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introducing the

ROCKETTE JACKET highly fashionable and versatile-the Rockette jacket is designed for choreography ranging from hip hop to celtic to jazz LEFT: 3301 bra top in Eggplant Mystique, 1504 WWB shorts


in Grape Matte and Rockette Jacket SPS in Black Cotton and Zebra Printed Spdx. | RIGHT: 7507 NC Unitard Cut 8 in White Spdx. with Silver Wetlook



always has a place on stage

LEFT: 10245 Bodysuit with Halfskirt in Armour


Foil, skirt lined with Black Sequin Powernet | RIGHT: 1038 Black Matte dress with Black Rose Lace overlay, Cut 12 V in White Spdx. and inserted Knee length Black tulle

our new cut 12 is a great option for classic ballet but can also make a great addition to any dress

try a lace overlay for added detail


key holes add interest to a simple bodysuit


pretty in pink

OPPOSITE PAGE: 8004 KH Bodysuit in

Pink Panther Foil LEFT: 40025 HSPB top and 1518 shorts in Pink Expressions Glitter Georgette | MIDDLE: 4065 CIR Playdress in Romance Spdx. and Pink Expressions Glitter Georgette | RIGHT: 4036 CAP birdcage top and 1526 capris in Rose Tea unique fabric


costumes with

ATTITUDE check out our new Grunge foil fabric-it makes for a great hip hop costume


B.LEFT: 8004 CS TQ unitard / RT-2 in Purple Matte and Black Tulle with Front Zipper and 1805 Thumb Glove in Grunge Foil | B.MIDDLE: MVNeck Tshirt in Grunge Foil | B.RIGHT: 30025TQ top Cut 1 in Black Powernet with Black Spdx, 5002 top in Grape Matte and 1607 skirt in Grunge Foil and Tangerine Powernet | F.LEFT 7580 top in Grunge Foil, 1506 Capri in Black Lace, Skort in Black Cotton and Tangerine Powernet, Armbands in Grape Matte | F.RIGHT: Male Raglan Tshirt in Charcoal Matte and Grunge Foil

bold colours and asymmetry can be very cool

LEFT: MVNECK top Cut 6 in Black & White

Check and Turquoise Matte, M1521 Pants Cut 8 in Black Cotton with 1 stripe in Black & White Check | RIGHT: Mtshirt in White Cotton, 1874 Hoodie in Camouflage printed spdx. and M1521 street short in Avocado Spdx.


hair accessories like bows, ribbons and flowers can add a pop to classsic ballet costumes

LEFT: 9003CAP Bodysuit in


Light Pink Mystique with Nude Powernet Yoke, 1641 Skirt in Blue Organdy WWB in Light Blue Mystique and 1818 Bowtie in Light Blue Mystique worn in the hair | RIGHT: 6009 Dropwaist dress in Crocus Velvet and Crocus Georgette with tie

spice up your little ones ballet with added collerette and multicolour layers of tulle

LEFT: 4037 Purple Velvet dress SPS in Purple Nylon Chiffon with Purple and Turquoise Tulle thigh length insert. Collarette trim in Wedgewood Velvet | RIGHT: 5037 Light Blue Spdx. dress with thigh length Light Yellow Tulle insert. Top Layer of skirt 1640 overlay in Light Blue Mystique. Poet Bells in Yellow and Light Blue Spdx. with 2� ruffle in Light Blue.

| 10

all about


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 40025 CAP top in White Cotton, 1814 Burgundy Spdx. Vest, 1812

11 |

Black Wetlook tie, 1508 Black Cotton shorts and 1608 FS A line Skirt in Ivory Plaid | 5055 Fitted dress in Pink Celtic with Black Wetlook, Upper Armbands in Black Wetlook Male T-shirt in White Cotton, M1814 Vest in Green Celtic and 1812 tie in Black Wetlook | Rockette Jacket in Disco Fever and Emerald Mystique and 4227 NS Tap dress in Black Velvet

the new armbands rock

just an example of more things you can do with the new Rockette jacket

| 12

Check out our new Tinker top - pair it with pants or for a completely different look, try it with a skirt

13 |

LEFT: 7063 Tinker top in Fushia Spdx.with 1825 Band / Buckle in Gypsy Spdx. paired with 1506 Capris in Black Wetlook | MIDDLE: 1063 Tinker Top in Fushia Spdx. with 1825 Band/ Buckle and 1653 Hankerchief Skort in Gypsy Spdx. | RIGHT: 1012 Empire dress in Jeans unique fabric with Crocus Spdx. trim and 1816 headband and bow, 1825 accent band in Rhinestone Cowgirl unique fabric and 1507 Navy Cotton leggings

E C N A D NCE E t DA NoC a e b n w A r Dto you we | contrast colleretteask for it on any of your costumes | 14


clowning around

try a little ruffle

15 |

LEFT: 6007 unitard in Cirque printed Spdx. with 3� ruffle | MIDDLE: 7008 KH Cut 3 Bodysuit in Turquoise and Black Mystique with Silver Mystique Trim| RIGHT: 4007 unitard in Busker printed Spdx. with 1712 skirt in Purple Wetlook

| 16

layer powernet to create a cool atheletic style

athletics socks are all the rage this year

LEFT: M773 top in Royal Powernet over Silver

17 |

Spdx, M1521 Cut 8 street shorts in Black and White Matte, Wristbands in Royal Matte | MIDDLE: 1877 hooded jacket in Silver Spdx, 50025 top in Royal Matte and 1529 knickers Cut 8 in Black Matte and Silver Spdx | RIGHT: 1874 SH hoodie in Royal Powernet, 3301 bra top in Silver Spdx, and 1508 shorts Cut 8 in Royal Matte and Silver Spdx

LEFT: 9064 SF NS NC Ruffle Dress in

Keylime Spdx. overlaid with Black Sequin Powernet | MIDDLE: M8070 top in Sapphire Mystique, M1523 pants in Blue Tuxedo and 1812 Tie in Silver Mystique | RIGHT: Mtshirt in White Cotton, M1814 Vest in Bronze Pinstripe, M1523 pants in Black Matte and 1818 Bowtie in Bronze Mystique

| 18

add a fabric belt to any costume and instant drama 19 |


have fun with colour


LEFT: 9037 NC NS dress in Candyland and Light Pink MPN with Turquoise Tulle thigh length inserted with Candyland top layer. 1817 scarf in Fushia Matte around waist | RIGHT: 3301 top in Lime Matte Sdpx., 773 Low V tank top and 1825 accent band in Turquoise Spdx. and 1506 Capris in Black Wetlook

| 20

add a piece of braided collerette to a strapless to create a fabulous new look

21 |

LEFT: 331112 V Waist Dress in Gold on Black Foil and Cherry Red Spdx. Braided trim in Gold on Black Foil for strap, 1805 PT gloves in Black Sequin Powernet | MIDDLE: 33025 top Cut 1 in Black & Red Matte, 1529 Knicker in Black Matte, 1810 PT tie top in Black Wavy Lace and Armbands in Red Matte | OPPOSITE RIGHT: 2203 Bodysuit in Turquoise Wetlook, 1875 Hooded Top (2 snaps) in Silver Wetlook and 1825 Accent Band in Black Wetlook with 1900-F Large Circle Buckle | ALICE AND FRIENDS: Visit for more information.

a costume


| 22

hottest colour trend this year is purple


23 |

LEFT: 5031 Cut 10 top in Purple Prism (Horizontal and Vertical), band in White Matte, 1506 capris in White Matte | MIDDLE: 10215 Skating Wrap Dress in Purple Matte and Ivory Spdx | RIGHT: 5001 Top in Lavender Spdx, 3002 Overtop in Purple Sequin Powernet and Hankerchief Skort in Lavender Spdx

new hankerchief skirt

new wrap skating skirt

| 24

take a vacation from the norm, light up the rink with unique skating dresses such as the new Ruffle dress

25 |

LEFT: 9064 Ruffle Dress NC in Royal Flash, White Sequin Powernet and Silver Mystique, 1805 TG Ruffle in Royal Flash, trim in Silver Mystique with small buckle | MIDDLE: 60201 Skating Dress in Aqua Magic with double strap, skirt in White Sequin Powernet and Hawaii Georgette | RIGHT: 6720 Peasant Top in Navy Whisper, and 1508 short in Sapphire Mystique

introducing the

peasant top

our new peasant top looks great in all the unique fabrics

| 26

layer to create dynamic new looks that can go from one dance to the next

go 27 |


the flutter top is another new addition-add a little diva with a waist belt

LEFT: 5003 bodysuit in White Cotton, 1606 skirt in Zebra Printed Spdx. with Fushia Mystique WB, 4102 crop top in Black Lace, 1805 TG in Zebra with 1805 TG wrist length in Fushia Mystique over top, 1819 Fushia Mystique Choker | MIDDLE: 4062 CIR top in Leopard printed spdx. 1506 Capris in Black Wetlook and 1805 TG wrist length gloves in Gold Wetlook | RIGHT: 6129/03 Bodysuit in Black Mystique with Zebra Spandex Band and Shocking Pink Wetlook Collarette

| 28

funk things up with a

FANCY back 29 |

stylized top now available in all garments

TOP: 2051 FB Halter dress in Daydream and Lilypad georgett | MIDDLE: 612909 Drop Waist dress in Lavender Tea/ silver Mystique and Plum Matte trim | RIGHT: 5055 Loose Fit Dress in Twilight Glitter Georgette with Black Velvet accents

| 30

from the runway to the stage-lace is a huge trend

31 |

FAR LEFT: 5001 Pop top and 1508 shorts in Black Cotton, 3007 Unitard in Mulberry Lace | LEFT: 5032 top in Light Blue Lace lined with Light Blue Spdx, 1508 micro shorts in Light Blue Spdx and Trim in Light Blue Spdx. for Hair | RIGHT: 5037 dress in Black Spdx. with Turquoise tulle thigh Length insert, Black Sequin Powernet sheer insert and over skirt | FAR RIGHT: 5037 dress in Black Spdx. with Fushia Tulle Thigh length insert, Black Sequin Powernet sheer insert and over skirt

wrap it your way-don’t be afraid to be creative

create a beautiful dress with sheer inserts over the bodice

| 32

basic elements wind, water, earth, fire

FAR LEFT: Wind: 5210 Empire dress in Charcoal Matte Spandex

33 |

with Licorice Georgette | LEFT: 5010 Empire dress in Splash Matte Spandex with Ocean Georgette | RIGHT: 6010 Empire dress in Dill Matte Spandex with Lilypad Georgette | FAR RIGHT: 4010CAP Empire in Red Matte Spandex with Lava Georgette

something as basic as an empire can have many different looks-get creative with your fabric combinations

| 34

everyday dancewear

35 |

FAR LEFT: 5004 unitard in Black

Matte with 773 tank top in Fushia Ribbon Lace | LEFT: 1003 Bodysuit in Black Cotton, 1506 capris in White Cotton and 1615 Wrap Skirt in Fanfare Glitter Georgette | RIGHT: 5009 Drop Waist Dress in Yellow Spdx. with Sunburst Georgette/Yellow Nylon Chiffon and Yellow Nylon Chiffon insert | FAR RIGHT: 3011 Drop Waist Dress in Mango Shimmer Lace, 5001 pop top and 1508 shorts in Blush Matte

| 36

have fun with


LEFT: 5002 top in Red Glitter with 6” Red Fringe attached and 1508 shorts in Red Glitter with 6” Red Fringe attached | RIGHT: 4403 Bodysuit in Picnic printed spdx. with 6” Turquoise Fringe inserted in the drop waist. Trim and straps in Red Glitter Foil

| 38

KNIGHTS Classic Bodywear

Knights Lookbook 2011-2012  

Knights Lookbook for this year

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