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Download Left Behind Online by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Click Here to Download the Book An airborne Boeing 747 is headed to London when, without any warning, passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats. Terror and chaos slowly spread not only through the plane but also worldwide as unusual events continue to unfold. For those who have been left behind, the apocalypse has just begun

Reviews Having read some of the criticisms of this book, I would agree that I have read books that had much better writing, but I've thoroughly enjoyed a lot of books which failed to win any awards. It's criticized for not accurately portraying the prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, but I've thoroughly enjoyed other books which did not necessarily follow the facts or events to the letter. If you are looking for theology, stick with the inspired word in the Bible. If you are looking for an interesting page-turner which makes you think, "What if..." or "How might these events play out in the world as we know it?", then this book is for you. I hungrily read through this first volume and look forward to the reading the remaining volumes. I was made to care enough about the characters that I want to find out what happens to them. It also makes one think, "What would I do?", or "Am I right with God, or would I have been left behind?" These books should be enjoyed for what they are. They're stories. One should also recognize that there is enough truth in them that you may be inspired to seek a closer relationship with God and to seriously study His Word. I know I've been inspired.

I put off reading this series for a number of years. Eventually, I caved in after seeing all the controversy that arose from this End Times story. While there are certainly faults, its a pretty good tale. The story lines basically goes like this. Rayford Steele is a 747 pilot who has not accepted Jesus as his savior. While flying across the Atlantic, Christ comes back and takes away all believers and innocents (mainly young children not old enough to be expected to make such a decision). Soon afterwards, Steele and his remaining friends and loved ones come to accept Christ and develop a quasi-partisan movement called the Tribulation Force that seeks to bring believers into the fold, resists the Anti-Christ (in the form of World Leader Nicholae Carpathia), and aids believers as they suffer through God's judgments during the Tribulation period. Here’s what I like about the series. It puts the events noted in Revelation into a contemporary context. I found this helpful as I could never wrap my mind around these events simply by reading a Bible myself. Although there are lulls, the action is pretty well paced. Finally, it stayed on course well and the authors largely kept their political and religious biases out of print (although if you read it deep enough you’ll figure out the authors are

pro-life and LeHaye's notorious anti-Catholic bent pops up from time to time). Now here’s the not so good aspects. After the first couple installments, the series takes on a comic bookish atmosphere. And as has been said by other critics, the characters are about as dimensional as a movie theater cardboard cut out. There are also some unfortunate technological and cultural screw ups too. Probably the worst though is that the authors went off their "exactly as Revelation tells it" philosophy in the final installment (more about that in a later review of "Glorious Appearing"). I find some of the other criticisms of this series off base. The first major criticism is the idea many have that the story is farfetched. There is some validity here. As in example, it seems beyond comprehension that people would line up in droves to accept identifying tattoos given the "Mark of the Beast" concept is out in public discourse. But one must realize Messrs. LeHaye and Jenkins are confined by an already written script! How can they stay true to the story if they diverge from the underlying events? The other one is the "I just dont believe in this" critique. Fine. There are lots of non Christians who think all this is nonsense. And there are also Christians who don’t believe this is how the world will end. And yes, the authors are trying to make people become Born Again Christians. To all this I say so what? Jenkins and LeHaye have put onto paper a schematic of how history ends that many people do believe. If you want to get a glimpse of how these people see things, you could do much worse! In the end Ill just say this. Give it a try. At least read the first book in the series. Its a pretty good tale and its not going to hurt you!

I finished reading this book about two days ago. From the start I was open minded knowing that this book is fiction trying to get as close as possible to the truth which is according to the Bible. No doubt the writers are Christians and tried to interpret the Bible and especially the book of Revelations at their best. The book is very hooking but I have to say at some stages I felt it was a bit stretched-out. One reviewer said was that it would be great if they could squeeze all the books into maybe two or three books, and I completely agree on that. I believe that not everything they said are truly accurate. The overall effect the book had on me was just the fact that we are living in a dying world and that the reality of unsaved people are out there. And that we as Christians are here with a specific purpose and plan. Read the book and be open minded. This is not the alpha and omega and it also should not put any fear upon you.

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