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Buckswood News Compendium

The complete school newspapers for 2010 - 2011 Academic Year



TJ’s Thank you for supporting TJ’s. Let me explain the ethos behind TJ’s:

The food We are following the Food for Life programme that encourages the seller to buy locally and where possible to grow products or bake products ourselves. You will notice that all of the cakes are made here in the café, and the fresh products are all sourced locally and where possible they are organic products.


LSE Success for Buckswood Alumni

Ray Li visited Buckswood School this week to collect his 2010 A Level results after two years of hard work. Ray achieved a remarkable three A*s and two As at A Level and is commencing his undergraduate studies at University College London (UCL) next week. UCL was recently ranked as the 4th best university in the world in the 2010 QS University rankings.

We therefore believe in supporting the local farmers and suppliers rather than buying in from the multinational wholesalers. If we of course buy locally, as a consumer, we also are doing ‘our bit’ to help the local economy as well as helping to reduce the carbon foot print (i.e. buying apples locally rather than having them shipped in from abroad).

TJ’s the Business A group of A level students studying accounts will be ‘auditing the books’ each week with the Head of accounts.

The profit and our social responsibility. All of the profits from the café will go towards feeding the very poor HIV children in the rural areas of Swaziland. The money will be transferred to the Buckswood Swaziland Bank account (directly with no admin charges) and PC Sandile (known as Shabby Shirt) will ensure that each week fruit is purchased from local street traders (not shop keepers). This fruit will then be distributed to the children to boost their vitamin intake each week, which in turn will strengthen their immune systems.

MARAT OMAROV (Buckswood 2004–07) Marat, Head of School, graduated from the University of York this summer and has gained a post-graduate place at the London School of Economics. CORNELIUS KOELLN (Buckswood 2000-06) Cornelius, Headboy, graduated from the University of Bath this summer and has won a post-graduate place at the London School of Economics reading for an MSc in Management for two years.

Therefore we are all winners . . .

. You are eating healthier . You are learning to be responsible consumers . You are helping to support and sustain a grass roots local family in Africa . You are helping a poor and needy child

Thank you Mr Sutton Headmaster

issue 28 . september 2010 .



s Latest New

cord welcome a re recession we the to • Despite the ar ye is th s w student number of ne mily. Fa d oo sw ck Bu e! new bus rout rted another t rs • We have sta Hu f at up and drop of iam and We now pick nenden, North Be k, oo br an Green, Cr . Sedlescombe call Dave on details please for further

The Stables

Due to the increased popularity of the Stables we welcome a new horse ‘Poppy’ to the livery. Beginners to advanced riders can have lessons. To book a lesson or to go for a hack across the estate ema il Karen at


Riding Riding


813 01424 813

Astro Turf

Early in October our new astro turf will be ready, so we can play eve n MORE sports. If you are interested in booking thi s facility then email

Splitz Dance A c

ademy We are p r o ud to b to anno e able u Dance S nce that Split z at Buck chool is now b ased swood a can tak nd pupil e Modern lessons in Ball s , Tap an e d Jazz. t,


University Success

A school is inevitably judged on its performance and the university destinations of Buckswood’s Sixth Formers in recent years tells an observer that much good work is being done at A Level. This is evermore important in order to stay ahead of the chasing pack in the jobs market in what will become an increasingly competitive environment for graduates. LSE Success: Cornelius Kölln and Marat Omarov take up a place at LSE

Open D ays

Our nex t ge Open M neral will be 9 orning th Octo ber at 10am .

ce announ oud to ia. We r d is pr e o o ig w N s k d pupils ia: Buc f Buckswoo Niger g the K. o ening lcomin the op ward to we ool to the U h or look f ur sister sc from o


. ON THE A259


01424 813813


TJ ’s

We have opened our own 6th form cafe where pupils, staff and parents can buy freshly made and locally produced cakes and salads. This initiative follows Food for Life programme promoting healthy living.

The Business Management Department has expanded to meet the pupils’ requirements. This includes running two mini businesses in the school which include overseeing the business side of running the Rolls Royce and the setting up of the vineyard. The department is now offering CIM and CMI qualifications.


Passport to Success

livery of Buckswood announce de us. new school prospect facilities on offer ny Now showing all the ma st for all parents mu A within the school. ect school for their seeking to find that perf children. NEW Buckswood Letterhead


3:55 pm

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swood Buck Hastings UK

The College 16+ yrs old

The School 10-16 yrs old


Welcome to Buckswoo

Buckswood UK

Buckswood St George's B UC KS W

Mr Tim Fish, Headteacher







To get your copy order it via the web on

you should what we do and why a feel for who we are, to get some sort of that our broad aims I’m sure you will begin and continuous and that education is holistic for others; the pages of our prospectus As you start to turn your child. We believe politeness and a respect school to educate wrong; common decency; Buckswood as the values of right and encourages and rewards seriously consider programme which We offer: traditional of ethos of the school. attention; an academic forging of a culture complement the overall personalised care and less fortunate; the and global citizenship; for service to others the principles of internationalism activities and opportunities a wealth of extra-curricular learning and achievement; at for life and adventure. during his or her time success; and a lust child to try and accomplish not our of what we want every visit; chat to our students, will have a fuller picture measure. Come and pages I’m sure you and stretched in equal After reading the following encouraged stimulated, need to be challenged, Buckswood. Children the measure of us. staff – then you’ll have



Buckswood Nigeria

BUCKSWOOD A member of the Buckswood Education Group

TN35 4LT • ENGLAND • • EAST SUSSEX • nr HASTINGS (0)1424 812100 SCHOOL • GUESTLING 813813 • Fax +44 Tel. +44 (0)1424 Email: achieve@buckswo Website: www.buckswood in England No 3824108

Buckswood Georgia

Buckswood School

Limited • Registered

Buckswood St Nova Institute Buckswood School Auckland, New Zealand Hastings

Buckswood St George’s St Leonards on Sea




ls Royc

’s Rol kswood

After School Timetable (5-6.30) • Tenni s • Basketba ll • Rug by • Hoc key • Football • Netball • Cheerleadin g • Ballet • Fenc ing • Polo • Gym • Aca dem ic Cat ch- up

Buckswood pupils are going places: they have been given their Passports to Success to record their achievements throughout the year. Buckswood believes that every child has a talent and it is the teacher’s responsibility to cast the net of opportunity so wide that any talent gets a chance to develop and to ensure that many of these talents should be just as highly ranked as academic scholarship. The concept of the average pupil must give way to the concept of an infinite variety of youngsters heading for an infinite variety of success! Private education is not as expensive as you think . . .

1st Assembly The message given by the Headmaster Good afternoon and welcome to the first assembly of the term and the new academic year. The end of the week assembly here at the local church, I feel, is an important part of the weekly timetable. This gathering is not religious and has no bias towards any one religion but it is for me, and hopefully for you, a time when you can unwind a bit, have that sense of closure for the week that has just gone by and feel a sense of achievement. We live in such a busy world, your timetables are busy, every minute of the day is filled with something, in fact I doubt that many of you will say that this week has been a slow week and that time has gone slowly, it is Friday already! So this meeting together every Friday is a time where you can spend a few moments in reflection, in this beautiful old English church on the side of the school estate. I want it to be a time where the Buckswood family come together as a body of people to congratulate each other on the achievements of the week. Each one of you has a part to play in the smooth running of the school. It will not take long before you feel at home and part of your new Year Group with new friends and exciting things to do. We are a team, a team determined to win – but we must all be part of that team – like a rugby team (I chose rugby as football is such an odd sport, loads of over paid men running around a field kicking a bag of wind) anyhow we are like a rugby team ready to beat Battle Abbey, we must all follow instructions from our captain and we must put into practice what we have been taught and go into the game with the determination to win. Therefore school is about achievement, about success, about winning. It is about gaining every opportunity that is going - be it joining the football or rugby team, going horse riding, playing the bag pipes, going to Kip on Saturday morning. The more that you can experience the wealthier the person you will be. Oh – I have touched on a dirty word here – wealth. Wealth here in the great Kingdom of Buckswood has a different meaning as yes we are all financially well off to be able to attend a school like this but here it is NOT about the watch you have on your wrist or the expensive flash Armani jacket that you may be wearing – and yes just wait Saturday is coming and the school will look more like some flash

Paris cat walk – but is this really important. Wealth at Buckswood is what is inside you, it is knowledge and achievement – if you have these you are a rich man or woman in deed. In fact lets take this one step further – a good bit of homework = good exam results = a good place in Upper 6th = a good university = a good job. None of these can be obtained by not working hard – it is a simple plain fact. Those that did not work hard last term were asked not to return (of course they will tell you something else on face book) but they were not good enough for us – they did not understand the equation above, they did not want in their hearts achieve.Those that did do well and have gone on to LSE or York or other top Universities – they are the achievers in life and I am so proud of them – they sat up and listened to the advice their teachers gave them, they were the ones that grabbed life in both hands and ran with it. Oh and by the way those cynical people sitting here – being clever does not make you a boring person – it makes you a well respected person within a community be it at school or at home. So therefore here we are, and as I sat at my computer this afternoon typing out these few words of wisdom, I had 2 emails from old students –reminding me that assembly was in an hour and that I should remind the students of the importance of this little weekly meeting. A final few words that I think are worth mentioning. At school we are very lucky to be able to start a fresh – that is make new resolutions. Here today you can make that commitment to yourself - to be a better person. You may be a new student and no one knows you, you may be an old student or a new member of staff – again who are you - what are others thinking about you. During the next few weeks this is the time when others will make judgments about you – oh this is the boy

that is so cool at rugby or this is the girl that is fab at maths – or this is the kid that is always naughty or may be this is the boy that has smelly socks and always leave his books lying around in the courtyard. What reputation do you want to give to others? To help you ensure that others around you get a good impression of you, some words of advice. You must follow the rules set, lets substitute the word rules as it has a negative meaning and say you have to abide by the structures that are laid down, these are in your Student Handbook in The Passport for Success in the Topics to be taught book and the 101 things to do at Buckswood booklet. This is the structure of the school but you must know yourself -that is know your strengths and weaknesses and be able to accept praise and criticism. Learn humility – that is avoid thinking that you are too important. You are of course unique but you are only a tiny part of history. Although we rightly stress the importance of the individual we are all dependant on each other. We are also dependant on the past and those who will come in the future will depend on us., be proud of your achievements – however big or small they may be. You must seek the truth and there is no substitute for hard work and hard thinking. If the truth has an ugly face, if it is beautiful, don’t sneer at it. The truth is always complex. And therefore be truthful to yourself – good luck and I end on a little quote that I mentioned to the staff in the staff meeting – go into this year with a good and happy heart, you alone are Master of your destiny and captain of your soul – I hope you achieve everything you want to achieve this year but it is down to you and you alone to ensure that you Achieve.

GCSE Success at Buckswood ALAN CHEUNG

Joined Buckswood in 1995 from Guestling Bradshaw Primary School He achieved 7A*, 1A and 2Bs and is now taking his A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Law. “I am planning to go to university to read Medicine. I would really like to go into Pharmaceutical Forensics. I really appreciated all the 1:1 help the teachers gave to me when I needed it. The teachers are really great and supportive”.


Joined Buckswood in 1995 from Beckley Primary School She achieved 4A* and 4As and is now taking her Alevels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. “Buckswood has given me the encouragement to succeed. The teaching is excellent and ‘Access Time’ provided me with extra help when I needed it. I would like to study Medicine or Biochemistry at University”.


Joined Buckswood in 1998 from St Richards School. She achieved 1A* and 6As and is now taking her Alevels in Economics, English Literature, Law and History. “Buckswood’s teachers encouraged me to learn and study hard even outside school hours, and with all the extra curricular activities and clubs I had lots of fun too”.

An anxious new mum . . . Thank you for making the very difficult task of getting my daughter up for school so easy, today I heard the golden words of “Mum hurry up, I want to get to school early!” When I picked myself up off the floor, I promptly got in the car (after polishing shoes) and took my daughter who hated going to school, chirping away about all the wonderful teachers and telling me even though the spellings were hard, she is going to really try and get the hang of them (she finds spelling very hard, as do I although I have never told her that). Her day is so filled with wonderful experiences at Buckswood, and on Saturday she is riding in the B team at a horse show on her own horse who we stable at Buckswood. She also tells me she has joined cross country after school as she likes to run, but that is forbidden on campus! She followed that up with “but that’s a good thing mum ‘cos your shoes will last longer!” She seems so happy and whilst I always knew since coming to Buckswood for riding that she has Buckswood in the blood, I did not realise what a wonderful opportunity it would be for her to grow into a beautiful, intelligent and clever young lady.

... where the world comes together ...

Once again, Thank you to you and all your staff for making the beginning of her future with Buckswood such a memorable and enjoyable one.

football football

Hockey Hockey

Hillcrest Hillcrest 0 v0 7v Buckswood 7 Buckswood

Buckswood Buckswood vsvs Bethany Bethany

Buckswoods’ Buckswoods’young younglions lionstravelled travelled totoHillcrest Hillcresttoday todayand andputputin inanan outstanding outstandingperformance performancetotostun stuna a hard hard working working Hillcrest Hillcrest side. side.

OnOnWednesday Wednesdaythethe23rd 23rdof ofSeptember SeptemberthetheGirls GirlsU14 U14 hockey hockey team team played played Bethany Bethany away away in in 7-a-side 7-a-side game. game.

In Inthethefirst firstleague leaguematch matchof ofthethe season season wewe started started slowly slowly and and were wereunder underpressure pressurefrom fromthethekick kick offoffbefore beforethetheoutstanding outstandingOscar Oscar Kotting Kotting and and Mac Mac Millan Millan settled settled things things at at thethe back back forfor After After7 7minutes minutesa debut a debutgoal goalfrom from our ourGeorgian Georgianboy boyMurtaz Murtazwhich which went wentin inoffoffa adefender defenderforforone onenilnil lions. lions. The Thegoal goalspurred spurredthetheyoung young lions lionsononand andwithin within4 4minutes minutesthey they were were 2-02-0 upup thanks thanks toto a good a good finish finish from from man man of of thethe match match Harry Harry Reece. Reece.

We Weplayed playedinto intothethesunsunfirst firstonona avery veryhothotSeptember September day, day,fitness fitnesslevels levelswere weretested. tested.We Wedominated dominatedthethefirst first 20-minute 20-minutehalfhalfand andshould shouldhave havescored scoreda bucket a bucketfull.full. Just Just before before thethe end end of of thethe first first half, half, Eleanor Eleanor Craven Craven latched latched onon toto anan Alana Alana Lawes Lawes pass pass toto score score Buckswoods Buckswoods first first goal. goal. Chloe Chloe Ryan Ryan was was replaced replaced at at halfhalf time time after after showing showing a lot a lot of of energy energy in in thethe first first 20.20. Gemma Gemma Hubert Hubert replaced replaced herher and and showed showed a lot a lot of of heart heart byby chasing chasing everything everything down. down. The The second second halfhalf Buckswood Buckswood scored scored early early through through thethe Captain Captain Alana Alana Lawes Lawes and and Buckswood Buckswood looked lookedcomfortable. comfortable.Jodie JodieDavies Daviesand andChristina Christina Viadero ViaderoDiez Diezrunning runningthethemidfield midfieldand and Daniela Daniela Keithley Keithley and and Tara Tara Reid-McCoy Reid-McCoy in in goals goals clearing clearing upup at at thethe back. back. ButBut two two late late goals goals against against play play made made it 2-2. it 2-2. End End result result Buckswood Buckswood win win onon obtaining obtaining more more short short corners, corners, a tally a tally of of 4-1. 4-1. Well-done Well-done Girls Girls a good a good start. start.

The The game game swung swung back back and and forth forth and and Christian Christiancontrolled controlledthethemiddle middleof of thethe park park whilst whilst our our defence defence worked worked hard hardtotokeep keepa clean a cleansheet. sheet. Murtaz Murtaz gotgothishissecond secondafter aftera agreat greatsolo solo finish finishfrom fromhim himtotomake makeit three it threenilnil lions. lions. One One minute minute later later Harry Harry Reece Reece struck struck again again forfor four four nilnil Buckswood. Buckswood. Zak ZakOlujobi Olujobiand andthetheoutstanding outstanding Alexandro Alexandro added added toto thethe total total before beforehalfhalftime timetototake takeususin in6-06-0 up.up. The Thesecond secondhalfhalfsaw sawa anumber number of ofchanges changesand andMax MaxLake Lakeadded addedtoto our our total total with with a wonderful a wonderful finish finish forfor 7-07-0 lions. lions. The The game game petered petered outout with with Hillcrest Hillcrest notnot able able toto break break down down our our superb superb defence defence and and it ended it ended 7-07-0 Buckswood, Buckswood, a fantastic a fantasticpassing passingdisplay displayfrom fromthethe lads lads and and anan even even better better debut debut from from man manof ofthethematch matchHarry HarryReece. Reece.I I made madea aprediction predictionthat thatthisthisgroup group of of players players willwill bring bring usus a trophy a trophy thisthis season seasonand andthisthisresult resultwas wasa agiant giant step step towards towards achieving achieving that. that.

rugby rugby The Theboys boyshad hada atough toughstart starttotothethe season season losing losing their their first first four four games. games. We We started started against against Rye Rye College College with with a result a result of of12-5. 12-5. Our Oursecond secondgame gamewas wasagainst against William WilliamParker Parkerlosing losing22-0. 22-0.Our Ourthird third game game was was against against Bexhill Bexhill which which wewe lost lost 30-5 30-5and andfinally finallyour ourfourth fourthgame gamewas was against against Claverham Claverham which which wewe lost lost 35-0. 35-0.

Basketball Basketball Friday Friday 17th 17th September, September, Buckswood Buckswood Seniors Seniors played played away awayagainst againstHastings HastingsFalcons Falcons and andwon! won!AnAnimpressive impressivesore sore of of59-29. 59-29.Buckswood Buckswoodplayed played a agood goodzone zonedefence, defence,and and scored scoredlots lotsof ofinside insidepoints points toto start start thethe game, game, thethe Falcons Falcons were were unable unable toto gain gain anyany

The Thefuture futureis isbright. bright. The Thefuture futureis is indeed indeed Buckswood Buckswood football! football!

control control of of thethe game. game. Vadim, Vadim, Ben Ben and and Toye Toye dominated dominated close close toto thethe basket, basket, thethe bigbig Falcon Falcon players players were were intimidated intimidated and and scared scared toto shoot. shoot. We We had had a full a full squad squad of of 1212 players players and and it was it was great great toto seesee everyone everyonecontribute contributetowards towardsthethevictory! victory!However, However, one one player playerwho whostood stoodoutoutfrom fromthetherest restwas was Vadim! Vadim!HisHisfirst first game game forfor Buckswood, Buckswood, hehe ledled thethe team team and and setset anan example example of ofhow howhard hardwork workand anddetermination determinationcancanachieve achievegreat great results. results. AA great great win. win.

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Silly Hat Day

All the students participated in Silly Hat Day (this week 8 November) to raise money for Cancer Research. For each child that wore a silly hat to school (the sillier the better) Mr Sutton gave £1 to the Charity - even the teachers joined in!



NEWS 101 Things To Do at Buckswood – number 55 At the end of October as part of the 101 Things To Do at Buckswood programme, school pupils participated in the good old fashioned seasonal activity of hollowing out a pumpkin for Halloween. Then doing their best at terrifying Matron with them! Upon completion of this task students gained 3 points towards their award certificate.

Dancing Preparation for Buckswood’s Dance Show has been going full steam ahead this term with student’s taking part in street, modern, ballet, jazz, latin, bollywood and cheerleading lessons. Each week students have been rehearsing during private lessons, clubs and evening squads to ensure they are ready for the performance on 4th December. The show will also combine external dance students who have started taking lessons at Buckswood along with Splitz students for an exciting evening of entertainment for all. The show starts at 6.30pm and all proceeds from ticket sales will be going to Help for Heroes. Legs, bums and tums lessons are going ahead now, and along with the fitness focused sports lessons the girls are turning into real athletes. The cheerleading squad have been training hard to ensure when their new uniforms arrive shortly, they are fully prepared to get supporting the Buckswood teams! Ballroom students have been waltzing and dancing the cha cha cha in preparation for the Christmas dinner – watch out for the new Strictly Come Dancing Stars! Please remember it is never too late to join dance lessons, all ages and abilities are welcome and you may be the next Darcy Bussell or Billy Elliot! I look forward to seeing you all at the Help for Heroes Dance Showcase. Miss Stacey Caister (Director of Dance)

The new Astro Pitch

The new astro turf is nearly ready. Rain has quite literally stopped play, but we hope to have the sand down this coming week.

issue 29 . october 2010 .

Paris Christmas Half-Term 2010 Twenty students chose to accompany Mr Rens and Miss Wilson to explore the beauty and culture of Paris for their Christmas half term. The week was full of art, culture, history, intricate architecture, new friendships and lots of laughs! All Buckswood students even took to learning some of the language and practiced with the locals while out and about: ‘Bonjour!’, ‘Excuse moi Madame’, ‘Merci beaucoup’, ‘Sa va?’ The highlight of the week for the students was a full day in the magical world of Disneyland – taking the underground on a double-decked train from the elegant hotel in the centre of Paris right to the grand doors. This was closely followed in popularity by an evening tour up the impressive Eiffel Tower on the River Seine, all the way to the top, overlooking the night-lights of the whole city. Among other highlights were: the Champs Des Elysee, the main designer shopping street land-marked by the Arc de Triomphe at its end; The Louvre art museum, taking in some of the world’s best artworks including the Mona Lisa and surrounding park; The Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral complete with gargoyles; Exploring the trendy artist streets of the Montmartre around the holy Sacre Coeur and a river cruise down the length of the Seine through the heart of Paris itself.

Apple picking day Each year members of the junior school pick apples from the apple trees from around the Broomham estate. The juniors were given a bag each and presented a senior boarder with a bag of fruit at the end of the day.

The Junior School conker competition. OK conker competitions are not PC nowadays (but there isn’t much that we do that is!) The junior school were sent off around the estate to pick their own conkers. Many junior boarders were seen throughout the week baking them and borrowing nail varnish from the girls to paint them with. I gather that this makes them harder? Anyhow one and all continued an age old tradition of the battle of the conkers!

Prefect Training Each year the prefects participate in a days training day by an external company that come in to teach them the importance of being a manager and learning aspects about how to deal with situations they may come up against.

Prefect’s Trip to Buckingham Palace and Wagamamas

Buckswood Boarder’s Go Paintballing

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