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Do you remember the time when you used to read those fairytale books? Do you remember that feeling of wanting to be princess in the fairytale and meet your prince charming? I know that it is because of the romance in it and how perfect everything was after all the hardships. But, I doubt that it’s only just that. The setting is the one that really made you fall in love with those fairytales. It’s because of the magical touch in wherever the princess or the prince may be. It’s like the place where they are together is only theirs. It is beautiful.

Then again, growing up, you learned, we all did, that fairytales aren’t real; that love can cause you hurt and that being together doesn’t always mean being happy and feeling magical; and that sometimes, romance just dies. It’s the harsh reality. But, we still choose to be fooled by it. Instead of fairytales like the Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, we now read or watch something like Twilight which has Edward and Bella, or Harry Potter with Hermione and Ron, and maybe something else with almost the same fictional, magical story with romantic love in its plot.


But, reality must always dawn on us. Vampires with eternal love for you don’t exists; the same with wizards and witches, or other crazy love stories with supernatural creatures like the love of a fallen angel and a human, an angel and a vampire, fallen angel and nephilim, or other tales. And, because we know reality and can distinguish them from our fantasies, we know we are not sick in the head. And, you know what else? We know that we can own the same romantic place, the same with the fairytales through buying real estate properties that look just like them.


It is hard to look for magical places like the meadows, beaches, mansions, forests in the books but there are people who could help us look. Those people are known as real estate agents. It is their job to help us find and acquire the properties that we wish to have. Not only that, they also take care of the necessary paper works.


They also make sure that the place they will recommend to us is in our budget. We have to admit that owning a real magical place won’t be cheap. We must work had in order to live in our dream place.


Living your fantasy