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“Glory to God and on Earth p toward men. Christmas is all Brown.” - LINUS

in the highest, peace, good will That's what l about, Charlie

The Christmas Time Machine. It is tempting to be a scrooge over the Christmas holiday. To complain about capitalism and boycott it altogether rather than remember why it is actually incredible. I usually spend at least a week like this. Looking disappointedly at store displays and ranting that December first is too early to begin the frenzy. I think I'm a bit like Charlie Brown in that way, it takes me a while to warm up to the idea of it all. But soon enough nostalgia reigns and memories of sleepless Christmas Eve nights with my sisters arrive. How I clung to my belief in Santa Clause for much too long. I recall one year specifically; crying incessantly to my mom begging her to tell me the truth about the North Pole. I had worn my "I believe in Santa" sweatshirt to school and it wasn't received well. Thanks to my grade two teacher it was also the same year I learnt that Polar bears and penguins don't co-habitate in one igloo village sharing coca-colas and playing ball.

There is a reason that moments, of both past and present, live in us so vividly during this time; we naturally practice mindfulness. As the child experience of Christmas wanes the magic of the season takes on a new shape. It becomes about memories; being comforted by their return, celebrating those which have become tradition, and making new ones. May you spend many cozy nights with family and friends, remembering, before beginning again. I hope this issue of Wishing Well makes your holiday a bit richer; it was lovingly put together and features some of my favourite writers and artists in Vancouver. I would like to thank all of its contributors and supporters and wish us all an abundant 2012. It just gets better.

OFFERING   This holiday this month for the one day or the week long break or however long it is that we choose to celebrate maybe from now on.....   May we think of the word gift more often the ways in which we are 'gifted beings'.... may we realize that gifts are meant to share so let us share our gifts without charge without placing monetary value as often as possible give   May we recieve more and not just from others and their gifts but from the one breath that breathes us receiving inhales offering exhales gratitude for the gift of breath   May we drop our intellect into our hearts knowing and rest there more often for the wisdom of the heart will soften us and when we are soft in this way we will receive natures gifts may our eyes be open so that perhaps we will see we are all that we seek and as we move into a fresh year may it be a 365 day gesture of great returning to live simply act kindly and tread lightly upon the earth


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Michael Garre on the Wind: C ings of Harmo

By, Britann


d rule of thumb: son who helps willing obligation others in return. must help seven on and so forth. he Circle of Life spirit of generosess. That is the le, and it is Good ll living beings.�

ett from Walking Cherokee Teachny and Balance

nica Lightfoot

GIFT IDEAS (OF THE MATERIAL VARIETY) Make something out of local findings! It's easier than you think when you think less about it and more about the beautiful being your giving to....

Just Another Holiday Story By Alexia Anastasiou

After much research I can conclude that Hallmark and daytime television were both put on this earth to make you feel bad about yourself when you're single. This feeling is only exaggerated during the holiday season. Oddly, and perhaps not so coincidentally, I often find myself alone during this special time of year. Every time I get coupled up I eagerly anticipate the overly cheesy couple moments we will share during the holidays: making a snowman, watching the Christmas parade, drinking hot chocolate while window shopping along streets decorated in lights, and exchanging perfect romantic gifts Christmas morning over Champagne and orange juice. What I usually don't know at the time is that the relationship has an expiry date, and it falls sometime in November, right after Halloween fun and before Christmas madness. However, after the melodramatic heartache subsides, I'm always happy to be solo. Here's why you should be too:

no gift-giving pressure impromptu fun under the mistletoe cheesy holiday parties shared and made fun of with friends unlimited time to watch all the perfect made-for-Christmas romantic comedies more time with family (and isn't that what it's really about?) and finally, the potential for a really exciting, neverbeen-tried New Year's Eve kiss at the stroke of midnightďż˝ Merry Christmas to you and yours!

make me don't bake me I was over at my friends house this holiday season and had this lovely no bake cheese cake. Light, so yummy and it requires no use of an oven. This is always a good sign for me, as I live in a heritage building with an ancient gas stove; Every time I turn it on, I feel like there is small to medium size chance of catastrophe. Enjoy! Recipe courtesy of Christina Zvicer

You will need: Crust 1/4 cup butter melted to 1 1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs. bake at 350 C for around 10 minutes. Filling 1.mix one block of cream cheese with an electric mixer until it is soft. keep it on the counter for some moments, 2.add one sweetened can of condensed milk 3.some vanilla to taste. 4.add 1/3 cup lemon juice, 5.pour into graham cracker crust! 6.chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Topping 1.boil 2 cups of berries with 1/3 cup of sugar, and a tbsp of lemon juice for at least 1 minute. 2.add vanilla to taste. 3.chill in fridge.

TOP TEN Christmas movies brought to you by Egg Nog and Snuggies.












/sophiadanaimusic Wishing Well Magazine by, Sophia Danai & Aidan Wright - 2011

Wishing Well Xmas 2011  

A special holiday Issue of the Wishing Well. May you have a wondeful season with family and friends.

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