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Technical Data (M1): Equipment Type: Waveform:

Dual Channel TENS Bi-phasic symmetrical rectangular Output Intensity: 0-50mA (500 ohms load) Output Voltage: 25V (500 ohms load) Pulse Rate: 2-200Hz and 8,00012,000Hz adjustable Pulse Width: 20-250 and 5-40 microseconds adjustable Output Modes: Continuous (C), Burst (B) Modulation 1 (M1), Modulation 2 (M2) (B): 1 burst per second. A burst consists of 1-200 pulses. Adjustable by pulse

Setting 1:

Setting 2:

(M2): Setting 1:

Setting 2 -

Timer: Power source:

rate control. Pulse width modulation 80% in 3-second cycle pattern on setting 2-200Hz. 30% in 3-second cycle pattern on setting 8,00012,000Hz. Pulse rate modulation 50% in 3-second cycle pattern on setting 2-200Hz. 40% in 3-second cycle pattern on setting 8,00012,000Hz. 15, 30 or 60 minutes or continuous 9v PP3 battery

Low battery Lights up if below 6v indicator: Unit dimensions: 10.4cm x 8.9cm x 3.8cm (4 1/8” x 3 3/8” x 1 3/8”) Unit weight: 200g (with battery) Classification: This unit is fully compliant with EEC Directive 93/42/EEC, classified as internally powered equipment type BF. It is intended for continuous operation.

Explanation of symbols: Equipment providing a particular degree of protection against electric shock, particularly regarding allowable leakage currents having an F Type (floating) applied part. Warning - refer to accompanying documents (i.e. this user manual). Recycle.


Accessories The V-TENS Plus is a dual channel TENS unit, supplied with the following accessories: 1. 1 pack of 4 50mm x 50mm self adhesive electrodes; 2. 1 9v PP3 battery; 3. 2 lead wires; 4. 1 manual; and 5. 1 carrying pouch.

How to place electrodes Body Clock TENS units are supplied with 2 x 2 (50mm x 50mm) self-adhesive rectangular electrodes These are consumable items that can be re-ordered from Body Clock. • Store electrodes in packaging provided in a cool dry place. 2

• A key to successful use of the stimulator is finding the best placement for the electrodes. You may need to try several electrode locations before you find the best one to intercept your pain. • Before placing the electrodes on your skin, wash the area with mild soap and water and then thoroughly rinse and dry. • Trim excess body hair, which could interfere with smooth electrode contact with the skin, but do not shave it. • Do not place electrodes on cut, broken or irritated skin. • Moisturizing cream may be applied after treatment, but not before. • Never place or remove the electrodes, test or wet them while the system is turned on and connected to the electrodes. Failure to comply can result in a sudden unpleasant sensation on your fingertips.

Lead Wires The lead wires are made of high quality shielded wiring. They are made from fine wire to be flexible and lightweight and if treated gently are designed for long life. The pin ends of the leadwires are inserted into the electrodes.

How to Use the Body Clock V-TENS Plus 1. Battery Placement: For the first use of this unit, insert the battery, ensuring the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are correctly positioned. 2. AC/DC Adapter: If the optional mains adapter (an optional extra, not supplied with this unit) is to be used instead of the battery, insert the adapter pin at the end of the adapter lead, into the socket on the front of the unit marked “AC/DC�. 3. Leadwire Connection: Insert the pin ends of the leadwires into the selfadhesive electrodes. 4. Electrodes: If using self-adhesive electrodes, there is no need to use gel and tape. Please read the instructions provided with the electrodes. If using carbon rubber 3

electrodes and gel, spread a small amount of the gel on each electrode and keep in place with permeable non-woven surgical adhesive tape. 5. Before Beginning Stimulation: Set the pulse rate dial to “2”. Turn the Output intensity (Amp) dials to the OFF position. Set the pulse width control dial to “140”. Set the frequency selector (Hz) to 2-200. Set the mode selector to switch “C”. Insert the leadwire plugs into the jack plug sockets at the base of the unit. You are now ready to commence stimulation. 6. Stimulation: Slowly turn the Output intensity (Amp) dials clockwise until they click to the “ON” position and the power indicator light comes on. Continue to turn the dials slowly until a mild pricking sensation is felt. 7. Pulse Rate: By turning the pulse rate


control dial slowly to the upper end of the pulse rate range (approx. 80Hz) you will feel a tingling sensation. This is based upon the Gate Control Theory. Effective pain relief may also be achieved at the lower end of the pulse rate range (approx. 2Hz). After setting your unit to this level, you will feel a sensation like a heart beat. 8. Pulse Width Adjustment: This is an added facility providing extra versatility to your V TENS unit. It is particularly useful when a specific pulse width has been suggested by your medical adviser. Increasing or decreasing the pulse width heightens or lessens the sensation at the site of the electrodes. The pulse width should initially be set at 150200 and then can be adjusted as desired.

9. Mode Selector Switch: This selector switch enables you to choose the different types of modes available: Continuous mode This mode provides a steady uninterrupted (constant) signal. Burst mode This mode emits a train of pulses turning on and off once per second in regular bursts. This feels like a tapping sensation. Modulation modes This mode provides a signal automatically decreases and then increases in regular cycles. After 6 seconds, the cycle starts over again. This can be very soothing. M1 will modulate the pulse width and M2 will modulate the frequency (see technical specification above).

Varying the modes helps your body avoid becoming used to one particular setting. Your medical adviser will be pleased to assist you to find the best settings for your particular problem. Continue stimulating for as long as necessary but preferably for no less than 30-50 minutes, unless you experience discomfort. Some people achieve pain relief after a short period of time, while others may require the use of the TENS unit for a lot longer. 10. Timer Selector Switch: This selector switch enables you to choose preset times of 15, 30 or 60 minutes or alternatively continuous stimulation (C), which lasts as long as you choose. After completing a 30 or 60 minute cycle it is necessary to move the timer back to “C� to re-activate the unit or re-select whichever time is required. 5

11. Electrode Care: If you stimulate for a number of hours, check that the selfadhesive electrodes have not dried out. If this is the case, they may be moistened with a drop of water. If using carbon rubber electrodes, check that you still have sufficient gel on them. If electrodes are allowed to dry out, this can cause minor skin irritation. 12. After Stimulation: When you have finished stimulating, turn the Output intensity (Amp) dials to the “OFF� position. Always ensure that the unit is switched off before removing the leads. Do not pull out the leadwires. Always remove the jack plugs from their sockets by holding the plugs between the forefinger and thumb. 13. PLEASE NOTE: When using the 8,000-12,000 Hz range, very little sensation will be felt, but an


excellent degree of pain relief will be obtained. When using this range, it is recommended that the mains adapter is used, as battery consumption is very high.

Precautions and contraindications 1. Do NOT use the V-TENS if you have a cardiac pacemaker. 2. Check with your medical adviser before using if you suffer from a heart condition, epilepsy, undiagnosed pain, have any metal implants, or any doubts whatsoever. 3. TENS must NOT be used before the 37th week of pregnancy. 4. Never use TENS to mask undiagnosed pain since this could require urgent treatment. 5. If you are pregnant, do NOT place the electrodes over your abdomen. 6. Do NOT use this unit without first reading these instructions. 7. Do NOT immerse the V-TENS in any liquid. 8. Do NOT place it close to any source of excessive heat or operate it in the presence of flammable gas. 9. Do NOT drop this unit onto a hard surface.

10. Do NOT attempt to dismantle the V-TENS. 11. Only use specified batteries and electrodes. 12. If damaged, do not use. Return to supplier. 13. Remove the batteries when not in use. 14. Do NOT use while driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery or while using a microwave. 15. Keep out of the reach of children. 16. Do NOT place electrodes on or near the eyes, in the mouth, over the front or sides of the neck, across the head, heart, or an area of broken, inflamed, infected or numb skin. Electrodes should generally only be applied to skin with normal sensation unless under medical supervision. 17. Do NOT use in the presence of tuberculosis, malignant tumours, very high or very low blood pressure, epilepsy, high fever or acute inflammatory disease unless under medical supervision.


Electrode Placement

Lower Back Pain

Upper Back Pain

Neck Pain/Whiplash


KEY: =first pair of electrodes =second pair of electrodes. N.B. Electrodes supplied with this unit are all the same colour - the black and white squares show suggested electrode placement only.


Shoulder Pain and Frozen Shoulder

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Outer and inner aspect of shoulder

Period Pain

Ankle Pain

inside leg

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Classical Migraine

outside leg



Post shingles


Dials and Controls

Battery compartment modulation, burst, continuous

Timer Pulse width

Pulse rate Intensity (AMP)

Jack plug socket 10

Intensity (AMP)

Adaptor socket

Jack plug socket

Guarantee Your TENS machine is guaranteed for a period of 5 years against manufacturer’s defects. Please record purchase details in the space provided below for your record purposes. The guarantee does not include leads, electrodes or battery Name of product:


Date of purchase: Invoice number:


ISO 9001:2008   ISO 13485:2003 EC DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC Annex V

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Body Clock V-Tens Plus Instructions UK  
Body Clock V-Tens Plus Instructions UK  

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