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Team of Rivals Download eBook by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Click Here to Download the Book Acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin illuminates Lincoln's political genius in this highly original work, as the one-term congressman and prairie lawyer rises from obscurity to prevail over three gifted rivals of national reputation to become president. We view the long, horrifying struggle from the vantage of the White House as Lincoln copes with incompetent generals, hostile congressmen, and his raucous cabinet. He overcomes these obstacles by winning the respect of his former competitors, and in the case of Seward, finds a loyal and crucial friend to see him through. Team of Rivals is a brilliant multiple biography is centered on Lincoln's mastery of men and how it shaped the most significant presidency in the nation's history.

Reviews Doris Kearns Goodwin has the unique ability to get inside her subjects and make her subjects come alive. I thought she could never top her work on No Ordinary Time but with Team of Rivals I believe she has. I've read quite a number of biographies on Lincoln. Some of them quite excellent. But I've never read any that showed the entire landscape of Lincoln's life more vividly and with more understanding then what she has done. Sometimes biographies seem like a bunch of facts strung together. By letting us get to know Seward, Chase, and Bates as she has allows for the reader to have a much greater understanding of the times and challenges Lincoln faced. It also allows for a greater understanding of how truly amazing a human being he was. His life saw many dark times. He wasn't perfect. The forces that he had to deal with would have compromised most men or women. The pressures were that intense. But he was a brilliant man who had the unique ability to understand other human beings. He also had the unique ability to understand the political forces he was dealing with. But most of all he was a caring human being and it was his understanding of and compassion for people that made him the great person that he was. No book better brings this out then this one. This book is unique. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Lincoln or just in the complexities that make human beings what they are. Thank you Doris Kearns Goodwin for writing it.

Team of Rivals refers to Abraham Lincoln’s choice of prior adversaries as his presidential cabinet. The first was the most famous Republican candidate for the 1860 presidential race. This was William Seward, the Governor of New York. Seward was a very bright, good story teller and ardently opposed to slavery. He was, in all likelihood, too liberal to get the Republican nomination. The Republican Party was made up of former Whig party, Know-Nothing party and anti-slavery democrats. The know nothings were against immigration. This hurt Seward because he was very pro-immigration. The second rival is former Ohio Senator and Governor Chase. He made a lot of enemies in Ohio with a shady political deal to obtain a Senate seat. The third was Bates. Bates was a Missouri Judge. One of the reasons that Lincoln defeated these three is because he was a relatively unknown former congressman and lawyer. Lincoln

was however a very hard working, great debater, great speech giver and writer as well as a magnificent story teller. He also had a hard dedicated team which worked tirelessly to ensure Lincoln’s victory. They were so dedicated because Lincoln was such a nice fellow as well as great story teller. When Lincoln wins the nomination the South begin secession talks and quickly secedes. One of Lincoln’s most important decisions was to pick all of his former rivals for top cabinet positions. Seward was picked for Secretary of State, Chase for Treasury and Bates for Attorney General. He did this with full knowledge that each rival considered himself more qualified than him to be president. He also knew that there would be internal strife amongst such big personalities. When confederate forces struck Fort Sumter the Civil War began. This is where Lincoln makes his only major mistake. The mistake was picking George McClellan to head the Union Army and his delay in replacing him. McClellan’s delays in engaging confederate forces are well documented and may very well have prevented a quick Union victory. Lincoln’s wife Mary is discussed a lot in this book as is Treasury Secretary Chase’s daughter Kate. Mary was a very driven woman who loved the big fancy balls that she would host. She enjoyed flirting with men and Abe never minded. However after the death of their son she fell into deep depression. When she finally pulled herself out she devoted herself to secretly caring for wounded soldiers in the hospital. Kate Chase was known as the prettiest lady in Washington and she would host elaborate balls on behalf of her father. She would marry the wealthy William Sprague. Although they seemed like the all American couple she had a miserable married life which ended in divorce. Kate’s father however was actively pursuing the Republican nomination for the presidency in 1864 while being the acting Treasury Secretary. He did a stellar job financing the war and Lincoln appreciated that. So after confronting him without malice he offered him the recent Supreme Court justice position vacated by Judge Roger Taney. Lincoln was often criticized by the anti-slavery radicals as being overly cautious but history tells us that Lincoln seemed to understand the mood of the country and make decisions based on that. For example, the Emancipation Proclamation was not enacted until he felt that it would be acceptable in the Border States. When the war ends everything looked rosy in a way. We had a great President who planned a lenient approach to Southern reintegration while guaranteeing colored equality. That was stymied when John Wilkes Booth pulled the trigger in Ford’s Theater.

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Team of rivals download ebook