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M.A Yusuff Ali

World Radio Day

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Stay Alert, Not Panic!




Editors Page Hello Readers, We are back again with a fun and information filled issue of the Wishesh Magazine. Amidst all the panic and the misinformation surrounding the Coronavirus, we wanted to set facts straight on why it is just not like flu in the cover story. Flipping through the magazine, you will come across a wide range of topics covered on the range of art that India is known for the amazing festival of Bihu which is celebrated across north east. You can also learn about the latest news and happenings across India and the world with the desi and world news. For the individuals looking for some relationship advice, we have got that covered for you too. Also, know about the miraculous benefits of Chanting Om Namah Shivaya and how it improves your spiritual health. We have packed in a lot of informative articles for you to flip through. We express our gratitude to all the readers who have been investing time to read our Magazine and we hope this month’s edition caters to what you are looking for.

Happy Reading!


Kiran.. Read, Relax, Rejuvenate and Enjoy!!!

-KIRAN E, EDITOR IN CHIEF Contact me at kiran@wishesh.net





Special thanks to contributors, our advertisers and readers for making this magazine possible.

-KIRAN E, EDITOR IN CHIEF Contact me at kiran@wishesh.net

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36 NRI Profile

M.A Yusuff Ali

24 Story for Kids 3 Funny Short Stories


Indian Diaspora Native Indian Art Forms Through Generations



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28 Healthy Living Importance of Good Sleep

Chicken Manchurian Recipe

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March 1st To March 7th To Be Celebrated As: The Janaushadi Week

Around 62,000 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Kendras are organizing activities to spread awareness about women’s health and hygiene. The Government is doing an excellent job b taking this initiative. On March 4th, there was an event named ‘Suvidha Se Samman’ organized in the interest of women. In this program, 50,000 sanitary pads were given free of cost to all the women in about 2000 places. Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Kendra Pariyojana is focused on providing quality medical services at a low cost to all the citizens. They saved around 2200 crores this year. Many such initiatives and programs will do good to the common man and the ones who have financial problems. The Hon’ble Minister for Chemicals &

Fertilizers, Shri D.V.Sadananda Gowda & Minister of State for Shipping (Independent Charge) & Minister of State for Chemicals & Fertilizers, Shri Mansukh Mandaviya launched Suvidha Sanitary Napkins at a reasonable price. From the date of launch until March 2nd they sold around 2 crore sanitary pads at the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra. Ever since about a crore more pads have been sold. The Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India gave rise to “Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana” in order to decrease the price of medicines. It is wonderful to see how the number of Kendras improved and in total now they are around 6200 spread across different districts.

Modi Launched Farmer Producer

Pradhan Mantri Samman Nidhi Yojana completes its commemoration with Modi organizing around 10,000 farmer producer organizations at Chitrakoot. The main idea behind launching farmer producer organizations is to provide farmers with inputs and ideas on how to use new technology to improve the quality of their crops which could help them earn a better livelihood. Apart from this, the government aims at increasing wages for the farmers by 2022. Apart from this, for the Kisan credit card, there will be more than 6 crore credit cards distributed to all the beneficiaries of this card.


Native Indian Art Forms Through Generations

India is a country of mixed diversity. Being the biggest democracy and with such a rich probe of art, cultures and tradition, it isn’t a surprise that the country is known across the world for its native art forms. Preserving arts and culture through generations is one of the specialties when it comes to India. And, there are a few art forms that are still a rave in the market despite them drawing their roots and origins several decades back. 12


1- Madhubani Madhubani is an art form that draws a lot of attention, especially because of the connections behind it. The art form originated in the Kingdom of Janak in Nepal according to mythology tales and is practiced in present day Bihar. This Indian folk art is a popular among the women around the remote areas who want to be closer to God. The art form consists of paintings of gods and goddesses and come with vibrant geometric patterns on them. While the art was very localized, it was later discovered and shared with the outside world in the 1930s following an earthquake. Majority of the popular artists do suggest that this art form draws similarities with the paintings from Pablo Picasso and even Miro. It can be either in the form of the fabric or even wall murals.

2- Phad Phad is yet another type of native Indian folk art that originated in Rajasthan. Even this is a religious painting art form but is more like that of a scroll painting. Some of the common gods that recur in the paintings include Pabuji or Devnarayan. The canvas that the drawings are made on is either 15 or 30 feet long, depending on the artist and the subject of the art. This canvas or cloth piece is what the locals call as Phad and hence the name. The paintings are done with natural vegetable colours and depict the running narratives from the folklore or even the heroic deeds achieved by the deities.

3- Warli When it comes to depicting the oldest art forms in India, Warli is most definitely one of them. The same originated from the Western Ghats of India by the native Warli Tribes residing there. The art form does date back to the 2500 BCE. The art form makes repetitive use of circles, triangles and tribal figures. The art also helps depict the daily scriptures of the day to day activities practiced


INDIAN DIASPORA FINE ART by the tribes there including fishing, hunting, dance and even the festivals. Majority of the paintings or all of them are done on a dark red or red ochre background. The shapes on the top of that are done in white.

4 - Kalamkari


When it comes round to one of the most popular and hyped Indian folk art in the country, Kalamkari is most definitely one of them. There are basically two different types of Kalamkari, one that raises from Machilipatnam and the other from Srikalahasti from Chitoor in Andhra Pradesh. The one that hails from Machilipatnam has a block print design to it while the latter comes designed with free hand scriptures. The same is done with pen on fabric, hence why it is such an expensive piece. In the commercial market, the use of Kalamkari has reached new heights and is used in sarees, fabrics and can even depict some of the popular stories from around the tales of Ramayana and Mahabharat.

5- Gond Yet another one of the popular Indian art that has been here since generations is Gond. The artwork finds its origins in Madhya Pradesh where it was first initiated by the Gondi tribe. These paintings do have a very vibrant and dark vibe to it that brings life to the subject matter, be it a flora, fauna or anything around that. The colours used in these paintings are all derived from the natural sources including charcoal, soil, leaves and even cow dung. The detailing on the paintings WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

are done with dots and broken lines which further add in some uniqueness to the piece. While these paintings are not necessarily done with the natural paints now, the design and style are still the same. The style has even evolved over the years.

6- Cheriyal Scroll Painting Even though it was such a popular form of art back in the days, the popularity around the same is gradually depleting with years. The art form originated in Telangana and was practiced only by the Nakashi family in the initial days following which the same was popularized for the others to do as well. There are several inspirations of the long scrolls influenced by the Kalamkari art and the Cheriyal scroll paintings. These scroll paintings can even last for 40-45 feet. The visuals on these scrolls include that of the puranas, deities and something similar along the lines. The drawings also make use of the traditional paintings and colours.

7- Tanjore Yet another popular art form that is popular in India and has been carried

forward since generations is Tanjore. This comes from down South and is also often known as the Thanjavur paintings. The most striking thing about this art form is the usage of gold foil on top of the painting. The glitters and shimmers with the paintings is what make this such a credible option unlike anything else. Often times, the paintings or the art are that of the gods and goddesses and have some influence from the Maratha and Deccani art.

8- Patachitra Hailing from Orissa and West Bengal, Patachitra is a popular cloth scroll painting which has been around for decades now. These paintings are considered one of the best, mainly because of the kind of detailing and the bold strokes that they come with. These paintings also do originate from the fifth century and is still in practice till date. This did began around the time when sculpturing became a boom in the market. The characters and the dress styles that further draw inspiration from the Mughal era.





Assam’s Harvest Festival With the harvest season beating around the corner, Assam is all gearing up for the most coveted festival of theirs, Bihu. The festival comprises of three different festivals that are celebrated through the year. These festivals are touted as one of the most important traditions in the state of Assam and are celebrated thrice in a year.


The Bhogali Bihu or the Magh Bihu is the first one of the year which is celebrated in January followed by the Rongali or Bohag Bihu which is celebrated in April and lastly the Kongali or the Kati Bihu which is celebrated in October. Each of these celebrations has a unique style to it that makes it worth celebrating every single year. Much like in several of the other cultures in India, even Bihu is celebrated for agriculture and as an ode to the rice harvest. The Assamese people also celebrate this festival as reverence to Lord Krishna and as an ode to the elders in the family and the cattles too. They also indulge in feasts and have a unique dance style and songs that are meant to be performed during the festival only.

What does the history suggest? Every festival or tradition in India draws its own origin or history, the same is the case with Bihu as well. The origin of Bihu is believed to be from “Austro-asiatic, Tibeto-Burman and Indo-Aryan� descent. The term Bihu is derived from Deori whose literally translation means excessive joy. In terms of the history of this festival, it is believed to have its origin from the people residing in the Sadiya kingdom. As per the legends, the history and the origin of Bihu does

have a twist to it. It is believed that Bordoisila, who was the daughter of God Earth got married to someone from a distant land of origin. It is the visit of Bordoisila to her mother’s home once a year which is believed to be the beginning of the Bihu season. The few days later that she leaves is considered the end of the Bihu. Since Bordoisila literally translates to the Girl of Storm, this festival is marked by the initiation of the storm followed by the end of it. There is a dance form commemorating her that is performed during

Bhaisagu. The first scripture penned down by the Chutia King Lakshminarayan is where the first mention or the origin of Bihu is depicted. The same was later retrieved in the Ghilamara region in 1935. The scripture also reads that the king had donated a lot of money and wealth to the Brahmins for the celebration of Bihu. The scripture also suggests that during the Bihu festival, a Brahmin Dvija Ravidev was provided with a land that later defined the social connections and helped MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



improved the social life of the people around. Another popular historical reference to Bihu was engraved in the Deodhai Buranji even which was under the capital of the Chutia kingdom. The dance form of Bihu was traced from the Faat Bihu dance which originated in Lakhimpur. Aside from these origin stories, the history also depicts that the festival of Bihu has reference from the Tai-Shan contribution and Indo-Aryan contribution.

What are the three Bihu festivals? As we did mention before, the Bihu festivals are celebrated in three phases through the year. One in January, one in April and one in October. All three of them have their own significance, knowing which can effectively help you as well. Let us take a look at each one of them, shall we? WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Bohag Bihu Bohag Bihu celebrates the Assamese New Year and does coincide with a number of other new years according to the Hindu or the Buddhish calendar. It also celebrates the onset of the spring season. The festival does last for seven days and included persistent celebrations and feasting throughout that time frame. The festival also witnesses the cultivation of the rice crops that the farmers all gather around. Some of the most common delectable items that are native to that festival include pitha, larus, and a number of traditional drinks. The first day of this festival is celebrated by worshipping the cows who play a major role in agriculture.

plant and even around their agricultural fields. To pray for the protection of their crop, the Assamese people also have a piece of bamboo whirled around the field and then chant the rowa khowa that is believed to keep the pests and the evil eyes in check. The cattle around are also fed with pitha in the evening. The Bodo people are also believed to light siju on the tip of the bamboo pole in the fields. This is believed to help free the souls in the heaven.

Bhogali Bihu The Bhogali Bihu is derived from the word Bhog which means food. Even this is a harvest festival and marks

the end of the season. With the harvest complete, this festival calls for the delectable food and a lot of feasting. The festival also witnesses the formation of Meji or the bonfire which is then lit. The communities come together and prepare food in large quantities which are then eaten later. The people gather around the Meji to celebrate, feast and sing Bihu songs. People also do exchange sweets and greetings on this occasion. The festival also does witness a number of games including buffalo fight, cock fight and a lot more. There are also a number of other conventional festivals that are celebrated by the people around.

The next day is when the munah bihu is celebrated and the people around clean their houses, wear new clothes and are in a constant festive mood.

Kati Bihu Also known as Kongali Bihu, this is yet another one of the popular Bihu festivals and is not one of the most joyous or festive one. This Bihu festival does have a very mellow and calm approach to it to pray for the hearty agriculture and growth of the paddy that are sowed on the fields. For this bihu, the Assamese do light up earthen lamps or Saki at the foot of their tulsi MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Stay Alert, Not Panic! The prospect of Covid-19 has recently been announced as Pandemic by the WHO. With the condition spreading to different countries through community spread, more and more people are getting anxious of its discourse. There are countries like Italy and even Spain and USA which are announcing lockdowns or stopping the entry of flights to prevent the further spread. 20

But, with all the precautions and even the constant updated from the WHO and CDC, people are in a constant state of panic because of the misinformation in the media. The numbers have crossed 120,000+ confirmed cases across the world and 4,600+ deaths have been witnessed till date. With the numbers gradually coming down in China and South Korea, people from some of the European countries like Italy are on a complete lockdown till the government is able to contain this and ensure safety.


The stat count for the confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India is at 73, out of which 56 of them are Indian and the rest are foreign individuals. Kerala is the epicenter with the most number of Indian affected, the number standing at 17 at the moment. Even with all the outbreaks and the numbers gradually increasing, India has announced a lockdown and is going to quarantine itself to prevent further spread of the virus from the travellers across the world. But, even with the increasing number, scientists believe that it is important to not panic in this state.



Just recently, WHO declared the outbreak as pandemic, making people panic and think there is no cure to the condition. That is not the case actually. While the numbers of infected people is rising every day, there are recoveries too that majority of the people aren’t talking about.


It is necessary for individuals to not panic and make sensible decisions instead. The reason why the numbers are increasing is not just because of the spread but also because of the fact that more and more tests are being done. As the tests increase, it is likely that the numbers will increase as well. But, even that doesn’t pave any way for panic to settle in. At this time of crisis, it is necessary for people to realize that the statistics suggest that four out of five infected people from the coronavirus in India are going to recover. 3 infected individuals in Kerala have already recovered from the condition, suggesting that there is no reason for people to panic. Even a leading Indian scientist, Gangandeep Kang suggested saying that the tests for the disease should only be done when the symptoms are showing and when the doctor recommends it. Kang further stated saying that since there is no drug or vaccine available for the condition, the infected individuals are WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

be hospitalized to prevent spreading the virus if you contract it but that doesn’t necessarily mean that being affected with this is a death omen. It is the old and the people with compromised immune system who are at the maximum risks of death. Since they have a poor immune system, it is harder for their body to cope back with the condition, which can later result in a casualty.

being administered with the supportive care. This includes the fever medication and any and every kind of support that they need to ensure faster recovery. Kang, who is the vicechair of the Norway-based International Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations stated saying that if you experience any of the symptoms related to this condition, it is very important that you see your healthcare provider. If you feel that you could have this virus, it is very important that you inform the hospital beforehand so that they can assist you accordingly and not put the other patients at risk. Every single doctor, scientist and researcher is time and

time emphasizing the need for proper hygiene. Instead of panicking, it is important for people to focus on their hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water, carry a hand sanitiser with you at all times, eat healthy to keep your immune health in check. Just recently, WHO declared the outbreak as pandemic, making people panic and think there is no cure to the condition. That is not the case actually. While the numbers of infected people is rising every day, there are recoveries too that majority of the people aren’t talking about. The condition is not as deadly as many are making it out to be. Yes, it is easily communicable and yes, it is likely that you might need to

With proper life support treatment options and round the clock watches, it is likely that the body does recover from the virus over time. It is all on your body and the way it fights it that helps with the recovery. Panicking will not get anyone anywhere but make the situation worse. It is important for people to keep their information source from credible sources like that of WHO and CDC. Try and self quarantine yourself if you think you might have the virus or even if you are showcasing flu like symptoms. It is all on how you manage it that matters at the end of the day. Take some time out to learn the facts and not rely on the myths. Take some time to focus on improving your immune health. Remember, stay alert and don’t panic. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



3 Funny Short Stories Kids Laugh! To Make Your

If you want to keep your children happy and entertained, you must tell them funny stories and broaden their sense of imagination. Besides imagination, making your child laugh is a way of boosting his confidence and teaching him/her the tactic to solve problems. A happy child is always going to make a happy home. When you find quality time, catch hold of your tiny tot and tell him/her stories from what’s mentioned below


Story-1 The Strange Egg This story is about a rabbit’s funny imagination.

Story : Once there lived a naughty rabbit, he was walking in his garden and felt happy to see something colorful in front of him. This colorful thing was round and hard. He went close to this thing and in reality, it was a ball. Can you guess what the rabbit thought? He thought it was an egg. He held the ball and wondered why was the egg so hard. The rabbit was curious to know whose egg it was. He went around the place and met a tortoise. He asked the tortoise “Is this a tiger’s egg” The tortoise said, “No, a tiger’s egg is not so big”. Then the rabbit went to the monkey who was busy plucking banana’s from a tree. He asked him, “Is this a camel’s egg? “. The monkey said, “

No, a camel’s egg cannot be so colorful”. Then the rabbit went to the bird who was busy warming itself up and asked: “Is this an elephant’s egg?”. The bird tried to check if it was the elephant’s egg and pricked the ball with its beak and all the air from the all got deflated and the bird shouted saying “This is the WINDS egg”. In the end, the tortoise, monkey, bird, and rabbit gathered at one place and they all jumped high in excitement.

Conclusion :

It was funny that all the animals are unaware that the wind doesn’t have eggs.

Story-2 Horse And The Snail One upon a time there lived a horse named Golu. He was always proud of himself. One day while walking out of the home he found a snail on his way. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Story : He looked at the snail and laughed. He laughed because he was proud that he is fast and snails are slow. He told the snail “ let’s have a race and see who wins”. The snail was angry because he understood that the horse was teasing him. The snail told the horse “ Okay, let’s have a race on Sunday. Be ready.” The horse laughed back at him and was confident that he will win. The snail went back home angry and told the other snails about what the horse said. He was upset and wanted to win the race. His other snail friends motivated him and offered help. All the snails planned to make fun of the horse and guess what they did. All the snails reached that place before the horse, hid beside a bush and were ready to start moving. The horse didn’t know that the place had more than one snail. Both the horse and WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

snail stood beside each other and got ready for the race. The horse ran fast and always saw that the snail was ahead of him. He kept noticing more than three times and finally gave up saying that he lost the race and accepted that snail was the winner.

Conclusion : The horse who thought he was smart didn’t realize that there were many snails as everyone looked alike. Smartness made the snail win and all pride of the horse vanished. It was funny that the horse got trapped and didn’t understand that there was more than one snail.

Story-3 The Grimes Once there lived a little baby boy who started to get a few teeth. He felt like chewing everything

around him. What did he chew?

Story : He chewed a shoe, newspaper, his own toe, he chews the filthy mat at the kitchen door, the dog food, tries to chew an alive cat and finally comes coal. His mouth is black and dirty and is tired of his new teething stage. Later he tries to chew a toilet mop. Then comes a the magical bathroom who moves and begins to clean him. No Grime is happy and smiling. Magic bathroom says goodbye and goes back to its place.

Conclusion : Poor little grime is so hungry that he doesn’t realize he eats all the dirty things and how amazing that a magical bathroom appears to clean him. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Importance of Good Sleep Why You Should Have Good Night?

Good diet and sleep must always be considered as the fundamental for health. When we have a busy life, we go blind and skip the diet. Most of us also extend the work hours and cut off the sleep time. Then, we wonder and reach out to doctors to find out what’s wrong.


This time we are covering one of the two basics(diet and sleep) that you need for good health. We are going to talk about the importance of good sleep.

efforts to sleep and not to skip your sleep. So, let’s make it easy for you to understand. We will categorize the benefits of sleeping well and loss of poor sleep.

Look for the reasons and decide never to reduce your sleep after this. Your health is key even for wealth.

If you are not sleeping well, then you are at loss. Your health declines and it becomes visible in your work and life. So, know the health effects of poor sleep.

Why Is Good Sleep Important For You? We know that you are aware of the importance of good sleep. But all may not know the reason why good sleep must be the priority. When you know the effects of not sleeping well, you don’t repeat it. You will make better

1. Low immunity Bacteria and viruses attacking your body is common. For your body to fight the bacteria and virus, your body must have immunity. Here how immune system and sleep are connected is- when you are sleeping, your body releases certain substances that fight the bacteria and MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

HEALTHY LIVING virus. The substances are termed as cytokines. These substances help your body to build the immunity and prevent you from any diseases or health issues. When you are not getting enough of sleep, you are more at risk falling ill with infections, inflammation and other health problems.

2. Overweight


There are various factors that can increase weight hugely due to poor sleep. The body tends to take more calories due to poor sleep. As you don’t have proper sleep, you feel tired easily. And it becomes difficult for your body to support physical activities like gym or other workouts. Also your body stores carbohydrates when you don’t sleep. When the carbohydrates are taking a higher level, this is going to result in obesity. The other effect of poor sleep is- it disrupts the appetite controlling hormones. With this people who get inadequate sleep eat more. The metabolism gets affected with lack of sleep and weight gain is the output of it.

How poor sleep can affect metabolism? When you don’t get enough sleep, the leptin rate decreases and ghrelin level increases. When you are sleeping well these hormones can be well regulated by your body. Whereas, the poor sleep can change this normal function and make you feel hungrier.


3. Hazardous for heart Poor sleep is closely linked to heart diseases. Many studies suggested good sleep is a must for healthy heart.

How lack of sleep can affect heart health? It is that- your body’s blood pressure keeps changing from time to time. It is mostly high when you are awake. A few minutes before bedtime, the blood pressure comes down. This normal function becomes abnormal when you are not sleeping. As you are not getting enough sleep, your blood pressure remains high and leads to heart stroke.

4. Affects nervous system Sleep disorders and nervous system are directly related. If there is no sleep, it impacts every function of your nervous system. It keeps your concentration,

alertness and creativity off when you are not getting proper sleep.

How sleep deprivation affects your nervous system? On daily basis, you learn new things. You have to recollect and remember the learned things the next and further as well. For this, you need good sleep. During sleep, nerve cells sends the information to your brain to store what you learned. When you are not getting enough sleep, your brain feels tired easily and it becomes difficult to remember or recollect normally.

5. Depression and anxiety

6. Lack of sex drive This is mostly seen in men and it is due to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is experiencing breathing difficulty in between sleep. Due apnea, the testosterone levels reduce and also lower libido is the result of this. In women, if there is lack of sleep, they get exhausted easily and do not show interest in sex.

How much sleep do you need per day? Sleep duration differs from body to body. In general several studies suggests that every person needs 7-8 hours of sleep to save health and life from any harm. When

good hours of sleep, you will see a difference in your mood and work too. You will know better about your body. We stress on getting sleep minimum of 7 hours for normal people. People who are mentally ill need to sleep at least for 9-10 hours. Restful sleep can better the mental condition. The more we get educated about health, the more we care about. Sleep is not the key for success or happiness but poor sleep can affect you in every way. You work life, personal life and healthy living everything gets affected majorly. Hope you will get good sleep for happy and healthy living.

Sleep impacts your mental health to a greater extent. There is a higher risk of developing mental illness and disorders with sleep loss. The major effect that you will clearly notice is insomnia is another effect that is caused by poor sleep. Poor sleep quality can affect your mood and also experience emotional imbalance. You also become quick tempered and there are chances which leads to depression and anxiety. Sleep deprivation is such cause which worsens depression as well. People who are mentally ill, they need to get more sleep than normal people or else it worsens the condition.



Chicken Manchurian Recipe


If you are someone who likes to gorge down Chinese food, knowing the Chicken Manchurian recipe is a staple for you without further questions. It is pretty easy and doesn’t take long. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Ingredients Boneless chicken pieces – 500 gms



Soy sauce


Tomato sauce

Chopped onions

Chilli sauce

Chopped spring onions

Green chillies

Diced capsicum

Black pepper

Directions Start by marinating the chicken with cornflour, eggs, salt, pepper and chopped chillies Mix everything together and deep fry the chicken pieces till golden brown Once done, start working on the sauce for the chicken For the sauce, start by adding some oil to a pan To that, add the chopped onions and fry till translucent To that, add the chopped or diced capsicum Fry that as well and add 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste to that Fry everything together Add salt to the mix followed by all the sauces that you have Mix everything together and taste to check the sauce proportion If everything seems okay, add the chicken pieces and the spring onions Mix everything through and add black pepper powder to it Once done, taste a chicken piece and adjust accordingly



Kashmiri Dum Aloo


If you have been looking for a delectable recipe for your vegetarian fix, the kashmiri dum aloo is the best available option for you. The rich onion and tomato gravy with the potatoes taste nothing short of divine.

Ingredients Boiled potatoes - 8-10


Onions – chopped


Tomato – 2 chopped

Cumin – powder and whole

Ginger garlic paste – 2 tbsp

Chilli powder

Cashew nut paste – 4-5 tbsp

Turmeric powder

Whole garam masala

Coriander powder




Directions For this, you need to start by washing the potatoes with the skin on. Once done, poke them with a fork and boil them in a pressure cooker. Boil them for 4-5 whistles Once the potatoes are cold, peel them completely and set aside In a deep vessel, pour half cup oil and let it heat for a while Drop in the potatoes one by one into the hot oil Let it fry from all the sides till it is golden brown in colour Remove the potatoes from the oil and set aside To that same oil, add ½ tsp of cumin seeds Let it crackle well To that, add the chopped or pureed onion and stir it well Once the onion becomes translucent, add the ginger garlic paste To that, add the chopped or pureed tomatoes Add all the spices to it and the slithered chillies Let it cook till the oil separates Once done, add the fried potatoes to that and mix everything together Cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes Add some water to the mix and cook for 5 minutes till the potatoes are completely soft To that, add the cashew paste and mix thoroughly Add the cream in the end and cook on medium to high heat Once done, add some butter and freshly chopped coriander for garnish MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


M.A Yusuff Ali

Chairman and Managing director of LuLu Group International LuLu Group International employs the largest number of Indians outside India and the annual turnover of the LuLu Group International is US$7.4 billion.


Yusuff Ali Musaliam Veettil Abdul Kader who is generally known as M.A. Yusuff Ali is a UAEbased Indian billionaire businessman and a chairman and also the managing director of LuLu Group International. The LuLu Group International owns LuLu Hypermarket chain world wide and LuLu International Shopping Mall.


According to Forbes, the owner of the LuLu Group International Yusuff Ali has been ranked as the 21st wealthiest Indian and 270th richest in the world as of the year 2018 with M.A Yusuff Ali having a personal wealth of $5.2 billion. According to the Forbes Middle East, Yusuff Ali has been ranked in the first position in Top 100 Indian business owners in Arab World of the year 2018. The Abu Dhabi- based Indian retail tycoon M A Yusuff Ali is now the first Indian who had received the premium residency of Saudi Arabia which would grant the expatriates the right to live, work and own business and also to own a property in the Kingdom with no need for a sponsor.

Early life of MA Yusuff Ali: M. A Yusuff Ali was born on the 15th of November in the year 1995 and has completed his schooling from Mattika and has also done his diploma in Business Management and administration. He had completed his studies in India and left for Abu Dhabi in the year 1973 where his paternal uncle, M K Abdullah who is the chairman and the founder of the LuLu group


NRI PROFILE was doing a business for which Yusuff Ali has developed the import and wholesale distribution of the group and has therefore ventured in to the business of supermarket as he had launched LuLu Hypermarket and the first LuLu Hypermarket was first started in the 1990s and Yusuff Ali has taken charge of the retails sector in Abu Dhabi by rolling out LuLu Hypermarket.


The operations of the LuLu Group International has been commenced as a family business venture which when was joined by Yusuff Ali, he has diversifide the business for the inclusion of import and the distribution of frozen products from Europe and the United States. The products were not only available in Abu Dhabu but have also been made available in other emirates with the business including bot food and non- foot categories. The group has now grown into an international group which is said to spreading over the three continents. Currently, the group’s flagship retail chain of the LuLu Hypermarkets and also the Supermarkets are said to presently rated as one among the retail sector of the Middle East with almost more than hundred stores in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The LuLu Group also owns several malls namely, Khalidiyah Mall, Al Raha Mall, WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Al Wahda Mall, Mushriff Mall, Madinat Zayed Mall, Mazyad Mall, Ramli Mall, RAK Mall, Al Foah Mall, Al Khor Mall, Riyadh Avenue Mall in Saudi Arabia and Oman Avenues Mall spread across the GCC states. The LuLu International Shopping Mall has been opened in Kochi, Kerala on the 10th of March in the year 2013 being its first retail venue in the country India and also the largest shopping mall in India in the current times. The group is said to have a vast organizational structure of over 40,000 employees representing around 37 various nationalities among which more than 25,000 are Indian employees. The mainstay of the group is the retail business with the operations in major Middle Eastern and African countries

such as United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Kenya which are said to be having the Retail Sourcing and the manufacturing bases that are located in the Far East, India, Africa and Guangzhou in China. M.A Yusuff Ali is married to Shabira Yusuff Ali and lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with three children. His elder daughter named Sabeena has been married to a billionaire businessman Shansheer Vayalil and his second daughter named Shafeena is also married and she is married to Adeeb Ahmad who runs the LuLu International Exchange and Twenty14 Holdings, the hospitality investments division of the group.

Accolades and recognition: The Abu Dhabi- based Indian retail tycoon MA Yusuff Ali has received accolades for his success

--> Commander” title & St. Ephraim Medal by the Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas of Universal Syriac Orthodox Church in 2004.

--> Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in 2005; the highest Indian government award given to nonresident Indians.

--> Conferred with the title of Padma Shri by Indian President Pratibha Patil in 2008

--> “Business Man of the Year 2009-10” award instituted by the Kerala State Forum of Bankers’ Clubs.

--> Listed in the Indian Rich List 2011 by Arabian Business magazine.

--> “Most Influential Asian Business Leader in the MENA region” award by Forbes ME in 2012.

--> Was honoured with the archbishop

Mar Gregorios award instituted by the alumni association of Mar Ivanios College, Amicos, for his contribution to the industrial sector.

--> “Arab Business Leader of the Year 2012” during the third edition of the Global Arab Business Meeting held in Ras Al Khaimah.

--> Lifetime Achievement Award at the

inaugural Indian CEO Awards held in February 2012.

--> Forbes MENA region most influential Asian Business Leader Award 2012.

--> Swiss Ambassador’s Award 2012 for outstanding efforts in promoting Swiss-UAE relations.

--> 27th Most Richest Indian (Forbes). --> Honorary Doctorate from Middlesex University




Indians To Pay $50,000 More For EB5-Visa Effective April 1st

The financial burden for Indians who want an EB-5 Visa has now increased up to $50,000. This will be effective from April 1st. Every Indian who wishes to immigrate to the US will have to pay this amount to all US investors. According to American Bazaar daily, having to pay extra for the EB-5 visa will have an impact on other visa categories and it will be a hindrance to people who want an EB-5 visa to stay in the US. Going back to the ’90s, $9,00,000 was the investment amount for the EB-5 visa. The same scenario repeated in 2019, where the visa amount increased from $5,00,000 to


$9,00,000 after many years. In addition to this, when the Indians move money to an escrow amount to submit their application in the US, they will have to pay $50,000 more. The Global Chairman, Mark Davies stated “The changes to the tax on remittances is a reminder to Indians to carefully plan their tax positions before making their move to the US,”




As India Becomes Richer More Indians Leaving Country India has turned to be wealthier and more of its citizens are leaving its shores. According to an IndiaSpend analysis of data from the United Nations Department of Economic Affair, an estimated 17 million Indians were living abroad in 2017, making India the ample source country for international migrants worldwide, up from seven million in 1990 and a 143 percent increase. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

should be worried about a rise in “brain drain”. The above figures refer to unskilled migrants traveling on Emigration Check Required (ECR) passports - passports issued by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs to those leaving for employment in certain countries in Southeast Asia and Middle. Changes in the government criteria used to classify workers as unskilled, leading to more migrants traveling on non-ECR passports, could be part of the reason for the declining trend. “Over the years India has made internal adjustments to who gets an ECR passport. A lot of people are entitled to non-ECR passports and take that route to migrate instead - this is data which is not publicly available and therefore cannot be analyzed,” Seeta Sharma, Technical Officer (ILO) for EU-India Cooperation and Dialogue on Migration and Mobility, told IndiaSpend.

Over the same period, India’s per capita income increased by 522 percent (from $1,134 to $7,055), giving more people the means to travel abroad in hunt of employment opportunities they were not found at home. Simultaneously, the number of unskilled migrants leaving the country has been decreasing: An estimated 391,000 left India in 2017, almost half the number in 2011 (637,000), according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). However, this does not necessarily mean that an increasing proportion of India’s emigrants are likely to be higher skilled or that policymakers

International emigration generally rises with economic development as more people acquire the financial means to travel abroad, and only begins to reduce when countries reach upper-middleincome status. Labor demand driven by constrained local employment markets is a key motivation for international migration, with 73 percent of all migrants globally entering the workforce in their host country, the ADB report found. India’s working age population is currently growing by 1.3 million each month, exacerbating a stagnant job market that is further afflicted by a lack of employment. Over almost three decades, between MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


1990-2017, India witnessed waves of skilled and unskilled labor emigration. Indians living in Qatar increased 82,669 percent - from 2,738 to 2.2 million - over 27 years to 2017, more than in any other country. In the two years between 20152017, the Indian population in Qatar more than tripled.


Oman (688 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (622 percent) also feature in the top 10 countries for the largest increases in Indian residents between 1990-2017, while in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, over seven years to 2017, Indian populations rose by 110 percent and 78 percent, respectively. These figures reflect the response of Indian workers to rapidly expanding economies in the Gulf, buoyed by rising oil prices. As these oil-rich nations embarked on large-scale development projects, workers from India and other South Asian countries answered the call for the growing number of construction jobs needing to be filled. However, recent global economic lags have slowed migrant flows from India into the region. Declining crude oil terms and the resulting spending cuts on building

projects and the slowing economies explain the falling numbers of Indians preferring to travel to the region, as jobs dwindle and wages contract. While traditional host countries for Indian migrants, such as the Gulf states, United States and the United Kingdom, remain the countries with the highest Indian populations, over the last decade, OECD countries have seen a significant increase in the number of Indians choosing to settle within their borders. Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, for example, have seen their Indian populations grow by 66, 56 and 42 percent, respectively, over seven years to 2017. They are cheaper and have better educational opportunities.”For example, Germany has the free education and there’s the potential to land a job in the country after university too, so you’re seeing a shift in migration,” Sharma said. Quickly aging populations across the West will further create a demand for migrant labor, as foreign workers fill employment gaps left by falling birth rates in many developed countries. India is well placed to benefit from this demand. Half of all countries worldwide


now have fertility rates below 2.1, meaning too few children are being born to hold their population size. In the short term, however, changing political environments and increasingly hostile attitudes to foreign migration may have an impact on the acceptability of Indian migrant workers taking up these jobs. The identity and socioeconomic background of Indian emigrants is changing. Southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been traditional sources of migrant workers to the

Middle East and Southeast Asia, departing on ECR passports. However, in recent years, northern Indian and less economically advanced states have overtaken their southern counterparts for the numbers of typically low-skilled male youth leaving for overseas work. Uttar Pradesh took the lead for the highest number of emigrants since 2011, followed by Bihar and Tamil Nadu, while the number of migrants from Kerala declined 69 percent over six years, from around 80,000 in 2011 and 2013 to under 25,000 in 2017. “Migration trends have shifted,” Sharma said. “For example, if you’re from Kerala, it may no longer be so lucrative to go to the Gulf. But for someone sitting in Bihar earning a third of what a Keralite earns, it

still makes sense.” However, while these data show the numbers from each state leaving on ECR passports, they do not indicate how many have switched to non-ECR passports. Kerala may still be seeing sizable numbers of its population emigrate despite a decline in 2016 and 2017 in the ECR category. Indeed, Kerala received 19 percent of all remittances (funds sent by an expatriate to their country of origin) received in India in 2016-17, closely followed by Maharashtra (17 percent) and Karnataka (15 percent), according to RBI (Reserve Bank of India) data. India received the largest remittances worldwide in 2017, with approximately $70 billion landing in the country’s banks accounts. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



NASA Mathematician

Katherine Johnson At 101 Dies

This legendary women who made her calculation on the Apollo 11 flight that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took to reach the moon, dies at 101. The story of her life is seen in a movie the ‘Hidden Figures’. She was known for her courage and milestones. She was known as the ‘Human Computer’. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Earlier her contribution wasn’t recognized after the release of the Oscar-nominated movie in 2016 that spoke about three black women. In 1961, Alan Shepard’s suborbital flight was calculated and taken care of by Katherine Johnson. He was the first man to go to space from the US. John Glenn, who became the first astronaut of earth in 1962, used to ask Katherine to calculate and doublecheck his flights. It is just through her contributions that people could make it to space and the moon. In 2015, she was awarded the Presidential medal of freedom by Barrack Obama. One of her best advice to young engineers is “do your best, like it”. She made a remarkable difference in the world just with a pen, paper and a ruler. Ms.Johnson believes that space, technology, and engineering will always be there unlike a few other things that will be noticed and just go away. Heinous Act - South African Women Was Sterilized Without Her Consent A woman from South Africa, Bongekile Msibi was put in the dark and after she gave

birth at 17, she was sterilized and oblivious about it for 11 years until she wanted to have another baby. The Commissioner for Gender quality read through this case and found that she was one among 48 women who were sterilized without consent. The civil rights group tried to find more details about this case, they went to 15 hospitals and found out that they had made the files disappear. Bongekile assumes that her parents got the uterus removed without her consent as she was just 17 back then while she was having

a C-Section in Chris Hani Bargawatha Hospital. In the past, she had given birth to a baby girl and went home with a scar in her stomach. Ever since, she has been taking contraceptive pills and when she went to the doctor to find out if she can have another baby, she got to know that her uterus was removed. She feels devastated for being cheated and had to part ways with her partner as he wanted kids. The fact that this unfortunate incident happened to her. She wants the hospital to pay for surrogacy.



Corona Virus Enters India And Has Left People Petrified

Given that India has a big population, the virus that’s traveled from China and left people scared to even step out of their homes. Moreover, a


virus cannot be cured with medicines, only medical support can be given to the sufferer. This virus has spread around the world and now in India, there are about 30 reported cases of the pandemic. The Government has taken steps to have passengers coming from different countries, medically screened to avoid it from spreading. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Government is working intensively to reduce the impacts of COVID-19. Different ministries across the world are taking steps to deal with this virus. Around 90,000 plus people are affected and it has taken around 3000 plus lives. Earlier the Government was screening people traveling from places such as Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Nepal, and Japan. Now situations have entirely changed. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

To test this virus, additional labs are being prepared and as of now, there are 15 labs ready. In phase 2, there will be a few more labs, says the Health Minister. The Government has hinted the Government hospitals in Delhi to be prepared as there could be more cases. To be safe and keep away from the virus, many people in India are working from home. At every other corner, people are wearing masks.

Carlsberg In India Bribed By The Government Recently, Carlsberg had completed its audit. However, it reopens its closed investigation in the Indian unit. The company has a doubt about India’s unit being involved in misappropriation of funds, wrong payments, and complaints from customers. This issue was brought forward by Carlsberg’s partner and they were engaged in a difficult commercial conflict. It was Tuber beer that launched n audit. A report stated, over 18 months, Carlsberg has been making payment to the Indian Government. A number of officials working in excise or issuance of permits to brewery departments were getting bribes. Carlsberg didn’t accept this blame and said that it was one of their ex-employee’s plans to blackmail the company. According to reports, these payments were made so that it would benefit the Indian Carlsberg Brewery with respect to their manufacturing terms.

The employee claimed to have a piece of evidence to this and accepted to submit it only if he was paid, this was investigated by a Delhi court judge and he said that Carlsberg should take steps in appointing independent directors to monitor operations and it is sensible if they follow transparency. Carlsberg India’s first regulatory filing will be conducted in the first quarter of 2020. India Carlsberg’s share is about 19% in India’s beer market.



Apple Soon To Open Its Retail Store In India


For decades, Apple has been relying on third party retailers to sell it’s products in India. It is going to be changed soon. People in India buy Apple phone through various third party websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Best Buy, Sprint etc. Soon you can buy Apple products from Apple stores which are equipped with well trained expert staff who can guide you on latest apple products including ipad, iMac, MacBook Pro, along with some great accessories. Why there is no Apple store in India? The main obstacle for the Apple to open it’s store in India is the law. India does not allow 100% FDI single brand retail. In order to have a store they have to form partnership with Indian company. If the foreign brands want to open their stores in India without violating


this rule 30% of the products should be manufactured in India. Companies like Apple, Nike,Adidas, and Pizza Hut operate in India on a franchise model. To boost up the economy, Recently India has removed restrictions on it’s Foreign

Direct Investment (FDI) for many sectors opening new avenues for the giant sectors like Apple. The Indian government said that single brand retail companies are allowed to open online stores before they setup physical stores. India is emerging as one of the biggest battlegrounds for the smartphone vendors.

Apple decided to open it’s store in India: Timothy Donald Cook, CEO of Apple announced at the company’s Annual Shareholder meeting on 26th February, 2020 that the Apple will open it’s store in India. Tim cook decided to launch the online store at some point this year, which is going to be the world’s second largest smartphone market. He also added that a physical store will be opened in India by next year. Apple initially decided to launch two stores in India. One in New delhi and another in Mumbai. They wanted their stores more iconic right from the design to location. Apple needs to get approval from the Indian government.

Apple’s Online Stores in India: Apple had plants to run online stores in India before setting up physical stores. The company’s Taiwanese contractor has an assembly plant outside Bangalore and Apple’s another contractor has assembly plant for iphone X in Chennai making easier for the Apple to run online stores in India. Online stores will allow Apple to enhance it’s presence in India and to compete with the Chinese companies which often

implement aggressive selling techniques to increase the sales. Apple also had a discussion with content studios to grow it’s movie offerings and TV shows in India.

Challenges that Apple Store have to face in India: Here are a few challenges that apple store have to face once it is opened in India:

> Though India is the big

market reporting continuous growth, most people in

India can not afford Apple’s products. A wide range of phones that ship into India carry a price less than $150 or lower.

> The other challenge is that

New Delhi levies high charges on imported products. The company passes this charges to the customers making it more expensive in India.

> In order to enhance

it’s appeal in India Apple contractors had to assemble wide range of iphone models in India just like the Chinese phone makers.This will yield good results for the company MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


364 52

Women Officers Being Appointed By

The Indian Army In 2019 It is an honor when women are given good opportunities, we get to witness one such victory for the women officers in the Indian Army In 2019, the Indian Army appointed 364 women officers and when we compare it to the number standing at 819 in 2018, there has been a remarkable difference. Shripad Naik, the Minister of State for Defence mentioned that in 2018 there were only 38 women officers selected in the Indian Navy and in 2019, 54 women officers were selected. To one of the written WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

questions sent by the Rajyasabha, Naik mentioned that in the Airforce, except for fields such as dental and medical, there were 51 women officers in 2019. Whereas, there were 59 women officers appointed in 2018.

After looking into the percentage of women officers appointed in Navy and Airforce, Naik says, it is 5.12 percent of the Indian Navy and 13.81 percent of the Indian Airforce. This is excluding the dental, medical and nursing branches.

Facts That Break Myths Around Corona Virus

We are all aware that COVID-19 is a deadly virus and it is taking people’s life. However, with panic we cannot assume and wrongly interpret things about the virus. Sadly, this is being happening and individuals are panicking even more. To relieve you of the panic and get some facts right. Here are important things you need to know about CORONA Virus that has not been interpreted correctly. Take a look!

Myth 1 - Wearing A Mask Helps

Clearly, wearing a mask to protect yourself from the virus will not do you any good. Only surgical masks are effective. However, it is only useful for doctors and for the people suffering from this virus.

Myth 2 - Weather Can Influence The Virus If you’ve been hearing people say that the weather can kill the virus. You are wrong. Neither the snow nor the bright sunlight can give you the assurance that the virus will die down.

The research is still going on and as of now nothing is certain. Therefore, if you think having a bath with warm water can protect you, then you are wrong. It is the temperature of your body that will matter, not the temperature of water.

Myth 3 - Corona Virus Is As Good As Having A Cold Corona virus isn’t as small as having a cold, it is a mixture of 5 viruses that look spiky and these projections go and attack the host cells. This MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



virus infects an animal and then spreads to a human being.

Myth 4 - The Virus Resides In Goods Transported From China If you think that the will travel through the goods from China and affect you, it is a wrong assumption and a myth. Although research is still going on, it is for sure that the virus cannot stay on one surface for long. The moment it travels through different weather conditions, it moves away from there. Thus, the virus will not stay stagnant at a particular place, if it comes in contact with alcohol, it will disappear. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Myth 5 - You Can Use Hand Dryers To Kill The Virus It is a misinterpretation that the heat of a hair dryer will be able to kill the virus. No, the virus won’t die with a hand dryer. If you properly want to kill it, you will need to wash your hands with an alcohol based soap or a hand wash. After that, you will need to wipe your hands with a towel and not let your hands remain wet for too long.

The fact that you are afraid about the virus should not mislead you with wrong information. Having said, mosquito bites do not cause corona virus. Yet, there isn’t any study or research proving that this virus is spreading through mosquitoes. You are likely to get infected by this virus through coughs or sneezes. If the saliva droplets of the infected person reaches you, you are at a risk. Until then, you are safe.

Myth 6 - A Mosquito Myth 7 - Standing Bite Can Cause Corona Virus

Under The Sun Can Kill Corona Virus

the scanner can detect the virus only when the body temperature increases. On the other hand, if someone is infected by the virus with absolutely no change in the body temperature, this thermal scanner will not detect the virus. Therefore, it is not the only source that finds out about the virus.

Myth 9 - You Can Get Corona Virus if You Have Pets As of now, studies don’t prove that you can get corona virus from your pets.

To be on a safe side, you are advised to wash your hands with alcohol and stay hygienic. If you thinks you can get corona from your pets, throw that thought aside.

Myth 10 Pneumonia Vaccines Are Useful For Treating Corona Virus Every detail about corona virus is still unknown and no other vaccine can protect you from it. Researchers are in the process of finding a new vaccine and the WHO is making efforts to make it happen.

If UV rays were to kill the virus, no one would have been afraid. While it is not the case, don’t be under an impression that sunlight kills corona virus. It doesn’t! Thus, avoid spreading your hands under sunlight or UV bulbs. It will just damage your skin.

Myth 8 - Thermal Scanners Immediately Find Out About The Virus Usually, a person who is infected with this virus may or may not experience symptoms like high fever. So MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai The Youngest But Bravest Queen In Indian history women showed the bravery and never gave up. Such women are ever inspiration for hundred generations of future. One lady who is named after bravery from birth is Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bhai. 56

If you only know she fought against British Raj and she was a queen of a kingdom, then you are yet to know something great about her. Here, we have gathered her life story which is a must know.

Early Life Of Rani Lakshmi Bhai Jhansi Rani was born in Varanasi and her birth name is Manikarnika Tambe. Her mother died when she was 4 years old. She was brought up by her father who was an advisor in the court. In the 1842, she got married to the King of Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao Newalkar. He renamed her as Rani Lakshmi Bhai. After few years of their marriage, she gave birth to a boy and


he lost his life soon after birth. The couple adopted a boy and he was named as Damodar. After adopting Damodar, Maharaja died due to serious health issue. At that sad phase, Jhansi Rani was just an 18 years young girl.

What Happened To Jhansi Rani After Her Husband’s Death? With king’s death, British government took an advantage of ruling the kingdom Jhansi. As per the policy “The Doctrine of Lapse” the princely state cannot have an adopted as the ruler of the kingdom. Whereas, Gangadhar Roa adopted a son who cant rule the Jhansi.




So, British government dint allow Damodar Roa (adopted son) to be the legal heir. After all this happened, Rani Lakshmi Bhai appealed to Court of London to fight against the injustice going with her kingdom. But the case was discarded by the court. The ultimate plan of British Raj was to capture kingdom Jhansi. They also captured all the valuable jewels and offered Lakshmi Bhai pension around 60000 per annum. Doing this, she was asked to leave the kingdom for them to rule forever.

Take inspiration knowing more about her-

1. Shooting, horsemanship and fencing

were part of her education. She trained to be a warrior from very young age. She was well versed in horseback riding and had three horses.


2. She was an independent girl who was

different from other girls. She was raised like a son at that time.

3. The queen was a happy and cheerful girl in her childhood.

4. At the age 18 years, she became ruler of Jhansi kingdom.

5. She was known for intelligence and

beauty. Hugh rose, a British officer described her as pleasant appearance, clever and beautiful.

6. She formed a strongest rebellion

separately and secretively which also included women. This says gender equality and bravery was one of her priorities.

7. The palace of Rani Lakshmi Bhai is

named as Rani Mahal which is changed to a museum.

8. She fought for India’s

freedom till her last breath and martyred for motherland.

What Made Jhansi Laksmi Bhai To Revolt On British Raj?

with Rani’s fight and protect herself from death.

5. After this war, she

escaped to Kalpi and formed another army of rebellions. With her newly formed army, she back attacked the British army. As part of this war, she was martyred for India’s freedom.

1. There are different factors 6. She dint want the that provoked Jhansi Rani to fight against the British rulers. One of the unacceptable act by the British was- they asked the Indian workers to bite the port and beef greased cartridges with their teeth.

British to capture her body

but asked people to burn it. Her body was cremated for a few local people as she wished. We have many reasons in front of us to say that Lakshmi Bhai is an ultimate inspiration for women. Her story deserves to be an example to fight back, stand for justice and never give back. She is a worth read and know personality by all the Indians.

2. Before, Jhansi Lakshmi

Bhai dint have a plan to revolt on British but the senior officer of Brtish Hugh Rose asked her to surrender, she took the right action. She determined not to give up on her land. She took support from Tantia Tope and Nana Sahib to defeat British.

3. When British army

entered the kingdom, Rani Lakshmi Bhai, tied her son Damodar Roa at her back and fought against the British army with two swords.

4. It is also believed that

Jhansi Rani was cheated by the person whom she trusted. It was Raja of Gwalior. He gave a weak horse instead of strong horse at the time of war between Rani and British. The horse couldn’t cooperate MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET




Yoga is known to improve the strength and flexibility but the lesser know fact is that it also helps in improving the mental health of an individual, ranging from improving the mood, sharpening concentration, relieving stress and anxiety and it also improves the symptoms of insomnia and depression.

Yoga is said to increase awareness of living in the present and also about the attentional focus as a result of which It would help an individual get aware of the thoughts and moods that are negative. Self- efficacy which is the ability of an individual to accomplish the tasks and also to move through the challenges in life despite the stress one goes through would also be promoted through yoga. Yoga moves from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system which means that it would reduce the anxiety and would make you enter a more relaxed state. This can be


observed as soon as you take deep breath of inhaling and exhaling, your body calms down and you feel relaxed and calmer. Practicing yoga on a daily basis would help you to know yourself that is, it helps your build the trust with in and makes you feel confident on yourself rather than listening to the societal remarks and getting depressed. The following asanas will help you in maintaining a good m,ental health

Uttanasana or standing forward bend pose This asan is done by standing straight and bending forward



Yoga Poses for

until yor face touches your legs which is said to be an intense forward stretch pose. This asan is said to work on the muscles of your entire back which would also improve strength and flexible. This asan improves the flow of blood which is rich in oxygen to the brain as the head is this pose lets the head to be positioned below the heart. It has been said that practicing this asan regularly would help in relieving anxiety and stress and that it helps in keeping the mind calm. Start by keeping your hands on you hips and inhale . exhale while you stretch yourt hands above you and


INDIAN YOGA bend forward. Keep bending in the same direction and place your hands either on the ground next to your fee or hold your feet. Make sure that your knees do not bend during this asan.

Viparita karani or legs up on the wall pose Although this tends to be very simple, it is also very effective when dealing with anxiety as this helps in relaxing and calm your mind and this asan would also stimulate the nervous system. The viparita karani asan is also said to regulate the flow of the blood which would help in treating depression as well as insomnia.


To do the asan, lie flat on your back and try to touch the wall with your butt as much as possible or get it as close to the wall as possible. Once you are done with it, walk your feet up the wall and rest them in that position straight against the wall. Tilt your toes towards your body and the pressure can be felt on your hamstrings. Your hands should be kept stretch on either side of your body and this position should be held for at least five minutes while you focus on inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply.

Shavasana or pose of a corpse: This pose is generally done at the end of the yoga routines and is the excellent pose for performing meditation and to boost up your mental health as this asan helps your body relax after a being being stressed out. This asan is done as you lie flat on your back and your body is kept straight and


the hands should be placed at the either side of your body with palms facing upwards. This asan should be done with your eyes closed and hold the position for at least 5 minutes and count your breaths as you you meditate in that position.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or down facing dog pose This asan is said to help you in combing anxiety and also energizes your body as this increases the flow of the blood to your brain which stimulate the brain and helps you in fighting anxiety.

To do the adho mukha svanasana asan, lie flat on your stomach and place your palm by the sides of your chest and spread your fingers. Your knees should be supporting your chest and as you firmly press your palms flat on the mat and lift your body while you exhale and make sure that your hips are skyward and your chin should be pressed towards your thighs. Hold the position for about 3 minutes and then bend your knees to the floor while you exhale and get back to the initial pose.



Ways To Improve Creativity


Creativity is one of the best assets for being YOU! Creative minds bring to light a new concept or polish an existing concept by independently thinking, assessing those thoughts and Poets, painters or your colleague who finds an idea to reduce manual work deserves applause for being creative. For that matter, there is something creative about you as well. Look for it and nurture it. 1- Figuring out what makes you happy It is not necessary or a fact that creativity is always a blessing. While partially it is true, you can be creative even without being blessed with it. You need the WILL, DEDICATION and PRACTICE to get creative. When you invest time in doing what you love, creativity is promised. To sustain a creative thought process, you need to stay consistent and keep improving yourself.

Read on for ways to improve creativity. Start right here! Benefits Of Improving Creativity Creativity isn’t about just appearing nice, it even means feeling nice. When you create, you feel empowered and there is a lot more to what’s happening in your mind. Take a look at the benefits of being creative! This is what happens when your creativity touches the sky!




(i) You Become A Problem Solver The more you work on being creative, the better your mind works. When there are challenges in life, you are smart and mature enough to face difficulties that come your way.

(ii) Social Skills Get Better While working on creativity, it is natural for you to connect with people, exchange your ideas and learn something new. This interaction is a positive sign towards boosting your social skills.

(iii) You Learn How To Manage Time


Unknowingly, all of us are learning something new when putting our creative minds to work. One significant skill that we learn while being creative is that of managing time effectively. This skill comes to use in our personal and professional life.

(iv) You Gain Confidence The idea of converting your thoughts into actions is spectacular. While you start getting creative, your mind opens and you don’t stop with right or wrong. You just learn to be yourself and get a clear vision of what you are doing in life.

(v) You Learn Stress Management While working on creativity, you will get to witness several huddles. While finding an escape to huddles, you will learn how to manage stress in your personal life as well.

(vi) You Become Popular The world looks for inspiration from creative people and the ones who make a difference. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Whether you like being popular or not. It is always good to be recognized for good work.

(vii) You Feel Self-Sufficient More you get creative, better it makes you feel about yourself. Constantly working on being creative gives you a sense of realization of being good the way you are. This feeling of being self-sufficient is quite comforting.

Ways To Improve Creativity The happiness in finding what you love is comforting in itself. Further, working on

change will never take place. All of us here are blessed with capabilities. Using it all depends on us. So if you have faith that you can achieve it sooner or later, it is not difficult to be creative. Don’t fall for stereotypical beliefs that the one with a mole on the neck is said to be a creative person. Just believe and make a difference.

No 2 - Stay Persistent To Learn To gain you need to keep working through it and adjust yourself to changes. The same philosophy works if you want to improve creativity too. For example, if you are good at drawing a scenery and perfect that you have get the best award. It will make you feel wonderful. Now, if you stop at being called creative and don’t learn or innovate. Are there chances to be awarded the next time? No! On the other hand, if you learn how to paint water, trees and flowers, wouldn’t your creativity expand?

improving creativity is the best. There are times when we struggle to be creative. Conversely, creativity tends to just run in the blood at times. There are factors that influence creativity and one of the most significant steps you can take to balance that difference is by improving creativity.

Puzzled on how to improve your creativity? Here is what you need to do!

No1- Believe You Can Be Creative Until and unless you don’t believe you can do it,

So, being persistent to learn often will improve your creativity. It need not necessarily mean that you have to stick to one form of learning. You can learn a new skill, improvise on what you already do and interact with people in different fields. The idea is to learn, learn and learn.

No 3 - Take A Break From The Monotonous

When you live a life like that of a robot, how will you think or explore beyond? Conversely, if you add a new activity to your everyday life, wouldn’t that make you feel new? MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

LIFE STYLE This rejuvenation is what you need to get creative day by day. It is necessary for you to break through what’s monotonous and bring about changes in the way you live or your surroundings. This will help you think and feel better. Example - You can change your portrait from the right-hand side of your wall to the lefthand side. In addition to this, you can think of an activity and include it in your routine. For instance, if you love cycling, then go cycling for ten minutes every day. If it is truly your wish to boost creativity, shift from what’s old.

No 4 - Let Your Brain Do The Extra Thinking 68

If you want the sounds of creativity loud and clear, you need to knock on your brain first. In today’s world, we are all so accustomed to using the internet to give us a solution. We barely attempt tapping on our brains and finding that solution independently. Give google and the other sources of media a break for a few minutes. Always rely on your own thoughts and ideas when you want to be creative. Yes, you can be smart and get better knowledge from Google. However, don’t give up on your brain too quickly. Don’t let it get rusted easily. The only way to keep it going is by constantly thinking.

We, humans, tend to forget easily because our brains can remember only a couple of things at once. How often do you get an idea and in an hour it is off your mind? This happens many times to most of us. Thus, it is important to write down or at-least audio record your idea so that you can look through it when you want to implement the idea. The more you get habituated to collecting your ideas, the better you learn how to synchronize them and this is a good exercise to improve creative thinking.

No 5 - Have Your Ideas Reserved No 6 An idea may or may not work. However, you need to make note of it as it bounces into your mind. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

Widen Your Perspectives

Does it help if you have a single-track mind? Will you be able to understand or know more? It isn’t possible and that makes you stagnant.

Given that you want to be creative, your first motto should be that of keeping your mind open to ideas, opinions, and criticism. When you have a wide understanding on subjects only then does your mind start to think differently and then creativity follows. You are always going to witness one of those days when your creativity will give up on you. Don’t stop there, keep going! What best can you do? - Read a book you never thought of, play a game you never played and listen to a lecture you never heard. Doing different things like this will change your perspective and a changed perspective will end up making you creative.

No 7 - Exercise For 30 Minutes every day The mind and body need to take a break. Exercising and sweating it out is the best way to give your mind what it wants. Always focus on a physical activity if you want your mind to start thinking creatively. Several scientists have studied and tested how sweating

out can make people think creatively in comparison to those who don’t exercise. A study in 2014 conducted an experiment on how working out is good for the mind. Few men and women who participated in this exercise were asked to walk on a treadmill and the others were asked to sit calm. In the end, the men and women who walked could think better than those who just sat and took rest. If you cannot think of any workout, just go for a 30-minute walk and see how much of a difference you feel.

Take Away Boosting creativity is solely in our hands. Once the mind starts to think creatively, you must not stop. Rigorously working on the mind is what will take you to the world of creativity. To improve your creativity, you need to allow your mind to think, widen your perspectives, bring about changes in your lifestyle, change settings in your environment, keep learning, believe that you can be creative and finally indulge in some workout to stay mentally creative and physically fit.



Unbelievable Ways That

Can Help You To Build Relationship 70

Two souls staying together makes the relationship stand forever? If you are thinking this then you

are getting It wrong. There are certain unbelievable things that make relationship stand forever.

Everything that feels nice and good going is not

the reality. The pain and anger like emotions also strengthen the relationships.



RELATIONSHIP We are letting you know some of the unbelievable things that can help your relationship. These are the crucial factors that every relationship must have. They can make or break a relationship. Now read all of them know if you are missing these pillars in your relationships. Again we cant guarantee that a relationship with these points alone is successful. A relationship even with these mains help in building a stronger relationship.

The Qualities That You Need In Relationship

1. Conflicts 72

A conflict free relationship seems the happiest. The reality is the couple managing to compromise and sacrifice. If it is mutual and equal then that is the best relationship. But it is only one side adjustment every time, then it is unhealthy relationship. Another thing that interlinked with conflicts is compatibility and differences. Not just a love or married couple, but anyone in general would have some similarities and differences. We enjoy the similarities but when it comes to difference, both clash with opinions and decisions. This is how conflicts come in relationships and that is the reason we call it natural. How conflicts can help is, when the couple sort it out understanding each others perspectives. When you try to understand and sort it out, you become a team and friends again. You take chances in compromising and letting things go. If you notice, this whole process involves high mutual understanding and not done when it is one side adjustments or efforts. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

The one side adjustment in relationship can break it any time. How long someone can tolerate, adjust and understand in life. The role of adjusting must be exchanged to not feel the burden. So, now check if you both are equally happy or it is only one side adjustment.

2. Boundaries Boundaries in love looks like a big restriction. But it is not just boundaries but fencing your relationship with safety. Anything extreme is not good. Be it love or hate! If you are saying that boundaries restrict your love, then you must know what actually happens when there are no boundariesWhen you have no boundaries in a relationship, the expectations, tolerance will have no limits.

Someday, you will find it hard to take the excess love and care too. The love and care that has no boundaries taste bitter. When you have certain boundaries in relationship, you will also have control while leading it. It doesn’t mean that when there are no boundaries, the relationship breaks. You find it tough to control your own life as you both have made easier to involve too much into each others lives. You cant even take the control as you are high habituated to that kind of relationship. After all this, do you still think boundaries are not needed in relationship?

3. Confessions A couple who make confessions are being transparent. When your partner reveals the unexpected truths, don’t feel bad about it. It is a good sign of a relationship. He is not the one who is trying to maintain less secrets. Confessions are the best when you can accept the reality. All you need is acceptance. So, you can also reveal the truth if you have kept any secrets.

What kind of confessions you have to make?

If you feel guilt of doing something and you cant hold the pain or uneasiness, then it better to reveal it. You feel relaxed when you put down the heavy stone off your head. Again you must also think of your partner’s acceptance. It is already something done and cant be changed, then better don’t confess it.

What you cant confess to your partner?

There are also somethings that you must never confess. The incidents which hurt and make your partner feel inferior, then keep it with you. For example, if you had crush for someone and if you feel that person is still special to you, you don’t reveal it. It is unnecessary to share it with your partner. It only makes your partner feel jealous, angry and sad. So, when something is unnecessary let it be with you or leave it. Confessions that you do must be sensible. Remember that only sensible confession can help you in making a relationship.

4. Distance Distance matters a lot in relationship. It doesn’t mean that staying apart is painful but it means- it helps heaps. When you are geographically separated from each other, you will see experience something different but similar. You will also know what your relationship is up to. You will also know the value of your relationship.


RELATIONSHIP When something is always there with us, we don’t realize few things. A little distance after constant presence tells how deep you are in love with each other. You are not asked to stay away or get separated to experience all this. But if distance is naturally coming, then you don’t have worry. It is going to make your bond stronger. If you are excited to try this, then give it a chance. Distance with your loved ones hurts you a lot but it is the most precious when you meet again. Such distance is much needed in relationships. Every time distance is not to bring a couple more closer. It can also be that one of them realizes that they are really not in love. Being apart and if doesn’t matter at all, then what it means?


This how people even enjoy staying in long distance relationship. There are many successful stories of long distance relationships. All they believe in their love and stand by even when apart.

5. Space Space is another pillar of relationship. It make or break a relationship. If you are happy with your relationship and everything is going well. That means you have your space. Having space is very much similar to having freedom in life. Though you are taking space from your loved ones, it is for everyone’s good. When you have no space, then makes you suffocated. Then, you will just wait to quit the relationship. Relationship with least space or no space is toxic. You must expect your partner to give your space and also do the same in return. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

The other reason to say space is crucial in relationship is- it doesn’t disturb either of your lives or routine. You also don’t need to stress explaining, pleasing the person.

6. Equality You cant measure your responsibilities and then distribute them. But you both need to take equal pressure. Love or marriage- equality plays a role of making and breaking the relationship. If you feel that there is equality in your relationship, then you both are sharing the burden and responsibilities equally. A successful is based on many factors and this is one of them.Equality keeps the differences away in relationship. If you are want more clarity on equality can make relationship lasts, then here is an example- When

promise. You are freeing up yourself to have quality time with your partner, all these little efforts that you are making give much happiness. Not only keeping the little promises but also the big vows you do on wedding day. You promise to stay forever. You are keeping up that promise by clearing the conflicts in your relationship and by standing in every tough moment of life. To make it all possible, you are coming out of the comfort zone and putting your best efforts. The efforts to stay and let not go, to keep the promises, everything shows love and care that you have. The flowing love and care comes in the form of efforts that you put. All these are the unbelievable things that can help build your relationship. These are like good qualities of a relationship. There more important than sex, intimacy and just being together. a couple is happy with each other, they don’t see if there is equality or not. But when there is a clash, all that matters is who is doing what. When you are trying to answer these questions, it will affect you the relationship itself. There are many such examples that you come through where you question about equality.

7. The efforts Efforts can make us feel great! Isn’t it? When you are trying to make things happen for your special people, you are putting loads of effort. Their happiness matters for you and that makes you do the impossible possible. When your are not able to make it for dinner or movie, you still make efforts to keep the MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



10 Sweet and

Romantic Fantasies

That Every Couple Wants WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

A couple who are in love see some fantasies and they love to share them. They also bring all the little fantasies to life. I would say having couple fantasies is no less than the couple goals. When you have the dreams of being and doing something with each other that shows your passion for your relationship. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

LOVE & ROMANCE You may have some different fantasies but these fantasies are extremely common. These are sweet and romantic, gives you some double happiness when you dop it in real. Have, share and do the fantasies which let you keep going with the magical spark.

Sweet And Romantic Fantasies

1. Slow couple dance This sweet fantasy is common for people who are in love. When couples enjoy their favourite track, they also imagine themselves dancing. The romantic soothing music gets this fantasy. 78

Not just music but it is bringing out the love in filled in hearts. As dance is the best way to show off the joy, it can be one of the top most fantasies that couples have. If you have such sweet fantasies, you must not wait to try. Anyways, you only need some lovely music and you both at one place. If you want it to be delightful, then just choose a pleasant and well decorated spot. All fancy and sweet!

2. Breakfast on bed Breakfast on bed is an adorable fantasy that couples have. When you are in love, you wait for your partner’s company. It is a simple fantasy that you can execute not just dream. A pleasant morning when you both are at home, relaxed, you can do this off. It WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

is not laziness or being too relaxed. It is a cute idea of enjoying the meal in little space. Good food, bed and special beside is everything that some people need in life. If you are someone like that, then you are just waiting for such days to come. Isn’t it?

3. Kiss in between fight This is a naughty fantasy that couples have. It is not something that you plan and do or wait for it to happen. When love bursts out over anger, the kiss happens.

The one who kisses is the naughtiest and the one get kissed in between the fight is awe-struck with the magic. If you get these naughty fantasies in your mind, then don’t think twice but just do it off.

4. Under one umbrella This seems like a beautiful painting. You can imagine you and your partner doing it. This is a small but purely romantic fantasy. “Whats so romantic in standing under one umbrella?”. No couple says this as they get to come closer and enjoy the rain. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

LOVE & ROMANCE They take every droplet and all chills together standing under one umbrella. This looks filmy and feels filmy in real too. When you both are out during it raining and have an umbrella, just go under it. You will love the rainfall as you both are together. Did this happen to you?

5. A long drive A long drive for couple is like going for a mini holiday. This is a great fantasy that comes and stays in mind. When you follow the way it feels like a coolest adventure. But this is not a fantasy that lovers keep it undone. They see this fantasy, plan and go for it.


A favourite playlist and food along the way makes you long drive complete. Evening become pleasant and you feel romantic when the cool breezes flashes on your faces.

6. Kitchen romance Kitchen romance is another top fantasy that couples have. This feels fancy and something sweet as well. The reason for having this fantasy is- the couple is dreaming of making love in their own space. It is sign that they both are extremely interested to stay together. They are looking forward for their relationship. I think, this happens unconditionally when you own a house. Not just one day but every other day, you make love cooking your meals together.

7. Open window romance A romantic serene behind you pulls you into love making. Having an eye feast of nature with your partner is lovely. But it doesn’t stop WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

there for any couple. Open window romance is a simple fantasy that a love pair wants. When you get such chance of viewing the nature from open window and having the special one beside- you just fly high. You have everything to make love! So just bring your romantic fantasy alive.

8. Having coffee in one couch Cuddling in one couch having a warm cup of coffee is no less than any achievement for the people in love. This fantasy works in winters! You enjoy being clingy and sticking together in winter. All you want is your beloved aside, cozy couch and warm coffee. For this you will wait winters to come and summers to go.

9. Baking together Happy couple imagine something that makes happy. Food is love and food with some special is happiest. It is not just cooking meals and baking cakes to eat. It is fun while you are making food. This fantasy is fun and romance mixed. When so much is there to be happy, why you don’t get the thoughts. If you haven’t got this idea until you read here, then imagine and share with your partner. You both can have immense fun doing it. You may like or not like the food you made but you will the time spent with your love.

10. Kiss their baby together

Don’t you think this is one of the top fantasies that couples have? We see this in baby photo shoot, movies and everywhere. When something is so sweet, how can you not imagine it. It is not just imagine but the most precious fantasy that can come true for you. Some fantasies are only to imagine, some are make it possible and some must just happen. This one happens it is meant but having the fantasy is the cutest. The fantasies are magical when they come true for you. A few are interesting and you make it out of interest. When you do all these fantasies, you get a smile of happiness and pleasure of being in relationship with a wonderful person. In fact, just imagining it is also a pleasure and in real it is something precious.



Amazing Hidden P laces To

Visit In India



Lost yourself in a journey that will help you find your spot! It is special to create splendid memories, smell the fresh air and sip water in another place apart from where you reside. We all need to refresh our minds and take a break once or twice a year. Why not take that break in a different way?


INDIAN TRAVELOGUE How about getting a little adventurous, exploring or diving into the unknown and finally finding your shelter in a magnificent spot? If you’ve traveled enough to all the well-known places and you have this urge to pat your back for finding a new place, read this article and root out the besthidden places in India.

No 1- McLeodganj You will find this spot in Himachal Pradesh. If you are wanting to go on a romantic trip with your loved one. The mountains, sky, and breeze will spice things up. This place is worth exploring! 84

What’s special? To feel snugged, excited and active you must try the boat rides, trekking, hot beverages with good food and devote time to a spiritual experience in McLeodganj.

Places to visit The places you should stop by are 1. The Bhagsu Falls - fulfill

your desires to watch greenery, waterfalls, and peace.

2. Namgyal Monastery - A monastery of Dalai Lama.

3. Triund - If you want to see the moon peak Indira pass, you must trekk at Triund.


4. Tsuglagkhang Complex - the best place for people who love the Buddhists and their architecture.

5. Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges - It is one part of the Himalayan mountains.

No 2 - Gulf Of Mannar How happy would you feel to live in a place that’s similar to paradise on earth? Wouldn’t it blow your mind and make you happy? One such place if the Gulf of Mannar. It is situated in Tamil Nadu. If you love marine life and blue waters, this is an apt place for you.

What’s special?

In Munnar, you can visit monuments, churches, monasteries, temples, and forts. You can consider this place for taking a holiday and relaxing.

Places to visit The places you should stop by are 1. The Mannar Island - you will get to see

dolphins, whales, and other water creatures. You will enjoy the beauty of skies meeting each other and blooming above green tress.

2. Thanthirimale - You will love this place for it portrays the Buddhist culture.

3. The Doric At Arippu - It has architectural MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

INDIAN TRAVELOGUE beauty and it is famous since Srilanka got independence from the colonial rule.

Majuli has tons of religious places, enriched culture, and scenic beauty.

4. Adams Bridge - There is mythological

Places to visit

importance related to this bridge. It is even known as Rama’s bridge.

The places you should stop by are

5. Yoda Wewa - It is a beautiful

1. Kamalabari Satra - This site on the

No 3 - Majuli

2. Dakhinpat Satra - Assame

irrigation tank.

Majuli is a marvelous freshwater island located at the Brahmaputra in Assam. The Guinness world record has identified this as the World’s best river.

What’s special?

island is filled with culture, literature and classical studies of Satria Art.

festivals are celebrated in this place. The lovely Rasleela happens here.

3. Garmur - It is known for its ancient artifacts. It has the best holy seats.

4. Tengapania - If you want to have

a picnic in the Brahmaputra river, you 86


should try Tengapania.

No 4 - Binsar and Almora

Binsar and Almora are situated in Uttarakhand. If you want to see and experience adventure, jungles, wildlife, and peace, you must try Binsar and Almora.

What’s special? This place is best known for its wildlife. 1. Binsar Zero Point -If you want

to witness the Himalayan beauty of Kedarnath, Shivling, and Trishul. You will get to view it in a 360-degree angle.

2. Binsar Sanctuary Museum - In this museum, you will get to see gorillas, red foxes, black deers, monkeys, and many more animals. If you are a wildlife photographer, it will be fun capturing these animals.

3. Bright End Corner Of Almora - At

this corner, you will get to see snowy mountains and good lush. If you are a nature lover, try this place.

4. Deer Park In a plac that’s 3 km away from Almora, there is a deer park and it is filled with many deers, pine trees and greenery. From all the directions in India, you have the best-hidden spots to visit. Whether it is wildlife sanctuaries, scenic beauty, heritage and culture. You can capture a unique view and experience of all these places in your mind and camera. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


15 The Historical Facts About

Kalinga War


We Indians are familiar about the historical wars of India. But are not aware about the facts to be honest. There is a need to know the reality about wars. It is not just to know how interesting the war was but to learn the lessons from. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020


The historical wars convey the motivation and inspiration to modern India. If you have already heard that- Kalinga war is one of the biggest wars in Indian history, then you must learn more about it why it left its prints in the history.

9. Around 100000 civilian from Kalinga died

There are many wars in Indian history which are hidden with amazing facts. Kalinga war is one among them. It is more to know just above- the count of people died and who won the battle at last.

horrible bloodshed as it was near to battlefield.

Here are some interesting and must learn facts about Kalinya war

1. Kalinga war was between the Maurya

empire Ashoka and the state of Kalinga. The king wanted to capture the state which led to a biggest war in the Indian history.

2. Kalinga was a republic state which is now known as Odisha.

3. Imagine, a state was falling short of

soldiers to fight with Mauryan empire. Ashoka’s army was bigger than the opposition army.

4. This was the only war Ashoka fought and it is one of the biggest wars in Indian history.

5. The attempts of acquiring Kalinga came from Ashoka’s father Bindusara. But he was defeated by Kalinga state.

6. Post Bindusara’s death, Ashoka took up

and from Ashoka’s army around 10000 people died.

10. Daya river turned out into red with

11. After the war, a woman from Kalinga

visited to Ashoka’s kingdom to express her grief for losing her husband. This made Ashoka feel guilty about the destruction happened to the state.

12. The king also ended expansion of military and empire.

13. This was a life changing war for Ashoka which made him take up ahimsa, non violence.

14. We must call it a life changing war not

only for Ashoka but also for India. The king ruled his kingdom for 40 years with peace, prosperity and safety of his people and the country too.

15. With the great ruling policies, Ashoka got the name “Ashoka the Great”.

We known wars results in one side winning and losing. Even bloodshed is known fact when it war time. But Kalinga war was different from many wars in Indian history. Mauryan empire let the achievement go for the peace and prosperity in the country. The change in Ashoka Maharaj is inspirational for today’s India. That is how you make the world a better place to live.

the attempts of capturing Kalinga state and he achieved it.

7. The people of Kalinga fought bravely till last minute of the war. They were passionate about protecting their land though it was a small size army.

8. Asoka’s army was not just big in size but also powerful and well trained. The army was including the cavalry, elephants and chariots which were provided by Ashoka’s father.




Nanomaterials Foron Early Cancer Detection

196.8 per 100,000 men and 139.6 per 100,000 women is what the mortality rate of cancer is in a year. This data is provided by the National Cancer Institute and it is believed that the rates are likely going to increase as the days progress. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020


TECHNOLOGY The researchers and scientists from the University of Central Florida have created functional nanomaterials with hollow materials which can be used as highly effective biosensors for the early detection of cancer in the individuals. Xiaohu Xia, an assistant professor of chemistry with a joint appointment in the NanoScience Technology Center was the one who led the research along with a credible team. The findings of the study were published in the ACS Nano journal.


According to Xia, these nanomaterials do have the potential to enable several of the high end technologies to further excel in varying areas of work. According to them, this novel approach for the early detection of cancer could be a less expensive tool, further sensitive enough to help detect a number of biomarkers even in the lowest concentrations. Owing to the reason that these hollow nanomaterials that are made out of silver or gold do come with superior optical properties, the same could be beneficial enough for developing better test strip technology with further clarifications, much like how one detects pregnancy with the at home test kits. In current scenario, the test kits that are available is not sensitive enough to pick up on the biomarkers which could indicate the risk of certain types of cancer. The discovery of these hollow nanoparticles could effectively change that for good. Getting better warnings is expected to help drive out the risks even better. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

The majority of the conventional test strips that are found in the market make use of the conventional form of gold nanoparticles as the labels. These are what are connected to an antibody which are then responsible for producing colour on the basis of the optimal phenomenon that happens. This is what is termed as localized surface plasmon resonance. With the technique found by Xia, it is made possible to craft the metallic nanomaterials with hollow interiors. When compared to the solid counterparts, these hollow nanomaterials are believed to have a stronger LSPR activity which helps provide with stronger colour signals. This is the reason why the usage of these hollow nanomaterials when used in the labels of the test strip can help induce sensitive colour change which will further enable the strips to detect the biomarkers in question at very low concentrations as well. According to Xia, there is not much that goes into it except for the fact that the test strip technology undergoes the varying change by simply replacing the solid gold nanoparticles with the hollow

where the healthcare accessibility might be compromised. This specific study specifically looked into the prostate specific antigen which is considered a biomarker for the prostate cancer. The new test strip that was invented by Xia and team was able to detect PSA with a concentration as low as 0.1 nanogram per milliliter. This is believed to be a lot more sensitive for the clinical diagnosis of prostate cancer. The published study also highlighted the process with a number of electron microscope images of the metallic hollow nanomaterials.

nanoparticles that he has discovered. The rest of the components in the test strip remain just the same. Much like that with the pregnancy tests, this can be used by the regular individual to conduct the test and get the results accordingly without the need of any accessory equipment. This is something that further makes the strip even more suitable for use in the remote locations

Further highlighting the cause, Xia stated saying, “I hope that by providing a general and versatile platform to engineer functional hollow nanomaterials with desired properties, new research with the potential for other applications beyond biosensing can be launched.� With the initial process a success, it is likely that the same will undergo further breakthroughs to get a better outlook on things and how the same could effectively help with the early detection of all the cancer types for a healthy lifestyle of the people.




Intimate secrets of nearly a billion users exposed


Whisper app

Whisper which is a social media platform and an app whose core focus is to allow the users of the app to share the secrets which are often intimate in nature, anonymously and also to chat with the people with shared interests. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

The Washington Post has conducted an investigation where in it has been revealed that the app named as Whisper has left the information of nearly 900 million users exposed to any anonymous person who wanted to view it, located in the database which isn’t protected by a password and was therefore accessible by the public. Th database is said to have contained a variety of compromising details of the user which are tied to each Whisper which is a name given for a post by the social media platform. The details of the user which the database contains also comprises of sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, nickname, place of work and also the location data for the last post of the user. Although the database did not contain the real names of any users, the researchers who have uncovered the database have been concerned that the identity of the user could be revealed by the amount of information that has been provided by the database of the Whisper app or a social media platform which can also lead to the users being blackmailed given the private nature of the platform. It has also been said that the social media platform or the application named Whisper

allows any user who is above 13 years of age to sign up and that a reporter with the Post has found the results being 1.3 million when the reporter has searched the database for the users who had listed their age as 15.

MediaLab which is a parent company of Whisper, saying that the posts and their ties are a consumer facing feature of the social medial application which the users can choose whether to share or not to share.

The company as well as the law enforcement has been alerted by the researchers regarding the database following which the access to the database has been blocked, responding to which a representative from the Whisper has said to the Post that the extra data that has been tied to the posts was a feature application which is known as the consumer facing feature through which the consumers can choose whether to share or not to share.

But the cyber- security consultants with the Twelve Security Matthew Porter and Dan Ehrlich have not agreed agreed with the statement made by Lauren Jamar as the information could be downloaded by anyone in a bulk which would in turn place the users who are involved at the risk of privacy issues.

Matthew Porter and Dan Ehrlich who are the cybersecurity consultants with the Twelve Security have alerted the authorities of the Whisper app regarding the database that exposes the details of its users and the access has been removed as of Monday. It has been found in the year 2014 that the whisper app has been accused of monitoring the whereabouts and the location of its users which also included few users who have specifically requested not to be followed. However, the discovery of the Twelve Security has been disputed by Lauren Jamar who is the vice president of the content and safety at the

The messages are said to be tied up to the location of the user in which the post has been shared and that the team has been able to see the location for over several hundreds of military bases around the world and also their exact coordinates. There have been claims that a team at the company is tracking the users who the company thinks that are newsworthy which is said to include military personnel, people working at Disney and sex- obsessed lobbyist working in Washington DC. The year 2012 but it seems to be unclear regarding the exact number of years that the database of Whisper has been exposed to the public. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET


Audi Partners with Trinckle

To Expand its 3D Printing Capabilities



Luxury car maker Audi partners with Trinckle with the goal of enabling it’s employees to easily design a custom tool. This 3D printing helps to save the time and achieve good results. This new software allows Audi to respond to specific requests quickly.


AUTOMOBILES 3D modelling allows the designers to see what they can not see when designed in 2D. It is very easy to identify the dimensions in the 3D space. 3D modelling reflect the production of vehicle’s parts. Giant manufacturers in the automotive industry these days are mainly focusing on 3D modelling for nurturing their efficiency in designing.

Audi’s Partnership for 3D Printing: Next generation cars are sure to rely on the concept and luxury cars that depend on the 3D printing which facilitates the easy making of the parts that go into the car. Audi announced that a team of 3D printing specialists are working closely with Berlin based software company called Trinckle to develop a best software platform for designing tools. 98

The new software is known to eliminate the time consuming steps that exist in the current methodology like manual sculpting models in CAD programs. This new platform cuts down the time required for designing a new tool by 80 percent. The team mentioned that the new software minimizes the process of creating preassembly fixture by making it entirely automated. The design software and the resulting 3D printed tools play a prominent role in the production of Audi Vehicles. The software allows any Audi employee to design and print the objects easily without any prior knowledge in 3D design and without much assistance. The dedicated software which is developed by the association of Audi and Trinckle is helping the automakers to digitalize the automation process and take tangible steps to achieve smart factory status. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

3D printing for Audi e tron: Audi e tron made it’s first public appearance in November 2018. It is the outcome of Audi’s attempt to manufacture fully electric SUV. It is the Audi’s first mass production car. It was first delivered in May 2019 with the EPA range of 204 miles. It consists of pair of electric motors which are powered by 95 kwh battery. Audi e tron is set to be shipped along with Audi R8 late in 2020. The 3D printing worked effectively for the Audi e tron GT in the preparation of series production. Audi developed a 3D printing tool for the pre-assembly of air conditioning compressors and cooling lines in the Audi e tron GT. In order to achieve the exceptional precision 3D printing experts are working

closely with their colleagues from the process and assembly planning and preseries production teams. All the necessary tools are readily available, they need to get calibrated to the exact requirements once the production of Audi e tron begins. Audi currently installed the browser based software locally within the Audi Sport Gmbh at Bollinger Hofe. Audi has plans to expand it across the group. Other automotive companies are also using the 3D printing which helps to enhance the quality and safety of the cars. To overcome the car wheel theft Ford recently developed 3D Printing strategies. Czinger 21C is a hybrid hypercar designed by American car manufacturer Czinger, also uses 3D printing for its production. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



General Vastu Tips for


GOOD LIGHTING AT HOME Good lighting the home is a basic need. Whether it is during the day or night, our world revolves around good lighting. Both, the natural and man-made lights are quintessential to eradicate darkness. Besides light being visible, it even contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the family members.




About Lighting In Vastu Just as how good lighting has a direct impact on how we prosper, it can affect our thoughts and our performance at work. There are three categories for lighting at home, they are, task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting. Every form of lighting has an effect on our moods and thoughts. Besides, while building a house, it is necessary to see if enough sunlight would fall into the house. Sunlight denotes positive energy.

Basic Vastu Tips For Correct Lighting 102

Here is what you need to know about basic Vastu tips keeping in mind correct lighting according to the Vastu direction and some good tips on choosing exceptional lighting for the home. These tips would include natural and artificial lighting. Read through the points mentioned below!

No 1 - White lighting is the best

if your prayer room is in the North, North-East or East direction. This lighting is considered auspicious and saves your home from bad energy.

No 2 - Having good lighting in the

South direction of the home helps the family members excel in their careers.

No 3 - Fitting thin lights at home can be a hindrance to your career.


No 4 - To do well in career, correctly fitting round orange and yellow bulbs in your house is a good Vastu tip.

No 5 - You can consider any south direction or center of your hall to fit chandeliers, these spots are good for family member’s well being and to progress in their career.

No 6 - If you love decorating your

house with fairy lights, you have to ensure to use the right color lights based on the direction you want to fit it in.

> South West and North East - Yellow fairy lights

>North West and West - White lights >South - orange or red lights >East and South East - green >North - blue No 7 - Lighting in your personal

space should be soft. For instance, don’t go for dark colors in your bedroom.

No 8 - If you have a duplex home or

stairs otherwise, you can spread positive energy by fixing lights in that space.

No 9 - Good lighting at the entrance

is a suitable spot for attracting prosperity at home.

No 10 - Never allow fused lights or

bulbs stay on the wall, remove them. It is not good for the energies at home.

No 11 - The best spot for candle lighting is in the South or southwest direction. Contrarily, you must avoid having lighting in the North-West or South-East directions.

No 12 - According to Vastu,

highlighting artwork with good lighting is auspicious for your home.

No 13 - In the living room the

lighting shouldn’t be too glaring. To keep this balance, it is essential to take good care of the floor and table lighting.

No 14 - Where the table in

your bedroom is placed, ensure to fit soothing lights.

No 15 - In the dining room, ensure to place the lights in such a way that its entire attention is on the dining table.

No 16

- According to Vastu, the lighting in your kitchen should be evenly spread. For the most part, it is best to have fluorescent lights to keep your kitchen nice and bright.

No 17

- It is good to maintain balanced lighting in the bathroom. Avoid having too much or too little lighting.

Conclusion Having looked at the importance of lighting in the right direction, follow these rules and see if it has helped your life get better in some way. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET



Miraculous Benefits Of Chanting Om


Namah Shivaya Praise Lord Shiva! Chanting is to slip into a meditative state and repeat the name of divine forms. One such divine form is Lord Shiva. He is known as the ‘Destroyer’ and we get to learn from his ability to keep calm.




Introduction Chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ has profound impacts on your health and spiritual wellbeing. It is believed that by chanting these three words 108 times you will be blessed with good health, wealth and your relationships get better. It heals everyone who immerses into mantra recitation. Astrologically, it is believed that this mantra has the strength to overshadow all evil power and reverses the negative effects of planets in your natal chart. Ideally, you should be chanting this mantra either in the morning or evening. However, reciting it in your heart with utmost faith and devotion any part of the day will do you good. To ritualistically chant this mantra you need 106 to take a chanting bead, sit on the floor with your legs crossed and keep reciting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ on each bead.

Benefits Of Chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ This mantra is even known as Panchakshari Mantra and it means to praise and take blessings from Lord Shiva. This mantra spreads positive energy in your mind, body, and soul.

No1 - Lord Shiva Is Happy With You The mantra Om Namah Shivaya makes lord Shiva happy and if you are his devotee, it will give you immense peace and happiness. Powerful vibrations pass through your mind and body when you chant Om Namah Shivaya.


No 2 - Eliminates The Fear Of Death

All of us are aware that birth and death is a constant concept. Even though we know that the one who is born is bound to die, the very thought of death scares us. So, by chanting Om Namah Shivaya, we can fight over that fear. It is pointless to be afraid of what’s not known and all we can ask for is strength from Lord Shiva to accept death when it comes.

No 3 - Teaches You To Detach From The ‘Me’ Concept

All of us are filled with little ego in our minds. We have the tendency to address things as ‘mine’. Look at it deeply, nothing in the world is permanently ours.

all disappear when you start chanting Om Namah Shivaya. Once you start reciting Om Namaha Shivaya, you will see how your mind calms down and all the stress starts to vanish.

No 6 -

Boosts Your Will Power Having a strong will power is important to be able to fight against challenges and accept changes. That being said, most of us give up on our battles with the fear of losing and this impacts our will-power. So, if you want your will power to be strong, it is important that you start saying Om Namah Shivaya and you will notice the world of a difference in your will power.

No 7 - Improves So, chanting Om Namah Shivaya makes you a realized soul and you learn the art of giving up on ego. You become one with the universe and yet stay detached from the concept of mine.

No 4 - Purifies The Soul Purity of the soul is an invisible concept that’s just felt by you and seen in your deeds. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya has the potential to spread positive energy to your soul that it automatically shuts itself from negative and starts to make the most of all the positive energy.

No 5 - Stress Disappears From Your Life

A person loses his mental stability and physical strength when stress takes over his life. Any form of negative emotion that pulls you down from the inside is stress. Anger, pain, fear, anxiety will


To start concentrating is not difficult. However, to consistently stay focused and continue concentrating is a constant struggle. Everyone goes through this tough phase. Thus, chanting Lord Shiva’s name can changes things in your favor and you will learn how to stay focused. All in all, this mantra is empowering and divine that it makes you a realized, happy, peaceful, successful and a clean soul. Besides doing good to the mind, you will experience the positive energy in your body. Spiritually, it is believed that Lord Shiva is the center of power, from him everything begins and goes back. Pray to Lord Shiva and chant Om Namah Shivaya for a prosperous and happy life.




World Radio Day The oldest form of communication and entertainment is the radio. All over the world, every radio station helps people get awareness of politics, weather, food, health, destinations, and many more subjects. A radio can never let you be bored. Even if you are bored with one station, the next station heartily welcomes you to feel better.


In times today, there is traffic on the internet. Most people are surfing all day. Only people passionate about radio, listen to it while traveling, cooking or even sitting bored at home. It is refreshing how every station comes up with a fresh thought and the RJ’s keep listeners entertained. Besides, a radio can help people from diversified cultures and with a different thought process meet and jam together about what they know and want to get to know. The best engagement about radio is that it is You name the kind of music you want and tune into that station. That being said, the world recognizes 13th February as World Radio Day. The purpose of having a designated day for radio is to let people know how radio can be informative. All of us should be inspired to listen to the radio at least 10 minutes a day. For all you know, listening to radio can enlighten you with an idea or teach you something new. In 1946, the Director-General of UNESCO proposed United Nations Radio. After having several discussions, in 2011, on 13th February, UNESCO decided to celebrate radio day on 13th February. The main motto behind celebrating Radio day is to make people aware of the importance of radio and to enable national and international broadcasters to communicate with each other.

WORLD RADIO DAY February 13th,2020 The theme for World Radio Day for 2020 was ‘RADIO & DIVERSITY’

What was the theme 1. Advocating for pluralism in radio, including a mix of public, private and community broadcasters.

2. Encouraging representation in the newsroom, with teams comprised of diverse society groups.

3. Promoting a diversity of editorial content and

programme types reflecting the variety of the audiences.

Radio Day In India In India, in 1920 and 1930s radio got its origin. The first radio programme took place in the Radio club of Bombay. Here are things you should know about Radio in India

1) Private FM’s don’t share news in India. 2) In July 2001, Bangalore got its first private radio station known as Radio City Bangalore.

3) FM broadcasting began in Chennai in the year 1977. 4) AIR was the only FM broadcaster in India, other radio stations came up after 1993.





Proenza Schouler

Fashion -2019 It's a mod world, at least at Proenza Schouler, where after a couple of seasons of pretty, feminine looks, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough injected their proceedings with a colorful, sometimes cheeky, dose of sixties pop. Courrèges came instantly to mind when their first model hit the runway in a black-andwhite cashmere minidress, an orblike hat sitting atop her head. Later, the duo channeled Paco Rabanne with a chain mail tank and another made from small black and white discs, which also decorated slender clutches. But this was no retro collection.









Baaghi 3


aaghi 3 is an upcoming Indian action thriller film directed by Ahmed Khan. Produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Fox Star Studios, it is a spiritual sequel to Baaghi (2016) and Baaghi 2 (2018). Baaghi 3 stars Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor. It is an official remake of 2012 Tamil film Vettai. Shraddha Kapoor is playing the role of an air hostess in the movie. Principal photography of the film began on 12 September 2019 in Mumbai. It is scheduled to be theatrically released in India on 6 March 2020. Director Ahmed Khan

Music Vishal–Shekhar

Cast & Crew Tiger Shroff Ritesh Deshmukh Shraddha Kapoor



Gunjan Saxena

G 116

unjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is an upcoming Indian 2020 Hindi biopic film directed by Sharan Sharma and produced under Dharma Productions and Zee Studios. The film features Janhvi Kapoor in the lead role of IAF Pilot Gunjan Saxena, the first female and Indian woman airforce pilot in combat along with Srividya Rajan. It also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Angad Bedi in supporting roles. The film was announced on 26 December 2018 as Kapoor shared the first look. Principal photography commenced on 20 February 2019 and was wrapped up in October; it was extensively filmed across Lucknow. The film is scheduled to be theatrically released in theatres on 24 April 2020. Director Sharan Sharma

Music Rachita Arora


Cast & Crew Janhvi Kapoor Pankaj Tripathi Angad Bedi







is a 2020 Indian Telugulanguage action thriller film written and directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti and produced by Dil Raju under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations, featuring Nani, Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead roles. The music was composed by Amit Trivedi, while cinematography was handled by P. G. Vinda. It marks Nani's 25th film and he will be portraying a negative role for the first time in his career. It will be theatrically released on March 25th coinciding with Ugadi, Telugu New Year.

Director Mohan Krishna Indraganti

Music Amit Trivedi

Cast & Crew Nani Sudheer Babu Nivetha Thomas



R 120


ed is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language action thriller film . An official remake of the 2019 Tamil-language film Thadam, it stars Ram Pothineni in the leading dual roles alongside Nivetha Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma and Amritha Aiyer . The story has been written by Magizh Thirumeni who also wrote and directed the original film, It is Ram's eighteenth film as an actor. The film went on floors from 14 November 2019, after the first shot was clapped by Puri Jagannadh and Charmme Kaur on 30 October 2019.The film follows a murder investigation that gets complicated when the police realize their prime suspect has a lookalike.Red is scheduled to release theatrically on 9 April 2020. Director

Cast & Crew

Kishore Tirumala

Ram Pothineni Nivetha Pethuraj Malvika Sharma

Music Mani Sharma






Story :

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog was released on February 28, 2020 and has taken the world by a storm. The story revolves around a small, blue and swift hedgehog named Sonic who possesses super powers that majority of the scientists and the researchers have been eyeing on. In order to save him from the hands of the evil, Sonic must seek help from a local police officer, who further gets along with him to help save Sonic from the hands of these evil individuals who want to run experiments on him.

Analysis : The story of Sonic had charged people with curiosity every since the trailer of the movie was released in 2019. The all too brief prologue of the story explains how Sonic is different from the rest with his super fast powers and the super speed is what exiled him into Earth. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020


Majority of the critics of the movie have regarded the story as very fast and casual. The pretty generic plot of the movie is overlooked because of how cute and witty the character of Sonic has been designed. The movie does target the kid’s demographic, so unless you are an adult with a liking for cute animated movies, it is likely that you will end up complaining about the generic and okay plot. The movie does include the video game genesis of it and there are some fun twists and turns in the movie that the kids (and even adults) will enjoy. The end results of the movie also insinuate a possible sequel, which is amazing too.

Final Word: The movie does include the video game genesis of it and there are some fun twists and turns in the movie that the kids (and even adults) will enjoy. The end results of the movie also insinuate a possible sequel, which is amazing too.





Story :


The film revolves around a dramatic event in the lives of Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Sara (Disha Patani), which has them crossing paths with two police officers – Anjaney Agashe (Anil Kapoor) and Michael Rodrigues (Kunal Kemmu), and the impact they have on each other’s future.

Analysis : Advait meets Sara during his trip to Goa. While he is a bit of an introvert, she is a freespirited girl from London, who is visiting India for the first time and wants to live life to the fullest. They are instantly attracted to each other and make a pact to make the most of their time together. All is well until a twist in the tale sends their lives spinning out of control.



Five years later, Advait goes on a killing spree on Christmas night. Anjaney Agashe, a police officer who often doesn’t follow the law, and Michael Rodrigues, a seemingly righteous cop, are now on his trail. They go on a mad hunt for him. Uncovering the reasons behind Advait's actions is what the rest of the film is about. Aditya impresses in the role of a guy whose life goes through a major upheaval. He shows restraint and finesses in his performance. The actor’s physical transformation adds weight to all the kicks and punches he pulls in the film. Disha Patani looks stunning and makes most of her role, which is unlike any character she has played so far. The chemistry between the lead pair is infectious.

Final Word: Though there are two interesting twists in the plot, they aren’t as big a surprise as they should have been, which take away from its thrill quotient. The music proves to be one of its strong points, especially the title track, which stays with you even after you leave the theatre.




3/5 126

Story :

Love Aaj Kal

Twenty-two-year-old Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan) is averse to a serious long term relationship. She wants to have fun with no strings attached and pursue her career. But another love story from the past makes her question her own choices.

Analysis : Writer-director Imtiaz Ali narrates the 2020 ‘Love Aaj Kal’ in the same format as his hugely successful directorial in 2009 by the same name. However, the love stories are fresh with different set of conflicts that vary with time. Ali makes it relevant by showing us the contrast between traditional small town-love that was simple yet difficult versus the contemporary urban love that is complex and messed-up.


Ali’s protagonist Zoe is the embodiment of the latter. A complicated character, who has a five-year plan to make merry and launch her own event management company, before she ‘settles down’ in a committed relationship. While Sara Ali Khan is the right age to play Zoe, she falls short of convincingly pulling off the complexity of her firebrand and fiercely independent character. Sara has an imposing screen presence and looks gorgeous, but her performance doesn’t quite make you root for Zoe. Kartik Aaryan is good as the boyish Raghu, whose transformation from a timid lovelorn small-towner to a big-city Casanova, is believable.

Final Word: The film’s soundtrack is rich in melody that adds value to the storytelling. The short runtime is another plus with an intriguing first-half, but a predictable second-half. ‘Love Aaj Kal’ sets off to celebrate complex characters and dysfunctional relationships, with the universal emotion of love at its core.





Story :

world famous lover

World Famous Lover is the story of Gowtham (Vijay Devarakonda) and Yamini (Rashi Khanna) who are in a struggling phase. Yamini is a working woman while Gowtham stays at home dreaming of turning a writer. When Yamini decides to break up with Gowtham, the film narrates three different love stories and the rest of the story is about how Gowtham succeeds as a writer and how he patches up with his wife Yamini. Watch World Famous Lover to know about the complete story.

Analysis : World Famous Lover has different layers and is an emotional film clustered with different love stories. Vijay Devarakonda surprises with his matured performance and he exhibits several shades in World Famous Lover. The film starts on a slow note and the 'Seenayya-Suvarna' thread is the heart of the film.



Both Vijay and Aishwarya Rajesh delivered their best. The interval episode looks simple and the first half ends up on an okay note. The second half of World Famous Lover loses the heat and momentum. The emotions look fake and the film looks dragged. The narration is quite slow and it goes on a serious note and lacks entertainment. Vijay Devarakonda's energetic performance is the only savior of the film. The songs that are quite crucial for the film will fall short of expectations. The climax looks cinematic and it doesn't suit the film. On the whole, the second half of World Famous Lover falls short because of the flat narration.

Final Word: The poorly presented second half of World Famous Lover kills the film badly and it ends up on a below-average note. Vijay Devarakonda shines in this emotional romantic drama.




3/5 130

Story :


Bheeshma (Nithiin) is a fun-loving simple guy who falls in love with Chaitra (Rashmika Mandanna). Veteran businessman Bheeshma (Anant Nag) has been in a hunt for his successor for his organic firm 'Bheeshma Organics'. He feels that Bheeshma is the right successor and asks him to take up the deal and prove his ability in a month. The rest of Bheeshma is all about the challenges, risks and problems he faces this month and how he ends up as the CEO of Bheeshma Organics. Watch Bheeshma to know about the story.

Analysis : Bheeshma is thoroughly entertaining and engaging. The first half of the film is laced completely with entertainment. The songs are placed well and it is the writing that makes the film reachable to everyone. The interval episode looks predictable but it is passable.


Nithiin and Rashmika's episodes will receive wide applause from the audience. The first half of Bheeshma looks decent with entertainment dominating the show. The second half of the film has a social message and focuses on action along with the entertainment. Though some of the episodes look predictable, it is the entertainment that carries the film forward. The songs are well shot and placed well. Vennela Kishore and Raghu Babu episodes generate enough laughs. The climax looks predictable. On the whole, the second half of Bheeshma too has been decent and will impress the audience.

Final Word: Bheeshma is loaded with fun, romance, action and is tipped with a social message. Give it a watch.





Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal

Story :

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal is a Tamil romantic drama movie starring Dulquer Salman and Ritu Varma and takes you through a roller coaster ride. The movie has been released on February 28, 2020 and has been running quite well since then. While everyone was waiting for the cheesiness to steep in, it was the thriller twists in the movie that left everyone shocked and awestruck by the end.

Analysis : The generic storyline of the movie was something that didn’t evoke much interest among the audience but every single person stepping out of the theatre later has a completely different ideology about the movie. The charm of the lead characters with the edgy twists leaves everyone in a complete turmoil. Desingh Periyasamy has yet again excelled with his writing and execution skills, making this an even better and over the top watch. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020


The clever writing of the script is what impacted the audience. The shift in the second half of the movie has a very smooth transition, making the audience keep their eyes glued to the screen. The direction also does have a very natural flair to it, something that doesn’t seem forced. You yourself fall in love with the characters and go through their journey with the kind of charm that they have portrayed. The pairing of Dulquer and Ritu also stands out, given how comfortable they are opposite each other. The ending of the movie does leave the audience in mass hysteria with the last punch line and humour, completing the journey pretty perfectly. The end of the movie is going to make you realize how well the story has been written, compiled and presented.

Final Word: The ending of the movie does leave the audience in mass hysteria with the last punch line and humour, completing the journey pretty perfectly. The end of the movie is going to make you realize how well the story has been written, compiled and presented.




Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Tweet Support for Each Other After Release of Dr. Luke Legal Documents.


Ariana Grande eerily predicted Manchester Arena terror attack The singer gathered her dancers around on the opening night of her Dangerous Woman Tour, tour to tell them she wanted everyone to ‘feel safe’.

Rebecca Burger

So tragic! Following the freak accident that killed French Instagram model Rebecca Burger, her family has put out a dire warning about the dangers of whipped cream canister cartridges.

Kendall Jenner

Cheryl Cole receives negative comments and backlash following her comeback performance on the x-factor UK this year. Fans suggested she retire from singing.


This is a little odd! Is Blac Chyna copying Kendall Jenner’s style? Blac rocked the same exact nipple shirt that Kendall wore months back & we can’t decide who wore it better.

Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” video brings back memories from clique movies of the 90s. The music video surpassed millions of views within a few hours of release.

Billie Lourd

Billie Lourd may not be playing Princess Leia’s daughter in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ but she’s certainly taking her style cues from her own mother! There’s something very familiar about that hairdo!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reach custody agreement just days before trial A trial date in the custody case had been tentatively set for December 4 before a private judge in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, 36, just made millions in a mere few minutes by selling out her brand new makeup line, KKW Beauty, which launched Wednesday, June 21st. As our sister site, WWD, predicted,

Apparently, Nick Jonas called his mother right after his third date with Priyanka Chopra to let her know that he was going to marry the Indian beauty.



Balmain launched a stunning advertising camapign for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.



Star Gazing ARIES Mercury will turn direct during this month and it will again start triggering your emotional self. So, be careful with your physical as well as emotional health. Both can have bitter challenges to face. Stay silent and do some personality development programs. You don’t have to talk all the time, instead, use this time to learn from others as well. Venus is going to make you spend a lot, at the same time, it is also going to give you profits. During this entire month, you will see gains and expenses.

TAURUS Mercury will be turning direct this month and that should be a relief 138 for you because you were having some bitter moments at work. The issues which you were facing at work since January end will slowly mellow down, but they will not end. The struggles are on, but this is a temporary time for relief. Try to control your communications as Mercury can force you to talk a lot. Instead, please update your skills and search for new projects that are seen in your chart. There will be interviews, debates, and job-related discussions.

GEMINI During the initial days of this month, your focus will be shifting between career and foreign collaborations. There will be some travel plans in the last month and it can move forward during this month. Career plans also which were stuck during the last month will come to an end and will be progressing. New job opportunities, projects from the communication-related domain can come up. You will be trying to travel a long distance too. WWW.WISHESH.NET | MARCH 2020

CANCER For the last few weeks, you were having challenges regarding your finances and partnerships. Those challenges will be slowing down during March as Mercury will regain their pace. You should be trying to reestablish your partnerships and you will get chances for peace talks. You should use this opportunity to set practical conditions into your partnership ventures. There are chances for foreign collaborations and long travels. This is also time to take up certain skill development courses and teaching sessions.

LEO During this month, you will witness progress in your partnerships. Mercury, the planet for communication and media was moving in a slow down mode and during the first week of March, it will start its direct motion. This motion is going to be very beneficial for you. During the last few weeks, your partnership ventures were not growing. Personal relationships also were at stake and they will also progress.

VIRGO Your workplace and relationships were creating some issues throughout the last month. During this month all these issues will get settled, but that will take some time. The first move towards settlement will come up in the last days of the first week of this month. So, you should use this time to calm yourself down and make some changes. At work, your projects will be progressing and that will be a big relief for you.

LIBRA Your workplace and creative projects were facing some challenges during the last month, but from the first week of this month onwards, you will be witnessing some progress. Major changes will be based on your workplace. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect will be turning direct and that shows progress in your workplace. Your projects will be moving on and team relationships will be getting better.

SCORPIO During the last month, you had more concerns regarding children, family and your ventures. Mercury was in a slow down mode and that will regain its pace during the first week. From then onwards, you will be having a good time regarding the family, children and own ventures. You were planning for a few real estate deals and that will be progressing. There are opportunities like starting a business from home or work from home as well.

SAGITTARIUS There was a lot of stress regarding finances and your siblings during the last month. From the first week of this month, the burdens will start moving away. This was due to the Mercury slow down and Mercury will regain its pace from the first week of this month. You will have progress in the finances. This is a good time to get part-time projects to balance the losses and you should not let that opportunity go in vain. Make every effort to get them materialized.

CAPRICORN You were having a lot of emotional and health issues during the last month. The financial matters also were very sensitive and you were unhappy about that. It was due to the slow down mode of Mercury and this planet will be back into its normal pace during this week. That will help you to regain your health and happiness. Your personal life will be progressing and the emotional issues also will get reduced.

AQUARIUS There were a lot of emotional and personal issues during the last month and it was due to the slow down of Mercury. This planet will get back into its normal pace during the first week of this month. That will bring positive feelings to you and you will be much better during this month. This move will be bringing new projects and people into your life. Venus will be entering your family sector and that is going to ease the issues in the family.

PISCES During the last month, your major challenges were based on your emotional issues and long term plans. Mercury was slowing down and it projected your emotional as well as health issues. That brought some challenges in your collective projects and long term relationships as well. During the first week of this month, Mercury will be regaining its pace and that will be erasing your emotional burdens. MARCH 2020 | WWW.WISHESH.NET

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