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Wisdom In The Hood is a seasonal online news outlet dedicated to youth in communities across the world; written and published by Pauline Rogers. Parents, care takers family members and friends of youth are welcome to read along too. This media is for youth from all walks of life because the sun shines for us all. Too many times young people don’t realize that there is a world outside of their neighborhoods. Many young people are being raised by parents who have not been taught them about the power of positive thinking, healthy nutrition, laws of success and more and so “Wisdom In The Hood” helps to provide this dialogue. This online news portal is for youth who are low income and youth who come from wealthy families because wisdom is needed by people of all income brackets. Just because someone has a lot of money does not mean that they are wise and just because a person comes from a low income bracket does not mean they are a without. To help make this world a better place wisdom is needed by all.

The agenda of this online news outlet is to help youth and the information within this news magazine is beneficial for adults too. Be sure to share the information with all you can because inspiration is a positive contagion. The mentality of many young people in neighborhoods across America and especially in low income areas is bleak. Many feel that there is no hope but there is much hope in the world. Think about this…”as long as babies are being born on a daily basis there is hope. So long as millions of people across the world are praying every single day there is hope; as long as plant life is growing everywhere all around us there is hope. Without hope how can we move forward? Giving up hope is giving up on life.

“Knowledge of self” is the beginning of wisdom. Learn who you are and what your purpose is in life because it will make you a happier person. Learn to love yourself. Start caring more about your environment and the people in your family, your friends and those around you. Eat more green leafy foods, fruits and vegetables. Believe it or not this is the process of knowing self and only when you really have an understanding of yourself can you begin start on your journey to wisdom. Read this newsletter often to learn basic principles about positive thinking which contributes to positive living and thus positive experiences. All that I share encompass all belief systems and ideology. What I mean by this is that If you hold a particular religion, creed or belief system, the information that I share will not to infringe upon it. ALL CAN RELATE TO THE INFORMATION THAT I PUBLISH. I cater to youth and adults from all walks of life. I purposely made this news media seasonally because I give lots of homework and so you will need a lot of time to finish these assignments. There’s always plenty of writing involved in the homework assignments that I give to you in order to assist you in really grasping these topics. It is a statistical fact that when a person writes down information often, it is mentally retained on a long term basis. Now I cannot make anyone begin or complete homework assignments. I promise you that reading Wisdom In The Hood will be more fun and rewarding if you do the homework assignments. This dynamic is NOT for my benefit but for yours. All that I write, share and promote is for your self-development and the greatest thing about it all is that it is FREE.

The Power of Positive Thinking I am passionate about this Wisdom In The Hood because when I was growing up I did not have anyone in my life teaching me these principles. I learned about these things much later on in life and on my own. This is why I do what I do with much passionate effort. I seek to reach as many young people as possible with this information because if you learn these principles early, you have a better chance to have a positive more prosperous productive life. You can then pass this information to your children and this is what is going to help make the world a better place in which to live. Everything that you learn not only forms who you are, but it will go down in history as your legacy which is produced from the children that you birth one day. And every single person who enters your life in any way will be affected for good or not so good by what you learn from here on in whether via this news media or just life in general.

Let’s talk about what it means to be positive. Positive means a good attribute or constructive quality. Do you have good attributes or constructive qualities? I am sure that you have quite a few so my suggestion is for you to purchase a journal and write a list of your positive attributes. After you have written a listing of all or most of the positive qualities about yourself that you are aware of, write in detail about these positive qualities. Thereafter, make sure you write a list of things you would like to improve upon about yourself also known as “the not so good qualities”. Be sure to write about this listing in detail too. After you are finished with this project, you should have at least one page of information. When you are done, make sure that you read it often to gain insight about yourself. When you participate in exercises like this it helps you get to know yourself. “Knowledge of self” leads to self-love, self-acceptance and understanding others. When you know who you are and what makes YOU tick, then you can have a certain peace of mind that no one can penetrate. All of this leads to wisdom which is the premise of this online news media.

Let’s get back into positive thinking… Who would you rather be around? Someone who is negative can bring you down in the dumps with them. Both negativity and positivity are energy. Energy is contagious and it spreads. You have a choice of what you want and who you are by the company that you chose to be around. This is what the saying “Birds of a feather flock together means”. Unfortunately, if you are under age and have to live with people who are not displaying positive actions, then you have no choice but there are still things that you can do to counter act negativity to the best of your ability. For some children their escape from home or life negativity may be

reading, art, music or whatsoever gives them an outlet or good escape. Participating in the above assignment helps a lot and also reading about being positive; and making an effort to display positive attributes too. Most people prefer to be around people who are positive more than they elect to be around people who are displaying negative attributes. Having a positive attitude brings good things to oneself and being negative can cause bad things to transpire. Having a good attitude can empower you in many ways. When you have a positive attitude, you are more fun to be around. Who wants to be around someone who always shows them dark clouds? People are seeking hope and the prospect of happiness not doom and gloom. No one wants to be around someone who is always negative. When you have a positive attitude you feel good about yourself and life in general. You start to appreciate all of the good things around you that you may not have noticed before. Positive attitude reduces stress levels because stress can lead to depression which makes more negative mental states. Depression over time can lead to life debilitating situations and can negatively impact those around you. Sometimes life appears difficult. When you want to be happy but your family can not pay rent or there is not enough food to eat you can still make an effort to think positive. You’d be surprised that in very stressful situations it is best to be positive the most. The last thing you need when facing a crisis is to think negative. Positive thinking creates a relaxed mind and a relaxed mind can come up with solutions for the most difficult problems. If your family has trouble meeting rental obligations are if you family is trying to figure out how to feed you the worst thing you could do is think negative.

Below is a list of 10 ways to increase positivity in your life. I want you to study this list and work to employ as many as you can. Your homework is to write a full paragraph about each one of them. Ten Ways To Be More Positive 1. Smile 2. Enjoy the sunshine. If you wear sun screen, then please do so 3. Dress up 4. Do Yoga or Tai Chi 5. Sit quietly for about 30 minutes a day 6. Stop and Smell Flowers 7. Eat a meal at your favorite store 8. Read a good book 9. Watch a comedy show 10.Get enough sleep Thinking positive is a self-development empowerment tool that leads to success. If you think negative or have a negative attitude, then it could possibly affect your employment, relationships with your spouse, you could have problems in your life, with your family and friends. The multiple physical and mental benefits of positive thinking have been demonstrated by a plethora of scientific studies. Positive thinking can give you more confidence, improve your mood and can even reduce certain diseases. Let’s share more examples on how the power of positive thinking can benefit you. 1. Begin your day with positive affirmation- How you start your morning sets the tone for the entire day. If you wake up rushed, it causes a domino effect wherein the rest of your day may be rushed, stressed and accident prone. Before you start your day it’s always a good idea to state affirmations to yourself. More on affirmations in a later issue or you could get a head start and read about it now yourself. 2. Think about good things as much as you can throughout the day. For example: “you are in a traffic jam and you feel stressed” Think positive.

Perhaps you are in the traffic jam to prevent an accident or from running into something that is not good for you had you not been in a traffic jam. Or maybe the traffic jam is for you to have a few minutes to yourself to use to relax if you are always on the go and in a rush. No matter how small a situation may appear to you being positive will help all the time. 3. Turn bad experiences into good. No matter what you may have experienced in your life up to this point you can always turn failures into lessons which is the purpose for our lessons in the first place. Everybody makes mistakes because no one is perfect. You are going to make mistakes and experience shortcomings with yourself and other people. Instead of focusing on failures, think about how you could do better next time. Think about how the failures led to something good or how mistakes helped you understand something deeper. We can all take something negative and turn it into a positive. “Wisdom In The Hood” online news media was created as a result of my making an effort to get into other already established media but I could locate no opportunities for promoting this dynamic. Having been an educator for a couple decades, I knew that there was an audience for this platform but either many already established media outlets could not see the vision or some were helping youth in other areas pertinent to them. I could give you many more examples of my turning failures and mistakes into positive lessons. 4. I hear a lot of parents in inner city neighborhoods yell at their children and call them all types of names none of which I can share here. Then when I am in upper income neighborhoods I don’t hear the same dialogue. What I have surmised through my experiences in this capacity is that many times poverty and negative mental states are also programmed deep into the mind by insults, bad treatment, stress and more. When a child is consistently exposed to negativity they began to have negative self-talk. Change negative talk to positive self-talk. Stop saying you “can’t”. 5. Focus on the present- Most people have experienced pain and suffering to some extent and some more than others but everyone has had difficulty

at one time or another. Rich celebrities have difficulty in t heir lives at times because life is not easy all the time for none. To help heal from painful experiences, it’s a good idea to write in a journal or talk with a therapist. Another good thing to do is attend your religious service whatever that may be and learn about your spiritual practice. Whatsoever you do make an effort to FOCUS ON THE PRESENT because going back to the pain aka the past does nothing but keep you in negative bad past memories. What keeps many people in constant emotional turmoil and stress is when they continue to visit past events that brings up bad past emotions and then they relive the event over and over again. 6. Surround yourself with positive people- When you surround yourself with positive people you will experience great opportunity to hear good things happening in their lives which will inspire you. Their positive vocabulary sinks in and then this affects you in very good ways. Being around positive people can also help you get out of negative situations because of the inspiration that these people bring to your life. What I mean by this is that positive people inspire you to have hope, faith, good vision, foresight and ultimately this leads to your positive thinking. Positive thinking can help you come up with creative expansive 7. Find positive solutions to difficult challenges in life. The more you practice thinking positive the more positive thinking will be increased. 8. Write an essay about ways you can be positive. I do consultations within in a wide variety of areas and have done so for 18 years now. I can give you a sample consultation so that you can see that I know what I am doing. I have helped 100’s of people via my expertise and I truly love what I do. To schedule a consultation with me or for further questions call me at 267-225-2332. Be sure to spread the word about “Wisdom In The Hood”. Feel free to send me your ideas, concerns, and suggestions.

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Write a 700 word essay about “The Importance of Reading” and you could win $100.00, FREE books and gifts. The goal is to inspire children toward a love of reading and books. All essays must be typed or NEATLY handwritten if you don’t have access to a computer. The submission date for all entries is June 19, 2018. You may also mail your completed essays to: Pauline Rogers Post Office Box 104 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19105. I am dealing directly with schools and I request that children forward their essays to the directors of their school English Departments. If you are entering this writing contest outside of a school program, please have your parent/guardian contact me at 267-225-2332 first before submitting your essay.

Wisdom In The Hood  

This quarterly e-news-zine was written to inspire youth to be their best selves. Adults can benefit from the contents of this material too.

Wisdom In The Hood  

This quarterly e-news-zine was written to inspire youth to be their best selves. Adults can benefit from the contents of this material too.