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King of Thorns Online by Mark Lawrence

Click Here to Download the Book The second book in the Broken Empire series, Lawrence takes his young anti-hero one step closer to his grand ambition. To reach greatness you must step on bodies, and many brothers lie trodden in my wake. I’ve walked from pawn to player and I’ll win this game of ours, though the cost of it may drown the world in blood… The land burns with the fires of a hundred battles as lords and petty kings fight for the Broken Empire. The long road to avenge the slaughter of his mother and brother has shown Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath the hidden hands behind this endless war. He saw the game and vowed to sweep the board. First though he must gather his own pieces, learn the rules of play, and discover how to break them. A six nation army, twenty thousand strong, marches toward Jorg's gates, led by a champion beloved of the people. Every decent man prays this shining hero will unite the empire and heal its wounds. Every omen says he will. Every good king knows to bend the knee in the face of overwhelming odds, if only to save their people and their lands. But King Jorg is not a good king. Faced by an enemy many times his strength Jorg knows that he cannot win a fair fight. But playing fair was never part of Jorg’s game plan.

Reviews Without sounding overly enthusiastic, this series is shaping up to be the best fantasy series I have ever read. The story alone is brilliant enough, but it is Mark’s style of writing that really brings it to life. As brutal as he can be, I really enjoy being inside Jorg’s head, and the thing I like most about King of Thorns is that we’re inside it a whole lot more than we were in Prince of Thorns. I really liked the way he would talk to the reader, and give us his personal views/theories on the world around him. Spoiler: I also really liked the Prince of Arrow twist towards the end. I’m not sure if it was an intentional twist, or I just missed something along the way, either way I really liked it! And although it’ll be a sad day once it’s all over, I look forward to Emperor of Thorns. All in all, good job, Brother Mark.

The worst part about this book...the third one doesn't come out until August 2013! Admittedly, the second begins a little slower. Jorg doesn't seem his evil fun self, at least not as much as the first book. Take heart gentle reader, everything has its time and purpose! Mr. Lawrence deftly uses the two storylines (present day is four years after the first book ends, while the flashbacks represent events which happened shortly after the first ends) to paint an unfolding tapestry which keep the tension building until the final battle, and all is revealed! Trust me, Jorg doesn't seem himself for a reason, but be patient. In many ways, this book is more mature in its writing and, similar to the main character, has grown up from the first. This makes for an even harder story to put down! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

As I scroll through the reviews for this book, at 5am after being up all night reading the last several chapters, I feel it pretty pointless to write this review up. After all, with so much praise already expressed here for this book and the last, what worth does the words of this man have? Nevertheless, I am compelled to write of my admiration for this masterwork. With Prince of Thorns, Lawrence shot me into a vaguely familiar world to tell me the story of an impertinent child that strains to do even the smallest good deed. With King of Thorns, the brazen boy has matured, and now stands on the line between youth and adulthood. His worries have grown but so too has his power; and his guilt, hidden away from his own mind by magic. He has committed many sins to get to where he is and commits many more, even graver sins before the end of this book. Lawrence continues to mold his strange imagining of a post-apocalyptic world and sets about it all the pawns, knights, kings and queens needed to bring it to life. To describe this book, and indeed the series, in one word - Gripping.

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