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10-17 Indian Diaspora Kondalampatti Baigas Shauka

18-21 Cover Story

CONTENTS 10 - 11 Kondalampatti

Ujjain Kumbh mela


Story for Kids Whole universe within Little Krishna


Healthy Living Healthy habits leads to healthy living


Indian Food Kalan


Nri profile Dinesh C. Paliwal


Desi News State elections

24- 25 Healthy Living

18 - 21 Ujjain


In Business

38- 41

400% surge in Indians’ average wealth in 10 years

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48-41 In Focus Augustawestland Chopper scam

42-43 44- 45 Indian Yoga

Freedom Fighter Pritilata Waddedar


Indian Yoga Kapal Bhati Pranayama

50 -51 Romance

46-47 LifeStyle

Maintaining Healthy lifestyle


Relationship Long term Relationship are healthy


Romance Healthy Romance leads to a Blissful life


Travelogue Vrindavan

58-61 Indian History Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty



62-63 Technology India’s Reusable Launch Vehicle


Automobiles Mahindra launches XUV500 W6

68-69 Indian vasthu Entrance Gate


Indian Spiritual Bhagavad Gita

58-61 Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty


XUV500 W6

72 -73


Indian Events Akshaya Trithiya

Akshaya Trithiya

74 - 79 Fashion Amazon India Fashion Week

86- 87 Azhar

80-85 Special Movie Azhar Sarbjit 24

86-94 Movie Review

95-96 Hollywood Tea News

Azhar Sarbjit Supreme

95-96 Hollywood Tea News Gucci Mane Johnny Depp Nia Guzman


Star Gazing



Kondalampatti Hamlet of handloom silks


The process of manufacturing a Kondalampatti handloom Saree starts with dyeing the silk yarn. Dyeing is the coloring process of the yarn by dipping the yarn in the boiling colour water in very high temperature. The durability of colour will be high, when it is done in high temperature. Dyeing of the yarn is done by making sure that the color is spread uniformly throughout the yarn and it does not affect the quality of the yarn. The coloring process is a very crucial step in getting a good colourful saree. The colours are applied as per the specifications of the designers. Some times customers who orders for a designer Saree also used to give their preferences. After coloring the silk yarn is dried in shade. Drying yarn in sun can be harmful.

Weaving The yarn is converted to thread by a charka and is loaded as warp which is called pavvu. It is then loaded into the loom for actual weaving. It is rolled over small sticks to use for weaving weft. One pavvu can make 6 sarees. It will take approximately 2 months to complete the weaving of one pavvu. Kondalampatti handloom sarees are traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique.

Design The design required on the saree is initially drawn in a computer and then punched into a card and these cards are loaded in the Jacard in the loom. Jacard is a box like structure which is fixed in the top of the loom. There will be needles in the Jacard which will read the punched cards and control the weaving of weft and weave according to the design.






an integral part of the lifestyle of


Baiga is a tribe found in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand states of India. The largest number of Baigas are found in Baiga-chuk in Mandla district and Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Their sub-castes are Bijhwar, Narotia, Bharotiya, Nahar, Rai Bhaina, and Kadh Bhaina. The Baiga tribes practice shifting cultivation in forest areas. They say that they never plough the Earth, because it would be akin to scratching the breast of their Mother and they could never ask their Mother to produce food from the same patch of earth time and time again. Baigas used to live a semi-nomadic life and practiced Bewar, or ‘dahiya’ cultivation, out of respect, not aggression. These techniques, rather than being a cause of deforestation, have been shown to be effective

conservation devices, employed for centuries by tribal peoples. Courageous woodsman and hunters, the Baigas of Central India were reluctant to do work for others. They saw themselves as people of the forest, who could only live on the produce of the forest. It was below the dignity of a Baiga to become a labourer. Baigas do not interact, even with other tribals like the Gonds, as interaction with any other tribe is a crime for them. After a death in the family, the Baigas leave the house and build another one. Tattooing is an integral JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


part of their lifestyle. This tribe inhabits in the dense hilly forests in the eastern part of the Satpuras, in Shahdol, Bilaspur, Rajnandgaon, Mandla, and Balaghat districts. The Baigas are of Dravidian stock and are one of the eight prime tribes of M.P.


It is believed that this tribe is an offshoot of the Bhuiya tribe of Chhota Nagpur. A distinguishing feature of the Baiga tribe is that their women are famous for sporting tattoos of various kinds on almost all parts of their body. The women who work as tattooing artists belong to the Ojha, Badni and Dewar tribes of M.P., and are called Godharins. They are extremely knowledgeable about the different types of tattoos preferred by various tribes. Their mothers traditionally pass on this knowledge to them. Tattooing amongst the tribals commences with the approach of winter and continues until summer. The ancestors of the Baigas spoke an Austroasiatic language, however no trace of it is left now. Some Baigas have mentioned “Baigani� as their mother tongue. Baigani is now


recognized as a variety of Chhattisgarhi influenced by Gondi and Western Hindi. Most Baigas communicate with outsiders in Hindi and some of them also knows a few local languages like Gondi or Marathi depending on the region they live in. Baigas eat coarse grain, kodo and kutki, drink pej, eat little flour. One of the prime foods is pej that can be made from grounding macca or from the water left from boiling rice. This food is much better and healthier than many other food that they eat. They eat several items from the forest that includes primarily Chirota Bhaji, Gular leaves such as Chirota, chinch, chakora, sarroota, peepal etc. They also eat BirarKand, Kadukand and other rhizomes. Mushroom is also a delicacy. Numerous fruits such as mango, char, jamun, tendu are also eaten. They hunt as well, primarily fish and small mammals.

Baigas eat coarse grain, kodo and kutki, drink pej, eat little flour. One of the prime foods is pej that can be made from grounding macca or from the water left from boiling rice.





Tribe with rich cultural Heritage The Shaukas live in the Johar Valley of Goriganga river in Munsyari Tehsil of the Pithoragarh district and are also known as Johari or Johari Shauka. They are part of the larger Uttarakhand ethno-linguistic group and one of the few of Uttarakhand tribes that shows a rich cultural heritage and adhere to the Caste system. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

Shaukas are the followers of Hinduism and rely on the Hindu Brahmins to conduct religious ceremonies. Their main deity is Goddess Nanda Devi in Martoli and Milam. Common Shauka surnames are Jangpangi, Dharamsaktu, Pangtey, Tolia, Martolia, Panchpal,Burfal, Brijwal, Rawat,Sumtyal etc.

Shaukas celbrate number of fairs and festivals that take place in and around Munsyari during the months of August and September. Shaukas celebrate the festival of Nanda Ashtami (in honour of the goddess ‘Nanda Devi’) in midSeptember with great devotion and fanfare. Shaukas were legendary traders of the Kumaon Himalayas and had long Trans-Himalayan trade partnerships with the nomadic Tibetan Khampas and Dokpas over the generations, until China invaded Tibet and the

The famous legendary love story of Rajuli - Malusahi relates to Rajuli, daughter of Sunpati Shauka (A local lord / king of Johar) and Malusahi, scion of one of the branches of Katyuri Kings based out of Bairath near Dwarahat.

Shaukas are progressive and outward bound people, yet following their traditional culture and values.

subsequent Sino-Indian War in 1962. Traditionally, the Shaukas lived a semi-nomadic life, travelling with their large flocks of goats, sheeps and ponies from the trade posts of Gyanima and Gangtok in Tibet, across the innumerable ridges and valleys of Kumaon into the Gangetic plains.

Shaukas have a unique and rich culture. They belong to the Kshatriya (Rajput) Varna and strictly follow the Hindu caste system. The society of Shaukas is patriarchal and divided into many subcastes or sub-groups, known as ‘Garkha’. The customs

and laws of the society (e.g. marriage, family, succession, property, etc.) are same as in any other Hindu society. Some cultural and religious aspects of the Shauka society have influences of the Kumaoni and Tibetan people. Shaukas are progressive and outward bound people, yet following their traditional culture and values. Today, the ambitious and hard working people of this small hill tribe are leading in all fields (e.g. mountaineering, engineering, medicine, academics, administration, etc.) in India and Abroad.




Kumbh mela 18

congregation for salvation

The Simhastha Kumbh is an unrivalled celebration. Kumbh Mela, is held AT Haridwar, Prayag (Allahabad), Nashik and Ujjain once every twelve years and attracts millions of devotees. The Ujjain Kumbh is celebrated when Jupiter ascends into sun sign Leo’s quarter or the Simha constellation of zodiac, which is why it is called ‘Simhastha’.



COVER STORY The Simhastha is special in Ujjain as it is the seat of divine Mahakal - the Lord of all times. The ritual of bathing in the holy waters of Kshipra begins on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Chaitra (MarchApril) and continues on various dates until the full moon shows up in the following month of Vaishakha.


“Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv” is one of the four “Kumbh Melas” celebrated by largest spiritual gathering. Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv is rejoiced by holy dip in the sacred river Kshipra in ancient and religious city Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). Simhasth Kumbh Maha Parva is based on the celestial line-up of Planets and the Signs of the Zodiac, which occurs every 12 years. Kumbh Mahaparv is held at four places in India – Haridwar, Prayag (Allahabad), Ujjain and Nasik. Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv derives its name from the ‘Pot of immortality’ or ‘Amrit Kund’ as it is known in the Hindu mythology. Amrit Kund is mentioned in scriptures like Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana, The Mahabharata, and The Ramayana. It is believed WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

“Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv” is one of the four “Kumbh Melas” celebrated by largest spiritual gathering. Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv is rejoiced by holy dip in the sacred river Kshipra in ancient and religious city Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). that during ‘Samundra Manthan’ , a pot of nectar was found. The most popular legend regarding the origin of Kumbh Melas is the Samudra Manthan or ‘churning of the ocean’. Gods and demons competed fiercely in the churning in search of the divine nectar of immortality. During this epic battle to capture the Urn (Kumbh) containing the nectar, drops of the precious liquid fell on four places – Haridwar, Prayag (Allahabad), Nashik and Ujjain. Hence , river Kshipra became the enhancer of life and to celebrate this event since then the grand festival came in vogue. Thousands of holy men and women attend this festival. Sadhus are seen clad in saffron robes with Vibhuti ashes smeared on their skin as per the requirements of ancient traditions. Some, called naga sanyasis, may not wear any cloth even in severe winter. It is considered a

sign of separation from the materialistic world. During Simhasth, various events will be organised by Akharas, Sadhu Santa ( Bhagwat Katha, Ram Katha, Bhajan, Havan, Sunderkand, Pujan, Yoga ), Culture events, exhibition and Sports. List of events will be published in due course of time. Traditionally, the Dutta Akhara Zone is occupied by Shaiv Panthis and Managalnath Zone is occupied by Vaishnav Panthis. The 2016 Ujjain Simhastha is scheduled between 22 April and 21 May. Elaborate arrangements are being made for comfort and safety of visitors. It includes creation of 51 police chowkies during Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv 2016.




Whole universe within Little



One day krishna was playing with his friends in the courtyard of the house. Yasoda was busy cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly Balarama rushed to her and said,

“Mother, Mother, Krishna has eaten mud.”Yasoda did not believe him. But the other friends also said, “Yes, mother, he ate in front of all of us even though we forbade him”. Yasoda was irritated by Krishna’s new prank. Her house had every kind of sweets. Why then should the restless boy eat mud? She rushed to Krishna, caught hold of him.

Let me look into it,” said Yasoda. Challenged by his mother, Krishna, opened his mouth. Ah! What did mother Yasoda see in his mouth! Inside her son’s mouth, she saw the whole universe.

But child Krishna protested. “Mother” he said, “I have not eaten any mud. They are all liars. If you want, look into my mouth.”

There was the whole earth, heaven, sun, moon, stars and everything else! All the gods and goddesses were there. There was also a strange light in the mouth. She saw the whole Gokula too inside the mouth. She saw also herself sitting inside his mouth and examining the open mouth of her darling boy. She could not believe that within the mouth of her son such things could appear. Yet she was seeing them! She was struck with fear and wonder.

“All right, open your mouth.

She pondered, “I am not

She said: “You mischievous fellow! Why did you eat mud? Your friends and even Balarama say so.”

dreaming, my eyes are open. I am actually seeing what is happening before. So this vision must be due to some divine power of my son, as predicted by Gargamuni.” She surrendered herself to the Lord and prayed to Him to protect her child. When we are beset by some problems for which we can find no solution, there is no alternative except to surrender to the Supreme Lord and offer Him our respectful obeisance. This was the means adopted by the intelligent Yasoda. Lord Krishna cast the spell of his Maya again on her and once more appeared like a small child to her eyes. As one forgets everything after a dream, Mother Yasoda too forgot the entire incident. As her natural feeling of affection was again roused, she took the child on her lap and fondled him. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM





Healthy habits leads to healthy living Healthy people are successful not because of good luck, birth order or family heritage, but because they have adopted the right habits.


To become a successful person, you must adopt the habits of success. By emulating the habits of successful people, anyone can enjoy the life he or she desires. Learn the habits, adopt the habits, practice the habits and enjoy the success. The majority of the healthy people say that they eat virtually the same meals every day, mostly the same breakfast, same lunch, same dinner. They did not suggest that they eat exactly the same for every meal, but they often chose from three, maybe four things that they like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating small meals more often reduces cortisol levels,

research suggests. When you eat small, frequent meals, the body becomes efficient at keeping cortisol levels low, which helps both men and women reduce belly fat. Guided by their nutritional needs and deeply rooted habit to eat small meals throughout the day, the superfit stand steadfast. Successful healthy people tend to eat mainly whole, unprocessed foods, including fruits, veggies and whole grains. Whole, natural foods like apples, steel-cut oatmeal, broccoli, salads, brown rice are what food researchers call low-density foods. They contain lots of fiber, which satisfies hunger with few calories. High-density foods

are the opposite, they are things like butter, oils, candy or ice cream. Try to know, every food’s calories and approximate protein, carbohydrate and fat content. This skill helps in making better food choices on a moment’s notice. If you look into a successfully healthy person’s fridge, pantry, or cupboards, you won’t be able to find cookies, crackers, chips, chocolate, full-fat ice cream, or soda. These simple habit if cultivated can help you in having a healthy living. Habits are what prompting one to have the choice of healthy food for a healthy life.



Preparation Time : 10 Mins Cook Time : 15 Mins



a delicacy of its own from God’s own country


Kalan is a very traditional Keralite dish prepared using yogurt, coconut and vegetables. It is always a part of any Sadhya (feast) of any occasion. Kalan is distinct from all the curd / yogurt based gravies and is very easy to make. Usually Kalan recipe of Kerala is prepared with Yam and Raw Plantain.

How to prepare Getting ready Peel the skin and chop plantain and yam into medium size pieces. Grind the ingredients to a smooth paste and keep it aside. Whisk curd and keep it ready.

Requirements Ingredients Plantain -2 (preferably Kerala nendrangai) Elephant foot yam (senai)- 250 grams Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp Chilli Powder -1 tsp Turmeric powder - a generous pinch Yogurt/Curd -1 1/4 cup Salt as required

For Grinding Grated Coconut - 1/3 cup Cumins seeds/Jeerakam -1 tsp Green chilli -3 For the seasoning Coconut oil -1 tbsp Mustard seeds -1 tsp Fenugreek seeds -1/2 tsp Red chilli -1 Curry leaves - few

Preparation Preparation Pressure cook plantain and yam along with pepper powder, salt, chilli powder, turmeric powder for 1 whistle using less water. If there is water, cook until it evaporates. Mash the vegetables slightly. Lower the heat and add curd/yogurt. Simmer and cook till it starts thickening. Then add the ground paste, cook for a few seconds on low flame and remove from heat. Heat a tbsp of coconut oil, add mustard seeds, when it splutters, add fenugreek seeds, red chilli, curry leaves and pour it over the kalan.

Ready to serve This exclusive Kerala delicacy is mouth watering dish which is also a herbal cure for heavy food. The dish is a not to miss item while having Kerala feast. Serve it with rice along with some vegetable fries. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


Dinesh C. Paliwal Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Harman International Industries


Dinesh C. Paliwal is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harman International Industries – a provider of audio and infotainment systems for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. Dinesh is a US citizen and has lived and worked in Australia, China, India, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States.


Dinesh C. Paliwal was born on 17 December 1957 at Agra, India. Dinesh has earned a Master’s degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Roorkee). He has also earned a Master’s degree in Applied Science and Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, both from Miami University of Ohio. Before joining Harman he worked at the ABB Group as the President Global Markets and Technology. During his 22 years with ABB, he has held management positions in five countries and was instrumental in the company’s dramatic turnaround during the period 2002–2007. He last held the dual role of President of ABB Group with responsibility for the company’s global


P&L, and Chairman/CEO - ABB North America. He has served as the Chairman of the National Foreign Trade Council, ABB India Ltd., Lummus Global (an oil and gas technology company) and as a Director for the US China Business Council, US India Business Council and International Swimming Hall of Fame. He has served for three years as Economic Advisor to the Governor of Guangdong Province, China. In addition to the Harman Board, Dinesh serves on the Board of Directors for Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. He also serves on the board of the Business Advisory Council of the Farmer School of Business, Miami University. Dinesh served on the board of directors of Tyco, ADT and Embarq, now Century Link Telecom. He is a member of the CEO Business Roundtable in Washington, DC, and the U.S. India Business CEO Forum, as well as the US India Business Council (USIBC) Board of Directors. In 2010, E&Y named Dinesh as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ for the New York region and Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) honored him with ‘Indian American Achiever’ Award. In 2011, American India Foundation (AIF) honored him for ‘Corporate Leadership’. In 2012, Dinesh was inducted in the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma and the Asian American Business Development Center presented him with the ‘Pinnacle Award.’ In 2014, Dinesh was named to Fortune’s Business Person of the Year list.




India, US to hold

working visa fee hike talks on

The commerce ministry has said that the increase in visa fees, sought to be justified by the Barack Obama administration as a revenue raising measure for better border control, gives other countries also the opportunity to raise money whenever the World Trade Organisation gives space to do so.


The United States’ “revenue raising” move to double the fees for short-term H-1B and L-1visas will be countered during two-day consultations beginning in Washington on Wednesday. “If they are using it as a revenue resource raising measure, then it opens the Pandora’s box for us also to generate money whenever a difference exists between the WTO’s applied and bound rates,” a commerce department official said. “There is a general feeling that when everyone is talking of trade liberalisation, the US’ measure is trade restrictive. Industry feels that this has hit

their operations,” the official said. The increase in H-1B and L-1 visa fee issue has been raised with the US at various levels including by the Prime Minister with the US President and recently by the Finance Minister with the US Trade Representative, Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said. In a letter to US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Deputy National Security Advisor Caroline Atkinson, the Commerce and Industry Ministry had said, “it was requested not to incorporate such discriminatory and punitive

measures into legislations without due process of notice and comment, as it would seriously impede the on going efforts to take the India-US bilateral trade and investment relationship forward”. “India has also taken up the matter on US visa fee hike in the dispute settlement body of the WTO,” she said. With this legislation in place, 50:50 companies would now need to pay an enhanced fee of $4500 for each L-1 visa and $4000 for each H-1B visa as compared to $2250 and $2000 previously.




“The President intends the visit to send a much more forward-looking signal about his ambition for realising the goals of a planet without nuclear weapons,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.


Barack Obama to call for

Nuclear weapons free planet

Obama the first American president to visit Hiroshima -– the site of the first nuclear attack by the US on Japan -– later this month will give a call for nuclear weapons-free planet. He will be the first sitting US president to tour the site where America first dropped an atomic bomb in 1945, killing an estimated 140,000 people.


“If you would have imagined that one of our closest partners and allies in Asia was Japan just 70 years ago, it would have been very difficult to imagine, given the hostilities between our two countries. But yet that’s exactly what has occurred, based on a commitment of the leaders of our two countries to forge closer bonds. We’ve also seen deeper ties between our peoples. And even as we speak, there are thousands of US military service members who are stationed in Japan,” Earnest said. “All of this is a testament to the way that the US-Japan relationship has dramatically changed over the last 70 years and the president is certainly interested in further marking the progression of that relationship by visiting Hiroshima,” he said. “The President will have an opportunity to visit the Peace Park, and offer up

“President Obama has been a tireless leader in the global effort to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, and I commend him and the Administration for their strong focus on this vital challenge for global peace and security,” Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said. “I commend President Obama’s decision to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial which serves as a poignant reminder of the

devastating cost of nuclear warfare, especially on civilian communities,” Senator Mazie K Hirono said. “We applaud President Obama’s decision to visit Hiroshima, in part to recognise the innocent victims of war and in particular the experience and work of atomic bomb survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki — the hibakusha — who have worked tirelessly to remind the world why nuclear weapons must never be used again,” said Daryl G Kimball, executive director of the independent, non-partisan Arms Control Association. “It’s time for a US President to visit Hiroshima’s Peace Park in Japan to honour those who died during the atomic bombing and to affirm the goal of a nuclear weapons free world. At this point, it’s not enough to repeat the words Obama has said several times since his historic Prague speech calling for the abolishment of nuclear weapons. Obama

must announce actions he will take in his remaining months as President that will actually bring the world closer to being free of nuclear weapons,” it said. “In a complex world of unsolved old problems and mounting new challenges, we have the vision and the ability to solve this one so that future generations might be spared from a nuclear attack. The President’s commemoration at Hiroshima will put this aspiration in stark relief,” Senator Ben Cardin said.

It’s time for a US President to visit Hiroshima’s Peace Park in Japan to honour those who died during the atomic bombing and to affirm the goal of a nuclear weapons free world.

his own reflections about his visit to that city. The President certainly does understand the US bears a special responsibility. The US continues to be the only country to have used nuclear weapons. It means our country bears a special responsibility to lead the world in an effort to eliminate them. This goal of a nuclear weapons free world has been sought by both Democratic and Republican presidents. It is a goal that would make our country and our planet safer,” Earnest said.



State elections


Continues Downslide

I 34

In an emphatic mandate, the BJP has won 86 of Assam’s 126 assembly seats, with the Congress, which ruled for the last 15 years, getting only 26

In Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has ensured repeated mandate for the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu after Shri M G Ramachandran. In West Bengal incumbent Chief Minister Mamatha Banerjee sealed her victory for the second time in a row. As usual Kerala has voted LDF to power. In Puduchery Congress became the single largest party. The election results envisages that the time has come to realise the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ‘Congress mukt


Bharath’. Now that, Congress the oldest and largest party in the country which has been ruling the country and almost all the state is ruling only 6%, that too with the certainty of not coming to power after the next election in these states. The party president Sonia Gandhi has said, “will introspect into the reasons of our loses”. Meanwhile, her son, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “We accept the verdict of people with humility.” “Today’s results disappointing but not unexpected. We have done enough Introspection

“will intro in rea ou Me her son, Ra Gandhi tweet accept the v of people humilit

l ospect nto the asons of ur loses”. eanwhile, ahul ted, “We verdict with ty.”

shouldn’t we go for a Major Surgery ?” tweeted Congress leader Digvijaya Singh. Singh said that no action was taken on the reports submitted by party leaders for the party’s future after the Lok Sabha elections. “The deadline for submitting the report was February 20, 2015. We all submitted our reports, I also did. It is May 2016 and we are still awaiting action. So the question is, how long will the party introspect? Action on what all we told the party leadership is long overdue.” Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also said that it is now a time for action, “The time for introspection is now past. Time for action has come…It is time to move and it is time to make some visible changes that the world and the country can see.” It is time to understand that dynastic politics is what is ruining the grand old party. Now is the time for Congress to grow out of the familly. There are many efficient and compatible leaders in the party. Let a smart and popular leader lead the party or else Congress can be read only in the history books of schools by the children.



400% surge in Indians’ average

wealth in 10 years 36


Average wealth of an Indian has surged by 400 percent in 10 years while that of an European citizen has declined by 5 percent during the period, says a report by New World Wealth.


he report said that in the emerging markets such as India, China and Vietnam, average wealth has gone up by over 400 percent during the past 10-year period (2005-15). The average European citizen is currently worth around $86,000. This compares poorly to the other developed markets as the average wealth of a person in Australia has increased by over 100 per cent and in Canada by over 50 per cent in the same period. The study says that one of the major issues that has deterred the wealth creation in Europe is the migration of wealthy people out of Europe, mainly to countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Australia.

and Southern Europe - in particular, large European economies such as Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain will struggle.” Rising income tax rates deterred the new business formation and loss of jobs to Asia, particularly in the manufacturing sector and inability of certain countries to handle large pension obligations (like Greece). Europe is expected to continue to lose the primary sector jobs to Asia, particularly to emerging countries such as, China, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Vietnam. In terms of wealth growth, certain Eastern European countries such as Poland is likely to perform well, the report said. The report refers ‘Wealth’ as net assets of a person. It includes all their assets (property, cash, equity, business interests) less any liabilities.

The report said that “we do not expect much growth to come from Western JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM




Sonia Gandhi named by Italian court in

Augustawestland Chopper scam

In its 225-page judgment, the Italian Court of Appeals addresses several conversations which took place among the three middlemen involved in the Augustawestland Chopper deal with India, Carlos Gerosa, Christian Michel and Guildo Haschke. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


These conversations have mentions of “Mrs Gandhi” being the “driving force behind the VIP”, and she and her “closest advisers” Ahmed Patel has to be “the aim of the British high commissioner” to target to materialise the deal.


In February 2010, the Congress-led UPA government had signed a contract with the UK-based helicopter manufacturing company AgustaWestland to purchase 12 AW101 helicopters for the Indian Air Force for Rs 3,600 crore. These choppers were supposed to be used for flying the President of India, the Prime Minister, and other such VVIPs. In February 2013, Italian police arrested Agusta Westland CEO Bruno Spagnolini and Guiseppe Orsi, chairman of AgustaWestland’s parent company Finmeccanica, on charges of paying bribes to win the VVIP chopper deal with the Indian Air Force. This led to the UPA government putting a hold on the deal. The then Defence Minister AK Antony ordered a CBI probe into the matter. In 2014, the UPA government cancelled the deal with AgustaWestland on


grounds of the integrity pact being violated. Most of the money paid for the deal is said to have been recovered. Air Chief Marshal SP Tyagi, the former Indian Air Force chief, is being accused of having tweaked with the altitude requirements in favour of AgustaWestland winning the VVIP chopper deal. Prior to Tyagi becoming the Air Force chief, the IAF is said to have opposed purchasing

AgustaWestland’s AW101 as they were not capable of flying in high-altitude areas like Siachen and Tiger Hill. Tyagi “conceded to reduce” the altitude requirements and brought AgustaWestland back into the race for the chopper deal. The gloves were off inside and outside the Parliament with the BJP and Congress trading charges over alleged payoffs in the supply of 12 AgustaWestland helicopters

Sonia Gandhi reacted to BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy’s allegations and said, “I am not afraid of anyone cornering me as there is no basis to that. All accusations they are throwing at us are false. to India after an Italian appeals court handed prison terms to former chiefs of Finmeccanica and AgustaWestland on corruption charges. The BJP asked the then Defence Minister A K Antony to name Congress leaders allegedly involved in the scandal. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha that “the bribegiver has been convicted and now the bribe-taker

has to be identified”. He said the written admission by the alleged middleman (James Christian Michel) has to be examined and an “investigation is underway”. Sonia Gandhi reacted to BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy’s allegations and said, “I am not afraid of anyone cornering me as there is no basis to that. All accusations they are throwing at us are false. Where is the proof? They

are lying, this is part of a strategy of character assassination which we have known these people indulge in. The government is there for the last two years. What are they doing? Inquiry is there, why don’t they complete it? Complete it as soon as possible, impartially, so that the truth will come out.”





power of Freedom Movement Pritilata Waddedar WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016


Pritilata Waddedar was the answer for the European club’s infamous board - “Dogs and Indians not allowed”. Pritilata Waddedar was born on 5th May 1911 in a much culturally advanced middle class family at Dhalghat Village in Chittagong.


Pritilata Waddedar parents were Sri Jagabandhu Waddadar and Smt. Pratibha Waddadar who arranged for the best possible education for their daughter in Dr. Khastogir’s school directly in class III where she was awarded scholarship in class III which proved her genre and brillance. She passed Matriculation Examination, in 1928 and she got admitted in Eden College in Dhaka and she passed I. A. Examination. She came to Kolkata for her graduation in English and was admitted in famous Bethune College and came out successful in B. A. examination. After completion of her graduation she was appointed directly as the Headmistress of Aparna Charan Girls’ School in Chittagong (Chattogram). Pritilata had a keen desire to give her contribution for the freedom struggle and the destiny gave her the

opportunity through her colleague Kalpana Dutta who has introduced Pritilata to the great revolutionary leader Surya Sen. Surya Sen was reluctant to include Pritilata in his group, but her determination to eliminate British supremacy was so firm, so that Surya Sen finally accepted Pritilata as the woman comrade and a member in his revolutionary group. Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi was a role model and an inspirational force for Pritilata to sacrifice her life for the liberation of motherland. It was Pritilata’s intelligence, strategy and efforts that helped Surya Sen and other members to attack the armoury raid, telegraph office, railway lines and make the uprising of Chittagong successful. To avenge the death of innocent teenage comrades in Jalalabad encounter,

Surya Sen’s next strategy was to attack the Pahartali European club which had a board titled – Dogs and Indians are not allowed. Surya Sen selected Pritilata to lead this plan along with a team to attack the European club on September 23rd 1932. Pritilata succeeded in attacking the European club, but in the bloody encounter, Pritilata was fatally wounded and there was no way to escape from the Britishers. Pritilata commanded her members to run away from the spot and preferred to sacrifice her life for her motherland. Pritilata ended her life by swallowing potassium cyanide and her martyrdom became a great motivation for several women to plunge in the freedom struggle. At the age of 21, Pritilata had given up her valuable life for our motherland.






Kapal Bhati Pranayama is a very powerful breathing exercise that helps to bring your entire system into a perfect balance. 80 percent of the toxins in our body are released through the outgoing breath. Regular practice of Kapal Bhati pranayama detoxifies all the systems in our body. And the obvious sign of a healthy body is a shining forehead. Kapal Bhati literally translates to ‘the shining forehead’ and that is exactly what happens with regular practice of this pranayama. A forehead that glows not just from outside but also an intellect that becomes sharp and refined.

How To Do Kapal Bhati Pranayama * Sit comfortably with your spine erect. * Place your hands on the knees, palms open to the sky. * Take a deep breath in. * As you exhale, pull your stomach. Pull your navel in back towards the spine. * Do as much as you comfortably can. * You may keep your right hand on the stomach to feel the abdominal muscles


organs and thus is extremely useful to those with diabetes

* Pull the navel in. * As you relax the navel and abdomen, the breath flows into your lungs automatically. * Take 20 such breaths to complete one round of Kapal Bhati pranayama. * After completing the round, relax with your eyes closed and observe the sensations in your body.

* Improves blood circulation and adds radiance to the face * Improves digestive tract functioning, absorption and assimilation of nutrients * Results in a taut and trimmed down belly * Energizes the nervous system and rejuvenates brain cells

* Do two more rounds of Kapal Bhati pranayama.

* Calms and uplifts the mind

The exhalation in Kapal Bhati Pranayama is active and forceful. So just throw out your breath. Don't worry about the inhalation. The moment you relax your abdominal muscles, inhalation will happen naturally. Just keep your awareness on breathing out. Practice it on an empty stomach.

Who Should Avoid

Benefits Kapal Bhati Pranayama * Effective in reducing weight by increasing the metabolic rate * Clears the nadis (subtle energy channels)

Avoid practicing this breathing technique if you have an artificial pacemaker or stents, backache due to slip disc, recently went through an abdominal surgery, or are suffering with epilepsy or hernia. Women should not practice during and shortly after pregnancy, as well as during menstruation as it involves vigorous abdominal squeezes. People with hypertension and heart problems should practice this breathing technique only under a yoga expert's guidance.

* Stimulates abdominal JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM



Healthy lifestyle 46



Our body is a temple and we need to take care of it to have a healthy life. There rise several questions. How healthy are you? Do you have a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? Do you get enough sleep every day? Answers to these questions leads us to maintain a healthy life.


Think of your body as your physical shell to take you through your life. If you repeatedly abuse it with unhealthy food, your shell will wear out quickly. Life is beautiful and you don’t want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems. Don’t take your good health today for granted. Take proper care of your body. Good health is not just about healthy eating and exercise, it is also about having a positive mental health, healthy selfimage and a healthy lifestyle. Drink more water. Water is essential for our body to function – Do you know over 60% of our body is made up of water? Water is needed to carry out our body functions, remove waste and carry nutrients and oxygen around our body. Since we lose water through urine, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing, we need to

replenish our water intake. Get enough sleep. When you don’t rest well, you compensate by eating more junk food. Get enough rest and you don’t need to snack to stay awake. Remember lack of sleep causes premature aging. Exercise adequately. Movement is life. Researches has shown that exercising brings tremendous benefits to our health, including increase of life span, lowering the risk of diseases, higher bone density and weight loss. Increase activity in your life. Choose walking over transport for close distances. Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift. Eat more fruits. Fruits are a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Fill your palate with nutritious fruits such as, Watermelon, Apricots,

Avocado, Apple, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Guava, Papaya, Strawberries. Eat more vegetables. Vegetables are important for the well being of our health. Experts suggest that we should have 5-9 servings of fruits / vegetables. Include vegetables such as, Kidney beans, black beans, asparagus, long beans, french beans, sprouts, button mushrooms and carrots in your food. Healthy lifestyle is what everybody would like to have. It is easy to lead a healthy lifestyle. It does not burn your pocket. The above suggestions are so simple that anybody can follow without much effort or cost. Stay healthy for a Happy life.





Long term

Relationship are healthy

Every successful relationship is successful in it’s own unique way. A successful long-term relationship include everything from personality traits such as your emotional temperament, social style, values and even your beliefs, to one of the more commonly sought after qualities - a sense of humour. Remember the old adage “nobody’s perfect”. When you fall for someone, your initial attraction can stop you noticing your new partner’s flaws or at least override them. But as things progress, you learn more about each other both the good and the bad. There are various stages to a relationship. As you look to make someone a part of your life for long-term, you may question whether the relationship is right for you. Going slow diminishes the risk of that. Being true to yourself is crucial to making a relationship last. Being honest with yourself about what you want out of life and out of your relationship is a must. Be mindful to tell the truth when asked and do your best to be upfront. You may need to make room for your

partner in your life, but not at the expense of everything else. No need to compromise your independence. Quality time in any form is important in making a relationship last. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down. If you’re hiding your feelings, don’t expect your other half to be a mind reader. Spend time together just talking. Everyday courtesies are easy to maintain and provide a low key, but effective way of letting your other half know that you are valued and cared for. The same goes for those little things, touches, kisses, hand-holding, small, inexpensive gifts, that longterm couples can sometimes take for granted to the point where they stop doing them.




Romancing and being loved adds richness to our lives. When people feel close to others they are happier and healthier. Healthy romance helps us to feel important, understood, and secure. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

Healthy Romance

leads to a

Blissful life Romantic relationships are important for happiness and well-being. A healthy functional intimate relationship is based on equality and respect, not power and control. Ensure that you are able to maintain beliefs and sense of self as well as offer time and attention to the relationship.


Some independence, privacy and care about each other’s quality of life helps in healthy romance. Working on a relationship always begins with working on oneself, take responsibility for your behavior. Romancing and being loved adds richness to our lives. When people feel close to others they are happier and healthier. Healthy romance helps us to feel important, understood, and secure. the kind of love we feel in romantic relationships is its own unique type of love. Attraction is the “chemistry” part of love. It’s all about the physical — even sexual — interest between two people. Attraction is responsible for the

desire to feel to kiss and hold with full of affection. Attraction is behind the flushed, nervous-butexcited way we feel when your partner is near. Closeness is the bond that develops when we share thoughts and feelings that we may not share with anyone else. When you have the feeling of closeness, you feel supported, cared for, understood and accepted for who you are. Commitment is the promise or decision to stick by the other person through the ups and downs of the relationship. Romance love is when attraction and closeness are combined. Lots of relationships grow out of an initial attraction and develop into closeness. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


Vrindavan Transcendental bliss


The town is about 15 km away from Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna’s birthplace, near the Agra-Delhi highway. The town hosts hundreds of temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna and is considered sacred by a number of religious traditions such as Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Vaishnavism, and Hinduism in general. The ancient name of the city, Brindavana, comes from its groves of ‘Brinda’ Ocimum WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

tenuiflorum (Holy Basil or Tulsi) with vana meaning a grove or a forest. Two small groves still exist at Nidhivan and Seva Kunj. Vrindavan was the place where Lord Krishna spend his childhood and teenage enjoying the earthly mischiefs and pranks. This is the place where Lord Krishna shown the eternal love with the Gopi’s especially Radha ji. A devotee who enters Vrindavan can literally feel the vibrations of

love and affection of Lord Krishna and his Gopi’s. The places where Lord Krishna wandered along with his friends and Gopi’s will definitely reverberate in your antharatma (subconscious mind) and takes you in a journey of transcendental bliss.

History Vrindavan has an ancient past, associated with Hindu history, and is an important

Vrindavan also known as Vraj (as it lies in the Braj region) is a town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the site of an ancient forest which is the region where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days.

Hindu pilgrimage site. One of its oldest surviving temples is the Govinda Deo temple, built in 1590, in the town founded earlier in the same century. It is believed that the essence of Vrindavan was lost over time until the 16th century, when it was rediscovered by Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. In the year 1515, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited Vrindavan, with the purpose of locating the lost holy places associated

with Lord Sri Krishna’s transcendental pastimes. Lord Chaitanya wandered through the different sacred forests of Vrindavan in a spiritual trance of divine love. By His divine spiritual power, He was able to locate all the important places of Lord Krishna’s pastimes in and around Vrindavan.

Legends Vrindavan is considered to be a holy place by all traditions

of Hinduism. The major tradition followed in the area is Vaishnavism and it is a center of learning with many Vrindavan Ashrams operating in and around. It’s a center of Krishna worship and the area includes places like Govardhan and Gokul that are associated with Krishna. Many millions of devotees of Radha and Krishna visit these places of pilgrimage every year and participate in a number of festivals that relates to the scenes from Krishna’s life on Earth. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


The Bhagavata Purana describes Krishna’s early childhood pastimes in the Vrindavan forest where he, his brother Balaram, and his cowherd friends stole butter, engaged in childhood pranks and fought with demons. Along with these activities, Krishna is also described as meeting and dancing with the local girls of Vrindavan village, especially Radharani, who were known as Gopis. These pastimes were the source of inspiration for the famous Sanskrit poem, Gita Govinda, by the Sanskrit poet, Jayadeva (1200 AD). 54

Madan Mohan Temple

It is said that because of the blessings of Lord Krishna, Kalyug will not enter Vrindavan.

Madan Mohan Temple Madan Mohan Temple located near the Kali Ghat was built by Kapur Ram Das of Multan. This is the oldest temple in Vrindavan. The temple is closely associated with Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The original image of Lord Madan Gopal was shifted from the shrine to Karauli in Rajasthan for safe keeping during Aurangzeb’s rule. Today, a replica of the image is worshiped at the temple. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

It is said that because of the blessings of Lord Krishna, Kalyug will not enter Vrindavan.

Banke Bihari Temple

Radha Vallabh Temple

Banke Bihari Temple, built in 1862 is the most popular shrine at Vrindavan. The image of Banke-Bihari was discovered in Nidhi Van by Swami Haridas, the great Krishna devotee, belonging to the Nimbarka sampradaya.

Radha Vallabh Temple, set up by the Radha-Vallabh sampradaya, through Sri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu, has the crown of Radharani placed next to the Shri Krishna image in the sanctum sanctorum.

Shri Radha Madhava Temple Jaipur Temple which was built by Sawai Madho Singh II, the Maharaja of Jaipur in 1917, is a richly embellished and opulent temple. The fine hand - carved sandstone is of unparalleled workmanship. The temple is dedicated to Shri Radha Madhava.

Sri Radha Raman Mandir

Shahji Temple

Sri Radha Raman Mandir, constructed at the request of Gopala Bhatta Goswami around 1542 is one of the most exquisitely crafted and revered temples of Vrindavan, especially by the Goswamis. It still houses the original saligram deity of Krishna, alongside Radharani.

Shahji Temple Shahji Temple, is another

popular temple at Vrindavan, which was designed and built in 1876 by a wealthy jeweller, Shah Kundan Lal of Lucknow. The deities at the temple are popularly known as the Chhote Radha Raman. Noted for its magnificent architecture and beautiful marble sculpture, the temple has twelve spiral columns each 15 feet high. The `Basanti Kamra’ - the durbar hall is famed for its Belgian glass chandeliers and fine paintings.

Rangaji Temple Rangaji Temple, built in 1851 is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha or Rangaji depicted as Lord Vishnu in his Sheshashayi pose, resting on the coils of the sacred Sesha Naga. The temple built in the Dravidian style (as a replica of Srivilliputhur) has a tall gopuram (gateway), of six storeys and a gold plated Dhwaja stambha, 50 feet high. A water tank and a picturesque garden lie within the temple enclosure. The annual festival of Jal Vihar of the presiding deity is performed with great pomp and splendor at the tank. The temple is also famous for its `Brahmotsdav’ celebration in March–April, more popularly known as the `Rath ka Mela’. The ten day long celebrations JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


are marked by the pulling of the rath (the chariot car) by the devotees from the temple to the adjoining gardens. The prayers within the temple are performed, following in the style of Andal, one of the twelve Vaishnav Saints of South India.

Govind Deo (Govindaji) Temple


Govind Deo (Govindaji) Temple was once a magnificent seven storeyed structure built in the form of a Greek cross. It is said that the Emperor Akbar donated some of the red sandstone that had been brought for the Red Fort at Agra, for the construction of this temple. Built at the astronomical cost of one crore rupees in 1590 by his general Raja Man Singh, the temple combines western, Hindu and Muslim architectural elements in its structure. It was destroyed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.

Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple built by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in a location known as ‘Raman-Reti’, is one of the most beautiful temples WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

in Vrindavan today. The principal deities of this temple are Krishna & Balaram, with Radha-Shyamasundar and Gaura-Nitai alongside. Adjoining the temple is the Samadhi of A. C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, built in pure white marble.

Radha Damodar Mandir Radha Damodar Mandir Located at Seva Kunj, the Mandir was established in 1542 by Srila Jiva Goswami. The deities Sri Sri Radha Damodar are here. The bhajan kutir of A. C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada is also situated at the Mandir.

Shri Maa Katyayani Mandir Shri Maa Katyayani Mandir, the temple is situated in Radha Bagh, near Rangnath mandir. This is one of suddh Shakti Peetha of Shakti.

Chintaharan Hanuman Mandir Chintaharan Hanuman Mandir, temple of Lord Hanuman is situated near Atalvan.

Legend has it that the Shree Radha Rasa Bihari Ashta Sakhi Mandir is one of the two places in Mathura, Vrindavan where the Lord Krishna actually indulges in the Rasa Lila with his beloved Radha and her sakhis.

Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple In Vrindavan, the “Lila Sthan” (the place of the divine Passion play) of Lord Krishna, is a must visit destination for devotees completing the 84 kosh Vraj Parikrama Yatra. The

temple is centuries old and is the first Indian temple that is dedicated to the divine couple and their Ashta Sakhi’s - the eight “companions” of Radha who were intimately involved in her love play with the Lord Krishna. The Ashta Sakhis are mentioned in the ancient texts of Puranas and the Bhagavata Purana.

The temple is called Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Mandir and it is home to the divine Rasa Lila of Lord Krishna and Radharani. It is located in close proximity to the Shri Banke Bihari Mandir. Legend has it that the Shree Radha Rasa Bihari Ashta Sakhi Mandir is one of the two places in Mathura, Vrindavan where the Lord Krishna actually indulges in the Rasa Lila with his beloved Radha and her sakhis. On these nights, devotees have reported hearing the sound of the anklets, beating in tune to a divine melody.



Nightmare of


Arab rulers Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty The Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty, also known as the Pratihara Empire, was an Indian imperial power that ruled much of Northern India from the mid-7th to the 11th century. The rulers were members of the Gurjara who were followers of Hinduism. Some of their clans later came to be known as Rajputs. They ruled first at Ujjain and later at Kannauj.





The Gurjara-Pratiharas were instrumental in containing Arab armies from moving east of the Indus River. Nagabhata I defeated the Arab army under Junaid and Tamin in the Battle of Rajasthan. Under Nagabhata II, the Gurjara-Pratiharas became the most powerful dynasty in northern India. Nagabhata II was succeeded by his son Ramabhadra, who ruled briefly, and was succeeded by his son Mihira Bhoja I. Under Bhoja and his successor Mahendrapala I, the Pratihara Empire reached its peak of prosperity and power.


The extent the empire reached west to the border of Sindh, east to Bengal, north to the Himalayas, and south past the Narmada. The expansion once again triggered the power struggle for the control of the Indian Subcontinent, known as the Tripartite Struggle, with the Rashtrakuta Empire and Pala Empire. During this period, Imperial Pratihara took the title Maharajadhiraja of Aryavarta (Great King of Kings of Northern India). The power of the Pratiharas was weakened by dynastic strife. It was further diminished as a result of a great raid from the Deccan, WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

led by the Rashtrakuta ruler Indra III, who at about 916 sacked Kannauj. Under a succession of rather obscure rulers, the Pratiharas never regained their former influence. Their feudatories became more and more powerful, one by one throwing off their allegiance until by the end of the 10th century the Pratiharas controlled little more than the

Gangetic Doab. Harichandra is said to have laid the foundation of the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty in the 6th century. He created a small kingdom at Bhinmal around 550 A.D. after the fall of the Gupta Empire. The Harichandra line of GurjaraPratiharas established the state of Marwar, based at Mandore near modern

The extent the empire reached west to the border of Sindh, east to Bengal, north to the Himalayas, and south past the Narmada. The expansion once again triggered the power struggle for the control of the Indian Subcontinent, known as the Tripartite Struggle, with the Rashtrakuta Empire and Pala Empire. Jodhpur, which grew to dominate Rajasthan. The Pratihara rulers of Marwar also built the temple-city of Osian. Gurjara-Pratihara are known for their sculptures, carved panels and open pavilion style temples. The greatest development of Gurjara-Pratihara style of temple building took place at

Khajuraho. Historians of India, have wondered at the slow progress of Muslim invaders in India, as compared with their rapid advance in other parts of the world. The Arabs possibly only stationed small invasions independent of the Caliph. It is believed that it was the power of the Gurjara-Pratihara army

that effectively barred the progress of the Muslims beyond the confines of Sindh, their first conquest for nearly three hundred years. In the light of later events this might be regarded as the “Chief contribution of the Gurjara Pratiharas to the history of India�.




India’s Reusable

Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator


On May 23, 2016 ISRO has successfully flight tested India’s first winged body aerospace vehicle operating in hypersonic flight regime. Reusable Launch VehicleTechnology Demonstration Program or RLV-TD is a series of technology demonstration missions that have been considered as a first step towards realizing a Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) fully re-usable vehicle. A Winged Reusable Launch Vehicle technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) has been configured to act as a flying test bed to evaluate various technologies, namely, hypersonic flight, autonomous landing, powered cruise flight and hypersonic flight using airbreathing propulsion. The first in the series of experimental flights is the hypersonic flight experiment (HEX) followed by the landing experiment (LEX), return flight experiment (REX) and scramjet propulsion experiment (SPEX). Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator Hypersonic Experiment (RLV-TD HEX1) is wherein the hypersonic aero-thermo dynamic characterization of winged re-entry body along with autonomous mission management, to land at a specified location and characterization of hot structures are planned to be demonstrated.

Reusable Launch Vehicle – Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) is one of the most technologically challenging endeavors of ISRO towards developing essential technologies for a fully reusable launch vehicle to enable low cost access to space. The configuration of RLV-TD is similar to that of an aircraft and combines the complexity of both launch vehicles and aircraft. RLV-TD consists of a fuselage (body), a nose cap, double delta wings and twin vertical tails. It also features symmetrically placed active control surfaces called Elevons and Rudder. This

technology demonstrator was boosted to Mach no: 5 by a conventional solid booster (HS9) designed for low burn rate.

Objectives of RLV-TD: 1. Hypersonic aero thermodynamic characterisation of wing body 2. Evaluation of autonomous Navigation, Guidance and Control (NGC) schemes 3. Integrated flight management 4. Thermal Protection System Evaluation JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM




Mahindra has introduced the XUV500 W6 variant with an automatic transmission, priced at 14.29 lakh (ex-showroom, NaviMumbai). 64


The Indian automaker has now introduced the automatic transmission on the mid-level W6 trim in a bid to make driving convenience more accessible to customers. The XUV500 is available in four automatic variants including W6 FWD, W8 FWD, W10 FWD and W10 AWD. The Mahindra XUV500 W6 automatic gets to draw power from the same 2.2-litre, four-cylinder mHawk diesel engine that produces 140bhp at 3750rpm and 320Nm of torque

available between 1600-2800rpm. The motor comes paired to the second generation 6-speed automatic gearbox sourced from AISIN, Japan. Compared to the top-trims, the W6 automatic variant misses out on certain features including reverse parking camera with dynamic assist, express up and down driver side window, smart key with remote central locking, illuminated key rings, door ajar lamps, camping lamp and much more.





Full Specification Engine


2179cc, 4-Cylinder, Turbocharged Diesel

6-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Automatic

Max. Power 140 BHP @ 3,750 RPM

Peak Torque 330 Nm @ 1600-2800 rpm

Mileage 15.1 KMPL

Top Speed 175 KMPH

0-100 KMPH 12 Seconds

Front Suspension McPherson type with anti-roll bar

Rear Suspension Multilink type with anti-roll bar

Brakes (Front) Disk & Caliper type

Brakes (Rear) Disk & Caliper type

Dimensions (LWB) 4585 mm X 1890 mm X 1785 mm

Wheelbase 2700 mm

Ground Clearance 160 mm JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM




The route of wealth and health

ENTRANCE GATE Entrance of a house explains every thing, because this is the gateway from which energies constantly goes in and out. The route of wealth and health. This has to be maintained with utmost care while direction should be appropriate to reap rich benefits. All the negative and positive energies surround here and which is why it is important to locate the Entrance gate in proper direction to maintain well-being and prosperity in house. Important points to remember * Entrance of house is best in North and East sides. * Entrance gate should be heavier, stronger and bigger than other doors of house.

* Keep the entrance clutter free and tidy to make the surrounding positive. * Entrance area should never be dark and ensure that this place is well lit throughout. * Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin near the entrance. * Entrance gate should not make any creaky noise. * Entrance gate should never face intersecting roads. * There should not be any obstruction in the entrance gate with things like poles, tree, wires and vehicles.

* Entrance gate should always open inwards. * Entrance gate should not face temple. * Embellish main door with Om, Swastik and flowers. * Avoid any under-water or septic tanks under the main entrance. * Lift of building should not face entrance. * No wall should obstruct in front of entrance gate. * Avoid self-closing door. * Best material for main gate is Teak. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


Srimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter – 2 Verse – 14

Everything is

subject to change 70

Sloka: matra-sparsas tu kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah agamapayino ‘nityas tams titiksasva bharata

Word to word Meaning matra—sensuous sparsa—perception matra—sensuous sparsa—perception, tu—only kaunteya—O son of Kunti sita—winter, usna—summer sukha—happiness, duhkha-da—giving pain agama—appearing, apayina—disappearing anitya—nonpermanent, tan—all of them titikṣasva—just try to tolerate bharata—O descendant of the Bharata dynasty WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

cold, loud and soft, sweet and sour and the like. They are solely dependent upon external objects and these objects are always coming and going, they are known to be temporary and thus should be tolerated. One being situated in spiritual knowledge should with fortitude tolerate them and not succumb to lamentation or exaltation because of them.

In the proper discharge of duty, one has to learn to tolerate nonpermanent appearances and disappearances of happiness and distress. Verse meaning O son of Kunti, the nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.

Explanation In the proper discharge of duty, one has to learn to tolerate nonpermanent appearances and disappearances of

happiness and distress. One has to follow the prescribed rules and regulations of religious principles in order to rise up to the platform of knowledge, because by knowledge and devotion only can one liberate himself from the clutches of maya (illusion). A great heritage brings responsibility in the matter of proper discharge of duties. The objects of the senses perceived is called matra or the functions of the senses which are hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and tasting. Their contact with their appropriate objects produces the sensations of hot and

In the absence of selfrealisation, there is always sorrow. Therefore it is clarified thus, matra means sensuous experience and sparsas means contact with them. Thus matra-sparsas is the interaction of the senses with sense objects. When the individual consciousness is deluded into relating to itself as the body, pleasure and the pain is experienced, but when the individual consciousness sees itself as separate from the physical body then the sorrow arising from the death of friends and relatives would not arise. It is by rejection of ones constitutional position as individual consciousness and accepting the position of considering oneself the body that the perception of pleasure, pain, happiness, sorrow and all the rest manifests.



A 72

Akshaya Trithiya auspicious day of

betterment and prosperity WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the most golden day of the year because the word Akshaya means the most “Eternal” that which never diminishes. Akshaya Tritiya is also known as Akha Teej and is an highly auspicious day for Hindu communities. It falls during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha.


Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini Nakshatra day with Wednesday is considered very auspicious. The word Akshaya means never diminishing. Hence the benefits of doing any Japa, Yajna, Pitra-Tarpan, DanPunya on this day never diminish and remain with the person forever.

Kubera received his wealth and position as custodian of wealth and property with Goddess Lakshmi on this day, by praying to Lord

Akshaya Tritiya is believed to bring good luck and success. Akshaya Tritiya brings prosperity and wealth in the future. It is believed that, on this day Veda Vyas began to write Mahabharata. Jains celebrate this day to commemorate Tirthankara Rishabha’s ending of oneyear fast by consuming sugarcane juice poured into his cupped hands.

Shiva at Shivapuram. It is traditionally observed as the birthday of Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of god Vishnu.

According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began and the river Ganges, the most sacred river of India, descended to the earth from the heaven. It was on this day that Goddess Annapoorna devi was born.

The most popular story regarding the celebration of Akshaya Tritiya is about Lord Krishna and Sudama or Kuchela. Lord Karishna and Sudama were friends during their childhood. Sudama was so poor that his familly does not have enough to eat. One day he decided to visit his childhood friend Lord Krishna. Sudama did not have anything else except the pouch of Poha and he felt ashamed and hesitated to give it to Krishna. His poor

friend was overwhelmed by the hospitality shown by the Lord Krishna that he could not ask his friend for financial support. When he arrived at his home he saw that his run-down hut was converted into a palace and his family was wearing royal attire. Sudama knew that this was the blessing of his friend Krishna who blessed him with more wealth than he needed or could ever imagine. This is why Akshaya Tritiya is associated with material gains. Akshaya Tritiya, the third day of the bright-half of the lunar month of Vaisakha is considered one of the most sacred days of the year. In Odisha, on Akshay Tritiya day, farmers start ploughing their land and construction of chariots for Rath Yatra begins at Puri. In Bengal, on the day of the Akshay Tritiya, “HalKhata” - a ceremony to start the new audit book is performed - with the worship of Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM



Grand Finale

Amazon India Fashion Week

Summer 2016
















hen a biopic is being made as a film, more than the normal film, an extra attention is to be given to the subject, noting every minute detail correctly. But it seems that care was lost while making Azhar. Just like any other normal film, Azhar was made adding all the commercial ingredients, which finally made one forget that they are watching a biopic. Opened to the mixed reviews, the film could not sustain the run at the theaters. Emraan Hashmi could not step into the shoes of the star cricketer Azharuddin, but just showed himself on the screen. That was tasted bad and made a huge negative impact on the movie’s result.

Director Tony D'Souza

Cast & Crew Emraan Hashmi Nargis Fakhri Prachi Desai

Music Ilaiyaraaja




S 82

arbjit is a female centric film with the male’s title. The 23 years struggle of Dalbir Kaur (Aishwarya Rai), to rescue her brother Sarbjit (Randeep Hooda0 is what the film all about. Aish is at her best in performance. The pain, aggressiveness, love and several such emotions she brought out through the character, surely deserves a loud applause. The horrible situations criminals face in the jails, and the pain they have for the family is showed in a deadly realistic way. Especially, the way Randeep screams out with Aish, about his position in the jail, squeezes the hearts of many. The movie gained a positive buzz right from the first day. Though it was away from the commercial elements, the film is still doing well with the notable collections.

Director Omung Kumar

Cast & Crew Aishwarya Rai Randeep Hooda

Music Jeet Gannguli WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016







he concept of the time machine was introduced to the Tollywood audience through Aditya 369. Smelling the similar line, 24 movie was made. An old watch does all the magic in a guy’s life, revealing his past and the horrible situations, his family faced then. The story was first narrated to Mahesh Babu, and upon his rejection, has reached Suriya, who immediately gave his nod, liking it immensely. After Gajini, 24 is the second biggest success of Suriya, among the experimental subjects. The film was released simultaneously in both Telugu and Tamil languages and scored a huge success in both the places. 24 is directed by Manam fame, Vikram K Kumar and is produced by Suriya himself, under his banner 2D entertainments.

Director Vikram Kumar

Cast & Crew Suriya Samantha Nithya Menen

Music A. R. Rahman







Azhar On the whole Azhar is sure worth watching for the acting abilities by Emraan and for the engaging narration by Tony D’Souza. Story : Azhar happens to be the life story of legendary cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin who has been into controversies because of his match fixing allegations. The film starts off with a matching winning performance in his 99th test after which he will be caught in a sting operation after which he dreams of playing his 100th test as he gets banned. Azhar explains about his married life with Naureen (Prachi Desai) and his love story with Sangeetha (Nargis Fakhri). This forms the entire story of Azhar. Watch the film to know about the controversial life of cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin.

Analysis :

completely interesting as it narrates some crucial points that happened in the life of Mohammad Azharuddin. The complete narration has been girpping enough that it surprises the audience though they know the complete plot of the film. The songs and the entertainment along with Emraan Hashmi’s performance makes the first half outstanding. The interval episodes have been quite interesting. The second half of Azhar too maintains the expected race. The love story along with the struggle of the legendary cricketer has been well narrated which makes the film worth watching. The screenplay is the major highlight of the movie and the climax of Azhar takes the film to the next level. On the whole Azhar is sure worth watching for the acting abilities by Emraan and for the engaging narration by Tony D’Souza.

Final Word: Azhar is a film that will sure impress the audience for Emraan Hashmi’s outstanding performance and Tony D’Souza’s impressive direction. A worth watching film.

The first half of Azhar has been JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM



Sarbjit The story of Sarbjit has been inspired from the real moments that happened in the life of Sarbjit Singh. Story : 88

Sarbjit is the life story of a Punjabi farmer named Sarabjit Singh (Randeep Hooda) and is a collection of his life moments which created huge buzz across the country. It is not the story we already know as it brings out many unknown facts from Sarbjit's life. A Punjabi farmer gets trapped in Pakistani and he will be forced to agree that he has convicted a crime that he never performed. It is his sister Dalbir Kaur (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) who fights for justice and the rest of the film is if the justice has been served. It is known that Sarbjit will be brought to his homeland but it unfortunately happens only after his demise. Watch this brutal and heart breaking film on main screen to know how it happened. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

3.5/5 Analysis : Randeep Hooda who proved himself as an actor has done a remarkable job in portraying the emotions, affection, sorrow, frustration and helplessness. His performance as Sarbjit will sure be remembered for ages. A special care has been taken on his body language and the way his character has been designed. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan comes out with a strong and dignified performance as Dalbir Kaur. She carried the film on her shoulders with her fearless performance throughout. The story of Sarbjit has been inspired from the real moments that happened in the life of Sarbjit Singh. The screenplay of the movie has been completely gripping enough that it pulled out the film in the most interesting way.

Final Word: Sarbjit is a must watch film and it leaves you shocking, stunning and the audience will be saddened with the ordeal that Sarbjit and his family went through.






24 4/5

Suriya comes back with a bang and 24 will sure give him the much needed commercial hit after years. A perfectly written and well executed sci fi thriller that will leave everyone in surprise. Story : 24 is the story of Mani (Suriya) who works as a watch mechanic. He falls in love with Satya (Samantha) who is a student and one fine day he gets the key for a box that he owns from the past 26 years. After opening the box, he comes across a watch which can travel according to the requirement and he will be surprised. After this he comes to know about Athreya (Suriya) and Sethuraman (Suriya). The rest of 24 is about the relation between Mani, Athreya and Sethuraman. Watch 24 to know about the complete movie.

Analysis :

frame. The movie has been brilliantly written and the narration has been flawless. Suriya excelled in all the three characters to the peaks. The love story has been pleasant and the action episodes have been fearless. The interval episodes leave a strong impact on the audience eagerly waiting for the second half to start. On the whole the complete first half is a treat for the audience. The second half of the movie too travels with the same pace but the audience sit back in their seats waiting for thousands of questions to be answered which have been well justified. The songs have been decent and fresh. The heat has been travelled throughout the movie and the pre-climax episodes along with the climax take the film to the next level. On the whole the second half has been executed with perfection and ends up on a highly impressive note.

Final Word: Suriya comes back with a bang and 24 will sure give him the much needed commercial hit after years. A perfectly written and well executed sci fi thriller that will leave everyone in surprise. A must watch movie.

The first half of 24 has been exceptional right from the first JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM



Supreme The second half of Supreme has been handled quite differently as the movie has enough dose of action.


Story : Balu ( Sai Dharamtej) is a cab driver who works hard for his earning and supporting his father (Rajendra Prasad). He falls in love with Bellam Sridevi (Rashi Khanna) who is a cop and things change completely when Balu comes across Rajan (a kid) who has a responsibility on him. Balu and his father comes to know about it and the rest of Supreme is about the ruggish journey of Balu and his team in saving the lives of 15000 people from a cold blooded criminal Vikram Sarkar (Kabir Singh Duhan). Watch Supreme to know about the complete movie.

Analysis : The first half of Supreme has been WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

handled with perfection balancing all the departments. Sai Dharamtej excelled completely and he carried the complete film on his shoulders. The levels of entertainment have been completely impressive and the action episodes have been exceptional. The interval episodes raise the eye brows and the complete first half will hit the audience hard looking forward towards the second half. The second half of Supreme has been handled quite differently as the movie has enough dose of action. The entertainments levels too have been carried well and the emotional episodes have been shot completely exceptional which make a strong mark among the audience. The pre-climax episodes make the film fall down but the movie catches pace during the climax which has been handled completely different.

Final Word: Supreme is an out and out commercial package for the audience to watch this summer. Sai Dharamtej improved by miles in all the aspects and Anil Ravipudi makes a strong impact with his directorial skills.




TEA NEWS Gucci Mane

He’s back at it again! Only hours after being released from prison, Gucci Mane put his pencil to paper to write a whole new song! Check out the lyrics to ‘First Day Out Tha Feds’ now!

Johnny Depp

Yikes! Johnny Depp finally broke his silence about his sudden split from wife Amber Heard, and well, it sounds like they didn’t exactly end on the best note.


Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Guys, this is so sad! Things between Kylie and Tyga have gotten so bitter during their breakup that Tyga has actually blocked Kylie from contacting him

Calvin Harris

Oh, no! Calvin Harris, will be canceling more shows after his scary car accident. Despite all the help from his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, Calvin is recovering more slowly than expected. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

Nia Guzman

Things are getting super ugly between Chris Brown and his baby mama Nia Guzman. She’s calling out Breezy for being an absentee dad and claiming that his mom is raising baby Royalty in his place!

Johnny Depp

Our hearts are broken! Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are getting divorced after only a little more than a year of marriage. that his emotional swings and late nights out may have played a part in their marriage falling apart.

Khloe Kardashian It’s SO over! Khloe may have serious feelings for her ex, Lamar, but some things can’t be fixed. And after refiling for a divorce, the reality star may revealed that this relationship is definitely one of them!

Nicola Peltz

he Internet blew up when photos surfaced of Justin Bieber out to dinner with Nicola Peltz on May 25 — but who even IS this gorgeous blonde he’s spending time with ?


Ari by Ariana Grande has been a bestselling fragrance since it debuted in September 2015, and now, you can help reward Ari for all her hard work!

Justin Bieber

Awww! Justin Bieber was completely lovestruck on his romantic dinner date with actress Nicola Peltz,inside details about their sexy evening together! JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM


Balmain launched a stunning advertising camapign for Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.



Star Gazing ARIES This will be a star month for you, where everything you are pushing for will manifest without you doing much. Expect clarity to come through between June 5 and 18. A new job or role or ideas will manifest after June 15. Between the 11th and 20th, you will need to sign some paperwork. Avoid friction at work between June 22 and 26. Financially, you will see a positive period with extra expenses at the beginning of the month.


A brilliant birthday month for you, as everything you want will manifest. In fact, be careful for what you ask for. New opportunities will keep you busy till the 8th, post which work will be slow due to travels and pick up after June 24. You might work with new people this month. Delegate more, or you will burn yourself out. Health will need attention due to exhaustion round June 16-28. Family life will be stable throughout the month.

TAURUS Too much to do, since May was not your favourite month. All your ideas and plans will move forward post the 7th and you can expect people to acknowledge or understand them post the 15th. Clarity about an ongoing project will come through after 12th. You might even go through a role or job change post June 17. This month, new associations or tie ups are on the cards. Work will be slow from 24th to 29th. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JUNE 2016

CANCER While work will be slow till June 12, expect clarity and more work to come in after the 14th and 22nd. New orders, sampling and projects will keep you busy after the 23rd. Avoid friction with staff around June 18-24. You’ll also be in the limelight post the 25th. Abundance will flow in through old clients after 17th. Avoid extra expenses around June 3-16. A family member’s health will need attention between 6th and 17th.

LEO June will be a slow period at work no matter what you try to do. Even if things move forward, there will be a slowdown from other people’s end. This can be frustrating, but it will also give you a second chance to rework and restructure to prepare yourself for the end result. Avoid arguments at work around the 18th and 25th, as it could back fire. Finances will be slow due to extra expenses.

VIRGO Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best as you will be in for surprises. You won’t know what hit you (in a good way) with new ideas materialising and new tie ups coming into play. Expect clarity to come through around June 10-16. If you’re looking for a new job or investors or mergers, after June 15 is a brilliant period, but don’t expect clarity till end of this month. You might work with or hire new people this month. Spend time organising paperwork.

SCORPIO You need to take charge but at the same time be patient. You have been procrastinating or feeling lazy, but energies this month will give you the push to move forward. Work will be stable throughout the month with minor delays around 16-21st June. An important meeting around 6-11th June and post 26th June will bring in abundance.

AQUARIUS You need to have a plan in place before you jump to decisions. You have been getting carried away by your ambitions. You also need to be practical. Clarity will come through after the 7th and 22nd, but don’t be aggressive with people at work. Avoid friction with a senior member around 17-26th June. Health will need attention between June 6 and 17.

LIBRA You need to slow down the mental pace. While you have a lot of ideas and thought you can expect everything to manifest and people to be on the same page. Paper work will clear post 7th June, but post 20th June there could be differences in negotiation/ contract between clients. Avoid mood swings at work. Don’t carry work stress home. Post 15th June expects work from old clients to come through.

SAGITTARIUS The month will start on a slow note with a lot of pending work to finish. Health may not be on your side and work will suffer till 12th. Expect work to pick up after June 16 as new projects come in. This month, you’ll also expand or add new work. If you are looking at getting freelancers or hiring new people, after the 18th is when you will get clarity.

CAPRICORN Work will be priority, as a lot of new ideas and opportunities come through. While people at work will be supportive of everything you do, you might have to organise and plan your next move. Don’t rush into things after the 17th as it might back fire. Important meetings between the 12th and 17th will fall in your favour. Work will slow down post June 26.

PISCES Work will be erratic, some days good and some days slow. You can’t do much. Don’t blame yourself for the slow days. Not everything can be under your control. New job opportunities or orders will come through post 11th. An important meeting around June 18-23 will work in your favour. Don’t fear the past repeating in areas of work. Balance eating patterns and sleep on time. JUNE 2016 | WWW.WISHESH.COM

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Profile for Wishesh Magazine

Wishesh Magazine June 2016  

Here is the Latest June Edition of Wishesh Magazine. World Largest Gathering Ujjain Kumbh Mela as a cover story and more Interesting Stories...

Wishesh Magazine June 2016  

Here is the Latest June Edition of Wishesh Magazine. World Largest Gathering Ujjain Kumbh Mela as a cover story and more Interesting Stories...