations, together with the folk and magical customs that have been and are still practiced at these places. 15

currently working with horsetail, wild roses, and hawthorn. Wild roses make the very best rose water, which I use quite often in my practice. My offerings are ever changing, and so there will be more classes in the future. My Etsy shop has been closed for some time, but I will be adding new products to my website in the fall. Some of them include hand painted items, plant samplers from my garden, and salts for the water witch! What are your go-to sources of inspiration and knowledge? Nature is my primary source of inspiration, while I am always encouraging people to read and research, nature, plants, water, etc. have such amazing lessons to teach us if we slow down and listen. I find most joy near water; it doesn't matter if it's saltwater or fresh the way it speaks to my soul provides so much inspiration. Old European Traditional Witchcraft is another major source of inspiration. I love that local plants and water were used in the creation of spells and folk charms, and I try to follow this in my own practice. Lore about the Fair Folk and other spirits from the otherworld, which I could lump into the description of Water Spirits are always whispering in my ear. They are very much


responsible for the book as they led my down waterways I would never have found on my own to find the nugget of wisdom or hidden magical practices associated with water. Sacred-Text.com is one of my favorite online sources, there are nuggets of gold to be found in the older folkloric text that are documented there, though I don't rely on that entirely, and always check my work in print sources, it is an easy way to find information on folklore quickly. I also love old text, and there are too many to count! I also believe that much was preserved in the way of children's stories and folktales, and so these are a constant form of inspiration and source of fuel for my magic. I also read a lot of books about the Celts, and the country folk belief from places like England, Scottland, Wales, and France though I also pull some inspiration from the GalloRoman period, Norse and Germanic tribes. Is there anything you want to share with the witchy community about your business in particular? If you are interested in water magic, please visit my website! There are resources, including links and blog posts, to help one get started in Water Witchcraft. Of course, my book was also

released just a few months ago, and so it is on shelves in bookstores everywhere though there are links to get a copy on my site as well. I would love to end by letting everyone know that it is so important that you follow your heart in magic; if a specific type doesn't flow with you, there is no shame. There are so many different types of magic and avenues that WILL lead you to a path that vibes with your soul! The best way to find this out is to research, practice, learn, and sample classes and workshops at your local metaphysical or witchy shop. Even after you find and establish your path, study and practice are essential to your growth, and your quest for knowledge will open oceans of possibilities for you. Always stay true to your heart, practice, and become the very best witch you can be! This is our time, and I am so grateful to be part of such a rapidly growing community of enthusiastic, determined, and focused witches! Where can our readers find you? Website- www.waterwitchcraft.com Website- www.waterpriestess.com Facebook Page -https:// www.facebook.com/ WaterWitchcraft/ Facebook Profile- https:// www.facebook.com/triskelerose Instagram - https:// www.instagram.com/ annwynavalon/ Tumblr - https:// celticwaterwitch.tumblr.com/

Blessing Moon Tarot Spread Working alongside the Moon cycles by setting intentions at the new moon and releasing and letting go at the Full Moon is such a powerful way to align with the Universe and your goals. The Blessing Moon is especially useful for slowing down, reflecting, and working on your goals.

1 2 3

4 5

1. Where am I now? 2. What is coming up for me this month? 3. What is holding me back from where I need to be? 4. How can I release and let go of this weight? 5. What do I need to know under this Blessing Moon?


Creating Magick in the Sand This time of year, many Pagans find themselves on the beach. While the first thing people think of when they think of witches isn’t warm beach weather and ocean waves, it lends itself well to many different types of magickal workings that don’t have the same power anywhere else. A great way to calm your mind is to head out to the beach at either sunset or sunrise before people arrive. You can then either trace out a path ahead of the time or start making a path as you walk around the beach. Try focusing on your feet while walking the path, or mandala, and repeat a simple, one-sentence mantra. This is a form of walking meditation, which many people find essential to being able to clear their mind prior to attempting any rituals or spells. Another way to use the sand for magickal workings is by using it before rituals focusing on releasing bad habits. Find a private part of the beach near the water and cast your circle. Draw a sigil 18

in the sand close to where the waves are coming up, but far enough away to give you enough time to focus. Any sigil will do, especially if it is one that represents the specific issue or habit you are trying to rid yourself of. Infuse all of your feelings about that issue or habit into the sigil to make it as powerful as possible, then focus on watching the waves slowly chip away at it and dissolve it just as they will dissolve or remove what you are trying to rid yourself of.

specifically need protection from. After that, drip a few drops of hot wax onto the sand. Cover it again with sand, using your left hand. After no more of the wax is visible, fill the remainder of the jar using your right hand only. Once full, put the lid on tightly and seal the outside with wax. You can wrap the jar with a ribbon or draw sigils on it to add extra protection as well. Put the jar out of sight, knowing it will protect you quietly from now on.

One last way to bring the positive properties of sand into your home, even long after your visit to the beach is over, is to make a protective sand trap. Gather a good amount of sand to bring home with you. When you arrive back at your house, find a jar you intend to make your trap out of.

It’s important to be aware that sand is all different, depending on where it comes from. Sand from a warm, sandy ocean beach is different from sand that comes from rocky, overcast lake beach. Be aware of all of the various properties of the sand you are working with before trying to incorporate it into your spells or rituals, as you may bring in unintended energy.

After casting a circle, use your left hand to barely cover the bottom of the jar with sand. Make sure to focus all of your thoughts into protection, especially if there is anything you feel like you

Wigington, Patti. Seven Ways to Use Beach Magic. Retrieved from https:// www.learnreligions.com/ways-to-use-beachmagic-2561479 Sand Trap Spell and Ritual. Retrieved from https://www.spelwerx.com/collections/ sandtrap.html

All About Empaths Empaths are all around us, although we may not know much about them. You may even be one yourself!

What is an empath? A textbook definition is that an empath is a person that has the ability to not only empathize on a psychological level with people and situations but also someone that possesses the ability to actually feel what another person is feeling. What sets empaths apart from “regular” people who are able to understand what other people are going through is that, often, empaths can simply intuit how those people are feeling by just being around them. Essentially, many people who have studied empaths believe that they have a very specific type of psychic ability. However, this ability isn’t always developed in a way that is successful or healthy for the person born with it. One downside to being an empath is that it can take a lot out of people emotionally.

Taking on all the emotions and feelings of someone else is physically draining, especially for those that haven’t developed the ability to shield themselves from those unwanted mental assaults. Empaths also tend to attract “psychic vampires,” people who thrive on leaching emotional energy from others to virtually “power” themselves. Shielding takes practice. Essentially, shielding involves building up an energy barrier to protect yourself from all of the potential magical, mental, and/or psychic attacks that being an empath can attract. The most straightforward technique is to visualize a ball of light and energy in your core (somewhere between your navel and your heart). Once you have that visual firmly in your mind, let that energy spread itself all around your body. Think of it like a bubble that protects you, one that is reflective so that all that negative energy just bounces back off of it.


People who identify as empaths, once they have learned to shield, are great at professions that involve service of some kind. Jobs in this field include counseling(also known as licensed clinical social work), massage therapy, and even ministry in different religions. Many empaths are water signs, as emotions are most strongly connected with Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces. Water signs are known to be able to float freely through emotions, which is why they are more likely to be able to understand, feel, and process their own as well as being genuinely empathetic with others. Empaths are also more likely to be introverts than other people, as they need alone time to recharge. If you think you’re an empath or if you’re interested in further developing your empath abilities, there are many resources available online. In larger communities, especially those with a big pagan community, there are even support groups that you can reach out to and learn from the people who do it best. Good luck to you! Being an empath is a gift, but not one that comes without disadvantages. Learning to shield can be the blessing you need to help others without harming yourself, and allow you to be of the most help possible! Wigington, Patti..https://www.learnreligions.com/what-is-a-psychicempath-2561944 https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-empaths-survival-guide/ 201703/the-science-behind-empathy-and-empaths


“I look to the West, I see the reflection of the setting sun on the lakes, the rivers and the seas. The Waters swirl around me,

shifting emotions, perceptions, ever changing and and renewing.� -Ariendel


Dance of the Selkie By Monica Crosson Of all the sea faeries, Selkies, or Seal Faeries, of Scotland, Scandinavia, and Ireland are by far the gentlest of legendary creatures, but there is a debate about the origin of the legends of these beings who could remove their sealskin and mingle with humankind. Some say it was started when Spaniards who had shipwrecked along the coast of the northern Atlantic came ashore and their dark hair reminded the inhabitants of seals. Another tale says that they saw the Finns or Sami people traveling in kayaks wearing sealskin coats. There have even been suggestions that selkies were fallen angels or condemned souls. But like many myths from all cultures, tales of the selkies were most likely created as a way of explaining the unexplainable. In the myths, Selkies were sea faeries who appeared as seals. They shed their sealskins on special nights when the moon was full to dance under its silvery glow. According to the legends, if someone was to take their seal coat, the Selkie was bound to them. Many a Selkie married and even had Art by Tiffany22Sosa

children. It is said that Selkies were loving wives and mothers to their children, but once a Selkie recovered her sealskin, she immediately returned to the sea. Ironically, some tales depict a Selkie’s half human children finding their lost or hidden skin and returning it to their parent without realizing the consequences. Male Selkies were known to be very good-looking and sought-after by women who were disappointed in their lives. If a woman had a husband who’d become unbearable or perhaps even out too long to sea, all she need do was shed seven tears into the sea to beckon a Selkie man to her. Of course, he could only be with her for a short time before returning to his watery home, unable to revisit her until seven years had passed. Liminal or between times is when the veil between this world and the otherworld thins and one can reach through the threshold and connect with the silky threads that make communication with the spirit world easier and allowing shadows of the future to lighten. Magick

Between spaces can include borders such as, tree lines- marking the boundary between tame and wild, shorelines or other watery edges- which designate the space between land and sea, river or stream, bridges, thresholds, windows, cemeteries, crossroads, marshes and volcanic craters. In modern times, places such as hospitals, hotels, airports, train and bus stations may all be considered between spaces because they are passed through, but never lived in. Time can be liminal; dawn is not quite a morning nor is it still night; noon is between daybreak and evening; dusk is neither day nor night, and midnight is not light nor shadow. As the Wheel of the Year turns slowly round, we have many ‘between times’ that are celebrated by modern Pagans- the most noted for their thinning veil are Beltane (between winter and summer for the ancient Celts) and Samhain (between summer and winter), but the equinoxes and solstices are between times as well. Humankind shares many between time experiences like coming of age- think of bar mitzvahs or quinceanera celebrations, new beginnings- such as

first jobs, weddings or birthdays, and endingsdivorce, death or retirement.

living room- anywhere that is comfortable and provides ample space for dancing.

These liminal passages have been dealt with by ritual or ceremony since ancient times.

This is all about support and embracing change. Set up the candles in fire safe containers and out of the way of moving bodies (we don’t want to start a fire). If you’re outdoors and have a fire pit you’d like to light- that would be nice too.

There are also times in our personal lives that we find ourselves in transition. And even if we know that stepping through that boundary is the best thing for us, it can be hard to push through the anxiety of the unknown and believe that, in the end, the change will lead to something far better. For this simple spell, we are going to peel off the layers of apprehension and unease. We are going to dance under the full moon with those who love and support us the most and embrace the beauty of transition.

First, gather friends in a circle around the person who is going through the transition. Each person in the circle will say words of advice or encouragement to the one in transition. End the circle with everyone laying their hands on the person in transition then raising them all together with an excited whoop or cry that sends your positive energy into the universe.

You will need:

When ready- cue the music!

• As many white candles as you want to light (safely) • A few of your best friends or family members • Some of your favorite dishes to share

Whether you have live music or are playing tunes from a favorite playlistcrank it up and dance. Enjoy this time and feel the apprehension melt away under the milky glow of moonlight.

You can set up this ritual on a beach or in the backyard or even in the

When your done dancing, share a midnight meal or favorite cocktails. Dance of the Selkie 23

Incorporating Water Magick in your Practice Especially this time of year, Pagans everywhere are looking for new and creative ways to incorporate water into their spells and rituals. With frequent vacations to places like the beach or the lake, large bodies of water are the perfect way to integrate this element into anything you have planned. One of the best ways to not only work with water but also use it even when you’re not physically near the beach is to use the ocean to charge your magickal tools. Although frequently connected with emotions, the vastness of the sea lends itself naturally to spells seeking abundance- with money, with love, with passion, etc. The way to charge them is simple- focus on how enormous the ocean is as you dip each tool into the water individually. This will infuse them with powers of abundance, and make them even more powerful in related spells and rituals. You can also do this with crystals, but be aware that there are limitations. Some crystals are not considered water safe, like pyrite and selenite, and ocean water may damage them. 24

Amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, and smoky quartz crystals are all safe to use with and in water. You may consider bringing a small mason jar of ocean water back with you as well, for use during later spells and rituals at home where the water is less accessible. Another way to involve large bodies of water in your magick is to use them for personal cleansing rituals. Find a small, private place near the water around sunset on a Full Moon. Cast your circle, if desired, and light a few candles on dry land. Take off as much of your clothing as you want (making sure to follow all local laws), center yourself, and wade slowly into the water as far as you can. Visualize the water dissolving any negative energy. Once you feel cleansed, come back onto the land and lie on your back. Feel the ebb and flow, the push and pull, of the waves and feel the connection to something much larger and more powerful than yourself. If you’re landlocked and going to a large body of

water isn’t accessible, there are ways to involve water in your practice even if you’re miles away from the next ocean or lake. Use herbs (like belladonna, lotus, or aloe vera) and metals (like copper or silver) in your magical practice to bring the element of water to your circle. Involve these items in spells focusing on purification, cleansing, or releasing to amp up the energy and power. One other easy and natural way to use water in your magick is with a naturally occurring weather phenomenon - a rainstorm! Being careful to not go out during any active thunder or lightening, simply clear your mind and walk out into the rain for a quick, free, and simple way to cleanse yourself of any unwanted energy or habits. Water witch magick is both accessible and powerful when used correctly. There are almost endless ways to involve the ocean or even simple, everyday weather patterns in your rituals and spells. Hopkins, J. 7 Ways To Use The Power Of The Sea In Your Magic. Retrieved from https://thetravelingwitch.com/ blog/7-ways-to-use-the-power-of-thesea-in-your-magic Witchipedia. Retrieved from http:// www.witchipedia.com/ element:water


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Summer Witch by Brianna Bender 26

GETTING TO KNOW Artist, Brianna Bender Briana Bender has created a beautiful piece titled, Summer Witch for this month’s issue. Below we get to know more about Brianna and what inspires her. There was a pentagram professionally built into the wood floor, and I remember thinking it’d give me magical powers. Unfortunately, I can’t make the dishes wash themselves, but at least I can paint some cool pictures. Where do you get inspiration from for each art piece? My mother and grandmother are both avid gardeners. I take a lot of inspiration from plants and flowers, which always pairs well with whimsical creatures and beings. I also feel strong feminine energy whenever I create, as I love drawing women as these beautiful, influential, shameless figures that I can look up to. I like to think they’re goddesses in their little world and I just happened to catch a little vignette of their lives. What is your favorite medium? Let’s begin by learning a little bit about you, Brianna.

I love watercolors and gouache! However, nothing beats a simple black & white ink drawing.

I’m a Junior at the University of the Arts studying Illustration! I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m originally from a very supernaturally charged small town in Connecticut, right down the road from Ed & Lorraine Warren’s Occult museum and about a mile away from New England’s most haunted cemetery.

What do you have planned in the future for your illustrations?

As a child, I heard tales of the witch that used to “terrorize” the town. However, I was never scared of her and looked up to her as a powerful female figure (her name was Hannah Cranna, for those wondering). I grew up with a mysterious shed outside of my house, as it was technically on our neighbor’s property yet was supposedly our’s according to the person that sold us the house.

Currently, I’m dancing around the idea of making my own tarot card set. As far as the future goes, I’m pretty much open to any job that comes my way. I’d love the opportunity to create a children’s book about modern witches or pagan holidays. I think it’s important for children to honor the earth and nature, and a more lighthearted and fun way to do that is by celebrating. Connect with Brianna IG: @briannabender.art Email: brbender@uarts.edu 27



The Blessing Moon July’s Blessing Moon- also called the Hay Moon for harvest, Wort Moon for herbalism, Buck Moon for male deer shedding their antlers, or Thunder Moon for storms. Other references of July include the Anglo-Saxon names Haymonath, referring to haymaking activities at that time, and Maedmonath, referring to the flowering of meadows.. Whichever you prefer to call this month’s Full Moon, it’s a time for repairing and succeeding. Look to practice divination, dream-work, meditation, and working on your goals. July, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the middle of summer, and it is hot! While in the Southern Hemisphere is the middle of winter- brr. Sometimes in the North, summer months yield less rain, so it’s a good idea to connect with the element of water while outside, spending your time at the beach or on a lake. Also, at a Full Moon, there are higher high tides and lower low tides. If you are located in the South, water is abundant from either rain or snow. To do this month: create moon water, incorporate water from the Earth into your practice or rituals, or create your own Rune stones with seashells that you can cleanse, concentrate, and use. Whatever you choose to do or celebrate, it’s time to reflect upon and express gratitude for the abundance of all that Earth provides.


Crystal Crowns & Moon Jewelry by Luna Corvus Art 30

July Astrology Forecast By Lightworker Astrology

July brings with it a Mars sign change into Leo on the 1st, New Moon in Cancer on the 2nd and Solar Eclipse, a Venus sign change into Cancer on the 3rd and then into Leo on the 27th, a Mercury Retrograde in Leo on the 7th then change into Cancer on the 18th, a Full Moon in Capricorn and Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, and finally a Sun sign change into Leo on the 22nd.


July Astrology Forecast By Lightworker Astrology It’s a great month for solar and lunar energies, so take the time to celebrate them both with a New Moon and Full Moon. On the 1st the actionoriented planet of Mars will move into fiery Leo. This is a time of pride and leading others. A competitive nature will set the tone for this month, so stop into your courage, strength, and warrior-inspiration. With the New Moon in Cancer, your plans for the month revolve around nurturing and caring for others while your instincts will center around your security. Next on the agenda, the planet of love and pleasureVenus changes into Cancer, turning your feelings towards your friendships and bonds with others. Close relationships are the theme with this month then at the end of the month, you will feel pulled to valuing a bit of flair and luxury, and your affection will turn even stronger. A Mercury Retrograde in Leo triggers a passionate display of expression that is sure to cause a reaction from you and others before moving into focusing on absorbing information from all around you on the 18th. 32

On the 8th Venus will sextile Uranus stimulating your need for fun and excitement in your social and love life before a Mercury Rx will conjunct Mars in Leo increasing your mental activity, making this an ideal time for focused and acute thinking. Your piercing intellect can also be put to good use in arguing your case and defending others against harassment or provocation. The key to handling this potentially provocative energy comes by gaining self-awareness of the buildup of nervous and impulsive energy. On the 9th and 10th, the Sun in Cancer will opposition Saturn and trine Neptune causing both limiting conditions on your life due to the actions of other people and increasing your sensitivity to your environment and your empathy for others. Then on the 11th, Mars trine Uranus will encourage you to let your hair down and take a few risks. You will feel a strong urge to break free of any previous restriction or boring routines. On the 14th, the Sun oppositions Pluto right before the Moon moves into

Capricorn indicating a crisis either with self-esteem, a relationship, or an event. This may be due to your work or success. The Full Moon in Capricorn wants you to release your structured routines and loosen your reins of control following the actions of this month. On the 16th and 18th, Venus will opposition Saturn and trine Neptune bringing about loneliness due to delays and limitations affecting your love life and finances. Spend this time relaxing and allowing yourself to daydream. The Sun sign change into Leo on the 22nd highlights your leadership role and ability to shine. Hello, Leo season! Towards the end of the month, on the 25th, Mars will create a trine with Jupiter increasing your desire to compete to win. Also, on the 29th, a Sun square Uranus transit requires you to have openmindedness and flexibility as you enter a new stage of change. Let’s connect!

IG: @lightworkerastrology Patreon: @tiffanysosa

Interview with Bridget Engels Bridget Engels regularly contributes meditations to Witchology Magazine! This month we get to share her journey with you. Bridget actively and regularly connects with the Moon and the Goddess. She is the founder and leader of the Circle of Luna in Seattle, is a Dianic Lunar Wiccan Priestess, ritualist, artist, writer, and the author of: The Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess (Vol. 1 & 2) found on Amazon and Audible. Where and how did you begin your practice? I grew up in the San Francisco area in a large Catholic family. I was a sensitive, creative, and athletic girl and teenager. My parents divorced when I was 17, and I began taking painting lessons my last year of high school before attending and graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Painting/Fine Arts. While studying at SFAI, I was intrigued by the Female Surrealist painter: Remedios Varos. I was painting large surrealist nature-inspired oil paintings at the time. We had a visiting author who wrote a book on Remedios Varos (Janet Kaplan), and she spoke of Remedios' love for the Moon, Mysticism and Sacred Femininity in her life and art. That planted a seed in my brain. I also studied Women's History and Philosophy with the great Angela Davis. I then began my research about Wicca and eventually attended and received my Priestess training with a Dianic Wiccan circle in the East Bay (Daughters of the Goddess). I loved the rituals and the honoring of the Goddess from all cultures, the seasons, and the emphasis on being part of the web of life, honoring sacred feminine and nature. It opened up new pathways of spirituality, ideology, and creative expression for me. After college, I began working as an Art Director and eventually relocated to Seattle for an Art Director at Eddie Bauer corporate. I was super busy on photo shoots and with traveling. Meanwhile, I joined a Dianic Wiccan circle (Women of the Goddess) here in Seattle, and I was a priestess there for about eight years. I loved the co-creation and "Goddess unto Herself" aspect of these rituals and celebrating the Sabbats.

However, I needed more. I wanted to lead and celebrate the Esbats as a Dianic Priestess. Eventually, I branched out, and I founded my own circle to honor Luna. I created and led Women's ceremonies that incorporated Moon rites, the Goddess, and the seasonal influences in a way that was unique and relevant to women living in the here and now. I founded Circle of Luna, and on Summer Solstice of 2010, we celebrated our first Full Moon ritual here in Seattle. Thus began my journey as a Dianic Wiccan ritualist and Priestess. I continually wrote guided meditations for each of my Circle of Luna Moon rituals. I loved creating Theta brain wave guided journeys that were/are intuitive, mystical, and incorporate Goddess connection. The feedback I get from the women participating in my rituals has been overwhelmingly positive throughout the years, and I was encouraged to share my meditations. (I had a stack of over a hundred sitting in my living room!) 33

I will also add that I consider the three-fold process of creating a concept, writing, and then performing my meditations in ritual very sacred and akin to drinking deeply from the cauldron of the Goddess. Beautiful Bridget. What hopes and dreams do you have for your business? Expanding my range of influence and audience by actively growing on my spiritual calling, staying inspired, and relevant is my hope and dream. I am already starting to record my second Audiobook (Volume 2 ) due to be live sometime in Fall 2019. I am also working on my third book Volume 3 of the "Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess." I decided to self-publish my first collection of Moon Goddess meditations: "The Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess" in 2016 and then Volume 2 in 2018, which are both available on Amazon. I just narrated and published my first Audiobook of Volume 1 of The Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess" and it is live on Audible, Amazon and iTunes as of May 2019.

I want to expand my publishing and performing potential beyond its current scope. Of course, I also continue to create and lead unique and relevant Moon rituals for Circle of Luna and my own public Bridget Engels Moon Goddess Rituals and workshops.

I continue to create and lead unique and relevant Moon rituals for Circle of Luna and my own public Bridget Engels Moon Goddess Rituals and workshops in and around the Seattle area and write meditations for each ritual. What a lovely journey! What inspires you in creating your Meditations? I love weaving imagery, archetypes, and fluid stories to create healing and empowering journeys for women in sacred ritual. I find the process and execution to be fulfilling and relevant on so many levels. Being in tune with the Moon energetically is very inspiring. She influences our hormones, emotions, dreams, and drives our actions. Women especially are connected to Her cycles, which synchronize to our own blood cycles. The Goddess is eternal, and within each of us. Her wisdom is boundless, sacred, and hugely relevant. Honoring the cycles and seasons of nature inspires me, and therefore, I love including the Wheel of the Year in my writings as well as the Esbats I create and lead. 34

It was lovely to get to know you and share your story. Where can Witchology readers connect with you? Yes! You can connect on: IG: @bridgetengels FB: @theoraclelunamedmoongoddess Website: www.bridgetengels.doodlekit.com Email: circleofluna@gmail.com Audible: The Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess Amazon: The Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess & The Oracle of Luna: Meditations with the Moon Goddess - Volume 2

Making an Ocean Witch Spell Bottle Here’s how you can make a modern protection witch spell bottle with an ocean twist: Step 1 - Gather your materials You’ll need a small jar, either glass or pottery, with a tight-fitting lid. You’ll also need several types of sharp, preferably rusty items - good choices include nails, bent pins, sea glass, or razor blades - to go into the jar. For the remainder of the ritual, make sure to have sea salt (for purification), sand or dirt from the beach, a ribbon of a color associated with protection (usually blue or purple), and a candle. Step 2 - Add your items Place a thin layer of the sand/dirt at the bottom of your witch bottle. After that, fill the bottle halfway to the top with the rusty, sharp items that you’ve chosen. On top of the items, add the sea salt. Step 3 - Mark your bottle How you do this is up to you, as some people are comfortable adding some of their own urine or bodily fluids to the jar and some people aren’t. If you’re not comfortable using personal fluids- red wine simulates blood, water, vinegar, and urine are also all options too Spit is also acceptable. After that, you can add another thin layer of sand/dirt to seal the spell.

Step 4 - Cap and seal your bottle Once everything is inside, tightly cap the jar and use the candle to form an even tighter seal around it. Tie the bow around it as well. Step 5 - Find a place for your bottle Witch jars are at their most effective when they are either hidden somewhere in your home or buried somewhere just outside of it. Where you place it is up to you, but one of the most common pieces of advice regarding witch spell bottles is that you never open it again. Witch spells bottles are a great way to provide protection, prosperity, or to focus on love while also using a tool commonly known to be used against witches in a fun, self-empowering way. Good luck, and many wishes! Wigington, Patti. How to Make a Witch Bottle. Retrieved from https://www.learnreligions.com/make-a-witchbottle-2562680 Hill, M., & Hill, M. (2017, November 18). Making a Witch Bottle When You've Been Cursed. Retrieved from https://www.patheos.com/blogs/dandelionlady/2017/11/ making-a-witch-bottle.html


History of

Witch Bottles Witch bottles have been in use for centuries, according to some historians. Ironically, in the earliest mentions of witch bottles in history, they were actually used to ward off witchcraft. They were used most often during Samhain or what some call the holiday of Halloween in October, as this was considered the time when the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. In the 1680 book of witchcraft the author, Joseph Glanvill, relates how a woman was weakening due to a spirit set on her by an unknown assailant. She prepared a brew of pins, needles, and nails (to impale the demon) and her own urine (to drown the demon). After seeing that the bottle was well corked, her husband set it in the fire. However, the spirit resisted capture. It shoved the cork out and “gave a report like a Pistol, and his wife continued in the same trouble and languishment still.� Often, the majority of witch bottles throughout history were made of simple materials like glass or clay pottery. The inside of the bottle was filled with various sharp objects similar to how author, Joseph Glanvill told of it- bent nails or pins, and a strange ingredient- the urine of the person who is making the witch bottle. The urine was also said to create a direct connection between the bottle and the person who feels they require protection. However, since the advent of the witch bottle centuries ago, its use has evolved. Instead of just being used to protect from harmful intent, they are now used for many different uses such as protection, love, luck, prosperity, and healing. Museum of London. (2019, April 02). Sorcery on display: Witch bottles. Retrieved from https://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/discover/sorcery-display-witch-bottles Sullivan, K. (2016, September 14). For Good and Evil: Witch Bottles as Countermagical Devices Through History. Retrieved from https://www.ancient-origins.net/artifacts-otherartifacts/good-and-evil-witch-bottles-countermagical-devices-through-history-006649 36

Seashell Meanings and uses in Magick


Seashell Meanings and uses in Magick Seashells are one of the most well-known symbols of the sea and the ocean. It doesn’t talk a long walk on the beach to find many, often partially buried in the sand. But did you know they have many, interesting uses in modern pagan magick? Seashells are said to be associated with the moon, as the moon rules the tides that bring them up onto the shore, as well as the element of water for obvious reasons. They are especially powerful when they involve a spiral pattern, which is one of the most powerful symbols of the Great Mother. They are also commonly associated with the Goddess Aphrodite, who was born out of the sea. One of the most obvious ways to involve seashells is by using one of the most well-known


types- the conch shell. Conch shells can be blown into to indicate either the start or the end of a spell or ritual, or as a direct way to call the Goddess Aphrodite to the circle. The conch is so well known for its magickal properties that it has even been featured in children pop culture references, like Spongebob Squarepants. The other ways to use seashells in your magickal works are numerous. Some witches choose to wear them in their hair or will place them at the directional points when casting a circle. They can also be used in the place of magickal tools, like chalices or incense holders. Let’s discuss a few of the more commonly used types of shells and what they are best used for. - Abalone shells are perfect for catching

ashes when burning sage to cleanse your home. They are also known for their healing properties, physically, mentally, and spiritually. - Cowrie shells are best used when casting spells relating to fertility, sexuality, or love due to their physical appearance (which resembles female genitalia). They are also associated with prosperity, as they have been used as currency in some regions of Africa. - Scallop shells are great for anything relating to beauty, as well as movement and travel. They are most well known for being worn on Aphrodite’s chest in her Roman likeness, the Venus de Milo.

- Cone shells help boost spells for protection, owing to their specific shape. If you aren’t able to gather your seashells directly, it may be useful to cleanse them before using them in any of your rituals or spells. Simply place the shells in a bowl of fresh water with sea salt, and allow them to soak in directly moonlight overnight. This practice can also be used to recharge them, if necessary. It also removes any potentially

negative energy that may have accumulated in the shells. In addition, seashells can be placed in or around a bath and used for cleansing and purification. It is important to cleanse and charge them ahead of time, as well as rinsing off any dirt or dust before adding them to the bath. Simply place them around your tub, light white candles, and add a few drops of juniper,

cedarwood, or lavender essential oils. Seashells come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. Knowing which seashell is the most beneficial for the type of outcome you are hoping to have is important for having the most success in your magickal workings. https://www.llewellyn.com/spell.php? spell_id=800 https://classroom.synonym.com/magicaluses-for-shells-12079675.html

Seashell Meanings and uses in Magick 39

DIY RUNE SHELLS To make your own set of runes, you must first decide on the material of your choice. Traditionally, runes should be made from entirely natural materials. If you’re using shells, you will need to paint the runes and cover the shell with a layer of shellac once it is dry, to preserve the paint. Most people, especially beginners, will use the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, but there’s no reason why you could not invent and use your own symbols if you prefer. Having completed the set of runes, the next step is to consecrate them. To do this, light a candle and focus your mind. Handle each rune in turn and say its name aloud, meditating for just a moment or two on its meaning.


Water rules over emotion, Intuition, Love, Feelings, the Womb, the blood in our veins, sorrow as healing, divination, tapping into the unconscious mind, allowing ourselves to fully feel.


Witch Cleaning Boil By Stefanina Baker This month, the focus is on water magick. So, I bring to you, a witch cleansing boil. I like this mix for cleansing the space when sage and fire can’t be used. If your mom ever boiled cinnamon and oranges on the stove to make the house smell nice, this is very similar. The difference is herbs are added with magickal intent. You will need: • A pot • Water • Herb mixture: cinnamon sticks, basil, orange slices, lemon slices, or any other citrus available. Optional: bayleaf, allspice, lavender, and any other fragrance herb that you feel called to add. Add everything to the water and set your pot on simmer. As you add the ingredients, tell each ingredient what you want to do. Cinnamon sticks for wealth, basil for money, orange for good luck, lemons for cleansing.


Check your boil every 45 minutes to make sure the water does not dry out or boil over. If you are in a dry climate, it may dry out faster due to lack of humidity in the air. Use this boil any time a lift in energy is needed, and remember to use what you have. Local ingredients are always best, and if you’ve grown it, even better. Happy witching!



Other names: Common Thyme, Garden Thyme, Bitter Mint. Plant family: Lamiaceae. Thymian, a derivative of the name, described burning incense, and the “art of using perfumes as medicine� was known as thymiatechny. Magickal properties: Clairvoyance, compassion, confidence,

Thymus vulgaris

consecration, contact other planes, courage, divination, health, love, magic, meditation, money, prevent nightmares, protection, psychic development and growth, and sleep.

Magickal workings: Thyme is worn or burned to attract good health and is often used in healing

spells. Placed beneath the pillow, it promotes restful sleep and detours nightmares. Worn, thyme aids in developing psychic powers. Thyme is burned in incense to purify an area. A place where wild thyme grows will be a particularly powerful energy center. A magickal cleansing bath can be made by pouring a tea made with thyme and marjoram into the bathwater. Thyme is also carried and smelled to give courage and energy. Scent profile: Herbaceous and strong. Actions: Anti-septic, anti-helmintic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, astringent, expectorant, secretolitic (decreases over-secretions), spasmolytic. Correspondences: Venus, Water.

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Ruby is a projective stone that is often worn as a talisman of protection. It is also the birthstone for July.

This crystal emanates the pure red ray with a vibrancy

unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of

power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement.

Magickal properties: Passion, protection, and prosperity.

Magickal workings: It was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off plague and pestilence,

warned its wearer of impending danger, kept the body safe, and banished sadness and foolish thoughts. It was reputed to bring its owner peace, drive away frightful dreams, restrain lust, and to help resolve disputes. The ruby in the home guards it against storms and negativity, especially if first touched to the four outside corners of the house.

Ruby helps to overcome forces of darkness, to fight fear. It is a stone of authority,

excellence, but also of vanity. Ruby brings to its wearer happiness and love. This stone also warns of danger by the changing of its color. Correspondences: Mars, Fire.

Connecting with the Goddess Aphrodite Aphrodite may not be as well known by name as she is by physical appearance. Aphrodite was originally a strong, Greek goddess that is still one of the most powerful to connect with when it comes to rituals relating to affairs of the heart. The most common origin story for Aphrodite is that she was born after Uranus was castrated, coming out of the ocean foam wholly formed. She eventually married Hephaistos, who created Olympus, although she continued to take many lovers (including the god of war, Ares, and the god of the hunt, Adonis). She eventually had a son, Eros, who went on to be well known as a god of sexuality, love, and beauty himself. Aphrodite was also celebrated annually in July with her festival, Aphrodisia, where worshippers would sacrifice doves and engage in open, rambunctious sexual acts. Like many gods and goddesses, Aphrodite was not known for her calm temperament. While she was known for her open sexuality and ability to make everyone fall immediately in love with her, she was just as well 46

known for being vain, jealous, and just generally enjoying interfering with human affairs. When working with her, it is essential to be aware of both of these parts of her personality. When calling on the goddess for help with your rituals, she is the most helpful with love spells. These love spells don’t always have to be seeking love from outside, though, as Aphrodite is also known for her ability to love herself. If you want to connect with Aphrodite through either ritual or by asking her to help with a spell, she is most often associated with the sea. Involve objects most commonly associated with the sea, like seashells and sand dollars. She is also associated with animals and birds that are related to bodies of water, including doves, swans, sparrows, and dolphins. Bring them into your ritual by using either swan feathers or images. One other way to bring things related to Aphrodite is by involving food and drink in your rituals. Aphrodite was known to love both pomegranates and apples, which are easy to include.

Try to make everything you do in a ritual or spell to honor her as “sexy” as possible. Use candles of colors associated with love and desire, like red and orange, and musky scents like frankincense. Bring in roses, think positive, selfloving thoughts about yourself. Don’t let any selfdoubt creep in, as this can make your spell not as powerful. Push all that negative internal nonsense aside and believe in yourself, know that you are the most important, powerful, attractive person out there. This will not only help you love yourself more, but it will also attract love into your life. Aphrodite is a great goddess to connect with, especially if you are seeking to attract more love into your life (whether that be from others or just from yourself). However, make sure to have a strong goal in mind and commit entirely. This will make sure every ritual or spell that involves Aphrodite will be successful. Good luck, and take the time to spell the roses! Wigington, Patti. Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love. Retrieved from https:// www.learnreligions.com/aphrodite-greek-goddess-oflove-2561955 Cyrino, Monica S. (2010), Aphrodite, Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World, New York City, New York and London, England: Routledge




Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and her Roman counterpart is Venus. Aphrodite has been worshiped as the ultimate goddess to inspire passion, romance, pleasure, inner beauty, and sexual self-assurance. Aphrodite’s name means “water born” or “foam-born,” intimating a connection with the ocean’s fertility.

Aphrodite inspires people to love each other, ensuring that the human race continues to grow. Every new thing that comes into existence, whether it be a new baby, human or animal, or a

fantastic new invention or a brilliant new idea began with the spark of desire that is Aphrodite. Call on Aphrodite for self-love and

confidence or if you would like to attract love into your life.

If you would like to embody or celebrate

Aphrodite, wear rose water or rose-infused

oil as perfume or lay out rose petals around an Aphrodite state or photo on your altar.

Symbols: Roses, mirrors, dolphins, swans, apples, shells, the sea, and pomegranates.

Summer Pavlova


Summer Pavlova Pavlova is a meringue-based cake named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. It is a meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside, usually topped with fruit and whipped cream. The Pavlova is graceful, beautiful, and perfect for summer wonder and magick. INGREDIENTS FOR 15:

DIRECTIONS: PAVLOVA: - Preheat the Oven to 225 °F with the rack in the center of the oven. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. (if using this large 3/4 baking sheet, you can fit them all on one sheet, otherwise, bake on 2 separate baking sheets in the top bottom third of your oven) - Using a mixer, beat 6 egg whites on high speed 1 minute until soft peaks form. With mixer on, gradually add 1 1/2 cups sugar and beat for 10 minutes on high speed, or until stiff peaks form. The mixture will be smooth and glossy. - Use a spatula to quickly fold in 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice and 1/2 Tbsp vanilla extract, then fold in 2 tsp corn starch and mix until well blended. - Pipe meringue onto the parchment paper. Indent the center with a spoon to allow room for cream. Bake at 225˚F for 1 hour and 15 minutes then turn oven off and without opening the door, let meringue in the hot oven another 30 minutes. The outside will be dry and crisp to the tap and very pale cream colored (almost white) and the inside will still be marshmallow soft. - Transfer the pavlova with the parchment paper onto the counter or a cookie rack and allow it to cool to room temp. Once cool, you can top them with whipped cream and fruit or store in an airtight container (or plastic bag) for 3-5 days at room temperature.

PAVLOVA: 6 egg whites, room temperature 1 1/2 c white sugar 2 tsp corn starch 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice 1/2 Tbsp vanilla extract 

FROSTING: 1 1/2 c cold heavy whipping cream 2 Tbsp white sugar 

TOPPINGS: 4 c fresh blueberries and raspberries (or of choice) Mint leaves for garnish 

FROSTING & ASSEMBLY: - Beat cold heavy whipping cream with 2 Tbsp sugar in the cold bowl for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes or until whipped and spreadable. - Pipe frosting onto the pavlova and top with fresh fruit. Once they are assembled they stay for up to 4 hours at room temperature. 50

Seafood and Mermaid Layered Chia Pudding Parfaits By Miss Wondersmith


Seafood and Mermaid Layered Chia Pudding Parfaits By Miss Wondersmith Have you ever watched the waves roll in and noticed the luminescent color of sunlight shining through a sliver of the ocean? Some days it is gray, and some days it is a vibrant crystal blue like topaz, but always it feels like an invitation. Come closer, it says, dive into the deep. Just as you feel tempted to dive in and explore, you are snapped back to reality by the chill of a wave covering your bare feet. The seafoam that tickles your shins and toes is a threshold guardian. It knows of the pleasant sunny beach day it is sharing with you, but it is churned from the depths of a massive and terrifying landscape.


Perhaps this is why I have such an eternal fascination with the Intertidal Zone: the magical intersection of safe, understandable land and mighty, terrifying ocean. Barnacles appear hard and rock-tough when seen at low tide, but when viewed under the water, their delicate, feather-like appendages appear, moving gracefully in the gentle water. Powerful waves crash down on rocks, emitting thunderous roars and geysers of spray. And yet somehow the delicate anemones, so sensitive as to recoil from one little brush of a finger, remain

undamaged and un-phased when the waves roll out again. I admire the resilience of these magical creatures, and I admire the many personalities of the ocean. On one side: substantial tidal waves, heavy and dense and black, come rolling in and crashing down in a thunderous roar overwhelming cities and snatching away lives. Trees snap under the weight of so much water; buildings crumble, lives are crushed. Water like that is so unbearably and unimaginably heavy. It is a powerful force and one to be feared - a heaviness we can’t even comprehend. But under that heaviness is a strange serene safety. As a storm rages and waves crash on the surface, a bed of life is barely affected below. A pearl is nestled safely in a soft bed of muscular mollusk tissue, warm and safe in its little womb. Kelp fronds dance in the waves, securely rooted to the ocean floor. If one were to curl up on a bed of soft seaweed down in the depths, the rolling waves above would gently rock you into a soothing sleep as little bubbles rise around you and move to the surface to be churned into seafoam.

Seafoam is an exciting substance, this blanket between worlds that tickles coastlines and blows in ocean breezes. It is formed when dissolved organic matter in the ocean is churned up and is usually a sign of a healthy ocean ecosystem, showing the natural processes of decay that feeds new life. Seafoam is a small indication of the workings of the ocean, the cycles of life, the movement of currents, the churning up of the depths. This lovely dessert, breakfast, or snack is based on that oceanic inspiration, with layers of blue as bright as the ocean and a flavor reminiscent of spring sea breezes blowing from distant lands and across beachside gardens. A topping of whipped cream and a “petrified seafoam” sugar crisp elevates it to something extraordinary. The coloring of this dessert is entirely natural, thanks to butterfly pea flowers and blue spirulina - which is spirulina that’s been processed to extract the blue pigment. It retains many of the same nourishing qualities of green spirulina, without the overwhelming fishy taste. The kind I get from RawNice tastes mildly nutty.

Seafood and Mermaid Layered Chia Pudding Parfaits By Miss Wondersmith The petrified seafood sugar crips are surprisingly easy to make as long as you have the right ingredientIsomalt, a slightly different kind of sugar made from sugar beets. It is less sensitive to moisture and has somewhat different properties than normal cane sugar, so it’s possible to create forms such as these. Be sure to make these ahead of time so you can apply them to the cake when it’s finished. It’s best to store them between layers of waxed paper in an airtight container. INGREDIENTS FOR 4:


PETRIFIED SEAFOAM SUGAR CRISPS: Isomalt sugar 2 silicone baking mats Small sifter A coffee grinder or mortar and pestle

PETRIFIED SEAFOAM SUGAR CRISPS: - Preheat your oven to 350°F. While it is heating up, grind some of your Isomalt sugar into a fine powder. - Place a silicone baking mat on a cookie sheet, and sift the powdered Isomalt onto it. You cant to make small circles with the powder, about 2” across. The sifted powder wafers should be about 3mm thick. - Once you’ve filled the sheet with powdered wafers, gently place another silicone baking mat on top of the powder and bake for 8 minutes. Allow to cool completely on the pan before pulling back the upper silicone mat. You should discover lovely bubbly forms. - This technique does take a little experimenting; you may find that you need a thinner or thicker application of powdered Isomalt depending on the desired effect. If 8 minutes isn’t long enough for the Isomalt to melt all the way in your oven, simply increase the time.

CHIA PUDDING PARFAITS: 4 c milk of choice (I used homemade almond milk.) 1 c spring floral syrup 8 Tbsp chia seeds 4 pinches salt Pinch butterfly pea powder 1 ½ tsp blue spirulina powder, divided ½ tsp butterfly pea powder Whipped cream Isomalt crisps

CHIA PUDDING PARFAITS: - Divide the milk into four small jars with 1 c in each container. Add ¼ c spring floral syrup and one pinch salt to each as well. Mix well. - Into container number 1, add one pinch of butterfly pea powder. Stir well. Into container number 2, add ½ tsp blue spirulina powder stir well. Into container number 3, add 1 tsp blue spirulina powder. Into container number 4, add ½ tsp butterfly pea powder. - Add 2 Tbsp chia seeds to each jar and shake well. - Place the jars in the fridge overnight to set. - Layer the various colors of blue chia pudding in clear jars or cups. (It’s okay if the layers are uneven, it’ll look like ocean waves!) Top with whipped cream and an isomalt crisp. Serve immediately. 53

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