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“All guests and crew have been safely evacuated. Few guests have sustained injuries during the evacuation process,” the airline said. Around 15 passengers have been injured in the incident and were taken to the hospital.

evacuation process.

“Media makes it look like it’s nothing but it was terrible; engine exploded, could’ve died; going to complain,” a furious passenger said.

The flight had arrived from Dubai and the incident took place at around 5 am. Though all the passengers were evacuated, it triggered panic among them when the plane skid and during the

“After incident took place,there was no one till 20-25 minutes. After that we saw some cars, they too took around 10 minutes,” another passenger said.

Abhishek, another passenger on the flight, said, “Situation was critical; nobody is helping, authority is not giving answers; Don’t know what to do.” Another passenger said, “Lights started blinking and suddenly they saw fire and everybody getting up to run for life.” Luckily it happened on the ground, she said.


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