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A Wanted Man Kindle Fire by Lee Child

Click Here to Download the Book Reacher is back! A Wanted Man is a new masterpiece of suspense—from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child. Four people in a car, hoping to make Chicago by morning. One man driving, eyes on the road. Another man next to him, telling stories that don’t add up. A woman in the back, silent and worried. And next to her, a huge man with a broken nose, hitching a ride east to Virginia. An hour behind them, a man lies stabbed to death in an old pumping station. He was seen going in with two others, but he never came out. He has been executed, the knife work professional, the killers vanished. Within minutes, the police are notified. Within hours, the FBI descends, laying claim to the victim without ever saying who he was or why he was there. All Reacher wanted was a ride to Virginia. All he did was stick out his thumb. But he soon discovers he has hitched more than a ride. He has tied himself to a massive conspiracy that makes him a threat—to both sides at once. In Lee Child’s white-hot thriller, nothing is what it seems, and nobody is telling the truth. As the tension rises, the twists come fast and furious, keeping readers guessing and gasping until the explosive finale. A single story arc: 61 HOURS, WORTH DYING FOR and now A WANTED MAN. Simply a man trying to get to a warm, sexy voice he heard over the phone lines coming from Virginia.

Reviews Jack Reacher. Initially I was interested in the character due to our shared military service. Lee Child has developed his character further than my initial impressions would have found credible. Surprisingly, I find myself mostly buying into it. I find my suspension of disbelief starting to wear thin when Reacher is performing Rain-Man-level feats of mathematical wizardry. Thankfully, Mr. Child has gone a little leaner on these preternatural gifts this time around. The story develops pretty well throughout the book. The narration has the voice of a trained observer. Throughout, I felt like I was going over case files and initial impressions of Persons Of Interest with a colleague. There is an authenticity to the language. Most of the time in fiction featuring military or former military characters, those characters sound more like caricatures. Some of the earlier Reacher books have that feel to them occasionally. It is not the case with A Wanted Man. I was caught up in the twists and turns, surprised rather than incredulous at the path the reader is led down. (view spoiler) All in all, I think this might be my favorite in the Reacher series. I would highly recommend it. A little familiarity with the previous Reacher books would lend itself to having a better picture of the character, but isn't necessary to enjoy the book. A perfect book to read on the beach.

A Wanted Man is the seventeenth book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. It was published on 30 August 2012 in the United Kingdom, Australia, & New Zealand and on 11 September 2012 in the USA & Canada.A Wanted Man won the "Thriller & Crime Novel of the Year" award by the National Book Awards. The book returns to the present timeline, continuing where Worth Dying For left off. A man is brutally murdered in an abandoned water pumping station, and the local police put out a BOLO for two men seen leaving the scene of the crime. Nearby, Jack Reacher is still hitch-hiking towards Virginia on his mission to meet his successor at the 110th. 56 cars pass him by during a 93-minute wait in freezing weather. Lucky number 57 contains two men and a woman. The trip takes them through two police checkpoints. Reacher spots some inconsistencies and outright lies in the stories told by the car's other occupants and soon realises that things are not necessarily as they seem. Reacher becomes involved with the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and some Middle-Eastern terrorists in his latest quest to right a few wrongs and to mete out his own decisive brand of painful justice.

This is my first encounter with Jack Reacher, the protagonist of Lee Child’s – ‘A Wanted Man’ and when I reached the last page, I actually realized that this is the 17th book in the series of the Jack Reacher Thriller! I chided myself and decided that all was not lost! I could now work my way backwards… Coming to ‘A Wanted Man’… The plot unfolds with an eye witness’s vague description of a crime to the county sheriff. (Location? Unknown!) Simultaneously, followed by Jack Reacher trying to hitch a ride to Virginia, on a cold windy night. After being on the road for almost an hour and a half, he finally manages to get a lift, in a car with three people – two men and a woman, all three wearing similar outfits, as if a corporate uniform; who introduce themselves as Alan King, Donald McQueen And Karen Delfuenso. While most of Reacher’s story is on the roads, FBI Agent Julia Sorenson is investigating a murder case at the same time in the tiny little state of Nebraska. All along the road trip, Reacher arbitrarily analyses his three companions; either to eliminate the possibility of him being in any trouble or out of sheer complacent habit. On the other end, the investigation discloses the murder being linked to terrorist activities, the suspects being involved in car jacking, kidnapping and holding a waitress hostage as a smoke screen to escape the law. The waitress happens to be Karen Delfuenso!

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A wanted man kindle fire