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popular form of Mishing folk song, sung by Mishing youths when they are working or moving about the fields, woods, etc. It is an integral part of the Mishing Sohman (dance). It has a variety of themes ranging from romance, humour, tragedy and socio-cultural motifs. Each line in an OiNitom is of seven syllables.

Musical instruments Mishings have rich folk music such as dumdum, lupi, lehnong, marbang, bali, etc. Which are used in Gumrak dance and are common to other locals. The typical type of traditional instruments played in Mishing folk music are ezuk tapung, derki tapung, tumbo, tapung tutok tapung, ketpong tapung, gekre tapung, dendun, dumpak koreg, gunggang, tulung etc. These are mostly wind instruments made of bamboo. Yoksa (sword) is used as a musical instrument by the priest during religious dance.

Dances Gumrag is performed five times in circles. Drums and cymbols are the usual musical instruments for the dances. Mibu Dagnam is a priestly dance performed mostly JANUARY 2017 | WWW.WISHESH.COM

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