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For the first floor this is a learning space of the library center. This area is divided into 7 sections.

The first zone is called Knowledge Station: where students can find the information they are interested in from current journals.

Sparking Station‌

Let’s move to the second zone this is called Sparking Station (we use to have) : this zone services about entertainment on science and technology games. (There used to have a touch-screen monitor for students to play games. but now it is develop program.)

Help station‌

The next zone is Help station : The librarians can help visitors who want to do the research and answer the question and searching research papers and support services in collaboration to help user to do the activities.

Library in the garden‌

Next to the fourth zone this is called Library in the garden : students can read their book in the garden close to the natural environment and work together. It a same Sparking Station. Now it is develop room system.

Active classroom‌

The fifth zone is the Active classroom : this zone is open classroom learning in the modern way that is Problem-based learning so the librarian can join them and share in a discussion.

Open theatre‌

The sixth zone is a mini Open theatre : this is to create the platform for academic and entertainment purpose there will be activities that students can show their ability and leadership skills to enjoy and learn together. They can show on the stage.

Charging zone…

The last one is the Charging zone : this zone is for relaxing students can play piano or have some drink coffee or tea the focus is for innovation and creativity. Credit by…..สานักหอสมุด มหาวิทยาลัยเทคโนโลยีพระจอมเกล้าธนบุรี

KLINICS 4 : The Idea  

welcome to kmutt library about for KLINICS 4 : The Idea

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