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The Racketeer eBook by John Grisham

Click Here to Download the Book Given the importance of what they do, and the controversies that often surround them, and the violent people they sometimes confront, it is remarkable that in the history of this country only four active federal judges have been murdered. Judge Raymond Fawcett has just become number five. Who is the Racketeer? And what does he have to do with the judge’s untimely demise? His name, for the moment, is Malcolm Bannister. Job status? Former attorney. Current residence? The Federal Prison Camp near Frostburg, Maryland. On paper, Malcolm’s situation isn’t looking too good these days, but he’s got an ace up his sleeve. He knows who killed Judge Fawcett, and he knows why. The judge’s body was found in his remote lakeside cabin. There was no forced entry, no struggle, just two dead bodies: Judge Fawcett and his young secretary. And one large, state-of-the-art, extremely secure safe, opened and emptied. What was in the safe? The FBI would love to know. And Malcolm Bannister would love to tell them. But everything has a price—especially information as explosive as the sequence of events that led to Judge Fawcett’s death. And the Racketeer wasn’t born yesterday . . . Nothing is as it seems and everything’s fair game in this wickedly clever new novel from John Grisham, the undisputed master of the legal thriller.

Reviews This book is the first of John Grisham's books I have read for quite some time. Several years ago I had read some of his first books and enjoyed them tremendously. At the time I read his book, 'The Firm' I became fascinated by reading fiction concerning the legal profession. I find this book to be one of his best along those lines. It is about a man who lost his license to practice law because he was sentenced to prison for engaging in racketeering. The story is filed with mystery, intrigue and kept me guessing the whole way through. The characters were very defined and it was easy to relate to them. The twists and turns of the story added to the suspense. I recommend this book to all who enjoy mystery and suspense novels and to those that are interested in reading about stories with a twist set in the legal field or prison system.

Mystery/legal thriller readers anticipate Grisham's books. With 'The Racketeer' he doesn't disappoint. Malcolm Bannister is serving ten years in prison for a RICO violation - a sentence he believes he received at the hand of an overly ambitious federal prosecutor. When a federal judge is murdered along with his young secretary, Malcolm sees his ticket out. Malcolm knows who did it, and why. Malcolm follows the investigation and when it is obvious the FBI has no clue as to the identity of the killer he offers the name and the motive for his freedom and a new identity.

Grisham builds the suspense from page 1 - Malcolm's prison life is not terrible (he is serving time at a minimum security campus) but freedom is his obsession. What price will he pay, indeed, what price would any of us pay? Malcolm must stay one step ahead of the men he is manipulating. He must coordinate his plan with his limited resources and obvious disadvantage. The story is compact, the prose compelling and the reader must pay attention. A can't put down page turner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

From other reviews, you should already know the plot of this book. So I will skip over the entire book and draw your attention to the Author's Notes at the end. He says: "Research, hardly a priority, was rarely called upon. Accuracy was not deemed crucial. Long paragraphs of fiction were used to avoid looking up facts." Well, my own note to author: Please keep using this method because it just means I have less time to wait for your next good book to come out. Really, I don't mind. If the next books are going to be this good, please just keep making stuff up. For those of you who find it implausible or technically inaccurate - what was your first clue? The fact that it is listed as a work of "fiction", perhaps? There are plenty of excellent non-fiction books out there for all you lawyer wannabes to get yourselves known in your cocktail party circuits and golf courses as the pseudo legal experts. There's also law school, if that doesn't do it for you. Personally, I read purely for the entertainment and escape from a stressful day. Just keep me guessing and turning the pages. I am not a high brow literary critic and don't profess to be one. I don't ask much from authors, just keep my attention, make it worth my time, and tie it all up at the end. In short, give me a great story I haven't read a hundred times before. I was hooked at the first chapter in Grisham's early legal fiction works. Then in later works, the books were either just forgettable or frustrating. Now lately, he's back and this latest work is right up there as a page turner, with everything tied up at the end. Nice having you back, John.

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The racketeer ebook