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AMAZING YEARS Griddly Games is excited to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.

Founded in 2007 by a mom with 3 boys, our mission has remained clear: create the highest quality family games and kits that encourage play. Designed to be easy to learn and to build upon important skills, our games and kits invite families to unplug for hours and to foster laughter, learning, community and fun. We are proud of what we have created as our family has grown to over 20 games, 3 kits, tons of awards and countless happy players. Having the privilege of inviting us into the homes and playing with your families has been the greatest honour for us at Griddly.

Reisa Schwartzman OUR GAMES PROMOTE:


science technology engineering arts mathematics


We are very proud of the awards we have received over the years!




Just Add Milk™

Dr. Toy Top 10 , Dr. Toy Top 100, Family Choice, NAPPA 2015, Santas Choice, National Parenting Center, Canadas Toy Testing Council Silver

Science + Art Activity Kit Study of molecular surface tension

It’s time to think twice about the milk in your cereal bowl! Just Add Milk™. encourages a curiosity for science combined with a love for experimenting with art. Make observations and create keepsakes made of rainbow tiedye designs. Multiple experiments included. Packaged in caddy display. CODE




Just Add Milk


Case Size: 12 units

Just Add Glue™ Science + Art Activity Kit Study of Polymers

Create different forms of super strechy polymers and make them bounce! Make putties that can be picked up, stretched, and even rolled into a ball that bounces. Using the same ingredients, create an array of creative crafts that you can keep, like slime, crystals and window clings. Learn about states of matter, including liquids and polymers while having fun with Just Add Glue™. An exciting science and art kit that is sure to stretch your imagination! CODE




Just Add Glue


Case Size: 6 units

I like Just Add Glue so much I could play with it everyday Leo, 6

Just Add Sun™

DR.TOY Top 100 2016

Science + Art Activity Kit Study of Solar energy

Includes 9 experiments and art activities. Cook right inside the box!

Use the sun’s energy to heat up a tasty treat in this solar oven! Melt s’mores, make nachos, or even cook an egg with the power of the sun and the Just Add SunTM Solar Science and Art Kit. Learn how solar energy works and introduce kids to eco friendly energy alternatives. Learn how the energy of the sun can be used for heating objects as well as cooking food. Experiment with sunlight, heat transfer, reflection and more.

Rocket Lander™ Spatial Strategy Game

Discover the thrill of commanding your own Rocket landing! In Rocket LanderTM you control a group of bold rockets exploring the vast world and outer space. Embark on an epic mission to settle and build the greatest rocket station. Fly the atmosphere, coordinate your rockets and overtake your opponents while defending your home turf. Rocket LanderTM is a three-dimensional space hosting an X,Y and Z-axis that explore data literacy at any age. CODE




Rocket Lander


Case Size: 6 units



4000566 Just Add Sun Case Size: 4 units

MSRP $29.00

Teachers Child Award, The National Parenting Center, Moms Choice, Toy Tips Trusted, Dr. Toy Top 10, Dr. Toy Top 100, Creative Child Award

Wise Alec™ Family Trivia Game

Wise AlecTM gets everyone moving with laughter and tongue twisters, boggling brain teasers and healthy activities that get you off your feet! Challenge everyone in the family to play together. CODE




Wise Alec

$ 27.50

\ out ake LEC t We E A e. . WIS he timvorite t a l f l a ily fam usan a S s It

Case size: 6 units

Wise AlecTM expansion + travel sets

Dr. Toy Top 100, Dr. Toy Top Vacation, Moms Choice

2 Levels of Play

Bright Ideas Learn about who invented what, and when they did it with the whack of timeless trivia in Bright Ideas.

150 Cards on Specific Themes

50 Wise AlecTM Cards

Body Works

Learn about the human body, muscles, nerves, bones and basic organ systems.

Sports & Buffs

Nature Nuts

Do you know which athlete said: “You miss 100% of the shots you dont take “?. Whip out your fact sheet and let’s play.

Build on what you’ve learned in elementary school science with nature, plant and animal trivia cards!

Civilize this

Pack your bags and let’s explore the cultures of the world with Civilize This. There is something very special about playing games together as a family.. .. We found WISE ALEC CIVILIZE THIS a perfect game!


4000221 4000161 4000211 4000171 4000151


WA Ideas WA Sports WA Body WA Civilize WA Nature

Case size: 6 units


$16.00 $ 16.00 $ 16.00 $ 16.00 $ 16.00

Dr. Toy Top 100, Dr. Toy Top Vacation, Moms

Wise Alec™ Jr.

4 in 1 Gam WI e

4 Skill Building Games




Strengthen memory with a quick matching game or associate images with the right number of objects with Wise Alec Junior™. Practice telling stories together and use the different cards to inspire a unique and playful experience.

My R dau Sh ainbo ghte r lo to e us ws ow crea ed 1 & Sto ved 00 n w te rm he a bo stic s! re k a ers rd wit sh sis h he e cou of he r r ter . (C olde ld pla hris r y tina )

CODE ITEM MSRP 4000191 Wise Alec Jr. $16.00

Case Size: 6 units

Rainbows & Storms™


Dr. Toy Best Vacation, Moms Choice Gold

Creative Game Kit

A great afternoon activity, or birthday loot bag where the creativity never stops! Now is your chance to design your own board game. Teachers can tailor activiy to Common Core Standards. CODE




Rainbows $21.00

Case Size: 6 units

5 Stones™


Hand-eye Coordination Game

A few minutes of play can help strengthen hand-eye coordination in a captivating way! 5 Stones™ is the ancient hand-eye coordination game that inspired Jacks. Play your way with this adaptable and addictive hand game.





5 Stones


Case Size: 12 units

Dr.Toy Top 10, Dr. Toy Top 100. Moms Choice Award, Creative Child Award, National Parenting Center, Teachers Choice Award

Show me the Kwan™ A

Word Game

With only 12 letters to choose from and a wacky category on your hands, its time to Show me the Kwan™. Beat the clock and forget about spelling rules with this one-letter word game. Finally, a word game where spelling isn’t everything! CODE



Show me Kwan

MSRP $ 23.00

Case Size: 8 units

Oversight™ Abstract Strategy

Dr. Toy Best Educational

y gor l e t al ca ve here at o l We es w play E gam yers OW M es pla e. SH N do onc KWA oria) l E TH t....(G i

Exercise your mind and outwit your opponents with Oversight™ the fast-paced 4-in-a-row strategy game! But its not always easy to win. Up to 4 players. CODE 4000181

ITEM Oversight

MSRP $26.50

Case Size: 6 units

Words of the Wise™

Chronicles of the Mind™

Mind Teaser Game

Party Card Game


Turn your ABC’s into a hilarious word game! Strengthen vocabulary with this easy to learn ABC game. A, B, C might be easy, but see if you can get to X, Y, Z. CODE


4000149 Words of Wise

Case Size: 12 units

MSRP $13.00

Moms Choice Gold, Dr. Toy, TNPPA

A A compact, portable party game featuring a collection of unique and interesting topics to breack the ice at your next group gathering. Moms Choice, Dr. Toy, National Parenting Center

CODE ITEM 4000132 Chronicles

Case Size: 12 units

MSRP $13.00

Griddly Headz

Dr. Toy, Toy Man Award

| baseball | nascar™ Set up the board and roll to play. No sports knowledge required. Use your power players to eject opponents but don’t lose your uniform or front teeth along the way! hockey




F6000293 F6000156 F6000392

Baseball Family Ed. Hockey Family Ed. Nascar Family Ed.

$33.60 $33.60 $33.60

An award winning line of family strategy games with 3 sport

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We are a company based in Richmond, near Vancouver, B.C, creating award-winning kits, party and board games that deliver innovative, engaging fun that brings families and friends together. Founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mother of three boys, who took it upon herself to deliver wholesome family fun that multiple ages could enjoy together. Griddly Games offers games that inspire laughter and fun, while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Griddly Games instills a strict company philosophy to encourage social interaction and foster learning opportunities that everyone can enjoy. © Griddly Games 2017

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