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\ Protection for BIO Mass and Conveyor Systems \ When flammable material is crushed, milled, conveyed and stored, the risk of fire increases especially when carried on a conveyor belt system. The use of renewable sources of energy, such as biomass pellets, increases this risk as this material is usually dry and needs only low ignition energy to ignite. One of the most common fire risks in the BIOMASS industry is friction as it can generate overheated material that ignites in the conveyor or cooler. The design, supply and installation of a Hydramist® fire suppression & detection system are in place to protect the conveyors and any fires that do occur can be suppressed.

Fireworks systems offer:

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Safe and Efficient

Environmentally friendly Hydramist® uses less water than other systems to protect the surface area. Due to Environmentally responsible the unique way the Hydramist® automated fire detection and systems are employed, a larger area suppression system can be protected. Pipes are used Safe for people and the environment over conventional sprinkler systems, it allows easier installation, typically No harmful chemicals used 42-12mm OD pipes are used. Proven for use in a wide variety of applications

• Fireworks offer fast and effective fire control •

Hydramists fine water droplets absorb large amounts of energy from the fire resulting in an immediate drop in temperature from surrounding air/gases. It reduces the oxygen at the source of the fire and greatly reduces the smoke damage. It is safe for people enabling controlled evacuation from the protected areas.

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Nozzles and System Zones Nozzles are generally installed every 2 metres above and below the conveyor belts over a number of zones, depending on the length of the conveyor. Each zone will be activated by flame detectors. The detection system will also send a signal to stop the conveyors upon activation. Our systems are designed so that if a section of conveyor has detected a fire and Hydramist® is discharged into that section, the next section of the conveyor is also activated to prevent the spread of the fire. We can also design a remote control panel for the conveyor control room to allow manual activation of extra/alternative zones if required.

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Fireworks Case Study  

Fireworks Biomass Case Study

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