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Left Behind eBook by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Click Here to Download the Book An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when, without any warning, passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats. Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold. For those who have been left behind, the apocalypse has just begun

Reviews After reading, I talked to my mom about this. I asked if God asked you why you deserve to be in his kingdom, what should you say. My mom explains to me that I need to spread his word to the world. I do talk to my friends about this sometimes, but what always happens when you get others to learn about God is that people either ignore, run away, or don't agree. I do respect people's beliefs in other religions or beliefs where America encourages everyone the right to choose their own religion, and also issues of people arguing about the right for Homosexuals to be together, but I find it bothersome how even though they don't believe or agree, some people make harsh remarks towards others because of their beliefs. The point I am making is that it is difficult for someone to find the precise information people should follow because the guider can either lead people into the right direction, or trick them into believing what sounds right. I recommend this book to anyone, despite religion, because it is not only dedicated to Christians; this books makes the reader realize how diverse the world actually is, and the struggles an individual can make that leads them to their fears and suffering. Overall, life is full of everything their is for someone to encounter, I am a Christian where I know I shouldn't allow these sort of issues get to me. I even go to God if I have to and go to my friends for support because I know some of them do not follow Christianity, but they do have wisdom to explain. I think about if the axioms are true, and if that can really benefit me. My point is, people may not exactly have the right idea of who to turn to, but I do know that everyone can at least see who can be a reliable person to turn to for anything. That person may not be Christian, but they are certain to be there for you. No matter how despairing the situation is, just don't let it harm you in any way. Do not decide to be dejected no matter how bleak your life may be. Learn to move past that, gather any type of help you know to turn to, and sooner or later you will recover. If you do not know who to turn to, figure out a place you can go to where there are people there willing to help you, whether it is a church or an organization, or maybe even an old friend, just know you are not alone and that there will at least be one figure to be present for you 24/7. I may be a teenager now, but even I learn to forget my own ideas. It takes time to get used to, but everyone needs a reminder every once in a while that there is someone there to be there no matter what.

When I saw all of these "Left Behind" books coming out about two years ago, I decided to read them. I checked out this one from the church library, I guess Im lucky it was in, because this book was already well loved. I could not put it down. I read it in two days. I loved it. So I started reading the series. This book started a worldwide phenomenon. Any book that can do that has got to be worthwhile. You can totally connect with the characters emotions and feelings even though the day of judgment has not happened yet. This book has excellent writing, contrary to some people's opinions. They may not have the ultimate writing skills, but I have seen worse writing in college already. Since then, I have read every single left behind book and even started the kid's series and Im in college. The kid series is just as good. If you are staying away from those just because you are an adult, I suggest you read them anyway, even if it takes you only a couple hours to read. These books can change lives. It changed mine. I have since become a better Christian in my opinion. I don't want to be Left Behind, and I don't want to see you left behind, either.

The concept is great: what would the Biblical end times prophecies really look like if they happened today? How could the ancient words of Isaiah and Revelation actually play out in today's world? What if the rapture occurred right now?!! While some elements are admittedly intriguing (the anti-Christ's rise to power, the underground believers' economy, the covert operations) one frustration for me is the characters' glaring lack of depth. With maybe a few exceptions, these are flat, unrealistic stereotypes out of the mind of a modern day evangelical Christian. In my experience, real people and real relationships aren't much like those portrayed. Of course, not all literature has to have great character development... and that leads to my second frustration with the series. Like the equally exciting thriller "The Da Vinci Code", these books are mass marketing with a light and easy religious agenda. Lightweight is perfect for spy thrillers or romantic comedies, but when something claims to enhance or debunk Scripture I have much higher expectations. Sadly, many of today's Christians will read these novels and probably never read or study the actual texts they are based on. Perhaps if they were marketed instead as the brain candy they really are I could enjoy them a bit more.

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Left behind ebook  
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