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Cold Days eBook by Jim Butcher

Click Here to Download the Book HARRY DRESDEN LIVES!!! After being murdered by a mystery assailant, navigating his way through the realm between life and death, and being brought back to the mortal world, Harry realizes that maybe death wasn’t all that bad. Because he is no longer Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard. He is now Harry Dresden, Winter Knight to Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness. After Harry had no choice but to swear his fealty, Mab wasn’t about to let something as petty as death steal away the prize she had sought for so long. And now, her word is his command, no matter what she wants him to do, no matter where she wants him to go, and no matter who she wants him to kill. Guess which Mab wants first? Of course, it won’t be an ordinary, everyday assassination. Mab wants her newest minion to pull off the impossible: kill an immortal. No problem there, right? And to make matters worse, there exists a growing threat to an unfathomable source of magic that could land Harry in the sort of trouble that will make death look like a holiday. Beset by enemies new and old, Harry must gather his friends and allies, prevent the annihilation of countless innocents, and find a way out of his eternal subservience before his newfound powers claim the only thing he has left to call his own… His soul.

Reviews Do I love Harry Dresden? Yes I do. Why? Well, that’s a bit more complicated. But let me give a quick example from something that happened in the latest book, Cold Days, that might help explain. At some point, Harry is running from bad guys. Folks are hot on his tail and he’s got to get out there. In fleeing he runs smack dab into a man waiting for him with a baseball bat. Before he can react he’s being bludgeoned. And then Harry begins to tell us (the reader) how awesome he is at getting his ass kicked. He explains that if someone can kick the ever loving crap out of you, and you do everything you can to avoid it – well, then you become a bit of a coward AND you don’t learn how to take a beating. So, his philosophy is to let them know that they might be able to whup you, or even kill you, but so what, that isn’t going to change anything about how he acts around you. Of course, having that attitude leads to a lot of beatings in life. And as such, he’s gotten great at learning how to be beaten severely and still minimize the damage inflicted – something he’d never have gotten good at without all the practice. He’s filling the reader in on this in-between licks with the baseball bat. Not only does a moment of the book like that make for entertaining reading, it’s also brilliantly making me like the character that much more. Making me root for him. Yes, this series is becoming so self-referential that even as a pretty big fan I’m starting to get confused about things. But it still has as much charm as it ever has, and there is still this sense of momentum that is building with each installment. I really believe Jim Butcher is taking me somewhere with all these novels. He’s telling a much larger story here. Can’t wait for the next one. In fact, he is one of the very few authors that has produced works that I have read over again. If I get anxious between installments I might just reread the series – that way maybe I won’t get confused over plot points in the future that hinge on things that happen in earlier books.

Harry Dresden continues his never-ending challenges and keeps to his quippy ways. As always with the Dresden series, I ate through this book like it was a box of chocolates (which I can devour in

no time). And as always, I love Harry's ability to always find the best one-liners in the face of danger. Either my knowledge of fantasy/sci-fi is expanding or the references to everything from Star Wars to Star Trek was more expansive in this book than in the other Dresden novels. It is one of the things that always has me coming back for more. It is a buckle-your-seat-belt thrill ride and I hung on to the roll-bar for dear life with a grin plastered on my face. The Dresden novels land, thank heaven, in the Urban Fantasy realm and not the Paranormal Romance. This novel has to address Harry's love life as it has progressed but that is secondary to the story. I LOVE that the series has stuck to Urban Fantasy . . . it's one of the few I adore that has done so. Thank you, Mr. Butcher, from the bottom of my heart.

Series that reach 14 books are often stale and formulaic or fading and weak. How can you keep a story fresh and interesting after 13 books? I'm not sure, but you can ask Jim Butcher. He managed it with flying colors. After waiting over a year for this book, I was afraid I had hyped it up so much in my mind that it could never meet my expectations. Boy, was I right. It met, exceeded, and shattered my expectations. Not only is my interest in the series not flagging, its at a new fever pitch. After having read the entire series four times, I'm seriously tempted to read them again with the new knowledge Cold Days reveals. All of your favorite characters are here, and Butcher dances them around like a master puppeteer. Revealing just enough to leave you needing more, dropping minor hints and major plot bombs, Butcher turns the series on its head, starts it over, remolds it, tempers it. Much like Harry himself the series has been hardened and tempered through his trials and tribulations, emerged scarred, but leaner, smarter, and ready to kick some serious ass. If you have read some of the Dresden series, but not this one yet, read them so you can get to this one. If you are thinking about starting the Dresden series, do it so you can get to this one. If you aren't thinking about starting the Dresden series: what the hell is wrong with you? This is one of the best written, well thought out (boy, is that an understatement), best executed series of books ever written. Jim Butcher is, without a doubt, the king of Urban Fantasy.

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Cold days ebook  
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