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One Day Rama and Krishna were grazing the calves on the bank of the Yamuna with other boys. There arrived a demon by name Vatsasura who came with the intention of killing Krishna. The demon assumed the form of the calf. He mingled with the other cows. But he could not escape the eyes of Krishna, who pointed him out to Balarama . Then Krishna approached that calf as if casually. He caught hold of his hind legs and whirled him round and round and hurled him towards a big tree. Struck against that big tree, the demon fell dead assuming his huge real form. The boys were astounded to see such a dead body. They praised Krishna for his timely and wonderful act. Another day, Krishna and Balarama started early in the morning with food packets in their kit to graze the calves as usual. When it was midday, they took the calves to a lake for drinking water. After the calves had drunk, the boys too quenched their thirst by drinking that sweet water. When they got up from the lake they were terrified to see a huge crane standing there with a terrible look.

They thought it might kill them all. It had a long sharp beak. As soon as it saw Krishna, it rushed towards him and swallowed him in a trice. When Balarama and other boys saw that Krishna had been devoured by the gigantic crane, they became almost unconscious. Krishna turned himself into a ball of fire and started to burn the throat of the crane. Unable to bear the burning sensation the crane vomitted Krishna, who came out with a smiling face as if nothing had happened. The crane now ran after Krishna to attack and kill him with its beak. As the boys were watching with palpitating hearts, Krishna killed the attacking monster by tearing apart its beak. The boys were overwhelmed with wonder.


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