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The dresses of Bodo women are a distinguishable feature of Bodo culture. durable. It is light but worn, in ordinary cold season, wrap of the Assamese is generally made of this cloth.


Bodo women are expert in rearing the “Endi Emphou” (Eri worm ) and “Muga latha” (Muga worm) and make treads from them. They weave different kind of clothes like “Dokhna“ (Women’s dress for covering the whole body), “Jwmgra“ (Chadar or orna or scarf of woman), Gamsha ( Cloth for covering the lower part of the body by man and sometimes used in bath), “Phali“ or “Rumal” (Handkerchief), “Hishima“ (Big and wide cloth used as rugs during the winter season) etc. out of the treads of Eri and Muga. Traditionally Bodo manfolk used to wear male garment called “Gamsha“ (Gamosha in Assamese) to cover the body from waist down to the knee. Previously Bodo old man used to wear wooden footwear known as “Khorom“ (Karam in Assamese). They WWW.WISHESH.COM | JANUARY 2017

use a type of cloth known as “Jwmgra“ made of Eri thread and a small cloth on the shoulder during the winter and summer season respectively. The dresses of Bodo women are a distinguishable feature of Bodo culture. A man can identify a Bodo womanfolk just by seeing her dresses. Bodo woman wears her “Dokhna or Dokhona“ covering the body from the chest down to the ankle. Its length and breadth is made in such a way that it can be tied one round at a time in the waist. Dokhna or Dokhona is made of varied colours and “Agor” or (Phul in Assamese). The Dokhna without Agor or Phul is called “Salamatha“ or “Matha”. “Dokhona Thaosi“ (Pure Dokhona) is generally used as bridal attire, Bwirathi (Woman receptionist of bride and bridegroom in Bodo marriage) and “Doudini“ (A dancing woman in Kherai puja, it is believed almighty power enters into the body of a pure soul) or during the festivals or other ceremonies. Now-a-days Bodo women wear blouse to cover her upper bosom and adorns with “Jwmgra “(Scarf)on it. The Jwmgra covers the upper portion of the body. Bodo women wear various colours of scarf with full of Agor (handy work design) to beautify themselves.

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