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\ Fire Suppression for Saunas \ Saunas are now found in a wide range of premises including hotels and leisure centers and they are growing in popularity. Due to the demand these are often installed into existing buildings which haven’t been purpose built and the risk from a fire is therefore greater than a purpose built self contained unit. The Risk The risk of fire is increased as saunas are typically constructed from timber and they reach temperatures of up to 95° C. They are also usually electrically operated and thermostatically controlled. Some large fires have been attributed to saunas over the last few years so the risk to life, property, and business interruption resulting from such fires can be substantial. The main causes of fire resulting from saunas is considerable as a number of factors are at play. These include some of the following: • Poor housekeeping - combustible materials left in the vicinity of the heater e.g. robes or towels • Heaters left ‘on' and unattended for prolonged periods of time. • The failure to off power to the sauna on cessation of business. • Thermostat failure • Lack of or inadequate inspection regimes during times of operation

• Lack of maintenance • Electrical faults e.g. internal sauna lighting • General wear and tear abuse of use

Effective Solution Firework’s has recently developed the Hydramist® 15AMPU fire suppression system which is very effective at covering this risk. It can be installed into existing or new builds and is safe for people and the environment a very big advantage over some of the other systems currently on the market. Firework’s can offer Fire Suppression and Protection systems for a wide range of applications including data centres, computer and communications rooms, food processing and catering lines, generator enclosures and engine test facilities. Many years experience has also been gained in the marine industry, covering machinery spaces, engines, kitchens and accommodation.

The Hydramist® 15AMPU fire suppression system can be operated manually or automatically and is connected to the fire alarm or BMS system to give a signal when operated. The system uses high pressure watermist which is the preferred fire suppression system of a number of insurers including Aviva and RSA for covering the risk of fire within saunas.

How it works The Hydramist® 15AMPU creates very fine droplets of water which instantly turn to steam upon contact with the flames. The conversion to steam immediately cools the fire and surrounding surfaces smothering and extinguishing the fire in seconds. Additionally the fine water droplets bind with the smoke particles generated by the fire and prevent the smoke from spreading away from the immediate fire zone.

Advantages of the Hydramist® 15AMPU • Fast acting and effective fire suppression system • Tested and approved to LPCB LPS1223 • Automatic and manual operation • Continuous operation until manually stopped • Reduced water use and residual water damage • Dramatically reduces the downtime and the expensive cleaning up process • Saves time and dramatically reduces smoke spread

How we can help Planning and Design Firework’s has been designing fire protection and suppression systems since 1995. Our in-house design department are one of the most experienced in the sector and we are specialists within the high pressure watermist environment.

Fireworks offers the following services:

Service and Maintenance:

• Pre-design site visits

Without regular servicing and preventative maintenance even the highest quality and best installed fire suppression system will deteriorate with potentially disastrous consequences. At Fireworks our servicing and maintenance agreement ensures:

• Design approval process • Turn-key installation • Annual maintenance From concept to completion our design experience will ensure that the projects are completed on time and within budget. Installation All Firework engineers are highly experienced with the systems we install and carry out work to ISO 9001 & industry standards. Firework’s is a Safe Contractor and CHAS approved organisation and all the engineers are directly employed by the company. Our time served employed installation teams offer us the flexibility and professional installs which secures us repeat business from some of the largest contractors in the country and around the world.

• Systems are fit for purpose • Compliance with insurance company requirements • Extended life equipment The insurance companies stipulate that maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and the 15AMPU has a rigorous service interval of 6 months.

To find out more about how we can help you protect your risk place call us on 0800 975 7462 or visit our website

From an initial enquiry we assess the best system to suit the client’s requirements. We then prepare an initial design using AutoCAD software, based upon the information received which may also involve a site survey. After the approval of the initial design we then work closely with the client to ensure that they are happy with the design and the installation process. We can provide the analysis and design of systems best suited to provide a reliable, code compliant and cost effective solution.

Approvals & accreditations

For further information on our products and services please call 0800 975 7462 or visit the website today.

Fireworks Fire Protection Ltd Amber House Station Road Attleborough Norwich, Norfolk NR17 2AT 0800 975 7462

Fireworks Sauna Case Study  

Fireworks Sauna Case Study

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