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Best Friends Forever…Literally Prologue Victoria De Luca was probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Silky long black hair, smoky eyes, and a smile like a thousand suns, that is when she does smile. That girl may look like the next super model but she will never be. No one talks to her. No one mentions her. No guys hit on her. She goes the days being unnoticed by anyone. But that’s what they want you to think. They all see her, know she’s there, and even glance at her, but never will they admit she’s there. There is something wrong with that Victoria girl, something wrong indeed, you see she seems to make you stay away. Like a force telling you to avert your eyes, a little voice in your head telling you to ignore her. I will tell you what’s wrong with her; Victoria De Luca is in fact not human. Victoria De Luca is in fact, a “living”, breathing, actual, vampire. I know what you are thinking! Who is this strange child and why isn’t she in a straight jacket? Well, my name is Christina Peak; Christina was Grandmas name, and no I am not a Tina, so I go by Chris. You could say I stick out like a fruit basket at Fanny May. I am not a part of the inner circle of bobble heads, players, and sluts. I am like on the other side of the social universe of clique schools. I call it the SUCS. Yep, I’m the red-haired girl, with braces, and big eyes. By big I mean HUGE!! I guess I was born to be different. I wear a faded old leather jacket that I bought from a second hand store, everyday. I just feel like it’s a part of me! Now back to the topic, Victoria. It all started about two months ago. (Dramatic fade out) Chapter 1: The Beginning “CHRISTINA!!! Get down here NOW!” You must love the early morning call of a six months pregnant stepmother! I crawl out of bed, slowly. Monday mornings have got to be the worst days ever. It not only is the first day back to school after a successfully lazy weekend, but

they also symbolize family time! Oh my poor father. Karen, my step mom, suggested we start this as a way for us to get to know her better. Unfortunately it stuck. You see my mom died when I was 8. She was like me more than she was like Lilly. Ah, Lilly. My older 17-year-old sister. With her long silky brown hair, her normal sized blue eyes, and a smile that can melt a man's heart. We despise each other. She’s a social butterfly. Parties every Friday. Straight C’s, a rock star boyfriend, and made Karen fall in love with her. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that my sister uses Karen as a puppet or the fact that Karen doesn’t know it? I slink into the kitchen, my eyes about to fall off my face. “Do you not understand that my subway train leaves at 7:40 AM? I don’t need to be woken up at 6:00 o’clock AM!” I say sitting down at the pink table. Yes, the pink table. If it isn’t bad enough here. “Oh, shush-up and eat your breakfast!” Karen said putting a pile of “eggs” in front of me. Though I’m not sure if they were eggs. “What’s this?” I ask poking the “eggs” with my fork. “Eggs,” Karen said not looking at me. “No, this is fried rubber,” I say still poking the thing with my fork. “No they are an egg substitute. I think we should try to be healthier people when it comes to what we put in our bodies, don’t you think?” Karen says bustling around the kitchen. “No, no I don’t,” I push my chair away from the table. “What about breakfast?” Karen called as I headed to my room. “Later!” I shout before closing my door. My room is cool, but the view is better. I lookout my window and see all of New York! I feel like a queen! Literally, I’ve even considered drinking tea! I pull on some jeans off the floor, and a not so wrinkle T-shirt from my over stuffed

drawer, and grabbed my leather coat, and backpack. Even though my bus doesn’t arrive for another 30 minutes, I usually leave at 7:10 AM. To get fresh air, exercise, and Karen off my back. I stated to head toward the door. “But Christina, what about your eggs?” Karen asked. “Those things aren’t eggs!” I then leave only to run into Mrs. Mite. This lady is mean like evil! “Oh it’s you,” she said looking glum. That woman never smiles. “Good morning,” I said creeping down the hallway to the elevator. “What if your ex hasn’t sent you your alimony check for three months. Or there’s a yappy dog that keeps you up all night. Or you live across from a bunch of weirdoes! Would it be considered good then?” she said as she glared at me. “Um, seize the day,” I said quickly retreating to the elevator so I wouldn’t have to hear another rant. After an elevator ride with catchy elevator music, I arrive in the Main Hall, where I see Dave. Now Dave is the manager, Dave likes me. “So Dave, got any mail for me?” I said looking innocently at his key ring. The Key Ring. That small key ring would give me access to every single room, even room 317! Room 317 is supposedly haunted! I believe in everything from the underworld, so why wouldn’t I believe in ghosts. But Dave saw me eyeing the key ring. “No, I don’t want another fiasco like last month. Now scram, Karen just called and is looking for you. She said something about eggs?” I ran out those doors, faster than a bat out of Hades. That’s when I saw her. I always knew Victoria existed, but I didn’t see her around a lot. Boy, were they right. She oozed darkness like mayonnaise out of my Aunt Kiko’s sandwiches. Yet, I knew right when I saw her, I knew she was a vampire. It was like I sensed it. So I decided

to act on my ADD impulses, I followed her. She weaved her way through the crowds so easily, probably a vampire trick, I noted. I pushed, shoved, and even kicked a few people trying to catch up. I followed silently; I spoke only once to get a hotdog from a street vender. I had to run to catch up. When I finally caught up she turned into a creepy alley. I slowly crept toward the alley sneaking a peak around the corner. But she was gone, and it was 7:56, I had missed my subway. Chapter 2: My Strange Theory After getting scolded by Karen, she took me to the subway station to catch the next train. After hopping on the train, with a note from her explaining my late arrival, I sat contemplating my new vampire theory. It made no sense yet it was completely true I knew it, but how to prove it would be the problem. I mean I can’t get near her without creeping her out, and I sort of like my neck without bite marks on it. With those thoughts I began my hunt for the impedingly crazy proof, that Victoria is a vampire! Chapter 3: Face Off With a Vampire The hunt must begin at school, seeing how I can’t ditch. After giving the hunchback secretary my pass I headed to third period. Ah, third period. The only period where the teacher is as strange as I am. Miss. Lin is a strange teacher. She believes in colors and unstoppable fun. I can’t tell you how many days she has worn green tights to school. Even if she is eccentric she is still the best art teacher in New York. We’re lucky to have her. She is my favorite teacher, probably the only teacher I actually respect. I rush into the room only to find that my seat, the only seat that I have ever sat in, was occupied. By the vampire princess. Victoria was going to be flinching by the time I’m done with her. “Excuse me! You with the black hair, you’re in my seat,” I said walking towards her. “Your seat, but there is no name on it,” Victoria gives one of those rare smiles. Gosh that

is SO unfair. “Yes there is. Get off the seat and you will see the initials CP on the bottom,” as I spoke she got off of the seat to look at the initials. “Those stand for Christina Peak. That would be me! Now move it, princess!” I said. Victoria then looked me dead in the eyes. “You don’t really want this seat do you,” Victoria’s eyes got darker and evil looking, and for a second I didn’t want that seat, but only for a second. “Yes, I do still want my seat!” She decided to move. Smart girl. “Also, since when have you been in this class?” I asked as she took the seat next to me. “Hannah Phyllis switched to Drama class, and I have been on the waiting list for art for three months now,” Victoria looked shaken, even though she was talking regularly to me. I knew something was wrong, because I was as shaken as she was. What was with her eyes! I thought taking a few glances towards her. “Good day inspiring minds of the future! To day we are painting portraits of the person next to you, so grab your paints, imaginations, and begin!” Miss. Lin briskly walks back to her “office.” It’s in quotes because it isn’t an office. It’s more like a storage space with furniture. I turn to stare at Victoria. Her hair shapes her face, her purple eyes are dead (I wonder why) and her smile is dull. This girl has no life, pun intended. But there is a part of me that felt sorry for her, then there’s that other part that knows she’s a vampire and tells me to stake her. I dip my paintbrush into the black paint and began. After a swirl of grey, red, and dark blues I was finished. The girl in the painting was Victoria, right down to her sadness. I then felt the presences. You know that feeling when you know someone is looking over your shoulder. I looked behind me to see none other than Victoria. “It’s really good. You are talented,” another one of her rare smiles, but this one was an

almost genuine one. I turned to look at Victoria’s painting of me. I fell in love with it. My fiery red hair was in all different directions and my clothes were like a rainbow of colors. My eyes shined and my dimples were carved into my face perfectly. It was me. I smiled at Victoria, vampire or not, I liked her. “I… I love it. You are so talented. I know why you wanted to go into art so badly. You’re great!” The words flushed out of my mouth before I could stop even one. I felt my face flush red. I really should learn to shut my mouth. But then I wouldn’t be myself. Another one of her rare smiles. I may not want her to be threatened with torches and pitchforks, but I still want to find out the truth, even if it bites. Get it, bites? She’s a vampire so bites… oh forget it! Anyway, the bell rang and we left going our separate ways until fifth period that is. The horror of all horrors, math class. I’m good in most of my classes, but math class makes no sense. It is all figures that jumble together that supposedly make sense. Who really cares what x is, unless you’re a pirate? It’s not like is effects my life. Well, anyway Miss. Batty and me have math class together, and we were given new seats. “Good afternoon class,” my teacher droned. Mr. Fudge may have an incredibly sweet name, but he is boring. After giving new seats to half the class he reached me. “Hmmm, Miss. Peak, you will be sitting next to Miss. De Luca.” Next to the vampire, cool. We silently sat down. Her long fingernails tapped rhythmically on the desk. “Hey, I’m the weird girl from art class,” I say holding out my hand. “We never had I proper greeting. Chris Peak. I know Chris is a boys name.” Victoria gingerly took my hand. “Victoria, Victoria De Luca,” she said with a slight, superficial smile. “So, your family moved here recently, right? So do you have any family friends around here? If not, why did you move? Do you miss your old friends? What were there~” she decided

to interrupt me before my rant really took off. “You talk much more than the average human being, did you know that?” Victoria said a smile forming on her lips. “Yeah, I guess I do. Maybe it’s a family trait, my dad can never shut up about my messy room,” we tried to stifle our laughter while Mr. Fudge rambled on about some sort of formula that helps you find out the answer to another formula. That was where our odd friendship began. Chapter 4: The Vampires Visit My best friend is a vampire, and she doesn’t know I know. This seems kind of messed up, but think of the facts: 1. Victoria could be upset with me for knowing. 2. Some vampires have powers to make you forget things 3. Victoria could suck my blood out of my body I somehow I like myself full of blood, go figure. Don’t get me wrong, I want to tell her but I don’t know how she would react. After that Monday we were best friends. We couldn’t just be friends, because neither of us have any other friends. Next Thursday I invited her over to make gingerbread cookies. “This is your apartment. It’s so…” Victoria began staring at the kitchen. “Ugly?” I finished for her. She nodded slowly. “Yeah, this is what happens when you give a pregnant lady a paint brush, pink.” We then burst out into laughter. Victoria’s laugh is soothing like chirping birds, mine sort of sounds like a braying donkey. “Hey look, Jay. The nerds have arrived,” Lilly said coming in with her boyfriend Jay. Jay is butt ugly. Earrings or some sort of dragon tattoo covers every inch of his skin. “Hey little chick. Who’s your friend, she’s hot!” he said idiotically. Maybe Victoria will

kill him. I’d be down with that. “Jay, I’m like right here!” my sister said hitting him on the chest. “Just ignore the pig Victoria. Want to go into my room? We wouldn’t want to disturb the happy couple,” I said as I jumped off my stool. “Yeah, you just upset cause your sister got me, ginger!” Jay yelled as I walked down the hallway. Victoria followed trying to stifle her apparent amusement of what just occurred. When I closed my door she burst out into fits of laughter! “That is the infamous Jay! Gosh! Why is she attracted to that thing! Please, help me understand your family, because I don’t get you guys at all!” Victoria said hanging upside down on my bed. My room is a dark purple, with a ton of funky polka dots on the walls. My bedspread is an odd green color, while my dresser and wardrobe are a dark mahogany. “Well,” I began lying next to her. “It all began with Renee, my mother. She was always a bit eccentric. I guess that’s what my dad was attracted to. He’s an uptight, workaholic. Well, my mom and dad fell and love and got married. They then had Lilly. Then three years later they had wonderful me! “Well, my mom was the best. We always had a chocolate chip cookie in our lunches, and an apple when we came home. My mom was amazing. Then when I was eight she died suddenly. Some sort of heart failure. But I remember her so clearly! She had my hair, and eyes. I loved her so much. The death affected all of us differently. It made me stronger, it made my dad quieter, and made Lilly rebellious. Then there’s Karen. I don’t know what she smoked as a kid!” We laughed to get rid of the awkward silence. “So what are your parents like?” I ask after a few moments of silence. “Well, my mom looks exactly like me, except for my eyes. Those belong to my dad. My

mother is very uptight strict, VERY conservative! My dad is her mirror image, except he’s a guy. They’re both workaholics, and they often don’t get home until 9:00-ish. I’m forced to learn the piano, and learn Latin. They say ‘A well-rounded woman, is a perfect woman!’ I’m nothing like them! I think that I was sent here by aliens!” Victoria said with a straight face her eyes sparkling. “But that’s impossible! You’re a~” I quickly cut myself off. She was joking I realized. “I’m a what?” Victoria said her eyes turned hard. “A human! Duh, what did you think I was going to say!” I covered pathetically. We laughed half-heatedly, knowing each was holding something back. Thank goodness Karen came home! Never thought I’d ever say that. “Hey! Anyone here? We’re having tofu tacos for dinner! Yum!” Karen yelled. Victoria fakes gagging. “Um, I think I’ll pass eating with your family, like ever!” Victoria said. After a small laughing fit we decided to go see what Karen was doing. “Hey Karen, this is Victoria. She isn’t going to be eating over though, ‘kay?” I said as we sat down at the table. That’s when Karen saw Victoria; she then took a few steps back like I knew she would. “Well… hello, Victoria. Nice to see that Christina has a friend,” Karen stuttered out. “Karen, first off I have other friends! Second, my name is Chris!” I said blushing. Victoria didn’t need to know that I was a nobody at school either. “Chris is so boyish though! Why don’t you try to be more feminine, like Lilly,” Karen said as she prepared the tofu tacos. “Oh, darn it. I must leave. Thank you for having me in your… er, delightful home,” Victoria said staring at the pink kitchen again.

“Want me to walk you out!” I say quickly. I’d do anything to get out of that kitchen. “Yes, Chris. Please,” Victoria said winking at me with a sly smile on her perfect face. “Okay, bye Karen,” I said as I grabbed my leather coat and we walked through the door. “You were suffering. You now owe me your lifelong commitment as my servant,” Victoria said with a devilish grin on her face. For a second I thought I was going to die, but only for a second. “Oh what, my lady, may I do for you? Shiny your shoes! Stroke your lushes’ hair! Kill your enemies!” I said as we got into the elevator. “Shut-up, ginger!” Victoria said nudging me into the elevator wall. “Hey! Breakable bones here! They can snap like twigs!” I said laughing. After the short ride down the elevator we headed out the front door. “So, Chris, I was wondering if we could meet up after school tomorrow. I like hanging out with you,” Victoria said as we hailed a cab for her. “I would love that Victoria,” I said as she hopped into her cab and drove away. I decided right then as I watched my best friend drive down the busy road. I decided to tell her. To tell her, I knew. Chapter 5: The Truth Friday was probably the longest day of my life. Not only did I have to plan what to say to Victoria but I also had to deal with teachers who thought the weekend meant long homework assignment time. Life sometimes dishes you WAY more than you can chew. When the final bell rang my heart just about burst out of my body. “Hey Chris. Want to go hang out over by Mason Lake?” Victoria asked as we walked out of school. Mason Lake is a small lake about a block away from the school. When we got there it

was drizzling slightly. “Darn it,” Victoria said. “If you want to leave~” “No, this is great I love the rain anyways!” I said in the happiest voice I could muster. Can vampires sense fear? Anyways we sat down under one of my favorite trees, the Old Oak. It’s been around since I was in Pre~K. We sat in silence for a while, just enjoying the rain. “Um, Victoria. I need to tell you something. Something you should know,” I said looking down. “What is it Chris?” Victoria said in a nervous voice. “Um, well it began about two weeks ago when I saw you for the first time. You were outside my apartment, and when I saw you I knew. Victoria De Luca you are a, um~” “A what?” Victoria said staring into my eyes. “A vampire,” I got out. I expected a roar, a flash of light, maybe even I’d be dead. But instead I heard laughter. “Oh, Chris. I knew you’d if anyone could figure it out. After I tried to use my mind control ability in that first day at art class. I just was wondering when! Congratulations, you know my secret now what are you going to do!” Victoria said smiling. Even though I knew she now knew I knew, I was completely comfortable. “I’m going to Disneyland!” I said beaming at her. Victoria was a vampire and I didn’t care one bit. “I’m coming! I’ve never been to Disneyland! Gosh, Florida! Maybe I should ask Dad to go there next time we have to move!” Victoria said as she pushed hair out of her perfect face. “Okay, I’m going to warn you, a bombardment of questions is about to occur, so be prepared,” I said in a serious voice.

“Okay, should have known that was coming, after all I am talking to the most curious person on Earth. What do you want to know?” Victoria said with a smile. This smile was real though, unlike others I have seen. “You SO shouldn’t have said that! How can you go out in sunlight? Do you drink human blood? If you do where do you put the drained bodies? Were you always a vampire? Can you turn into a bat? Do you have any vampire friends? What about ghosts? How can you~” I was just beginning but Victoria cut me off. “Alright, let’s begin with those, before my head explodes! Let’s see, vampires can go outside in daylight as long as we have a proper amount of blood in our system. I do drink human blood, but from a blood bank. My dad is a part of the HPS, Human Protection Society. They believe humans are more then our next meal. I was born a vampire, not changed. Yes, I can go batty. I have a few vampire friends, I never had a lot of time in the Underworld as a kid, so I don’t know that many teen vampires like myself. I know a few ghosts, but we aren’t friends,” I was in awe. I really was talking to a vampire. A real member of the undead, sweet. “Wow! You must get lonely being an only child and all,” I said. “I never said I was an only child. I have a sister she’s seven. Her name is Alisa, it means~” My turn to cut Victoria off. “Wise one, my mom always wanted another girl to name her Alise. It was her favorite name, besides Christina. But a sister, wow! I’d love to meet her. I bet Alise is adorable!” I rambled. “Do you want to meet her? Alise is home schooled; she’ll be home schooled until she is ten, that’s when I began real school too. Since Alise is home schooled I’m the only one she ever talks to, she’d be happy for company,” Victoria said as she stood up.

“But what about your parents. A human knows your secret. Won’t this worry them, or even make them want to leave, making me loose my best and only friend,” I said getting up too. “Don’t worry they won’t care! You worry WAY too much. Now jump on my back,” Victoria said bending over. “Why?” I asked. I know very polite, but c’mon what if your friend told you to jump on her back, wouldn’t you be confused! “So I can carry you to my house, on my back,” Victoria said with a sigh. “How?” I know, rude! “Vampires are stronger than humans, and much faster. I mean almost as fast as Superman! Now get on, my back is beginning to hurt in this position,” I hopped on and closed my eyes. I was beginning the coolest ride of my life. Chapter 6: Alise It was a rush! Hair flowing behind me as my world rushed by. I would have laughed but it was hard to breathe. When we arrived I was out of breath, but I couldn’t stop smiling. Then I saw her house. It was a mansion. With gargoyles smiling down at me, vines creeping over the walls, and an iron door about twelve feet tall. Creepy, cool. “Your house is off the hizzle!” I said with a grin. “Don’t ever say that. Like EVER again,” Victoria said with a straight face. I tried and failed to suppress my laughter. “My mom and dad might be home, Alise definitely will. To warn you, they will act really weird. After all you are a human!” We then walked into the house. The inside was just as cool as the outside. Furniture so old that it completed the whole gothic theme. “Victoria is that you! Alise has been wanting you to~,” Victoria’s mother then saw me.

She was almost as beautiful as her daughter. She had the same hair and looks but her eyes were different, very deadly. Ha-ha, get it, deadly. “You must be Chris. Victoria has told me much about you.” her eyebrows rose at Victoria. I saw that Victoria nodded out of the corner of my eye. “Momma is that Victoria!” A small girl ran out of an upstairs door. She was beautiful. She had delicate auburn curls that bounced around her head as she ran. A strange necklace with odd beads bounced around her thin neck. She was wearing a pink dress that flowed around her body like air. “That’s Alise,” Victoria murmured to me. Alise was even more beautiful than Victoria, which I thought was impossible. The little girl then took sight of me. “You are Chris, aren’t you?” Alise yelled. She then bound down the stairs and jumped into my arms. She fit perfectly. “Hello! Aren’t you a little bundle of energy?" I laughed. I then looked in her eyes. Everything went dark except for to bright green eyes. Then everything went black. Crap. Chapter 7: The Power of the Young If you have ever been knocked out by a second graders eyes then you would know how I felt when I woke up. If you haven’t then I’ll explain. Freaked out. I woke up on a four-post bed totally confused. “What the… Where am I?” I said out loud. “My room. Sorry about that. Alise has a talent, per say. She collects memories. When Alise looks in someone’s eyes she absorbs their memories. That’s why you got knocked out. It takes a lot out of humans,” Victoria said emerging from the shadows. “Her strange necklace. Are those…” I trailed off as Victoria nodded.

“Yep. She’s a freaky little girl!” Victoria laughed. But the laugh was one of those awkward fake ones. “I’m not mad! I’m still going to be your friend. I also am not going to try to stake your sister. She’s too cute. Cuter than you, which is saying something!” I then swung out of the bed. I swayed a little then caught my balance on her side table. “Whoa! Slow down there!” Victoria said grabbing my arm. “It’s alright! Can I go see your sister?’ I asked pulling out the innocent eyes. “Fine. But don’t stake her! ‘Kay?” Victoria said as she led me out of her room. We walked slowly down the hallway. Victoria stopped in front of a bright green door. She gently knocked on the wooden door. “You may enter the fairy realm,” Alise called, as the door was swung open. I really did enter the fairy realm. Her whole room was a garden. Vines hung down from the ceiling, and birds flew over our heads. Real birds! Her bed was like a swing, dangling from the roof. Alise had a whole wall of windows that were open letting in a beautiful breeze. It was amazing. “Wow, Alise your room is sweet,” I looked at the little girl. I noticed a new gem on her neck, a pale orange oval. My memories. “Sorry about knocking you out. I don’t know how to control my powers yet. I love your hair! It’s like a pixies!” Alise said as she sat down at a toadstool tea table. How cute! “So, Alise can I have tea with you! I love tea!” I said crouching near the table. “Hmmm,” Alise thought. “You would have to prove you are honorable! Are you still willing?” Her big green eyes were too cute to resist. “Bring it on!” I said as I stood up. Alise then turned on music. “You have to dance with me!” Alise declared grabbing my hands. I gingerly took them.

The last time I danced I was eight, and it was with my Mom. We began to slowly twirl around the room. Slowly the room began to fade, and it was like we were dancing alone in a meadow. We twirled and leaped laughing the whole time. I spun her around. She dipped me. Seriously, vampires are strong. I heard a soft cough which brought me back to reality. I saw Victoria and her mom, but now there was a man with them. Victoria’s dad. He was just as Victoria described him, her mom in dude form. Except for the eyes. Victoria’s eyes were plastered on his face. His hair was auburn, like Alise’s, and he was smiling. At me. Creepy! “Sorry. I didn’t notice you were there,” I went over to shake his hand only to trip on the small tea table and fall flat on myself. “Smooth,” Victoria said laughing. “I meant to do that. I was testing gravity. It still works in case you wanted to know,” I blushed. Way to make a good impression. “Chris, Dad. Dad, Chris. Okay you met! Now that that’s done! How did you like your dance?” Victoria said with that annoying sly grin. “It was splendorous! Like I was dancing with a princess. Which you know I was!” I said smiling at my new little friend. “Daddy, can we keep Chris here! She’d like it! I could show her the garden! She could walk with me everyday, and be my best friend!” Alise said hugging my leg, hard. “Hey! There will only be one best friend here!” Victoria said grabbing her sister swinging her onto her hip. “Please Daddy!” Alise begged! “I think Chris would miss her family too much. Besides I don’t think she likes our normal meals,” Victoria’s dad said winking at me. He didn’t seem like a workaholic. “But, maybe she

could be your babysitter.” Victoria smiled at me. I might get to baby sit a little vampire! My life is WAY awesome! “Well, mom, dad you met my human. You may now leave us alone,” Victoria said pushing her parents out of the room. “Parents can be so intruding!” Little Alise said lying on her swinging bed. “So what do you guys want to do?” I asked sitting on a butterfly beanbag chair. I’m sorry if I don’t know what vampires do! “Let’s go to the garden!” Alise yelped. “It’s raining Alise,” Victoria said soothingly. “So?” Alise said frowning. “Humans get sick. It isn’t pleasant for them. No going outside,” Victoria said smiling at me. “Oh,” Alise said looking down. “Maybe we could play dress up!” “Well, only if Chris wants to,” Victoria said smiling at me. “Um, sure. But how would I fit into the clothes?” I asked as I stood up. “You’ll see,” Victoria said grabbing my hand delicately. I never thought I’d be worried about playing dress up. But then again I never knew I would know two vampire sisters. Chapter 8: Dress Up With Vampires Only one word can describe their dress up closet. Wow. It was a walk-in closet filled with ball gowns, peasant wear, even suits of armor. “Wow. This is your dress up closet,” I said as I walked in. “Don’t be silly Chris!” Victoria said. “This is only our medieval gowns closet. The others are upstairs!” Alise said laughing.

“Yeah, that’s perfectly normal. Everyone has more than one walk-in dress up closet. Every single person I know. I mean seriously,” I said dragging my hands across the dresses. Victoria just rolled her eyes at me, examining a pink ball gown. “Well let’s start! Let’s pretend to be princesses!” Alise said grabbing a beautiful yellow silk dress. When we all were dressed up we danced and twirled turning into princesses. I could get used to this life. Chapter 9: Changing I reluctantly left their house. Victoria gave me I ride home, literally. After a quick good bye I headed into our building. “Chris come here,” Dave said waving me over to the front desk. “Dave I swear the bats were in there before I snuck in!” I said as I walked up to the front desk. “Wait, bats? Chris!” he growled at me. “Oh never mind. Do you need me to get rid of the ghosts in room 317? All I’d need is the key ring.” I said leaning toward the key ring. “No,” Dave said pulling the keys closer to him. “I was just going to warn you that Karen made organic soy chili again.” That was almost as scary as the ghosts. I smelt the “chili” down the hall. Mrs. Mite was outside her apartment looking grumpy like usual. “Good evening Mrs. Mite,” I said in a monotone. I didn’t want to say hello, but Karen gets mad if I don’t. “Oh it’s you. The weird red head,” she grumbled blowing smoke out of her mouth. Even though our building is no smoking everyone is too scared to report her. It was said that she was kicked out of her last building because she pushed her neighbor down the stairs!

“Have a nice night, Mrs. Mite,” I said pulling out my keys. “It would be better if I didn’t have to smell Miss. Sunshine’s disgusting mess of a meal,” Mrs. Mite said. Don’t get me wrong I despise Karen but that was just plain rude! “Hey, I might not get along with Karen. I might hate her cooking, and that ugly kitchen table, but no one calls her names! She may be annoying but Karen cares about people! Unlike you! No wonder no one is your friend,” I then threw open the door. Mrs. Mite was about to say something else but I slammed the door in her face. It felt good. I think that Victoria was beginning to change me, but is that all-bad? Chapter 10: A Different Chris “Chris you’re home! How much chili do you want honey,” Karen asked as she helped me take off my coat. “I’m not that hungry Karen,” I said staring at the goop on the stove. “I know you don’t like my cooking so I got some from Mrs. Rein down the hall. The normal meaty kind, just for you,” Karen said handing me a small container of delicious smelling chili. “OhmygoshKarenthankyou!” I yelped as I gave her a huge hug. I never hug people, EVER! So this came as a shock for Karen, and my dad who just walked into the kitchen. “Chris, you’re touching someone by choice. Isn’t that a bit out of character,” he asked leaning against the counter. My dad isn’t “hot” but he’s definitely “cute” if you like old guys. My dad is about 39. He’s tall, about 5”10, normal weight, brown hair, and brown eyes. He’s sort of dorky but what dad isn’t? Well anyways, Karen was attracted to him so I guess he has to be somewhat good looking still. Unless Karen only likes him for what she calls “his sparkling personality.” I sort of think my dad is boring, but that’s just one opinion. (Mine of course is

right.) “Hey Dad,” I said giving him a small hug. One real hug is enough for the evening. “How’s my little lady. Did you have fun with Victoria?” he asked picking up the newspaper. “It was cool,” I said taking some bites out of my chili. “Can I finish this is my room? I have a ton of homework this weekend and I want to get a head start.” I said picking up my delicious bowl of chili. “Okay sweetie,” Dad said eyes glued to his newspaper. “Don’t stay up late,” Karen yelled as I walked down the hallway. Immediately I flopped down on my bed. I wasn’t the sort to go to bed early, but I was wiped. Victoria is a vampire. Her little sister Alise took my memories and now wears them around her neck in bead form. I stood up for Karen, and my teachers gave me a ton of homework. This weekend will forever be remembered. I then fell into a deep sleep. Chapter 11: Dreams My dreams flashed by in blurs. I saw Victoria with fangs hissing at me approaching for a kill. I saw Alise in a dungeon crying. I saw my mom smiling at me. I saw Karen as a zombie. I saw a woman with flowing black hair. My last vision was one of me, standing alone in a great room being stared down upon by a circle of vampires. Victoria and Alise are in a corner nearby but cannot move. Then right before they attacked a bright light flashed. Then I woke up.

Chapter 12: A Strange Morning I really hate sunlight. I hate how in the morning it blinds you. I also hate waking up to see a vampire sitting on the carpet reading.

“You’re up! Good. Karen has made bacon and pancakes. The real kind don’t worry,” Victoria said dragging me out of bed. Literally, Victoria dragged me out of bed. “What are you doing here? What is the time?” I grumbled rubbing my eyes. “I’m here because my father was worried about how Alise’s powers had effected you. After all my powers have no effect on you, so he thought maybe Alise’s powers would be to much for you. But they obviously were not. As for the time it’s 8:30,” Victoria said throwing my clothes at me. “In the MORNING!” I gasped as Victoria pushed me into the bathroom so that I could change. “Well, of course,” Victoria said laughing. “I never wake up this early! It’s a Saturday!” I said as I pulled the shirt over my head. “But it’s a glorious day out! We can hang out later today but not this morning. Alise and I have to do our Vampire Studies. It’s SO boring!” Victoria said reaching in and pulling me out of the bathroom. “Could you fill me in? I’m not exactly up on the latest in vampire history!” I laughed and looked at the clock. It was only 8:40. I got ready in ten minutes. That’s a record. “You should come over every morning. Then I wouldn’t miss the subway to school!” I laughed as she pulled me into the kitchen. “Wait, Karen made us breakfast? When did you get here exactly?” “At 8:00,” Victoria said not looking in my eyes. “Friends aren’t allowed to come over until 11:00,” Karen was steadfast when it came to that rule. Not even a beautiful vampire could break that rule. Unless… “You controlled Karen!” I gasped picking up some bacon. “I’m sorry. It’s just I never really had a close friend, and my dad made it seem like you

might die or go crazy. Well, crazier. I mean what sort of human would~” Victoria stopped suddenly. I looked up right as my dad walked in. “What of human would do what?” he asked picking up his coffee. “What sort of human would not want to go outside on a day like this,” Victoria covered. My dad smiled unaware of my tension. All I hoped was that he would by the lie. “A crazy one Miss. De Luca. A crazy one. Hey where’s Karen?” he asked picking up the newspaper. “Oh Mrs. Peak had to go down to the supermarket. You guys are out of orange juice,” Victoria said eating some bacon. Victoria is a great liar. Not sure if that’s a good thing. We had plenty of orange juice. She probably dumped it out, told Karen, and Karen left, leaving us to have a delightful conversation involving the undead. “Victoria, you can call her Karen. You can call me Steven. The only people who can’t call me Steven are people who I don’t know. I know you, kind of,” my dad said flipping through the paper. “Okay then Steven. What are we going to do today?” I said blinking my eyes at him. My dad shot me one of those “watch it” looks. Victoria was cracking up so she wasn’t helping my cause. “I thought you and Victoria were heading over to her house today?” he asked deciding not to get mad and ground me. “I have some extra studies I do over the weekends. We can hang out later today. I’ll call my dad to come pick me up!” Victoria said flashing out a cell phone “Oh okay. Walk Victoria to the door Chris!” Dad called as I grabbed my shoes and coat and left with Victoria.

“Your dad isn’t really coming to you up is he?” I asked as we rode down the elevator. “Nope,” Victoria said with a grin. “Now will you accompany to the alley you followed me to the first day we talked, then I will go from there.” “You saw me that day! I thought I was being sneaky!” I said as we walked through the lobby. “You are a red head, with large eyes, and you were wearing a hat with antlers on it. You were quite noticeable. No offense,” Victoria said holding the door open for me. “Oh, I like that hat. I have two if you want one. We could be a herd of two!” I said excitedly. “Shut-up! I SO want one!” Victoria said rolling her eyes. “Now I got to go.” I didn’t realize we had gotten to the alley so fast. “Oh, okay then bye!” I said. She then disappeared. I walked slowly back to my apartment building. Since I was not at school or going to Victoria’s this means that Karen will take us on a family outing. Oh joy. Chapter 12: A Day with Ducks When I walked into our apartment I knew that Karen had something planed. Not good. “Hey honey! Victoria left I see! Guess where we’re going today!” Karen said as she unpacked groceries. I sat down and watched her. What can I say? I’m no helper. “Mars,” I said in a drone. Now that Victoria was gone I was back to my dead morning state. You know that time period between 7 and 12 where you are practically a zombie? Yep that was me. “No silly! Central Park! We can go for a picnic, enjoy the fresh air! Feed the ducks!” Karen said pulling out five loafs of bread.

“Karen, those ducks get fed everyday by hundreds of people. They’ve got to be obese,” I said staring at all that bread. You could feed a homeless person, for a week. “You always make me laugh Chris! You are so silly!” Karen said ruffling my hair. “Is Lilly coming with us?” I asked. “No, it will just be you, your dad, and me,” Karen said not looking at me. “Cool,” I said. “Wait, cool?” Karen said staring at me. “Yeah cool. It’ll be funish. I mean it’s better than doing nothing,” I am not going to let Karen know I was a bit stoked. I mean a day without Lilly. No doting Karen as a servant to my older sisters tricky ways. It might be fun. Then again it might be terrible and I’ll have to fake an illness to escape. I’m guessing it’ll be more like the second one. “Chris you ready to go?” Dad asked. I put the last sandwich in the basket and turned around. I couldn’t help but laugh. My dad was wearing a plaid green and yellow shirt. He also had his nose smothered in suntan lotion. “Karen said I looked good,” Dad said. That just made me laugh harder. “Dad change your shirt and wipe that horrible suntan lotion off your face!” I said grabbing a towel and wiping his nose. “Hey, hey! Karen said sunburn could give you cancer!” Dad said moving away. “Yeah on the rest of your body. Not your nose!” I said laughing chasing after him with the towel. “Hey you two! Are we going or not? Chris do you need me to put suntan lotion on you?” Karen asked coming toward me with suntan lotion prepared. “No thank you!” I said backing away as quickly as possible. My dad just cracked up.

“Honey, do you need more?” Karen said turning towards him. “Karen I think we have enough suntan lotion,” Dad said taking the bottle away from her. Her stunned face was enough to push me over the edge. I couldn’t stop laughing for a good ten minutes. Finally we hailed a cab and left for Central Park. It’s strange that I have lived in New York all my life, but only been to Central Park once. It was with my mom when I was seven. I was having a hard time in science learning about photosynthesis. Mom taught me all about plants, the sun, and water. I got a C on that quiz. My mom was great at everything but teaching. But I had fun. Well when we finally arrived it was 2:00 o’clock and I hadn’t eaten since 9:00, so I was starved. “Karen, can we eat first?” I asked lugging the basket behind me. “But Chris that goes against our fun schedule!” Karen said with a huge smile. “Karen, we are breaking the schedule,” I said sitting down on the grass. My dad knew I wasn’t going to be moving anywhere. He spread the blanket on the grass. Karen whined for a little while but finally agreed. (Even though she had no choice in the matter) After a hardy meal of tofu sandwiches and beet crackers, we decided to go feed the ducks. Disclaimer: If you go to Central Park and feed the ducks and they attack you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. When I ran out of bread the ducks chased me, for a half an hour. Finally an older lady with more bread distracted them. After that we decided to skip feeding the geese. Just in case. “Well that was fun,” Karen said when we arrived home. We couldn’t help it we cracked up laughing. I wouldn’t call the day fun, but it sure was funny. Chapter 13: Italian Talking Victoria arrived thirty minutes after I got back. “Anyone here? Of course you are. You coming Chris?” Victoria yelled not bothering to

knock. “She’s coming Victoria. Your dad downstairs?” I heard my dad ask. “Yes Mr. Peak, I mean Steve!” Victoria said. I then came into the room “Ready?” Victoria asked with a bit too much enthusiasm. I guess it is awkward to talk with adults. I wouldn’t know, none of my “friends” in elementary school invited me over. “Yep, bye dad. Love you!” I said pecking my dad on the cheek and headed out the door. “Where are we going?” “The alley,” Victoria said. After a quick walk we arrived at the alley. “We should dub this The Vampire Alley, cause this is the alley where I first knew you were a vampire,” I said hopping on her back. “Chris, you are really weird!” Victoria said, she then bunched her muscles and began to run. Once again everything flashed by in a blur. It was still just as awesome the second time. When we arrived I was once again out of breath but smiling. We immediately went inside the house. “Alise, Chris is here! Come attack her with a hug!” Victoria yelled. Out of nowhere Alise appeared and gave me a huge hug. I thought she was going to fracture a rib Alise squeezed me that hard. “Be careful Alise!” Mrs. De Luca cried appearing in the room. Alise made a face at her mom. “Mamma spiacente. E il mio migliore amico comunque!” Alise said in perfect Italian. “Alise che non e giustificazione. Il vostro padre vi ha detto quanto gli esseri umani si rompono facilmente!” Mrs. De Luca said that’s when Victoria decided to pitch in to this

wonderful Italian conversation. “Alise non e stupido! Se Chris muore a causa di voi vi perdonerei mai non mai!” Victoria said frowning. Now I was sort of ticked. I mean I was right there. “I am standing right here! Alise I’m happy you think I’m your best friend it’s an honor. But c’mon way to talk about how frail I am in front of me! And Victoria Alise isn’t going to accidentally kill me with a hug!” All I got back was stunned silence. “Oh yeah. My mom was Italian. She taught me. Now you know better.” Once again I got blank stares. “I apologize Chris. I had no idea,” Victoria said. “Sorry,” Alise mumbled looking down embarrassed. “We really didn’t know Chris,” Mrs. De Luca said very embarrassed. “This is awkward,” I said. “Okay Victoria what do you want to do?” “Let’s go to the garden!” Alise said excitedly. “No Alise. It’s too hot. You go outside by yourself,” Victoria snapped. “Girls, be nice. I have to go out for a while, so no fighting. I’m leaving Chris in charge,” Mrs. De Luca said. “Me!” I gasped at the same time Victoria said, “Her?” “Yes, Chris. She is the only one with a sane head on her shoulders,” Mrs. De Luca said pulling on her coat. “Have you met Chris?” Victoria asked astounded. “Yes I have Victoria. I don’t need your lip young lady,” Mrs. De Luca said sternly. “Have a nice day ladies.” She then disappeared. Victoria was obviously still upset at Alise. “Now can we go outside?” Alise asked quietly. “No! We aren’t going outside to that stupid garden of yours!” Victoria growled at Alise.

Alise’s eyes teared up and she began to silently cry. “If you hate my garden then I hate you!” Alise cried. She then ran out the door. “Alise I didn’t~” Victoria began but Alise was already out the back door. “I didn’t, I was just upset, I didn’t~” Victoria began to cry. “Victoria…” I said sitting down next to her. “What’s wrong with me! Alise and I have always been close, now I’m being a complete jerk to her!” Victoria cried. I would have responded but there was a shriek from the backyard. Alise! Chapter 14: Vampire Napped “Alise!” Victoria yelled as we ran into the back. The scene we arrived to was terrible. We saw Alise being held by a man while another tried to stuff her into a bag. Out of nowhere a third appeared and wrapped his arms around me. I of course screamed. But the De Luca’s have no neighbors, so there was no one to call the police. Not like they would’ve helped or anything against the vampires. “Do not move, or I will drain the human of all her blood!” he snarled at Victoria who was about to attack the men who held Alise. I felt his fangs press against my neck. You know that spunky, courageous, Chris? Yeah she decided to speak up. “Hello? Human here! Yeah, I wanted to know, does the Underworld not have breath mints cause sir, you need one!” He snarled and pressed his fangs into my skin more. Yeah, that spunky Chris also gets me into a lot of trouble. “CHRIS! VICTORIA! Help me!" Alise yelled. “Alise, hold on baby!” Victoria yelled crying. The men stuffed her head below the bag. You could tell she was still fighting but Alise lost the battle. The two men shut the bag, and one

swung it over his shoulder. They then disappeared into a purple circle that appeared out of nowhere. “Try to find the little one now!” My captor laughed. “Now a gift for the human!” he then sunk his fangs into my neck. Chapter 15: Ow! Ouch. I’m not going to lie and say it was like a pinprick, more like a giant needle! I woke up too Victoria’s worried face inches away from mine. “Honey personal bubble,” I said groggily sitting up. “Alise!” I immediately got worried. Wondering where she was, if she was hurt. “Stay calm. Your wound is still bleeding a bit,” Victoria said dabbing a wet washcloth against my neck. There were two holes in the crook of my neck. I had no idea how I’m going to explain that one to dad. “We have to go after her! We have to save her! Why did they even take her? Am I a vampire?” I cried standing up. “No you’re not a vampire! They took Alise because of you. Not that it’s your fault. They are a part of the Vampire Council. The Order is like your Senate. It’s against the law for a human to know about vampires, and we broke the law. So unless I bring you to them, they will kill Alise,” Victoria said looking at me with sad eyes. “Okay. Let’s do it,” I said. Victoria just stared at me. “What?” she asked. “Let’s do it. Bring me to them,” I said staring back at her. “They will kill you. You get that right?” she said astounded. “Yeah. But I have an idea. We go there, you say the only way I will give me to them is if

they release Alise first. Then you grab her and me and transport home. Then you and your family could move on, and you could use your powers to make my family change our names and make us move,” Victoria just gave me a blank stare. “You would be willing to sacrifice your life here for Alise? I can’t let you do that Chris,” Victoria said with tears in her eyes. “You don’t have a choice. You can’t control me. So we’re doing this whether you like it or not,” I said grabbing a sword off the wall. “What is that for?” Victoria asked standing up. “So you’re in?” I asked putting the sword on my belt. “Do I have a choice?” Victoria asked. “No,” I said with a smirk. “Then yes. I’m in. But seriously, what’s with the sword,” Victoria asked standing up. “Protection, for in the Underworld,” I said grabbing a knife off the bookshelf. “How did you know, never mind. It’s you, why am I asking. Alright, so we need to leave like now,” Victoria said picking up to pieces of chalk. “What is that for?” I asked grabbing the piece she handed to me. “Oh, to get to the Underworld. Draw a circle around yourself. Hurry!” Victoria and I began to draw circles around ourselves. “Is this like magic chalk that can teleport us anywhere?” I asked giddy. “No, it’s normal chalk. Now I need you to repeat after me. When we finish, if we did it right, we should be transported to the Underworld,” Victoria said giving me a slightly nervous look. “I’ve never gone to the Underworld without my parents.” “It’s going to be okay. We’ll save Alise,” I said gingerly patting Victoria’s arm trying to

comfort her. “Tempo a partire da tempo,” she said her voice shaking. “Tempo a partire da tempo,” I said. The wind began to stir. “Buio da indicatore luminoso,” Victoria said. Again I repeated. “Buio da indicatore luminoso,” the wind was really stirring now. “Diabolico e buon,” Victoria said her voice rising. “Diabolico e buon,” I said. The wind was rushing fast now. Blowing my hair in all directions. “La regione sottoterra andremo!” Victoria yelled so I could hear her over the wind. “La regione sottoterra andremo!” There was a crack and a flash of black light. The wind whipped through my hair. I saw my body be surrounded in a thick purple fog. Then everything was done. The wind stopped. The fog disappeared. I was in the Underworld. Chapter 16: The Underworld…Fun I crashed to the ground, hard. I took a look around. I really was in the Underworld. A sudden crack from nowhere made me jump. Victoria fell to the ground next to me. “Welcome to my world. Creepers USA. C’mon,” Victoria said helping me up. This world was eerie. The sky was purple, and the clouds were dark blue. The ground was dark green and the town we landed near was the weirdest of all. Weird creatures walked the streets. Zombies, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and even monsters! As in three eyed creatures. The town had kooky buildings all in dark colors. There was even a building that looked like a tall tower. Another looked like a witch hat. I followed Victoria into the town. “This is awesome!” I squeaked as we passes by a group of grunting werewolves. “Stay cool! Don’t act like you’re a human!” Victoria hissed in my ear.

“But I am,” I said. Immediately Victoria turned into an alley whipping me with her. “Alright listen. Right when you entered the Underworld you can’t be human anymore. You can’t act like a human. They will eat you! Now act like you are a vampire! If you don’t you will die along with Alise” Victoria said. “We have to go to Delvinado. They sell the best weapons.” We went back onto the busy monster infested streets. We walked in silence until we turned a corner to see a small shady looking shop. The name? Delvinado. Great. “Um, this is it?” I asked leaning closer to Victoria. “Yes. Spooky, huh. Hurry hide your face. If someone saw a De Luca going into this shop, boy, it would be in all the tabloids!” Victoria said pulling her cloaks hood over her pale face. I pulled my hood over my face as well. “Vampires have tabloids?” I asked turning to Victoria. “Yes, now c’mon. Before we’re seen,” Victoria said opening the door. A small bell jingled as we entered. The inside was just as disgusting and creepy as the outside. “Who there? We closed! Leave now!” a man with a thick accent said when he caught sight of us. “It’s an emergency, Luther. You remember me, right?” Victoria said pulling off her hood. “Victoria! It’s been long time! You need more arrows?” Luther asked giving Victoria a hug. “No. I need weapons. Two swords, two daggers, and one small axe,” Victoria said pulling out a roll of cash. “Fast.” “I get what you need!” Luther limped away. “I have a sword and knife,” I said showing her the weapons I grabbed. “They’re dull. We need new, sharp ones,” Victoria said yanking the weapons from my

arms and throwing them into a small furnace nearby. “So, how long do we have to find her?” I asked hoping it wasn’t in an hour. “It will take us six days to reach the capital. They gave me seven days before they kill her,” Victoria said. “I can’t be gone seven days! My parents will kill me! I can’t be gone~” Victoria slapped her hand over my mouth. Luther then walked in. “Here. Take weapons. Three hundred gorbes. Give now,” Luther said. Victoria slapped some bills in his meatloaf hands. “Thanks. Get out.” He then pushed us out the door. “That was rude! But seriously I can’t be gone that long!” I said pulling my cloak tighter around my shoulders. It was cold in the Underworld. “Days in the Underworld are hours in your world. So to your family it’s only seven hours. My parents will cover. We can’t run though, so we need to find a ride,” Victoria said glancing at some of the shops. “Why can’t you run?” I asked trying not to look at anyone or thing directly. “The Vampire Council can track us if we fast run. They’ll see us coming. We need surprise on our side. C’mon, I see a Dragon Shop!” Victoria said pulling me toward some sort of stable thing. “Wait, dragon?” I asked shocked. “Yeah. Giant lizard. We have to get two of the non-flying ones. I don’t have my flight license yet,” Victoria said guiding me to the building. As soon as we entered a short, green haired, lady walked up to us. “Want a dragon I presume? Non-flying obviously, you ain’t old enough. I’ll get Ritzy and Reek. Meet me out back. Bring five hundred gorbes, for each,” the lady then walked briskly into

the back. I stood there watching her disappear. These people are so weird compared to humans. “You heard her! Out back,” Victoria said yanking me towards a heavy wooden door. We wait for a few minutes until the short lady came back with two huge lizards. They were as big as three horses in a line, but very thin. Thin enough we can put our legs on either side. “Reek and Ritzy. Pay up,” the lady said holding her hand open. Victoria handed her a wad of cash. “Thank ya lasses kindly.” The lady left just as briskly as she came. Victoria jumped onto the back of her dragon. “C’mon. Hop on,” Victoria said holding the reins of her dragon. “This may surprise you but I’ve never rode a dragon before,” I snapped at her. “Here,” Victoria said jumping off of Reek. She then hoisted me onto Ritzy. “There. Now throw the reins to me, and I’ll tie your dragon to the back of mine. Then all you’d need to do is hold on!” I did what she said then we were ready to go. “We’re coming for you Alise,” I said as we began to ride. “We’re coming!”

Chapter 17: Blood Lake and Coffins We decided to stop for the night at a place known as Blood Lake. Nice name, huh? “Chris I need to ask you a question,” Victoria said bringing over some sticks so we could make a fire. “Shoot,” I said trying to create a spark. “I can do that with a magic dust,” Victoria said grabbing a handful of red dust from her bag. She through it down on the pile of sticks and immediately a fire started. “We need somewhere safe to sleep, and a tent wouldn’t work very well here so…” Victoria trailed off. “So, what?” I asked.

“Sothesafestplaceforustosleepisinasetofcoffins,” Victoria mumbled. “What?” I asked. “WE WILL HAVE TO SLEEP IN COFFINS!” Victoria blurted out. “Okay,” I said holding my hands up to the fire. “Really?” Victoria said cocking her head. “Really. I don’t care. Do we have any food?” I asked my stomach growling. “Yeah, hotdogs for you, blood for me. We have to stay strong to face the Order,” Victoria said pulling out a packet of hotdogs and buns. She also pulled out two water bottles. One was clear the other was red. “I’ll have the clear one if you don’t mind,” I said with a grin. “Are you sure? It’s A positive! And very fresh,” Victoria laughed handing me my bottle. After we finished eating (or drinking) we decided to go to bed. “So I’m going to throw some powder on the ground and two coffins will appear. Then when we get in they’ll sink below the surface. The dragons are already down for the night and I put some magic collars around their necks preventing them from running away or getting stolen,” Victoria told me. I nodded silently, just wanting to close my eyes and sleep. Victoria then threw the powder on the ground. Two wooden coffins appeared. Not the shabby kind, these were very nice coffins. “Goodnight then,” I said. “Goodnight,” Victoria said hopping into her coffin. I then jumped into mine and shut the lid. Coffins are very cozy. Warm, secure. I fell into a deep sleep almost immediately

Chapter 18: Dreamt to Alise

I somehow arrived in a dungeon. “Ahhh!” I screamed when I opened my eyes. I mean c’mon, that would be scary. Going to bed in a nice coffin, and waking up in a dungeon. “Chris?” a small voice asked. I knew the small voice. It was Alise. “Alise! Where am I? Was I captured? Are you hurt? How did I get her? I can’t believe~” I was cut off, like usual. “You talk to much. You weren’t captured. I’ve been awake this whole time. You somehow came here in your dreams it seems, I don’t know how though. I’m in the vampire prison. I can’t get out. The spells preventing escape are way too strong. I’m not hurt, just weak. I’m so happy to see you! Are you coming to save me? I hate it here!” Alise said hugging me, happy tears streaming down her face. “Oh Alise! We’re coming for you! Stay strong honey! Your sister is SO sorry for leaving you alone! She loves you! So do I! You’re my little sister!” I said just hold Alise letting her cry on me. “Oh Chris! I love Victoria! And you! I just want to go home!” Alise cried, holding onto me. “These people are mean! And don’t give me blood. I’m SO thirsty Chris!” “Alise it’s okay. It’ll be all over in seven days! We are coming to save you! Victoria and I have a plan to trick the Council! We are sneaking here on dragon so they won’t know what-“ “Chris shut-up!” Alise cried slapping her hand over my mouth. I heard footsteps running towards Alise’s cell. “Who’s there? Why are you talking?” a voice called. Alise jumped away from me, wiping up her tears on her sleeve. “Tell Victoria I’m okay and that I love her! Now wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” Alise’s

voice became quieter and quieter until I heard nothing.

Chapter 19: Fortune Teller “WAKE UP!” Victoria’s voice immediately woke me up. I jumped up yelled with joy. “What’s your problem?” Victoria asked looking worried. “I saw Alise! Somehow I got to her with my mind! She’s okay! She’s alive!” I said hugging Victoria. “What?” Victoria said sitting up. “I saw Alise! I somehow went to her in my dreams. Though we have absolutely no idea how! We talked! She told me to tell you she’s okay, and that she loves you!” I said hugging the stunned Victoria. “Really, she still loves me after what I said, what I did. Oh Chris we need to save her! We have to! It isn’t fair for someone so full of life to die because I made a stupid mistake! You need to get up. Eat some dry cereal while riding. We’ll save her, I know we will,” Victoria said helping me up from my coffin. Right when I got out my coffin turned back into dust. I saw that everything was packed up except for me. “Let’s do this,” I jumped onto my dragon and we rode off. The day was very long. If any of you have ever rode on a horse you know saddle back. Dragon back is much worse, like ten times worse. You not only get wedgies, but your whole back kills. When we finally got to a town my whole body was killing me. “Victoria, are we going to stop?” I asked rubbing my back. “Yep we’ll stop here for tonight,” Victoria said slowing down her dragon outside a potion shop.

“Oh thank goodness! I’m going to need years of chiropractic work! You are going to need to pay for that by the way,” I said jumping off Ritzy’s back. “Ha-ha. All right if I’m right, we should eat over at the Grimy Goblin then hit the hay at The Sleeping Broomsticks. Then we wake up early in the morning and head to Reneportos. Then we wait till sunset and save my sister!” Victoria said grabbing our bags. “Great I’m starved!” I said as we walked into the Grimy Goblins. The place was named correctly. Every inch was covered in dirt, grease, or grime. It was disgusting. “Victoria, this place sucks,” I said sitting down at a table that looked partially clean. “Foods good though,” Victoria said handing me a menu. The food looked normal except for an occasional bug soup or brain slushie. “The baked potato with ham and cheese sounds good,” I said. There was a sudden pop and another voice joined us. “Oh honey it’s more than good. But let me tell you one thang the pizza is delicious,” our waitress said with a smile. “Howdy doo. I’m Sugar.” Sugar had bright purple hair that was spiked in all different directions. Her eyes were huge, bigger than mine. Sugar’s nose was really tiny and pointed. Her lips were very thin and her teeth were a bit pointed. Ooh I forgot to mention, Sugar had wings. Yep my waitress was a fairy! A stinkin fairy! I thought nothing could surprise me, but boy I was surprised. “Honey, you look you saw a ghost. Wait, she ain’t human is she?” Sugar asked looking at Victoria. “No, she’s just an idiot. We would like your best pepperoni pizza and for drinks I would like your best blood, preferably not killed, from a blood bank and water for the dumb one,” Victoria said handing Sugar our menus.

“Well alrighty then. Be back in a wink,” Sugar said disappearing with another pop. “Are you an idiot? We need to stay under the radar. By you staring at every creature in here you aren’t making that easy!” Victoria hissed glaring at me. I was about to say something when a pop silenced me. “Here’s your food honeys. Hot out of the ovens. Here’s your drinks too,” Sugar said placing our foods and drinks in front of us. “Give me a holler if you need something else,” With another pop Sugar was once again gone. We dug in. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was starved. “Omygoshthisisthebestpizzaever!” I mumbled threw the chunks of food in my full mouth. “Okay there’s this new thing called swallowing. Try it. It’s great,” Victoria said laughing at me. We engulfed the pizza faster then ravished wolves. Victoria slurped her blood quickly. “Way to chug that. I don’t think that’s the last blood on Earth you can slow down,” I said as Victoria slammed the empty glass on the table. “I need to keep my strength up if we want to save my sister. Sugar!’ Victoria called out into the restaurant. “Y’all need something?” Sugar said pooping up beside me. I was beginning to get used to that whole popping thing. “Another two cups of blood. But can you make it B negative. I’m trying to watch my weight,” Victoria said smiling. “Whatever you need Sugar provides!” Sugar said popping away. “ B negative, huh? I’d ask but then you would have to tell me,” I said with a sly smile. “Ha-ha. Hey you finished your food. Need something else?” Victoria asked looking at my empty plate.

“Naw! But can I maybe head to the hotel?” I asked stretching. “Nothing like a full belly to make you tired, if you know what I mean.” “Sure. Just don’t talk to anyone,” Victoria said handing me some gorbes to pay for the room. “Okay. No talking got it!” I said grabbing the money. I left and headed for The Sleeping Broomsticks. I walked in silence just taking in everything around me. I saw tiny creatures dashing threw the crowds. I saw child monsters laughing while eating mounds of bugs. I saw vampires silently discussing business in a dark alley. I saw witches fumbling there way down the street carrying bags filled with newt eyes and cow tongues. “Come have your fortune read by Madam Rezinni!” I was yanked to the side of the street by a long boney hand. “Let me see your future!” I looked down to see an older lady with beads falling in front of her face. Her eyes were grey and fuzzed over like she sees me but doesn’t… I know complicated. She was hunched over a small table with a crystal ball in the middle. “I really shouldn’t I have to~” I began. “No! I will read fortune!” the lady said tightening her grip on my arm. “I have no~” I began again. “No! Madam does not care about money. Sit!” the Madam said twisting my arm in such away that I was forced to sit down. “Now let me see.” She said quietly gazing into the crystal ball. “Um. Hello, Earth to Madam,” I said waving my hand in front of her face. She slapped it away without any sound. Then the Madam sat upright and her breaths came out in odd uneven breaths. “Renella has returned!” the woman said in a strangled voice. With a gasp she fell back

onto the floor and her body began to have spasms. “Help! Help!” I yelled trying to help her. Slowly the spasms began to lessen. Her eyes rolled backwards into her head. I kneeled down beside her trying to find a pulse. There was none. She was dead. “I was wondering when she would keel off. A bit sooner than I thought. Must of been one freaky future! Good job though, with having such a messed up life you killed an old fortune teller,” a sneering voice came from behind me. I turned around to see a boy about my age. His hair was short and all over the place. It was a deep dark black. He was tall and muscular like he worked out, but not like he lived at the gym. He had smoky grey eyes and a beautiful smile. Except this wasn’t a smile, it was a sneer. “Aren’t you going to go get help or something,” I said gaping at him. “Nope, probably not,” he said with a smirk leaning closer to me. “I’d rather stay here and talk about us.” He said breathing the last word gently in my ear. I barely repressed a shudder. “Where did you get that line? Losers R Us?” I tried to say as forcefully as possible trying to offend him. It probably would have worked if I hadn’t squeaked the beginning like a giddy girl. “Aw. That’s too cute. You trying to be all fierce and stuff,” he said placing his hands against the walls trapping me between his arms. “For a human.” He then flashed his fangs at me ready to take a bite when we heard footsteps running towards us. “Chris?” I heard Victoria’s voice ring out. I couldn’t respond I was frozen between the arms of a hot killer vampire. “Maybe some other time,” He said tickling my chin gently. Then he was gone. Victoria came running up to me.

“What happened to this one?” Victoria asked nudging the fortuneteller with her foot. I decided not to tell her about my run in with the model of death. “She predicted my fortune and died,” I said. When Victoria looked weirdly at me I recounted the story but leaving out the parts with tall, deadly, and handsome. “Freaky. Let’s go check into the hotel,” Victoria said turning out of the alley. “But what about her?” I asked glancing at the poor woman on the floor. “Oh someone will find her. Preferably after we have left. I don’t want people snooping around us or more specifically you,” Victoria said guiding me out of the alley. “Why me?” I asked following her. “Because then the police would know that I brought a human to the Underworld and our plans to save Alise would be flushed down the drain of death, disappointment, and doom,” Victoria said opening the door to a small hotel. It was definitely much better than The Grimy Goblins. The place was clean and very modest looking. Sort of like a bed and breakfast. We headed for the check in counter. “Good afternoon,” the lady at the counter said. “How may I help you?” She asked her voice light and pleasant but airy somehow. Like she wasn’t actually thinking she was just speaking. Also, she wasn’t even looking at us or even had moved. “We need a room,” Victoria said putting the money on the counter. “Here,” the lady said handing us a key. “This key goes to room 4. Have a nice day. Next.” We walked away and head to our room. “What was up with her?” I asked after Victoria had shut the door behind us. “Oh she’s an enchanted doll. Meant to do what ever the owner wants her too. The owner must be out today.” Victoria asked flopping down on her bed.

“Victoria, who is Renella?” I asked sitting on my bed. “No clue. There have been plenty of Renella’s in history. It is a common Underworld name. Like the human name Stephanie. Where ever humans go there is always a Stephanie. That’s the same with the name Renella. My mom knows about thirteen Renella’s. Now go to sleep. Big day tomorrow,” Victoria said turning to her side. I heard silent snores coming from that side of her room in moments. I turned over to my side and waves of exhaustion rushed over me. I fell asleep in seconds. Chapter 20: Arrival We were at Reneportos, the capital of the vampire world. After waking up after a goodnight sleep we ate a quick breakfast then headed out for Reneportos, only stopping for potty breaks, we had arrived in the early morning. “We’re here. Ditch the dragons,” Victoria ordered. We let Reek and Ritzy go near the woods. They will be happier there. Unless they get eaten, which is highly unlikely because they’re big. Really big. As in huge. “Now what do we do?” I asked as we walked into town. “We wait until sunset then we go to the Grand Court,” Victoria said guiding me to a small motel like thing. “We plan in the room. So no one can hear us.” Victoria threw a wad of cash on the front desk. “You want a room I guess?” the man at the counter said. “Yeah, that is sort of what the money is for. It’s not a donation or something,” Victoria snapped. See that is why you shouldn’t travel for a day straight. The man grabbed the money then handed us a key. “Room 1345,” he said. “Elevators over there.” He gestured to a closet.

“This place is too small to have 1345 rooms!” I hissed. “Magic silly. Now get in the elevator,” she said opening the closet. “You mean the closet,” I said staring at the open doors. “Get in and press the 1,3,4, and 5. It’ll bring us to our room,” Victoria said pushing me in. It really was an elevator. With coats, hats, and shelves, but still an elevator. I pressed the numbers and we were off. We lurched, and crashed into each other. It took about five minutes. Five minutes of torture. When we finally got out I was covered in bruises. “Never going in that elevator ever again,” I grumbled rubbing my freshly bruised arm. Victoria rolled her eyes. Of course she didn’t care she can’t get bruises. I snatched the key from her and opened the door to our room. The room was quaint, a television in the corner, two nice coffins, and a small kitchen area. “Okay we need a plan for tonight,” Victoria said sitting down grabbing a notebook from her bag. “We should sneak in. Then…” I described the whole plan as she scribbled everything down. “Gosh. We should get some rest before tonight,” Victoria said setting down the notebook and crawling into one of the coffins. I followed even though I wasn’t that tired. I dozed off a couple times. We ate and just chilled, both of us really nervous. After tonight I would lose everything. My home, my name, and even my life. I could no longer be Chris. I’m leaving my life for Alise. It’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make if it means protecting Alise. She isn’t even my sister yet I feel I’m connected to her. No one with her joy and life should die. We sat in silence most of the day. Victoria chugged blood like there is no tomorrow, and there might not be. If my plan fails then we’re dead. Talk about no pressure.

“Chris don’t freak out but I need to power up,” Victoria said breaking my deadly chain of thought. Get it, deadly? “Power up?” I asked looking at her. “You know change into full vampire. As in fangs,” Victoria said. “Okay,” I said. Victoria shut her eyes and I look of concentration crossed her face. A black smoke then surrounded Victoria. When the smoke dispersed there Victoria stood with pure red eyes and fangs. I did the natural thing. I staked her. Chapter 21: The Beginning of the End You should see your face right about now! I got you good huh! Of course I didn’t stake her! C’mon. I actually just stood there staring like a moron. “Chris, calm down. I’m not like going to go all suck your bloodish. I don’t do that,” Victoria said handing me a cloak to where. “You look WAY creepy. Like Nosferatu creepy,” I said throwing the cloak around my shoulders. It was almost time for the plan to take action. My adrenaline levels were way high. I wasn’t excited, more likely totally freaked. I was facing imminent doom! Have some heart! Or are you still upset about the staked joke? I’m sorry for the staked joke. Now let’s go back to where we were. After a grueling elevator ride, we were back in the lobby. “Now we are going to sneak around to the back. Then we’ll enter through the secret passage underneath the moat,” Victoria repeated to me for the fiftieth time. “I get it. Go to back, go in moat, sneak through secret door. Wait, what’s going to be in the moat?” I asked. If there was something in the moat it won’t be good. “Oh just some mermaids. I can handle them though,” Victoria said holding the door open for me. Such manners.

“Okay then. It’s sunset. Are we ready?” I asked watching the last light of the day fade. “Well, we better be ready. If we’re not then… well you know,” Victoria said saving me the gory details. We walked silently in the streets. Slowly people left the streets. Soon it was only Victoria and I, and an occasional homeless thing. The path slowly got wider until we were standing in front of a huge castle. “This is the whole building?” I gaped. It was huge! Almost as big as the White House, but bigger. “No silly! There is an attachment out back!” Victoria laughed guiding me behind the building. Yes, there was an attachment. It was also huge. “Wow, could you share your economies secrets with my government. They need a few pointers,” Victoria laughed then led me towards the moat. The moat was big too. This whole world is big, like super sized. “Alright. I’m going to jump in, and when I yell go I want you to swim down five feet and find a metal gate. The gate should pull off its hinges. You then swim through, whether or not you see me. I’ll get threw, don’t worry!” Victoria assured me after seeing my panicked look. Victoria then gracefully jumped into the water. She was gone for about thirty seconds before I heard “GO!” I leapt into the water with as much force as I could muster. I swam under five feet and saw the gate. Right before I could reach it I was pulled farther downward. I looked down to see a creature with sharp pointed teeth, green hair, and a TAIL! A mermaid was pulling me downward. If she hadn’t been trying to kill me that would have been sweet. I kicked at her with all my force, but humans cannot survive without oxygen so I was blacking out. Then I felt the pressure on my foot relieved, a new pressure was around my waist pulling me back up. I burst out of the water in a green cave.

“You are so dead Victoria,” I said while I choked out icky moat water. “Oh good. You’re well enough to be yourself. I guess that’s a good thing. Now get up. We have a rescue mission to perform here! There’s no time for rest!” Victoria said dragging me to my feet. “I almost drowned. I get a break!” I grumble but I followed her down the cave. After a complicated arrangement of lefts, rights, and U-turns, we reached our destination. We reached the end. “Here we are. Are you ready?” Victoria asked her face full of seriousness. This is probably just as hard on her as it is on me. Two fourteen year olds about to take on a council of old vampires, who are wiser, tougher, and quicker, than them. The odds were against us, but I knew we could do it. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” I held out my fist. We bumped fists, and then we burst into the room.

They were ready for us. Crap. Chapter 21: The Vampire Council We were surrounded on all sides. Vampire guards stood ready to attack at a moments notice. Two muscular vampires held Alise. I stole a glance at Victoria. She had caught sight of Alise and small silent tears were streaming down her face. The vampire in the center than stood up. “Victoria. Human,” the vampire said coolly. “The human has a name. Her name is Christina. She prefers to go by Chris. My, my where have your manners gone, Uncle Victor,” Victoria said cocking one of her eyebrows at the

vampire. “Uncle! Uncle! You forgot to mention that small detail Victoria! Let me guess the fat bald one is Grandpa!” I hissed at Victoria. “Shut-up Chris. For once shut-up. Do you see where we are? What position we are in? All you do is talk and you never listen! You always have it Chris’s way, because Chris is always right! Chris is perfect! Chris has a big head!” Victoria yelled getting in my face. Victoria has two inches on me, so I had to step on my tiptoes to look her square in the eyes. “Yes I’m the perfect one!” I said sarcastically. “Victoria is humble. Victoria is sweet. Victoria is smart. Victoria is a BIG WUSS! Never willing to take any risk. Always hiding. Never being you! Because if you act like yourself you may disappoint someone. And Victoria has to please everyone!” I shouted back at her. “You want to see the real me?” Victoria snarled at me. “Yeah. I do. Bring it, princess!” I said. “Fine!” Victoria snarled then grabbed me throwing me across the room. I crashed to the floor. I blinked my eyes open to see Victoria coming closer to me. Her eyes fiery red, her fangs out and ready to take a bite. Victoria crouched down over me as I rubbed the back of my head. She grabbed my throat pushing me against the wall. I could see Alise out of the corner of my eye shrieking at Victoria to stop. Victoria leaned in to bite me, to kill me. “In three,” she whispered. “Two,” I whispered back. “One. NOW!” Victoria yelled dropping me to the ground. We had about three seconds of shock on our side. Victoria threw herself at the men holding Alise. They fell back leaving me time to grab Alise.

“Alise run! Run for the door. Don’t slow down!” I said dropping her arm. We ran side by side. Victoria caught up; in her hand was some white powder. We were near the door. Victoria threw the powder to the ground. Right before the powder hit the floor, I was knocked to the side. A force field went up around Victoria and Alise, but I wasn’t with them. I was only a few feet away from the force field. Unprotected in a room of vampires who wanted to kill me.

Chapter 22: An Outsider “Did you silly girls actually believe you could out-smart us? It was a great effort I must say! Beautiful acting Victoria! You too, um, it’s Christina isn’t it?” Victor asked with a smirk on his face. “It’s Chris,” I said standing up. I kept my face blank of emotion. I wasn‘t going to cry or show fear. I was going to face whatever happens to me. “Why Chris, I’m dieing to know, were you so willing to come here, even if it meant certain death? Why trade your life for a little girl you barely know?” Victor asked. I thought for a few seconds wondering the same. Why did I care so much about Alise? The answer came to me. It was something my mom had taught me since I was a little girl. “Life is more than just being alive. It’s about doing what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s about stepping-stones and falling down. It’s about joy and misery. Life doesn’t mean having a beating heart. It means making the most of everything. Alise De Luca has more life than anyone else I have ever met. My mother would have loved Alise. If she were here my mom would have done the same thing I’m doing right now. Dieing to protect life. Real life,” I said staring at Alise. Small tears escaped both of my friends’ eyes. They knew what I knew; these words were probably my last.

“Those words are touching. But the end must still come for you. You know our dirty little secret. And that is not good at all,” Victor said leaving his seat and walking towards me. All the guards were now inching towards me. “Can I say one thing to Alise and Victoria, please?” I asked. Tears formed in my eyes. “Yes. I suppose I could grant you that,” Victor grumbled. With a wave of his hand the guards parted letting me approach the force field. “Oh Chris! Why? You shouldn’t have to die like this. I never should have become your friend! You would’ve lived much longer,” Victoria cried. “I may have survived longer, but I wouldn’t have lived. You and Alise brought some new spirit to my life, and even though I’m about to die I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” I said tears streaming out of my eyes. “Maybe the death part, though!” I tried to laugh but the tears were streaming down my face. “Chris, I’m sorry! I should’ve fought harder! I shouldn’t have gotten us into this mess!” Alise wailed. I bent down and put my hand flat against the invisible surface that held us apart. “It’s not your fault. You are young. You shouldn’t have even been taken, Just promise me one thing before I die,” I said staring into Alise’s eyes. “Anything Chris,” Alise choked out between sobs. “I want you to find a way to give my memories to my dad, He’s about to lose another person in his life, but maybe he doesn’t have to lose me completely. Maybe if you give him the bead he will always know I’m there,” I cried. My dad. He’s about to lose someone else he loves. He always told me that my mom’s spirit lives in me. He is now loosing both of us. Hasn’t he had enough sorrow? “I will Chris,” Alise said holding onto her beaded necklace.

“At least I’ll be with my mom soon!” I said with a weak smile. I backed away from them. I saw Victoria turn Alise around so she wouldn’t have to see me die. “Let’s proceed then,” Victor said. My family and friends flashed through my mind. Mr. and Mrs. De Luca, Miss. Lin, Alise, Victoria, Lilly, Karen, Dad, and Mom. Oh, Mom. I wished she were still alive. As the vampires came closer and closer I fell to the floor. I remembered the time after I watched Dracula for the first time I was freaked out. My mom came in and told me there was a special phrase in Italian that made vampires go away. Lasci i vampiri. Nessun danno verraàa me. The vampires were all around me. I felt something change inside of me. All of a sudden I felt like something was pressing on me. I then knew what I needed to do. “Lasci i vampiri. Nessun danno verraàa me!” I yelled as loud as I could. I fell over. A bright light surrounded me. Then I passed out.

Chapter 23: Mom “Honey wake up,” a voice called. I slowly blinked my eyes open. My mom was there leaning over me. “Mom!” I yelled hugging her. I was so relieved to see her instead of a vampire. I then had another less pleasant thought. “Am I dead?” I asked my eyes wide. “No baby. You’re dreaming,” Mom said laughing. Gosh, how I missed her laugh. It was soft and sweet. “Wait. You’re not actually here. You’re just something my mind created so I could cope with a difficult situation,” I said with a frown. “Yes and no,” Mom said with a smirk. She used to love teasing me. “Well which is it!” I cried nudging her.

“This is really me. But you somehow got to me. Probably because this was the only way for you to cope with something you just did,” Mom said pulling me into her arms. “Well what did I just do?” I asked looking up at her. My mom was the most beautiful woman in the universe. She had my hair, my eyes, even my quirky personality, but I could never be Renee. There was something she had that I didn’t. “Honey I don’t know what caused me to come to you, but I’m happy it did happen. I love you so much. I wished I could have been there to watch you grow up. I’ll never get to dress you up for prom, or cry on your wedding day, or watch over your kids when you need a break,” Mom said with a sad sigh. “Mom I’m only fourteen. I probably won’t go to prom. My future husband will have to be crazy to marry me, and who said I wanted kids! I’m always changing, but I’ll always need you. Even though you won’t get to do all that stuff with me, think of what you did get to do. You were there when I lost my first tooth. You were there when I broke my wrist. You were there when I cut my own hair and looked like a boy for a month!” We both laughed as we remembered everything we had done together. “Oh baby. I’m gonna miss you. I have to leave now though,” Mom said standing up with me. “Can’t you stay a little longer?” I asked holding onto her. “No. If I stay any longer you will never want to leave here. You have a life to live,” Mom said. “Bye, Mother. I’ll miss you,” I said dropping her hand. Slowly my mom faded away until I was once again alone. Chapter 24: The End

“Chris are you awake?” Victoria’s voice broke through the darkness. “Victoria, what happened?” I asked opening my eyes. I was in my room, safe. I breathed a sigh of relief. “You made the vampires go away,” Victoria said helping me sit up. “But how?” I asked taking a drink of water. “You know how,” Victoria said standing up and walking to my window. “Where are you going?” I asked sitting up all the way. “Home. My parents told me to go home when you woke up,” Victoria said climbing through the window. “I made sure your parents don’t think you arrived home late. Goodnight Chris,” Victoria then leaped out the window. I got up out of bed. I had to ask my dad a question. I stumbled down the hall. My head was throbbing but this couldn’t wait till morning. I found my dad in his office like I knew where he would be. “Dad?” I croaked coming into his room. “Honey why are you still awake?” he asked putting down the paper he was reading. “I need to ask you something,” I said sitting down on a chair opposite of his desk. “What honey?” My dad asked looking at me. “Dad am I a…” I trailed off afraid to continue. “A what honey?” Dad said looking concerned. “Am I a witch?” I asked looking down. I risked a glance at my dad. His eyes looked sad and he stared into my eyes unblinking. He then said one word that changed my life forever:


Best Friends Forever... Literally  

Chris is just a normal girl with a normal life... that is until she meets Victoria. Then her ordinary life gets pulled into the Underworld

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