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Deception Point Kindle Edition by Dan Brown

Click Here to Download the Book A shocking scientific discovery. A conspiracy of staggering brilliance. A thriller unlike any you've read.... When a NASA satellite discovers an astonishingly rare object buried deep in the Arctic sea, the floundering space agency proclaims a much-needed victory-a victory with profound implications for NASA policy and the impending presidential election. To verify the authenticity of the find, the White house calls upon the skills of intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton. Accompanied by a team of experts, including the charismatic scholar Michael Tolland, Rachel travels to the Arctic and uncovers the unthinkable: evidence of scientific trickery-a bold deception that threatens to plunge the world into controversy. But before she can warn the President, Rachel and Michael are ambushed by a team of assassins. Fleeing for their lives across a desolate and lethal landscape, their only hope for survival is to discover who is begin this masterful plot. The truth, they will learn, is the most shocking deception of all.

Reviews Deception Point is a book full of suspense, mystery, adventure, and governmental conspiracies. I just couldn't put this book down. I read Deception Point during school, at home, in the car, and if I could read while sleeping, I would have read it then too. Dan wrote this story in a way that every chapter ends in a cliffhanger, dangling you in the middle of the suspense. His chapters leave you wanting more and more. All of Dan Browns books involve a whirlwind of ideas that you cant decipher what is real and what is fiction. Dan writes so that he uses groups that are real governmental agencies which make you wonder," Could this happen? Has this happened? Will this ever happen?" This is Dan's second and best, written book. I have read his other books by Dan Brown and I believe he might become one of the greatest writers of our time. In Deception Point NASA reports on having found a meteorite that has fossils of "alien life." The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) sends Rachel Sexton, a white house analyst, up to the Arctic Circle to verify its authenticity. In the back round of this discovery, Zachary Herney is President of the United States and is up for re-election. There is no coincidence that Rachel Sexton who is the daughter of the Presidents opponent, Senator Sedgwick Sexton. As all this unfolds, a French scientist is murdered and all of the lives of those in the Arctic Circle are at risk. The book is the greatest book I have ever read. I don't think that I closed it for mare than and hour. It was intriguing and it enveloped me into the story so I felt that I was right along side Rachel Sexton and her adventure. It will be hard for any writer to write any book better than this.

Although most people know Dan Brown for his moderately entertaining The Da Vinci Code or the fascinating Angels and Demons (do not judge his work based on the pathetic movies), this is easily his best book so far. Deception Point had me glued to the book until I was finished reading. I could not put the book down until I finished it the day I started reading. The story is plausible and is full of constant twists that will keep you guessing until the very end. My father found this book on a train and read it, then my younger brother read it, then I read it, then I let 6 other people read it and every person couldn't stop talking about the amazing plot. If you only read one Dan Brown book then this should be it. The others are good, but this is his best work and he has yet to successfully repeat the quality of this often looked-over piece of literature.

After seeing the movie, The Da Vinci Code, I was impressed with the story itself, because you see I was not sure if I would like it or not and I did like it. Which made me want to check out more about the author, Dan Brown and to see if there were any more books. Volia! There was a thick light blue book screaming out it's name, Deception Point. I took it out and read the summary of it and brought it. When I had the chance to sit down and read, I found myself spellbound by this book and could not put it down until I finished this book. So yes, I lost sleep over it and believe me it's worth every penny to buy this book! I

hope they will think of making this the next movie, because this was really non stop adventure one after another, and twists in this story. You'll never know what will happen next, you will be wondering who's the person behind it all and believe me, it surprise the heck out of my socks! I am looking forward to the next new book!

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Deception point kindle edition