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LOVE & ROMANCE Romance keeps the life beautiful and evergreen. It brings the most valuable moments in to the life. Being in romance makes one addicted to the melody of the beauty of life. Romance is one of the most pleasurable and joyful feelings anybody can experience in their life. The healthier romantic lives of he or she will be satisfied in their relationship. This will sprout out the bliss in to their life keeping their family joyful.


There are instances when the romance in the life gets faded out. This causes all the happiness and pleasurable moments to dwindle away. One of the most common causes for this is “the stress� that we encounter in our daily life. Romance is something that all people need to embrace. This is mainly because when you have it, you will not just live longer but will have more value in your life. Romance is never easy to get, but we all have the capacity to look for romance and maintain it in our lives.


Wishesh Magazine January 2017  

Here is the Latest January Edition of Wishesh Magazine, Amma (Jayalalitha) as a Cover story. Find more Interesting Stories of Fashion, Desi...

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