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Full Dark No Stars Nook Edition by Stephen King

Click Here to Download the Book A new collection of four never-before-published stories from Stephen King. 1922 The story opens with the confession of Wilfred James to the murder of his wife, Arlette, following their move to Hemingford, Nebraska onto land willed to Arlette by her father. Big Driver Mystery writer, Tess, has been supplementing her writing income for years by doing speaking engagements with no problems. But following a last-minute invitation to a book club 60 miles away, she takes a shortcut home with dire consequences. Fair Extension Harry Streeter, who is suffering from cancer, decides to make a deal with the devil but, as always, there is a price to pay. A Good Marriage Darcy Anderson learns more about her husband of over twenty years than she would have liked to know when she stumbles literally upon a box under a worktable in their garage.

Reviews After The Shining (my first ever SK experience), the next King book I ever read was Four Past Midnight. Ever since, I have been completely awed by his "short" stories, and the release of Full Dark, No Stars was muchanticipated. It didn't disappoint. Not only are the 4 stories in this book completely captivating (of course in a kind of icky, Idon't-know-if-I-want-to-read-this-part kind of way), but they force you to question what you would do in these circumstances too. I felt that way especially while reading Big Driver and A Good Marriage...if I was Tess or Darcy, what in the world WOULD I do next? It makes you feel emotionally invested in every move they make. Hence, hard to put down. Well played, SK, well played. As King says in the afterword, he prefers writing about "ordinary people in extraordinary situations", and I think that's what gets me about these stories. There's gotta be at least one of the four that makes you go hmmmm.

Some of King's best material-- "The Mist", "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption", "The Body", "Hearts in Atlantis", etc.-- can be found in his collections, particularly his novella collections. Yes, he's written some long books, many of them already considered modern classics (The Stand and IT come to mind), but the man has ALWAYS delivered when he confines himself a bit. By delivered, I mean everything: characters, setting, story, emotion.

Read the first twenty pages of "1922." Try not to despise the utter selfishness of Wilfred and Arlette-- even while you're sympathizing with the unfortunate humanity of their situation. Try not to stare wide-eyed in horror at what Wilfred convinces his son to partake in... and just try to look away from the book (although you may have to-- for a breather-- after one grueling scene). This is an honest book. Each story seems to revolve around the theme that there is a monster inside each one of us. King is sometimes accused of being wordy, yet he seems to bat every ball out of the park when he confines himself to the constraints of a hundred or so pages. Pay no attention to the fools who have chosen to lower the star rating of this excellent collection with their whining about the publishing industry and the expensive nature of their digital "books." I paid fourteen dollars for this book several hours ago-- not a bad deal at all for a new hardback, I'd say-- and it's worth much more than that. King is a modern master, and we're lucky to have him.

Here's my two cents (or my $14.99). These are some of Stephen King's best stories ever, and I've been a fan since I read "Carrie" in Junior High (when is was first published in paperback, kids couldn't afford hardback books back then!). Like most King books, I devoured this one in less than 48 hours. "A Good Marriage" and "Big Driver" are particularly disturbing, maybe because they both have female protaganists whose stories seem very real. Like it or not, Stephen King tells the living s&%# out of a story. Which brings me the price issue. People are certainly within their rights to bitch about the price of anythinggas,food, education, Ferraris, etc. But for me, fifteen bucks is a small price to pay for something that I really, really enjoy. I spend a lot more on stuff is don't enjoy near as much. I have read and re-read virtually everything King has written. There may come a point in my life when Mr. King dies (morbid, I know, but one of us will go first). Outside of people I actually know, his demise would probably be the only one which would actually leave a personal, lasting void in my life. So I say, live long and prosper, Mr. King. I hope I can give you (or your evil publisher) money for many, many more years. Oh, and just to make it clear, I will buy the hardback, too. The kindle version is just for convenience.

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Full dark no stars nook edition  
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