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INDIAN DIASPORA TRADITION Dohgam, which was an administrative system introduced during Ahom Kingdom, is non-existent in the society today. As such the multifarious form of division, have no bearing at all in identification of Guhmeen ad Opeen Concept since time immemorial in maintaining their fabric of socio-cultural system.


The Opin of Gumin are all blood related brothers known as Urom bibosunam Beerrang originating from a common ancestor father and there is no restriction in offering prayers in the Rituals in common platform. There is another form of brotherhood existing in the society which has been traditionally accepted as affiliated brother or Tomeen sunam Beerrang from different opin. In both types of Brotherhood marriage among themselves is forbidden in the society. Mishings have their own unique folk music, dances and musical instruments. Most of these are used or performed on their social and religious festivals.

Mishing’s folk music Ahbang is a verse of hymn of praise and worship of gods and goddesses. WWW.WISHESH.COM | JANUARY 2017

Ahbang is sung by the Mibu (priest) at rituals. There is also community Ahbangs generally used in Pobua, a ritual festival, praying for better crops, health and happiness. Kaban is one of the oldest forms of Mishing folk songs. It is lamentation music and recalls sad events. At the death of a dear one, the women burst out into a sort of cry and the song for an outsider may sound funny. Tebo Tekang is a romantic lyric, narrating some love encounters. Siuhlung Nitom is a melancholic song, sung in lonely places like jungle. Bini are lullabies sung either at home or in the field, taking babies to places of work. The baby is tied to the back of the mother or the young babysitter. Midang Nitom is usually sung at the time of ushering in a bride to her new home, often in order to tease her. These too are rather melancholic, since they depict the sadness of brides wailing at being separated from her family, friends and the familiar childhood environment. Oi Nitom is the most

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