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Click Here to Download the Book In the summer of 1991 I was a normal kid. I did normal things. I had friends and a mother who loved me. I was just like you. Until the day my life was stolen. For eighteen years I was a prisoner. I was an object for someone to use and abuse. For eighteen years I was not allowed to speak my own name. I became a mother and was forced to be a sister. For eighteen years I survived an impossible situation. On August 26, 2009, I took my name back. My name is Jaycee Lee Dugard. I don’t think of myself as a victim. I survived. A Stolen Life is my story—in my own words, in my own way, exactly as I remember it.

Reviews A few months ago I read the book Room by Emma Donaghue. I got into a discussion with a coworker about if any of the inspiration for the book had come from the story of Jaycee Lee Duggard. I was unaware that Jaycee had written a memoir and very curious as to what the memoir would touch on because let's face it, who would want to experience that ordeal again to write it down? From the first page I was hooked by her sincerity and honesty about her experiences. The horrifying account of what she loved through was horrific and mind-blowing. The fact that a married couple put her through this experience was just frightening. Her story was enlightening and I appreciate the fact that she keeps no secrets for Phillip and Nancy Garrido. She airs all their dirty laundry. She also clarifies questions that many people have about whay she endured it and didn't tell someone she came into contact with when they were out in public. For goodness sake she was eleven when she was taken. Still a baby herself and forced to endure what no child should ever have to endure. I appreciate the straighforward way this story was written and Jaycee's courage to share her story with the world who is curious about her and what her life was like. I am so happy that she is traveling through the healing process and reaching out to help others that have suffered similar experiences.

The book A Stolen Life is definitely a book I would recommend to a friend. The story of Jaycee Dugard, a girl who was taken from the age 11 till the age of 29, was not what I expected it to be. I can’t imagine being 11 years old and being taken from my family while being mentally/physically abused. Most people heard her story on the news, but reading her actual thoughts and how she lived through it day by day was incredible. Going back to a normal life after being found can be hard to cope with but for Jaycee to be able to write about everything she went through is amazing. Being able to read the story of Jaycee Dugard was shocking for me. I never really thought about how much pain and suffering a person was put through and felt. This is a very good book to read and I admire Jaycee for letting her story out to the world. This book definitely changed the way i thought about being taken. Jaycee Dugard always wanted to be a writer since she had been a child, so writing a story about what she went through was her fulfilling her dream. She also, with telling her story to the world, wanted to help other families through the hard times that her and her family went through for 18 years. She started an organization called JAYC (Just Ask Yourself to Care). This organization helps families recover from kids being taken and also helps during the time their child is taken. People hear on the news all the time of kids being taken, and this story isn’t anything new. Knowing someone is being taken away from their families is heartbreaking for anybody but reading the thoughts of the victim is worse; but being able to know what the victim is feeling and what they desire for, during captivity, is jaw dropping. Reading this book lets you know what it feels like to be taken away from your family at such a young age and when found what you have to deal with, like the media, being followed by crowds and even getting questioned on everything you do.

You know those books that are just so horrible you either have to read them really fast to get them over with,

or hide them in your closet so you never have to think about it again? This is one of those books. And a thousand times worse because it's a true story. Jaycee was 11 when she was kidnapped. She was raped, and violated, and emotionally abused for 18 years. Her perpetrator had a history of sexual offence, and his god damn parole officers were worthless. 18 years. This is completely unacceptable. Her book seems to have a happy ending, and I'm so grateful for that. She was so incredibly brave and strong through her whole ordeal. This is a memoir that every person should read, but caution, it's very, very difficult to get through. If I ever have the honor of meeting Jaycee in person, all I want to do is hug her.

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