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Criminal Lawyer: What Are You Paying For What are you really paying for when ​hiring a criminal lawyer​? What specific legal fees does it include? Generally, you know that you’re paying the professional service provided by a lawyer and that’s all. Usually, a good lawyer should explain and break down all legal fees, you will be paying for before the start of the legal process. But to give you an initial knowledge, here are some fees you’ll probably encounter during the process. Types of fee arrangements used by lawyers: 1. Initial Consultation Fee Some law firms who offer free consultation to potential clients. But for those who charge consultation fees, they either offer you an hourly or fixed fee for your first meeting. This serves as a payment for analyzing and giving advice regarding your criminal case.

2. Retainer Fee An advance fee deposit is the most common type of retainer fee, it is like a down payment because you will pay it up front. Thereafter, the lawyer will deduct his/her arranged hourly fees and costs, so this deposit does not pay for the entire case expenses. A retainer may also mean that your lawyer is on-call to handle legal problems that may occur over a period of time. 3. Flat Fee Also referred to as ‘set fee’ because a lawyer will charge you a total fee. This often applies if your ​criminal case is not a complex one. Since it is set, no matter how much time your lawyer will spend working on your case, the fee will not change at all. When things get worse and your case became complicated, this is the time to talk and ask your lawyer if the fee will change or not. 4. Hourly Fee An hourly fee is arranged depending on three factors; namely on the hourly rate set by a certain city or town, type of cases a lawyer worked on, and the lawyer’s length of experience. A good lawyer will give you an estimated hour of when the case will end with an estimated total cost beforehand. However, unexpected events may occur along the process which will prolong his.her service, so it’s better to ask your lawyer from time to time about the charges. If you are lucky enough, some lawyers may choose to reduce his/her hourly late considering your financial status. 5. Referral Fee This fee applies when a lawyer refers you to another lawyer and will ask a share of the total fee you pay for the case. However, regulations and qualifications from the state or local bar association are to be met in order to approve a referral fee. Primarily, the amount charged should be reasonable and you agreed to it. Make sure that you are paying for the right person and for the right service. Find a criminal lawyer who is fully committed to execute his professional obligation and has high work ethics. Looking for credible and experienced criminal lawyers? Visit ​Wise & Donahue Law Firm at 10476 Armstrong Street, Fairfax Virginia or you may contact 703-934-6377.

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Criminal Lawyer: What Are You Paying For  
Criminal Lawyer: What Are You Paying For  

What are you really paying for when hiring a criminal lawyer? What specific legal fees does it include?