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Left Behind Download by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Click Here to Download the Book An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when, without any warning, passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats. Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold. For those who have been left behind, the apocalypse has just begun

Reviews The books are the authors attempt to explain what happens on earth after the Rapture (the taking away from earth of all believers in Jesus) comes to pass. It's a fictionalized account of what many believe will happen. It's told through the eyes of a small group of people who are not Ruptured -- they are "Left Behind". I think it's fascinating that someone has chosen to tackle the story and write about it. The whole concept is a dichotomy in our culture. Tens of millions of people believe it in the United States alone, even more study it, and yet it is virtually ignored in all mainstream media. As much as possible the book is still ignored in the media except for the occasional poor review to keep readers away. Interesting considering it has sold as many copies as Harry Potter. I don't think it's difficult to determine which series has received more attention between the two. This series won't be for everyone. The writing lacks the deep intellectual probing that some books thrive upon. In fact it's only slightly more complex than the aforementioned Harry Potter. The authors try not to offend and it does make the story a little simple. I'd expect much worse horrors to overtake the earth after the calamity of hundreds of millions of people suddenly disappearing -- major looting and anarchy. In the book society pretty much works together and soon everything is running relatively smoothly once again. You also will not find any profanity or sexual description in these books. They are made for the enjoyment of everyone although for some readers this will cut down on the special "flair" that they expect from books. While the later works have more of an ethnic mixing, the first book does not. It's basically four people in white suburbia trying to cope. The authors could have thrown in a person of a different race, but under the circumstances I'm glad they didn't as I feel it would have come across as the token minority so prevalent in TV shows from the 70's. There is such a thing as trying too hard. The authors are obviously fascinated with the Jewish people and their role in the post rapture world. Their positive admiration for this group comes across. For instance the person who discovers the single greatest invention in the history or humanity is Jewish. Based on the percentage of Jews in our world population the probability of this occurring randomly is only about 1 out of 350. But it should also be noted that the very nature of the subject of the book would make Israel and the Jewish people the main focus group above all

others. Many of the women in the story show great strength of character, but I have to say that overall the men seem to show just a bit more. Although I also noticed that among the main characters, the men seem to be the ones who make the most mistakes and I've picked up an underlying current that they wouldn't make as many mistakes if they listened more to the women. It is understandable though that some readers will not like that no woman could really be called a leader. Overall the series will be enjoyable to some and not so enjoyable to others, but I found it to be daring to tackle such a taboo subject matter and I feel it is worthy of reading. I hope this review will help others to make the choice for themselves.

A friend of mine told me some time ago that I needed to read this series and now I understand why! So perfect for this time in the world's history. Rayford a pilot for Pan Continental married to Irene has now focused his attention on his flight attendant Hattie Durham who is much younger than he is. Cameron (Buck) Williams journalist, a rising star in the writing world, aboard a flight Rayford and Hattie are serving. Buck is known for capturing the world in words and one of his greatest pieces involves his now friend Dr Rosenzweig an inventor whose purpose is to make Israel the most profitable country on earth. During the flight passengers vanish while in air causing Hattie, Buck and Rayford and the other passengers that are left behind wondering what had happened the only things remaining from the disappeared passengers are their clothes and personal belongings. Upon landing they discover other people missing including family members, friends and others too numerous to count. Rayford is led to the church of his wife and meets Bruce, one of those left behind. Together they search for truth and answers. Excellent character development and dialogue make this book the start of an must read series. This book took me about 10 hours to read and went very fast. It held my attention to the end and I am eager to read the next book in the series. I was challenged in my faith and was entertained. I would recommend this book to others.

The "Left Behind" series is a very good Christian series. There are 40 books in this series and I just finished reading book 31. I highly recommend this book for all teenagers and older, because some things can be difficult to understand, but it is a very interesting and it has nonstop excitement in it. These books explain what goes on after the rapture of Jesus Christ. That is why it is called "Left Behind" because the characters in these books were the characters that were left behind from the rapture. I love this series because the characters have changed so much since the beginning and they are still changing. Every book brings new characters into it and so it never gets boring, it keeps you on your feet wanting to know more about this new character and what he/she will turn out to be. I am excited to keep reading the 9 more books I have left to go. It will go by fast though... I’m telling you these books are addicting once you really get into them!

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