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editorsnote Dear Members, What is Holistic Parenting? Seems so basic, doesn’t it? Ponder it for a moment. It’s actually much more complex than you think. What is holistic to one person is not holistic to another. For me, parenting holistically can be seen as a journey in asking the big tough questions about parenting that just don’t sit well with one’s intuition, with no judgments. A major highlight in my journey has been asking the tough questions with regards to birthing in this country. Eleven years ago I lost a baby to miscarriage and went on to have a son and a daughter, both of which were highly medicated and medicalized births, one being traumatic. Just this past winter, I was blessed with a third child, a second daughter, who was home birthed. Going through another medicalized birth just didn’t sit well with me. I researched, asked questions, and found what I believed to be the most safe, natural, and spiritual way to give birth. Was this the easiest route? No, it took a lot of time to research, meet with my midwives, go deep within myself to realize this was best for the baby and me. Was I met with roadblocks? Naysayers? People who judged me? You bet I was! Some family members were so unsupportive both before and after the birth that I chose not to speak with them during my pregnancy. It was too stressful. Each time I encountered the negative talk of others about home birth or forgoing an ultrasound unless medically indicated, that center of my intuition just grew stronger and I knew I was on the right track to give birth at home. That is what I think parenting holistically is all about, listening to that inner voice, that intuition. This issue has a fabulous assortment of essays from our own HMN mamas about their journey into holistic parenting. We also have a panel of experts who have weighed in on issues surrounding parenting holistically. It’s a great issue to grab a cup of tea and enjoy during a cool autumn night, it’s a lovely read! As always, I welcome feedback and submissions. Please write to me at Happy Autumn, Aimee K. Wood, Editor 4

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growing a Holistic


Recipes courtesy of Organic Valley

By Linda Palmer

Good for you if you do, but you don’t have to eat your placenta or replace your toilet paper with family rags to be a holistic parent. You might eat some white sugar. You might even be caught dashing out of the grocery store with a screaming child under your arm (haven’t we all?). Vegan or Nourishing Traditions, full, selective or no vaccinations, bedside crib or cosleeping, home schooling, local schooling...


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If you’re here reading this, you probably are a holistic parent,

from doctors and other self-appointed critics all strongly

while every family here looks so different. We’re all reading and

contradicted the shreds of parenting instinct that survived

discussing, learning and experimenting, and we’re all making

within me. It seemed the majority were determined that a

choices, eliminating other choices, and putting some on the

baby must be callously rejected at bedtime or when simply

back-burner. Most of us have observed that mainstream,

asking for comforting, that big-industry adulterations of

industry-promoted practices may not always be optimal for

nutrition were the only approved practices, and that wasteful

our collective health and planet preservation, while some

usage of our planet’s resources was the only soup of the day.

simply crave a more instinctual and harmonious experience. We all want to learn what options may be healthier for our

Not only did I develop a desperate need for real and helpful

children, both emotionally and physically. We want to know

information but I found an even stronger desire to find and

how our choices may impact the environment. All of our

share documented proof of what was becoming so clear to

children are different with diverse needs and propensities,

me. I thought I would need to perform hundreds of inter-

and all of our families are different with varying requirements,

views and collect data through large surveys to prove my

opportunities, and goals. We are all seeking out the best

case. Little did I expect that a multitude of evidence could

choices for our own families. While today many helpful

already be found in science journal studies. Fortuitously

models exist, we still base our choices upon our own family’s

taking nine months for the actual development, my first

needs and desires as well as available time and resources;

book was born; my own little contribution toward a healthier

working consciously to improve the whole health and quality

future for other families. I’m so jealous now of all of you, that

of our families’ whole lives. That is us: holistic parents.

you are here on HMN, learning and sharing already, with so many resources available from the start. It is my hope that

I may have been born a holistic parent but my upbringing

you will prize this opportunity and help pave the way for

served mostly to teach me what not to do. Becoming a

future babies to enjoy their rightful parenting and planet

mother myself provided for a remarkable transition. Heading

resources through sharing publicly your own caring examples,

in, I prized my natural health oriented chiropractic education

helping compassionately to educate others, or through some

as providing me with about all I needed to know; that and

gentle activism.

having learned all there is about parenting practices from TV. I spent my pregnancy reading laboriously about this exceptional

Linda Folden Palmer, DC, is the author of

medical condition of mine, as I awaited “the arrival of our

award-winning, “Baby Matters,” and the

baby.” It never really quite sank in that I was already a parent

newly updated version: “The Baby Bond,

and that there was a sensitive and feeling being inside of me,

The New Science Behind What’s Really Im-

already being altered by my actions. Reality struck hard the

portant When Caring for Your Baby.” With

day he was born that not only did I not have a clue about the

1200 supporting science journal references,

mechanics of feeding and parenting him, but I didn’t even

this book brings the solid science that

have a good, healthy parenting model to follow. That TV trick

proves how natural parenting choices can provide optimal out-

where you lay a cooing baby into a heavily adorned crib with

comes for children. She is also co-author of “What Your Pediatrician

a propped bottle and she peacefully drifts off for hours of

Doesn’t Know Can Hurt Your Child.”

slumber as you go about your usual day? Eek, total fiction. Where to turn? The web was nubile then while harsh messages

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


What is Natural Parenting? by Lauren Feder MD

It is 7:30 in the Davis household and time for the evening ritual. Suzie

During Suzie’s visit, we determined that Alec’s fever and pain

bathes her 9-month-old son, Alec, and following a night-night book and

resulted from an ear infection. Rather than prescribing another

a long hug, she nurses him to sleep. At 2:00 a.m. Alec wakes up screaming

course of antibiotics, I recommended Chamomilla 30c,

in pain with a fever. After a fitful night, Suzie automatically reaches for

a homeopathic medicine for his fever and illness. A year has

the phone to call the pediatrician, but stops herself. “After four courses of

passed since Suzie’s visit, and Alec is a healthy toddler. He no

antibiotics, Alec keeps getting sick. I can’t do this anymore.”

longer needs antibiotics, and the Davis family and their pediatrician get better nights’ sleep.

This was the story Suzie told me in my office the following day. She is not alone in her frustration with chronic illness

I am part of a growing number of healthcare practitioners who

and antibiotics. As antibiotic usage has increased over the last

have integrated holistic and complementary medicine into their

thirty years, so too has widespread resistance to its effectiveness.

medical practices. Originally, many of these alternative ways

Chronic illness among children has increased substantially since

of thinking were foreign to my medical training, which discour-

the 1970s, despite advancements in medical treatment and the

aged interest in non-pharmaceutical therapies. My feelings

highly publicized new generation of drug therapies and antibiotics.

changed, however, during my residency, when I was successfully

As a result, parents like Suzie are beginning to explore different

treated by a holistic doctor for a thyroid condition. I was so

options in health care, looking to homeopathy and other forms of

impressed with the results, I decided to specialize in holistic

alternative medicine to answer their children’s health needs.

medicine, and over ten years later, I have cultivated a medical


Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

practice that treats people of all ages and backgrounds—

• Meets the needs and well being of babies, children, and

many of them patients who, like the Davis family, have found

family in a way that is as natural as possible.

conventional medical treatments ineffective or disappointing. My philosophy is “back-to-basics,” emphasizing alternative

• For simple, self-limiting complaints, relies on remedies

treatments for health-related issues and natural preventa-

and medicines that are safe, non-toxic, and natural with

tive methods. I realize that choosing the best health care

no side effects, rather than on potentially harmful over-

for your child is overwhelming and sometimes even anxiety-

the-counter drugs and antibiotics.

producing, and I try—in my practice and in my articles and lectures—to advocate for a simpler and more naturally effec-

• Offers tips and suggestions that are easy to use with

tive approach to treating illness and nurturing health.

practical applications.

This approach is known as natural parenting. While natural

• Requires no formal training.

parenting encompasses a wide range of practices, from preparing organic foods to breastfeeding, I focus in this book on

Natural medicine is simple, practical, and easy to incorporate

specific ways to integrate alternative and homeopathic health-

into already existing home rituals. If you are a busy parent

care into your home and the lives of your family. Natural par-

worried that natural approaches will demand more time

enting is regular parenting; it speaks to the innate, wise, and

and energy than you have, you will likely find that natural

practical traditions that have been passed on through generations.

parenting proves to be more time and cost efficient that

It is furthermore empowering for parents: knowing how to

your current habits. In addition, homeopathic remedies are

act as the first line of defense against illness for your child is

often safer and just, if not more, effective than conventional

the best way to keep them active, happy, and healthy.

prescription drugs. They are safe for use by newborns, nursing mothers, and mothers-to-be and can be bought over-the-

What is natural parenting?

counter at a reasonable cost. Homeopathic remedies are not

Natural implies accordance with nature, and natural parent-

a replacement for standard medicine, but an empowering

ing, by extension, focuses on non-artificial remedies and

alternative for parents who want to play a larger role in their

preventative methods. It differs from “standard” parenting

children’s health.

advice in crucial ways. Natural parenting: Lauren Feder, M.D. specializes in

• Recognizes the importance of many age-old traditions that

homeopathy, pediatrics and primary

have been used successfully for generations.

care medicine. Known for her holistically minded approach and combining the ‘best

• Reassures parents that they are the best family doctor for

of both worlds,’ Dr. Feder is a frequent

first-line defense, while acknowledging the benefits of

lecturer for parents and professionals and

doctors for serious illnesses.

is the author of Natural Baby and Childcare and The Parents’ Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations.

• Encourages parents to trust commonsense instead of immediately seeking medical advice. is your resource on homeopathy, holistic medicine and natural parenting information. The website also carries a comprehensive

• Discourages blind faith in the medical profession, which is list of homeopathic medicines, gemmotherapy herbs, immune boosters preoccupied with intervention rather than prevention. Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

and other products. She is also a member of HMN’s Advisory Board. 13

September 2011


Mayim Bialik

Holistic Mom, Actress, and HMN Celebrity Spokesmama

half of an organization I believe in so much, even though I have to wear a lot more make-up doing it than I did when I was “just another HMN mama.” What are your holistic passions? My top 3 would be Breastfeeding, natural birth and Elimination Communication. What is one thing that is “un-holistic” that you haven’t given up? Ha! I have given up so much but aluminum How did you first hear about HMN?

foil still manages to be hard to replace for some

One of the first friends of mine who birthed at

things...I am working on it though, I promise!

home, slept with her kids, and nursed on demand recommended HMN as a support system when I

What does HMN mean to you?

made decisions to do all of the things she had been

HMN is the only organization I know of that

doing. She said I was going to need the support

provides consistent support, resources, and com-

and she was right!

munity for people trying to parent holistically, according to the principles of natural family living

Tell us a little about being spokesperson for HMN.

previously supported by Mothering magazine, La

It’s amazing to be a spokesperson for an organiza-

Leche League, Intl. and close-knit communities

tion that I was already a devoted member of. It’s a

that unfortunately are scarce in this day and age.

weird perk, because my chapter mamas see me as

HMN is the community (and the sisterhood and

“just another HMN mom” and that’s really how

brotherhood) of parenting intuitively and confi-

I see myself! I am thrilled to get to speak on be-

dently, learning from each other and helping each other be the parents nature intended us to be.


Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

Favorite Holistic Parenting Books Recommended by HMN Members Compiled by Michelle Vackar Toilet Training • Diaper Free Baby the Natural Toilet Training Alternative by Christine Gross-Loh • Diaper-Free Before 3: The Healthier Way to Toilet Train and Help Your Child Out of Diapers Sooner by Jill M Lekovic Food • Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon • Supers Baby Food: Absolutely Everything You Should Know about Feeding Your Baby and Toddler from Starting Solid Foods to Age Three Years by Ruth Yaron Happiness + Personal Growth • The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs Health and Fitness • Dr. Sears’ L.E.A.N. Kids: A Total Health Program for Children Ages 6-11 by William Sears Parent and Child Rearing • Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Parenting Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children by Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker • Attachment Parenting: Instinctive Care for Your Baby and Young Child by Katie Alliso Granju • Healing Our Children: Because Your New Baby Matters! Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting (Ages 0-6) by Ramiel Nagel • Parenting from Your Heart: Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection, and Choice by Inbal Kashtan • Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves by Naomi Aldort • Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids by Kim John Payne • The Continuum Concept: Allowing Human Nature to Work Successfully by Jean Liedloff • Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards and Punishments To Love and Reason (05 Edition) by Alfie Kohn Parenting General • Playful Parenting by Lawrence J Cohen Sleeping • The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers by Elizabeth Pantley • The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night by Elizabeth Pantley • The No-Cry Nap Solution: Guaranteed Gentle Ways to Solve All Your Naptime Problems by Elizabeth Pantley Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


holistic parents

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

By Jessica Claire Haney

Some days, when I’m visiting a colonial-era farm, or helping

television, my BlackBerry winking at me that someone has

children dye silks at my son’s Waldorf school, or watch-

left me a message, etc.. How easy, I muse, it must have been

ing toddlers gather leaves for a nature collage, I think it was

to live simply in the moment, to attend to just one important

easier to be a holistic parent a long time ago.

task. And the children must have appreciated the importance of each task; with no instant foods to munch on between

Before there were so many choices and so many gadgets,

meals or handheld devices to distract. If the parents live

people simply had to live close to the land. They wouldn’t

mindfully, by default the children must grow up with a sense

want to pollute the source of their food and their livelihood;

of grounded simplicity, right?

that just wouldn’t make sense! Without Whole Foods Market or Frontier co-ops, folks had to use the resources at hand

Some of this may be true, but I realize these are romanticized

to make remedies and balms, or rely on the kind of local

notions that don’t take into consideration a lot of hardships.

craftsperson we might see at our weekend farmers market.

And while I realize that some present-day parents make a concerted effort to re-create this kind of pioneer spirit, I also

In addition to seeing the connection of the earth to our bodies,

know that many of them blog about it or talk to writers who

parents generations ago had more quiet minds, I imagine. It

publish stories in national magazines.

seems like a sense of mindfulness would have been easier to achieve before the advent of electronic entertainment: music, 16

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

We don’t live in insulated bubbles; we live in a complex,

open to making a change when it seems warranted, and

global society with a tremendous opportunity to learn and

they will stick their ground when they believe in something

grow from one another. And now more than ever, with

strongly. One hundred different “holistic parents” might

research constantly at our fingertips, it’s so easy to take on

make 100 different choices, but most of the time, each par-

the spirit of inquiry that I believe is at the heart of holistic

ent made his or her choice with good reason.

parenting. Being holistic doesn’t mean striving for perfection or never making an exception. But it does mean that we take our

To be a holistic parent today does often mean one considers

steps with open eyes and an inquiring spirit. Rather than be

the health and well-being of the planet and of people, and

swayed by trends or throw up our hands as though nothing

the relationship between them. But at its foundation, I believe,

much matters, we consider how our choices will affect our-

holistic parenting is about making intentional choices.

selves, our children, and the planet.

Holistic parents seek information. Where other folks shrug off chemicals in food or toys with “Well, I used that or ate

Jessica Claire Haney is the founder and a

with that, and I turned out okay,” holistic parents know the

co-leader of the Arlington/Alexandria, Vir-

score. They understand that a lot of us have health issues as

ginia chapter. She blogs about nutrition,

adults that maybe could have been prevented. They understand

holistic health and parenting at Crunchy-

that new research tells us things we didn’t know before. They

Chewy Mama (;

understand that new products can sometimes be a lot better

writes a column called “Reading Ingredi-

than the originals – or a lot scarier. They care, so they look

ents: Tales of a Health-Conscious Mom” for

into it.

the Washington Times Communities; and edits the Green section of A former high school English teacher, Jessica is a

No one can be an expert on everything, but holistic parents

working-at-home mom to a five-year-old son and a daughter who

consider education part of their role as parents. They are

graced her with a homebirth after cesarean (HBAC) one year ago.

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


Raw Vegan Mama

why i am a

by Carissa Leventis-Cox

Have you watched Bedtime Stories? In the film, Adam San-

at least 50% raw vegan foods.

dler’s character pokes fun at his sister who serves her kids only organic foods and bans junk from her house. Her kids

It hasn’t always been this way though. In fact, when we

have never tried or even heard of S’mores.

were first married, my husband and I would buy Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, canned foods, packaged foods and question-

Yes, the movie is funny.

able animal products on sale. I cringe at that thought today. I guess people change when something drastic happens. In

Sort of… until I realize I am a bit like the mother but maybe

our world, it took our son’s health issues to wake us up and

more extreme, because I am not only a Mama who believes in

change our lifestyle.

organic, in season/local, unprocessed foods, but I am also a


Raw Vegan. Many raw vegans eat at least 75% raw fruits, veg-

In Bedtime Stories, Sandler’s character entices his sister’s kids

etables, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains. I’m at about 100%.

to the world of S’mores and junk food. It’s all done in good

And because I prepare all our meals, my husband and son eat

fun as he introduces the kids to nostalgic feelings associated

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

with these forbidden foods. The audience is moved to remi-

And, according to the Cancer Facts and Figures of 2010 by

nisce back to their own camping days, made to laugh and

the American Cancer Society, 1 in 2 American men and 1 in

agree with the bonding experience between uncle, nephew

3 American women will develop cancer in their lifetime.

and niece. It’s a funny movie. These are serious figures. But it’s not so funny when the film ends. At the end of Bedtime Stories, I could not help but feel for It’s not funny when you find your baby’s bed sheets full

the mother’s character who chooses a healthier lifestyle for

of blood splotches almost daily because he scratched his

her family against the culture in which we all live, learn, work

eczema wounds open through the night. We learned he was

and play. But like her, I’m the Mama in my kitchen with the

allergic to banana, peas, soy, dairy, eggs, corn and the list

power to carefully choose what my family puts into their bod-

kept growing.

ies. I choose whole, organic, in season/local, unprocessed foods for my family. And I have the power to go one step

It’s not funny when your 2 year old is sedated in your arms

further by adding more and more (and hopefully even more)

and taken from you to have a CT scan done in another room

raw vegan foods into my family’s diet as a disease preventa-

to determine if there is a growth in his body. He was only 2!

tive measure.

And what is happening to the health of our children today is

I never intended to be so different or so extreme in my food

not funny:

choices. I’m just a Mama who wants a healthy family.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, from

This Mama believes in raw, fresh, or-

the periods 1976-1980 to 2007-2008, childhood obesity in-

ganic, local/in season, unprocessed food.

creased: 2 times for 2 to 5 year olds, 3 times for 6 to 11 year

A Culinarian with cooking school, restau-

olds and more than 3 _ times for 12 to 19 year olds.

rant and catering backgrounds, I am also a certified Ayurvedic Nutrition Therapist

From 1997 to 2007, there has been an 18% increase in food

and co-author of Yoga for Cancer. After

allergies in children under 18 years of age. Food allergy

my son’s early multiple allergies, eczema

related hospitalizations increased more than 3 _ times during

and health scare, I wanted a long-term

the same period.

health solution for my family and found it in Raw Vegan Foods. Today, I am a raw vegan Mama, while my ultra-supportive husband

According to the National Cancer Institute pediatric cancers

and son are at least 50% raw. I believe my family is healthier both

have become more invasive, although mortality rates have

short- and long-term because of the addition of enzyme-rich living

declined by more than _ (due to improvements in medical


treatment). Among children of all ages, the incidence of cancer only slightly increased, but the highest incidence of can-

I am a passionate Mama In The Kitchen. I want to educate other

cer occured during the first year of life and this has increased

Mamas on how to create a disease-free, healthy life by adding

by 36% from the periods 1976-84 and 1986-94 according to

more raw fruits and vegetables in their family’s diets.

Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results.

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


attachment parenting By Jan Hunt

Attachment parenting, to put it most simply, is believing

more than the child’s attempt to communicate an important

what we know in our heart to be true. And if we do that, we

need in the best way he can, given the present circumstances

find that we trust the child. We trust him in these ways:

and all of his prior experience. “Misbehavior” is a signal to us

We trust that he is doing the very best he can at every given

that important needs are not being met - by us or by others

moment, given all of his experiences up to that time.

in the child’s life. We should not ignore that behavior any more than we should ignore the sound of a smoke detector.

We trust that though he may be small in size, he is as fully

We should instead see “bad behavior” as an opportunity - an

human as we are, and as deserving as we are to have his

opportunity to reevaluate our own behavior, to learn about

needs taken seriously.

our child’s needs, and to meet those needs in the best way possible.

We trust that he has been born innocent, loving, and trusting. We do not need to “turn him around”, to teach him that life

As Albert Einstein wrote, “Behind every difficulty lies an

is difficult, or train him to be a loving human being - he is

opportunity.” This is true in general, but it is profoundly

that at birth and all we need to do is celebrate that, and sup-

true in parenting. For example, if a child chases a ball into

port and sustain it.

the road, that is an opportunity to teach him safety measures by practicing for similar situations in the future. The parent

We don’t have to give him lessons about life - life brings its

could ask the child to purposely throw the ball into the road,

own lessons and its own frustrations.

then come to the parent and report the situation. In this way, the real lesson can be learned: it is the parent who needs to

We recognize that in a very beautiful way, our child teaches

spend more time teaching safety, not the child who should

us - if we listen - what love is. 1

somehow have known this information, and obviously does not yet know. Punishment is the most damaging response:

We understand that if a child “misbehaves”, instead of reacting

it is unfair, upsetting, and confusing, and distracts the child

to the behavior, we should always examine what has been

from the learning that needs to take place. Instead we should

taking place in his life: what stresses, frustrations or frightening,

give gentle, respectful instruction at the time the behavior

confusing, or difficult situations he has just experienced. We

occurs - this is exactly when the child can relate it to his life.

also need to examine whether we have brought about any

In this way the best learning can take place.

of these experiences, intentionally or not. It is our job to be responsive parents, meeting the needs of our child; it is not

Through attachment parenting, children learn to trust

the child’s job to meet our needs for a quiet and perfectly

themselves, understand themselves, and eventually will be

well-behaved child.

able to use their time as adults in a meaningful and creative way, rather than spending it in an attempt to deal with past

We understand that It is unfair and unrealistic to expect a

childhood hurts, in a way that hurts themselves or others. If

child to behave perfectly at all times; after all, no adult can

an adult has no need to deal with the past, he can live fully in

do this either. Yet behind all punishment is the unstated

the present.

expectation that a child can and should behave perfectly at all times; there is no leeway.

As the Golden Rule suggests, attachment parenting is

We see that so-called “bad behavior” is in reality nothing

parenting the child the way we wish we had been treated

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


in childhood, the way we wish we were treated by everyone

which take those feelings into account.

now, and the way we want our grandchildren to be treated. With attachment parenting, we are giving an example of love

In short, attachment parenting is loving and trusting our

and trust.

children. If we can do that, they will be able to trust us and in turn, trust others and be trustworthy persons themselves.

Our children deserve to learn what compassion is, and they

The educator John Holt once said that everything he wrote

learn that most of all by our example. If our children do not

could be summed up in two words: “trust children”. This is

learn compassion from us, when will they learn it? The bottom

the most precious gift we can give as parents.

line is that all children behave as well as they are treated - by their parents and by everyone else in their life.

1. See The Little Goo-Roo by Jan and Tracy Kirschner (Atlas Press, 1997).

Dr. Elliott Barker is a Canadian psychiatrist and the Director

Jan Hunt, M.Sc., offers telephone

of the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for

counseling worldwide, with a focus on

Children. He describes attachment parenting as having these

parenting, unschooling, and personal

two facets:

matters. She is the Director of The Natural Child Project and author of The Natural

Being willing and able to put yourself in your child’s shoes in

Child: Parenting from the Heart and A Gift

order to correctly identify his/her feelings.

for Baby. She is also a member of HMN’s Advisory Board.

Being willing and able to behave toward your child in ways


Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

Copyright Š2011 holistic moms network


how to get through

Common Childhood Infections

Without Antibiotics by Dr. Bob Sears

As a pediatrician, I play an integral role in a young family’s life, and the decisions I make as a baby’s doctor help insure a child’s life-long health. So I want to make sure I am making the right decisions and helping each family to make wise health care choices. To this end, I have shifted my approach in recent years to include more holistic and natural treatments. One of the primary changes I’ve made is to limit the use of antibiotics.


Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

I think that many pediatricians and family doctors have

ear drops help an ear feel better: 3 drops of warm oil 3 times

gotten the message that antibiotic overuse is a problem, but

a day until better (hey, just like an antibiotic). The herbal

have most doctors cut back on prescribing them? Some have,

remedies Sinupret and Bronchipret can help with sinus and

but many have not. Here’s a common story I hear when I

respiratory issues (respectively). Taking Echinacea, Vitamin

see a new two-year-old in my office: first ear infection at 4

C, and Zinc can help boost the immune system during an

months (antibiotic number 1), sinus infection at 7 months

illness. Routine use of probiotics and Vitamin D can also help

(antibiotic number 2), ear infection at 12 months (antibiotic

improve the immune system.

number 3), persistent ear infection at 13 months (antibiotic number 4, stronger this time), and bronchitis and sinus in-

When high fever and pain relief are needed, I advise using

fection at 18 months (antibiotic number 5, strong again). The

dye-free ibuprofen instead of acetaminophen. But don’t be

child is sick once again, and the parents are tired of giving

too quick to treat every fever. Fever helps the body fight

their child antibiotics and want a different approach.

infection; I advise only treating it when a child is fairly miserable from it. And anytime I have a patient who gets sick

Now there’s nothing wrong with giving antibiotics . . . when

fairly often (like the child described above), I always advise a

they are needed. The thing is, many ear, sinus, and cough

two-month trial (or longer) off of cow’s milk products to see

infections don’t need antibiotics. They will either resolve in

if we can break the cycle of illness.

time without treatment or can improve with some natural remedies. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics policy

I’m not against antibiotics. I use them when I think a child

on antibiotics states they should only be used for ear infec-

really needs them. But I would rather my patients work their

tions that are severe at the onset or are moderate with fever

way through an illness without antibiotics than get better more

and don’t improve after two days. For sinus infections, the

quickly with antibiotics, even if it means suffering through

AAP recommends antibiotics only when severe for several

several extra days of symptoms.

days or more (fever, headache, facial pain) or moderate but persistent for more than a couple weeks. Of course, every

Dr. Bob Sears is part of the Sears

illness requires good judgment on the part of the parent and

Family of Pediatricians and an author

doctor. But antibiotics don’t always have to be the answer.

in the Sears Parenting Library. Check out The Portable Pediatrician: Every-

There’s a misconception that when we have a bacterial infec-

thing you need to know about your

tion we must take antibiotics in order for it to go away. If that

child’s health for more information

was true, we would have died out as a species a long time

on mainstream and natural treat-

ago. Bacteria are everywhere, and our immune system can

ment and prevention for childhood

handle them – most of the time. A doctor can help parents

illnesses and a complete guide to

decide when it’s time to take an antibiotic, but in my practice

your child’s pediatric checkups from

I’ve stopped prescribing them simply for convenience or “just

birth through the teen years.

in case” there’s something serious going on. Avoiding antibiotics doesn’t mean you can’t do anything else to support your child. There are some effective natural remedies that I routinely use in my practice. Mullein garlic oil Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


creating a

holistically healthy family By Donna L. Hamilton, MD, MS, FAAP

Have you ever considered your family’s health? Not your family members, your family unit. A family is a team. Sports fans know you can have great players but if they don’t work together the team won’t be its best. It’s the same with families. You have to remember to make sure the whole unit works well. A healthy family functions at its best physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Evaluating every family member’s status in each of these five arenas can help you quickly assess 26

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

the health of your entire unit. A negative trend in an arena gives a clue about where

Your family’s social arena consists of relationships, habits, and hobbies that affect the family. When evaluating this arena determine whether or not your family has practices

your family could use a little boost. For

and relationships that promote balance and unity. For ex-

instance, if several family members have a

ample, do have family meals? Do you make time to enjoy

weight issue the entire family might benefit

each other’s company? Do you have supportive relationships to rely on in times of crisis?

from new eating and exercise habits. A family’s spiritual arena deals with its values. This is Another way to assess the health of your family is to evalu-

different than its beliefs. Family beliefs deal with the

ate each arena for the entire family unit. Start with check-

“whats” of life: what you consider right or wrong, what

ing your physical arena-things that physically impact

boundaries to set, etc. Values deal with the “whys” of life:

your family members, like your home and your food. For

why you believe something is right or wrong, why you

example, what kind of food do you eat? Is there air, EMF,

believe certain boundaries are appropriate, etc. Healthy

or noise pollution? Making changes in areas that adversely

family values can help children develop character.

affect family members can improve the overall health of your family.

Expanding your wellness vision to include your family unit benefits everyone. It’s important to remember healthy

Evaluating the mental arena of a family means looking at

children need healthy parents. You can’t give your best to

the beliefs they share. These beliefs often become part of

your children if your health is failing. A strong team needs

the mental chatter that shapes the thinking of individual

a strong captain. Be good to yourself. You deserve it and

members. Sometimes these ideas are consciously com-

your family needs it.

municated, but often they are not. When evaluating your

Be well.

family’s mental arena it’s important to determine whether or not your collective beliefs help each family member be-

Donna L. Hamilton, MD, MS, FAAP, is

come their best. Replace limiting beliefs with new beliefs.

a former board-certified pediatrician

This might require a family meeting. Discussing your be-

residing in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

lief system with your children assists them as they mature

Currently, she is Chief Wellness Officer

and establish their belief system.

and co-owner of Manifest Excellence, LLC. Dr. Hamilton specializes in holis-

When evaluating the emotional arena for your family, as-

tic wellness promotion and teaches a

sess the general mood of the group. For example, consider

comprehensive approach to health and

whether or not members generally feel happy, depressed,

wellness by addressing mental, emotional, social, spiritual and

fearful, or angry, especially during family gatherings. Do

physical wellbeing. For more information visit http://www.Mani-

you laugh and enjoy each other’s company or do tension

and disrespect fill the room? Isolated issues between individual members can impact the entire unit, so consider them too.

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


holistic parenting:

Choosing Support,

Acceptance, and the Big Picture

by Meredith Barth

Holistic. Parenting. Two words with straightforward definitions. But put them together and what you have is anything but clarity. The barrage of choices that descends on parents the moment they discover that their family is expanding is overwhelming to say the least. And when you add on top of that a desire for holistic parenting, it only gets more complicated. Does a holistic birth have to be at home? Exactly how long does a mother have to breastfeed in order to be considered holistic? How many hours of TV can holistic families watch, or do they forfeit their holistic badge of honor for owning a television? Trying to define holistic parenting by way of the choices we make is impossible. Yet many of us still struggle to let go of the specifics and see the big picture. Ironically, we’re not taking a holistic look at holistic parenting! 28

Copyright Š2011 holistic moms network

One example of this was the recent circumcision controversy

HMN is a safe place to find information about vaccination,

surrounding HMN spokesperson, Mayim Bialik, who is Jewish.

even if your baby is formula fed and in disposable diapers.

This is a perfect example of how easy it is to get caught up in

It’s a safe place to learn how to communicate more effectively

the details and lose sight of the guiding principles of holistic

with your kids, even if they watch cartoons and eat pizza

parenting and even the purpose of our organization.

rolls. And it’s a safe place to learn about breastfeeding, even if you plan a medicated birth and circumcision.

We are all imperfect models of holistic parenting when viewed as the sum of our choices. And while I take serious

And in being that safe place for all families, we’ll be presented

issue with comparing circumcision to cloth diapering or

with many more opportunities to share information that just

healthful eating, the fact remains that the choices themselves

might change the way they look at things – things like

are irrelevant if we see holistic parenting in a different light.

circumcision. We’ll be able, through support and

Holistic parenting means actively pursuing information and

encouragement, to empower parents, helping them con-

making purposeful decisions about how we engage with our

fidently make against-the-grain decisions – like keeping all

bodies, our families and our world. And if this is the defining

their children intact or breastfeeding. Because it’s acceptance

attribute, then families practicing holistic parenting may take

that opens hearts and minds to new ideas, change, and

similar paths that inevitably lead to very different, even


opposing ends. Let’s remember as we represent our Holistic Moms community Our purpose includes promoting alternative ways of living,

that holistic parenting is much more than a series of

but our mission is to do so through local community support

choices. When we stop focusing our eyes on a destination

rather than activism. So instead of focusing on the choices

and start seeing the journey, building diverse and nurturing

of our spokesperson or individual members, we should

communities becomes effortless.

instead look at how each of us represents the broader definition of holistic parenting and the open-minded support Meredith Barth is a married,

families should find within each local chapter.

work at home mom to two Mayim represents our organization as inclusive and safe, not

intact boys who believes in

as pro-vegan, pro-bed-sharing, or pro-circumcision. And

every child’s right to bodily

hopefully we can say the same about every HMN member,

integrity regardless of

even if she finds herself face to face with a person whose

gender, ethnicity, or parental

choices she vehemently opposes.

religious affiliation. She’s a dedicated HMN leader, active LLL member, blogger,

Because support doesn’t equate to approval, nor does it

writer, and self-professed holistic parenting research

prohibit us from sharing thought-provoking information. It

and reading addict.

simply means treating every person, regardless of the choices they make, with respect and dignity, even as we challenge them with an alternative perspective.

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


Midwife Helps Me

on my journey by Trish Johnston

Lee and I stood in the light of the street lamp. It was late, and rain was threatening. I hadn’t eaten dinner – not the wisest move for a woman 30 weeks pregnant, but we were rushing to get to our childbirth class, and food wasn’t in the cards. My stomach was uneasy, but that was only partly due to missing a meal. I was anxious. Our class had ended, and as we made our way down the slick, steep driveway to our car parked below, we continued a conversation that started the week prior. “I don’t think it would hurt to call,” Lee, my husband, encouraged. “What harm is there in calling a midwife? Just to see what she’s like.” “We aren’t obligated to go with the O.B.,” he continued. 30

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

He was right. Well, actually, I was right. I broached the topic

she all but guaranteed me a c-section.

of finding a midwife the previous week, after our childbirth instructor regaled us with stories about midwife prenatal care:

That night after class, as the drizzle started and we turned

the time spent in conversation; the willingness to attempt

toward home, we knew we wanted the same degree of com-

drug-free labors; their transparency with risks and outcomes.

fort that our classmates had with their midwives.

We were the only couple out of eight in the class using an O.B. – the rest were using midwives. Everyone was thrilled

Finally, at 32 weeks pregnant and fraught with anxiety over

with the care they’d received so far.

what was quickly becoming my unnecessary, but unavoidable c-section, I found her.

That wasn’t the case with me. Little things raised my concern at each appointment. For instance, no one in my OB’s office

“Why don’t you just come here and see if you like me?” the

ever got my name right. In 30 weeks of pregnancy, no one

midwife suggested. “You’re young and healthy. You have time

every called me “Trish.” I was “Pat.” “Pat Johnson,” to be

to make this decision. Let’s just meet and see if I can help

specific, which my husband quite hilariously opined made

you have your baby.”

me sound like a rookie left-hander, just called up by the Yankees. “Pat Johnson’s got a doozy of a slider,” he’d whisper

I was crying again, but this time with relief.

when I was called back to the exam room. Despite correcting them, no one took the time to get it right. No one read the

Lee and I went to her office. She was patient with all of my

note I insisted be put in my chart. I began to think no one

questions. She understood my concerns. She squeezed my

was actually reading the chart, at all.

arm and said, “You’re already an amazing mother. You trust your gut. Your gut is right.”

Another red flag: I was told to fast for my one-hour glucose test. Upon arriving at the OB’s office at noon, I learned fasting

Four years and two babies later, I credit my midwife experience

(which I’d done since midnight the night before) was not

with starting my family on our (ever evolving) path to a

required. I broke into tears, dry-heaved a little, then promptly

holistic lifestyle. There have been roadblocks, detours and

passed out. I did not pass that test.

pit-stops, but along the way I’ve learned to trust my instincts and hit the brakes when I feel it’s necessary to make the best

At every turn, I was faced with warning signs that the road

decision for my children. I am not a passenger anymore; I’m

to a natural child birth was riddled with naysayers, making

so happy I decided to take the wheel.

navigating my way to my ideal experience tricky in a way I hadn’t expected. I asked for my OB’s c-section rate. She

Trish Johnston is a wife and a mom to

claimed they didn’t keep statistics. I expressed my desire to

two charming boys. By day, she works as

have a drug-free labor. She told me she wouldn’t be “giving

a copywriter for an insurance company

out any medals.” I stated my objective was to be involved in

and by night she purees gallons upon

my child’s birth. She told me she didn’t want her malpractice

gallons of homemade organic baby

insurance to go up.

food. You can read more from Trish at

No, really – she said that. The risk of complications affecting the cost of her malpractice insurance, she said, was the reason Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


September 2011


Amara Wagner natural remedies, be mindful of our planet and also be a cool, hip mama. Being an earth mama doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive, actually the opposite is true. I teach my clients techniques to tune-in and trust their instincts, everything else falls into place. I also love to cook, bike, garden and play in the ocean with my family.

In what capacity do you volunteer for HMN? I am the chapter leader for the Bergen County, NJ

Tell us about yourself:

chapter (along with a wonderful co-leader Erica

I live with my two kids (my son, Sam is five and


my daughter Emmerson is two) and my best friend


(my husband John) who is extremely supportive

What are some exciting events your chapter has

and interested in the world of natural/holistic/

participated in the last year?

mindful living. I work as a health coach for my own

My favorite meeting of the year is always our May

company and feel

meeting, where we share the story of how our

passionate about empowering other moms with

children made us mothers, in honor of Mother’s

information about how to raise naturally healthy

Day. Many of the stories are birth stories, but

families. I’m blessed to know a good deal about

others are stories of adoption, even surrogacy.

how to use foods and natural remedies and I want

Becoming a mom is so transformational, and

other moms to know that it is possible to utilize

sharing the story is a wonderful bonding experience.

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network

Have you always parented holistically? Did you

powerful I am as a woman and as a mother. Knowing

grow up with this mindset or did a particular event

I can birth my babies, and sustain them, made me

change your course?

realize that there is absolutely nothing I cannot ac-

I grew up fairly crunchy and unconventional


(especially for the 80’s). We ate tofu from a health food store long before Whole Foods existed. I was

What un-holistic lifestyle or practice do you still

never allowed artificial food coloring and my South

participate in (or refuse to give up)?

American dad used some “weird” herbal remedies

Sugar. I make the best dark chocolate-hot pepper

when I was sick. What really shaped how I mother

fudge brownies. I don’t make them often, but I

was watching my older sister (fellow HMN member

rationalize that they are homemade with love and

Laura DePreta) mother her own babies. Laura is 15

made without artificial ingredients. I used to eat

years older than I am, and had natural childbirth,

junky chocolate, so at least I’ve up-graded.

un-medicated, un-vaxed kids, she cooked whole foods and practiced “attachment parenting”. I knew

How has HMN affected your life?

I wanted to follow in her footsteps, and she has

I feel connected to a community, in a way that I

been a wonderful mentor for me.

have never felt before. Even before motherhood, I never had a “tribe” . I had friends, but never really

What are your top three holistic passions?

felt connected in the way that I do with HMN. I am

REALLY hard to narrow down to three but here are

so grateful for the support and unconditional love I

three of many: Living in a way that is mindful of

have received from members of this community.

the planet; Using foods, therapeutic grade essential oils, homeopathy, etc. instead of drugs for wellness; Empowering moms to trust their bodies, and their intuition during all phases of motherhood, starting with pregnancy, birth, and so on.

What holistic lifestyle or practice could you not live without and why? Not really a lifestyle practice, but natural childbirth and breastfeeding is something I would not give up for anything. I had two un-medicated births (my daughter was 10lbs 12 ounces and born at home) and that experience made me realize how incredibly Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network


My Journey to

Holistic Parenting by Tanya Mas

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico with memories that I cherish every single day. Living in a tropical climate allows for a better selection of fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. I grew up eating fresh real food every day not realizing that this was not the norm. In my teens I moved from my tropical paradise to a small town in SW Virginia nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains; it was such a beautiful place, with mountains, rivers, creeks, and cascades. The landscape invites you to experience nature and be adventurous. This is the place where I learned to understand the rhythms of nature and my connection with earth. 34

Copyright Š2011 holistic moms network

Back then I would have never realized how my upbringing in

food” and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I possibly

Puerto Rico and my experiences as a young adult in south-

can. We are teaching him to be connected to the earth,

west Virginia would come full circle to shape my parenting

showing him how to protect it and letting him enjoy the

choices today. In my mid- twenties as the ambition bug hit

simple joys of life exploring nature and playing outdoors.

me I set out to conquer the world; while I was busy making

Life is about understanding that within nature you will find

life happen I forgot to take good care of me. I went from

all that you need, all you have to do is learn, understand and

doctor to doctor trying to find answers and the response was

respect. That is the lesson I hope to teach my child in his

always the same, “nothing is wrong with you” or “it is just


stress”. I finally visited a Naturopath Doctor and it changed my entire view in our medical system forever. What no doctor

Tanya Mas, lives in Florida

could figure out, she did with a simple saliva and hormonal

with her husband and 3 year

test. Six month later after a detox program, natural supple-

old son. She lives an organic

ments, a change in diet and lifestyle I was as good as new

lifestyle, loves to cook and

and within a year I was pregnant with my first child. This

develop her own recipes and

marked the beginning of my transformation into a more

dreams of one day owning

wholesome holistic lifestyle for my family.

her very own self-sustained homestead along with

I turned away from conventional medicine, and opted for

chickens, goats, ducks and a

holistic and alternative choices. I learned more about natural

pot belly pig; surrounded by

living, made my own natural non-toxic cleaning products,

beautiful vegetable and herb

changed my beauty regime, started growing a garden, ate

gardens and a little vineyard

organic and made conscious choices when shopping, never

to enjoy. She currently hold a Masters in Corporate and Professional

looking back.

Communications and B.A. in Foreign Languages and Political Science and would like to pursue a degree in Holistic Nutrition &

With the birth of my first child all of these practices were

Culinary Arts. She is a full-time WAHM and does market research

amplified. We breastfed until he was ready to wean, we

for the education industry.

practice co-sleeping (no it will not hurt him or make him less independent) and attachment parenting (crying it out has

She writes a blog, Blooming Mima (,

been proven to harm babies brains). I know I am the parent

that is dedicated to natural and holistic living through the eyes of

but I believe in giving my child choices and helping him with

a little crunchy, not so perfect mom that tries to follow her

decision making rather than parenting with commands. We

convictions of living a more natural lifestyle while teaching her

do not use timeout (we practice gentle discipline based on

son the same values and helping others find healthier alternatives

mutual respect). I am very particular about the food he eats

along the way.

and aim for fresh and organic, no preservatives and absolutely no dyes, or antibiotics. I am a true believer that poor food choices do cause behavioral problems. We do not vaccinate and we only medicate when it is necessary. He doesn’t know what candy is, has no idea what soda is, has never had “fast

Copyright ©2011 holistic moms network



Copyright Š2011 holistic moms network

The Wise Mom, September 2011 Issue  

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