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Click Here to Download the Book A pulse-pounding thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon Vince Flynn, as Mitch Rapp heads to Afghanistan to track down a missing CIA agent. The four dead guards didn’t concern Mitch Rapp as much as the absence of the man they’d been paid to protect. Joe Rickman wasn’t just another foot soldier. For the last eight years Rickman had ran the CIA’s clandestine operations in Afghanistan. It was a murky job that involved working with virtually every disreputable figure in the Islamic Republic. More than a quarter billion dollars in cash had passed through Rickman’s hands during his tenure as the master of black ops and no one with a shred of sense wanted to know the details of how that money had been spent. At first glance it looks as if Rickman has been kidnapped, but Rapp knows certain things about his old friend that cause him to wonder if something more disturbing isn’t afoot. Irene Kennedy, the director of the CIA, has ordered Rapp to find Rickman at all costs. Rapp must navigate the ever-shifting landscape of Afghanistan as the Taliban, Iranians, Pakistanis and Russians all plot to claim their piece of the war torn state. With Afghanistan crumbling around him, Rapp must be as ruthless as his enemies and as deceitful as people in his own government if he has any hopes of completing his mission.

Reviews I always enjoy Vince Flynn novels and have read every one of them. My only complaint is I have to wait usually two years for a new one to come out. This one was no disappointment. I love series where the same character appears and Mitch Rapp is one of my favorite characters. The action was a mile a minute with a great, unexpected plot twist about halfway through. It was interesting that Flynn brought memories of Mitch's dead wife Anna and child to the forefront of this novel and how it fit into the plot development. Read this novel. You won't be disappointed and will look forward to the next one like me.

Vince Flynn is a good writer of CIA thriller books. I was introduced to Vince on vacation 4 years ago and have read ever book in the series since. I think there are 14 or so. Vince writes in a way that keeps you interested from chapter to chapter. It feels like you are ready a movie! The main character is Mitch Rapp. He is a larger than life assign that does the "real work" of the CIA .. the stuff that does not make the papers! Mitch is stuck between two worlds of bad guys: the ones in foreign lands and the ones in Washington DC. He must take care of both. Buy one and read it. See what you think. I bet you will end up reading all of them!

When Vince Flynn first hit the publishing world, I enjoyed reading his stuff. Yes, his writing suffered from too

bronzed a hero to too much ideology, but the plots typically were well wrought. I moved away from Flynn as Rapp became more psychotic. There was a great deal lacking in this ubermensch. So, it was with lowered expectations that I came to read "The Last Man". I was pleasantly surprised. No longer is Rapp Superman. He has issues and he recognizes that he has them. Ideology has clearly taken the fold-down seat in the back of the Suburban. The story was complex, engaging and well written. Wilson was a bit of a cutout character, but the main characters all seemed to hold their own. I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in international intrigue.

Just finished this book. Very few if any slow moments, This is classic Vince Flynn. If any if this is true I know why we are in the shape were in. The characters are believable, the story line is scary. Our hero proves that he is human, having had my bell rung four times I especially feek bad for him. That waking up wondering where you are is not a good feeling. He gets his man and the old man is on his way out. Nobody lives forever. I highly recommend this book. With winter upon us this will pass those long nights by the fire.

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