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ABOUT US Project Undefined is a small business located out of Brandon, Mississippi. We are a cosmetics and accessories company that focuses on geeks and nerds alike. With this magazine, we hope to bring our models attention and other modeling oppertunities through this magazine.

Magazine Editor & Cheif: Emily Witcher Editors: Taste the ectacsy Models featured in this magazine: Nikkinevermore, Kassandra Leigh, Abby Rezz, Christina Jordan, Jess Gore, Heather Lindsey, Laceey Staecey, Nico Bentz, Tevin Technomania, Shannah Tighe


Shannah Tighe Shannah Bee is the name ill go by and I'm 20 years old. At first, I wouldn't say I was inspired. I kind of fell into it when I did a fall fashion show randomly for Fashion Bug when I was 11. After being bullied a lot, I felt my only outlet was to do my hair and makeup and take pretty pictures and feel pretty. As I got older, I started entering contests and doing my own themed shoots. MySpace got me quite the fan base and I guess everything went from there. I have now modeled for more than a handful of companies and I'm just only getting started.

Photography: Ashley Nielson


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My favorite type of modeling is either the cyber/rave themed modeling, or the creepy dark themes. I'm a raver at heart so I feel most comfortable/most like myself when I'm in said attire. But I love to creep people out or create a dark image that tells a story. So, dark

themed modeling is a great one for me! Nature inspires me. Waterfalls, flowers, rainbows. Basically, the color found in nature always gives me ideas. But most of my inspiration comes from the dreams that I have. I dream very vivid, sometimes very disturbing things. And a lot

of what I come up with for my photos are things I have seen in dreams of mine. I'm also very inspired by Ulorin Vex, Ophelia Overdose, Kato, and Razor Candi. They're all alternative models with gorgeous portfolios!

I'm a cosplay geek. I love to dress as anime, video game, and comic book characters. And I'm a Nintendo geek!

I'm most geeky when I know a convention is coming up.

I love old nintendo games and anything cute and cheesy such as Katamari!

My friends and I will get together and finish our cosplays, make a cake with the theme of whatever we're cosplaying, and we'll play rounds and rounds of pokemon puzzle league and super smash brothers melee.

My real name is india, but most people call me indie. I'm 19 years old and I got into modelling when I was younger. I did a lot of performing on stage and I loved the dressing up and taking pictures, my aunty and friends always encouraged me to get into modelling, so recently I decided to give it a proper go. So far, its going very well.

My favourite type of modeling is high fashion or couture because I love the mix of beautiful clothing and the extreme poses.

I study design most of my inspirations come from different shapes and colours or textures, but in the world of modeling.

I'd say my biggest inspiration would be Iska Ithil, I think she's amazing!

I'd say I'm a little bit nerdy, the nerdiest thing I do is probably play more pokemon games than is healthy!

I even have a gameboy emulator on my phone so I can play the games at school .

+ 223 Bay Park Drive Brandon, Mississippi 39047 1601 966 2061

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