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B E F O R E J A C K S , T H E R E WA S . . .

rules Object of the Game

To be the first to successfully complete all five (5) stages without dropping any stones.

How to Play 5 Stones

Players take turns attempting each stage of the game. A player continues until they drop a stone, then the next player begins their turn.

one (1) other stone on the ground, and catch the tossed stone before it falls to the ground. Transfer the stone to the opposite hand. Repeat step 2 with remaining stones.

Twosies: Repeat Steps 1-2, but pick up two (2) stones at a time.

Threesies: Repeat Steps 1-2, but pick up three (3) stones and one (1).

In each stage, players toss the stones and complete a series of steps.

Foursies: Repeat Steps 1-2, but pick up four (4)

The stages increase in difficulty from beginning to end. If at any time a player touches, moves or drops a stone that they are not supposed to, their turn is over. hen play resumes, players must start where they left off - not from the beginning.

Challenge Yourself - optional Fivesies:

Getting Started Learning to “Jockey”

1. Throw all five stones into the air with one hand and “catch” as many as you can on the back of the same hand. The stones should be resting on your knuckles and or fingers. Tip: It is easier to catch stones with fingers slightly spread apart. 2. ith the stones still on the back of your hand, gently give them a “pop” and catch them in the palm of your hand. Repeat for each player. The player who catches the most stones in their palm will start the game. If there is a tie, try to “catch a y” 1. Repeat step 1 of “ ockey” 2. Players toss the stones from the back of their hand (without turning their palm over) and try to catch the stones in a uick, snatching downward movement. The player who catches the most stones will start the game.

STAGE I - Basic Toss Onesies:

Toss all five stones on the ground and pick one up. Toss in the air, and use the same hand to pick up

regle But du jeu

Pour tre le premier r ussir toutes les cin (5) tapes sans perdre toutes les pierres.

Comment jouer

Les joueurs, tour de r le, tentent cha ue tape de la partie. n joueur continue jus u ce u il elle laisse tomber une pierre , puis le joueur suivant commence son tour. cha ue tape , les joueurs lancent les pierres et compl tent une s rie d tapes. Les tapes augmentent en diffi cult du d but la fin. Si tout moment un des joueurs touches un autre joueur , se d place ou supprime une pierre u ils ne sont pas cens s le faire, leur tour est termin . uand le jeu reprend , les joueurs doivent commencer l o ils l avaient laiss - pas depuis le d but.


1. Hold all five stones in one hand. 2. Toss one stone in the air, drop the other four stones and catch the tossed stone. 3. Do the reverse: Toss one stone and pick up the four stones. Catch the tossed stone to complete the round.

STAGE 2 - The Jingles

Repeat “Onesies - Fivesies,” without putting any stones in the other hand. Keep all stones (that have been picked up) in the same hand during each step. Listen to them jingle!

STAGE 3 - The Slap

1. Repeat Onesies steps 1-2. Keep both stones in your hand. 2. Toss two stones, pick up a third stone, and catch both stones. Keep all three stones in your hand. 3. Toss three stones, pick up a fourth stone, and catch the stones. Keep all four stones in your hand. 4. Toss four stones, and pick up the fifth stone. Keep all stones in your hand 5. Toss all five stones, slap the playing surface with the palm of your hand, and catch the five stones.

Mise en route - Apprendre Jockey

1. ete toutes les cin pierres dans l air avec une main et attraper autant ue vous le pouve sur le dos de la m me main. 2. Lancer les pierres et les attraper avec la paume de votre main. R p te l op ration pour cha ue joueur. Le joueur ui attrape le plus de pierres va commencer le match. Si il ya une galit , essayer d “ attraper une mouche “ 1. R p te l tape 1 de “ ockey “ 2. Les joueurs lancent les pierres du dos de la main ( sans tourner la paume vers le haut) et essayer d attraper les pierres, avecd la paume de la main, dans un mouvement rapide vers le bas. Le joueur ui attrape le plus de pierres va commencer le match.

PHASE I - base Toss onesies :

1. lange toutes les cin pierres sur le terrain et en prendre une. 2. Lance la pierre en l air , et d utiliser la m me

regle STAGE 4 - Under the Bridges

1. Toss all five stones on the ground. 2. Place one hand with fingertips like a bridge. The hand must remain still throughout the turn, any movement or slipping ends the turn. 3. Toss one stone, push another stone under the bridge, then catch the tossed stone. 4. Repeat with each stone until all stones have been pushed under the bridge. (Note: if a stone does not go all the way under the bridge, the turn is over) 5. Remove the bridge and pick one stone. 6. Toss the stone, pick up all stones, then catch the stone.

STAGE 5 - The Eggs in a Basket

1. Toss all five stones on ground and select one . Cup the opposite hand like a basket. 2. Toss one stone, use the same hand to toss another stone into the cupped hand (without it bouncing out). 3. Repeat until all stones are in the opposite hand.

The first player to complete all levels successfully without dropping a stone is the winner.

For more challenges visit

GRIDDLY GAMES main pour ramasser une ( 1) des pierres laiss es au sol, puis reprendre la pierre jet e en l air avant u elle ne retombe au sol. 3. Transf rer la pierre la main oppos e. R p te l tape 2 avec les pierres restantes.

Twosies : R p te les tapes 1-2 , mais prendre deux ( 2 ) pierres la fois. Threesies : R

p te les tapes 1-2 , mais prendre trois ( 3 ) pierres la fois.

Foursies : R p te les tapes 1-2 , mais , prendre uatre ( 4 ) pierres la fois. Relevez le defi - facultatif Fivesies :

1. Tene toutes les cin pierres dans une main. 2. Lance une pierre dans les airs , laisse tomber les 4 autres pierres et utilise la m me main pour ramasser la pierre lanc e dans airs. une des pierres laiss es par terre et rattraper laisser tomber les uatre autres pierres et attraper la pierre lanc e.

5 Stones - Rules (English, Français, Español)  

5 Stones by Griddly Games

5 Stones - Rules (English, Français, Español)  

5 Stones by Griddly Games