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Hello, I Am Tommy. I am an Industrial Design student at Wentworth Institute Of Technology. I am always looking for ways to grow as a person, and for ways to conquer new challenges.



Eames Inspired Lynx


CELERI Salt and Pepper Shakers


AGITARE LYNCAS Eames inspired lynx

AGITARE LYNCAS Eames Animal Abstaction study Third Bachelor Semester

A Fun Seat for Kids from the bedroom to the playground.

Abstraction The Goal of the assignment was to choose an animal and abstract it much like the Eames elephant. (below) The elephant was predominantly made as a seat for children to play with. So the design had to look like it belonged in that category. It had to be two pieces but no more than three and joined by a rivet.

Animal Selection

I decided to work towards two animals and pick the best one for my abstraction. The were the lynx and the walrus. Two very different animals with different characteristics

ese s.

Preliminary Sketches

Preliminary Sketches

Mini portfolio  
Mini portfolio