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INSIDE: Summer Cuisines Art on the Terrace Photography Printmaking Pottery




Open Studio Noon - 10pm, seven days a week Free access for UW-Madison students. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual passes available for Wisconsin Union members and general community. Three playful, energetic, well-equipped work spaces for exploration, creativity and collaboration. Studio Y – full ceramics studio for wheel throwing, including an accessible wheel, hand building, sculpture and more.




Summer Ceramics


Captured Memories

Relief, intaglio & Polaroids

Playfully muddy!

Studio O – a  rt metals, stained glass, glass fusing, mosaics and polymer clay jewelry.  rawing, painting, printmaking, digital photography, Studio G – d fabric arts and matting & framing.

Become a photography whiz

Drop-In Art & DIY Projects How it works: purchase the supply kit and finish it with style! Available projects rotate throughout the year. Stop by and browse completed samples. • Painted Pottery • Canvas Paintings • Woodburning • Mosaics • Paint-a-Puzzle • Keepsake Boxes


Fused in Glass


Art Tapas on the Terrace

Fun AND easy

The popular series returns

Drop-In Events & Workshops Special one-time, quick engagement offerings that are free or low cost. Take home your creative, finished work. Join our email list or watch our website for these fun opportunities.

Group Parties & Instruction Use one of the studios for a birthday, bachelorette party or for a teambuilding exercise. Groups can work independently or make an instructorled project. We can help you with project ideas, materials and food. We can even travel to your location.

Private Instruction


If you’re ready for some one-on-one learning to advance your artistry or accomplish a specific project, schedule time in the studios for private coaching and development. Hourly rate varies by artist and subject.

Art for Sale Ceramics, prints, paintings, handmade books, knitwear – all handcrafted by local artists and very affordable. Shop in person at Wheelhouse or online at


F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156

MOSAICS Mosaic art is the arrangement of multimedia tiles, such as glass, ceramic or pebbles, to form an image or pattern. No experience necessary for any mosaic course.

Stained Glass Garden Stepping Stones NEW

May 29, Tue, 6-9pm #4810.101 June 10, Sun, 6-9pm #4810.102 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member) NEW

Mosaic Pendants

June 6, Wed, 6-8pm #4811.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

Coasters & Trivets June 14, Thu, 6-9pm #4800.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member) NEW

Sunburst Plate

June 17 & 24, Sun, 6-8pm #4802.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member) NEW

Flower Pots

Pictured: Coasters & Trivets

June 18 & 25, Mon, 6-8pm #4808.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member) NEW

Upcycled Mosaic Decanter

July 2 & 9, Mon, 6-9pm #4809.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156




Cha Cha Workshop

Learn the basics and a few modern twists to the fast and upbeat Cha Cha. July 1, Sun, 3-5pm #7012.101 $14.50 (Student/Union Member) $24.50 (Non-member)

Ballroom Basics Workshop

Intro to Pole Dancing Build confidence, flexibility and strength through this unique and fun fitness activity. You will learn safe techniques, basic pole moves and some spins using a portable pole. June 16, Sat, 10:30am-12pm #7210.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

Intro to Kenjutsu Swordsmanship of Japan Explore the historical sword training and fine arts of feudal-era Japan. Sessions include a study of zazen (seated meditation), sho (brushed calligraphy) and kenjutsu – the art of using a Japanese sword. June 26 - July 31, Tue, 6-7pm No class July 3 #7740.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Couples are recommended as partners are not guaranteed for single registrants. No refund of course fee if you are not able to find a partner in class. Please do not wear tennis shoes or sandals; a hard-soled shoe is best. Course fees are per individual, not per couple.

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

July 1, Sun, 5-7pm #7010.101 $14.50 (Student/Union Member) $24.50 (Non-member)

Swing, Swing, Swing Workshop A fun, fast-paced workshop to try the different styles and steps of East Coast Swing (triple step to jitterbug). We will dance to big band rhythms of the ’40s, R&B of the ’60s and even a little Rockabilly! July 1, Sun, 7-9pm #7011.101

Note to Ballroom Dancers


A relaxed, flexible, fun introduction to partnership dancing with an easy presentation of basic steps and musical style of the most popular social dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, Salsa and Swing.

608. 262.3156

$14.50 (Student/Union Member) $24.50 (Non-member)


The Basic Art of Calligraphy

Guitar/Ukulele Private Lessons

Utilizing individual instruction, learn the basic techniques and patterns that form the building blocks of manuscript writing. Great for handmade cards, wedding invitations and more.

Learn fingerstyle or music from any genre. Six 45-minute private lessons.

June 12-26, Tue, 5-7pm #3010.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

June 12 - July 24, Tue, 6-9pm No lesson July 3 #5510.101 $109.50 (Students/Union Member) $119.50 (Non-member)

Harmonica Private Lessons

Scrapbooking: Building Memory Pages

Learn single notes, melodies, blues, bent notes and improvisation. Five 30-minute private lessons.

Turn your memories into scrapbook page works of art and create designs that capture the essence of your best stories.

June 21 - July 26, Thu, 3-8pm No lesson July 5 #5520.101

July 9, Mon, 6:30-9:30pm #1080.101

$69.50 (Student/Union Member) $79.50 (Non-member)


$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Summer Fiction Writing Workshop Learn techniques of fiction writing: Tell the story with dialogue, character development and passion. You’ve got the imagination. Use it! July 10-31, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #3800.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Acting Techniques: For Stage & Life

Be a Better eBay Buyer & Seller Ready to take the next step with internet auctions? Learn how to sell the stuff you no longer want, your options as a seller and how to make more money in the process. May 14, Mon, 6-9pm #9250.301 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)


Focus on personality exercises, theater games and character building. July 10-31, Tue, 5:30-8pm #5100.301 $49.50 (Student/Union Member) $59.50 (Non-member)

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156


PAINT & DRAW The Basics of Drawing

The Zen of Drawing

Creating images begins with observing what is right in front of you. Get inspired and take in pointers from a seasoned artist.

Create line variations, spatial depth, volume, texture, light and shadow while using a range of subjects like flowers, fruit and nostalgic objects. It is surprising to discover how much your mind can get in the way.

May 29 - June 26, Tue, 7-10pm #1000.101 $59.50 (Student/Union Member) $69.50 (Non-member)

Exploring Watercolor Pencils through Nature From intense opaque to light wash, take inspiration directly from a variety of natural objects. July 10-24, Tue, 7-10pm #1020.101 $59.50 (Student/Union Member) $69.50 (Non-member)

July 31 - Aug 14, Tue, 7-9pm #1030.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Watercolor Painting Workshop NEW

O N E - N I G H T MASTERPIECE SERIES Create your painted masterpiece on canvas in just one night. Let our accomplished artists lead you through the steps. Make it a paint night party – register with friends! No experience necessary.

Starry, Starry Madison Night June 4, Mon, 6:30–8:30pm #1120.101

Explore various painting styles and create your own masterpiece. Open to all skill levels.

$29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)

June 21 - July 5, Thu, 6-8pm #1100.101

Charming Daisies

$39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)


July 11, Wed, 6:30-8:30pm $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)


Pictured: Starry, Starry Madison Night

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F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156

PRINTMAKING Printmaking is the process of transferring an image to another material. Classes offered this session will explore the following techniques: Relief printing – covering upraised areas with ink and pressing it on the material (like a rubber stamp). Screen printing – pushing ink through a stencil or photo emulsion to transfer the image. Drypoint – incising an image into a solid material and using the upraised burrs to create a print. NEW

Polaroid Prints

Take a Terrace-inspired Polaroid then disassemble it and use the parts to create a unique print. June 5, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #3325.101 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

Screen Printing Workshop

Beginning Etching: Drypoint

June 11-25, Mon, 6:30-9:30pm #3311.101

July 2, Mon, 6:30-9pm #3320.101

$49.50 (Student/Union Member) $59.50 (Non-member)

$19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

July 15-29, Sun, 6-9pm #3311.102

Intro to Relief Printing

$19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

July 16 & 23, Mon, 6:30-9:30pm #3310.101 $49.50 (Student/Union Member) $59.50 (Non-member)

SUMMER CERAMICS From beginning handbuilders to experienced throwers, everyone can relax and enjoy working with clay. Learn to create bowls, mugs, vases or lidded vessels on the wheel, or 3D figures by hand. Finish your masterpiece with glaze and kiln firings.

Intro to Wheel Pottery

Continuing Wheel Pottery

May 29 - June 26, Tue, 7-9:30pm #4000.101

June 18 - July 16, Mon, 6:30-9pm #4010.101

June 14 - July 12, Thu, 9:30am-Noon #4000.102

$119.50 (Student/Union Member) $129.50 (Non-member)

July 11 - Aug 1, Wed, 12:30-3:30pm #4000.104 $119.50 (Student/Union Member) $129.50 (Non-member)

Wheel Pottery Refresher June 14 - July 12, Thu, 6:30-9pm #4002.101 $119.50 (Student/Union Member) $129.50 (Non-member)

Handbuilding: 3D Hollow Figures May 10-31, Thu, 5:30-7:30pm #4020.301 $69.50 (Student/Union Member) $79.50 (Non-member)

Ceramic Arts Private Lessons Work one-on-one with an accomplished artist to advance your handbuilding or throwing skills. Schedule with Teaching Artist #4009.301

Pictured: Wheel Pottery

June 17 - July 15, Sun, 6:30-9pm #4000.103

$30.00/hour F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156


JEWELRY HANDMADE Explore jewelry fabrication techniques including sawing, piercing, riveting and texturing. June 21 - July 5, Thu, 6:30-9:30pm #4100.101 $49.50 (Student/Union Member) $59.50 (Non-member)

Intro to Ring Making Make a simple silver band and explore the basics of metalsmithing. Includes techniques such as annealing, soldering and forming. June 26, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #4105.101 Aug 8, Wed, 6:30-9:30pm #4105.102 $19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

Intro to Banded Rings Explore basic ring making using metal bands or plates. You will learn about ring sizing, cutting with a jeweler’s saw and soldering. May 14, Mon, 6:30-9:30pm #4104.301 July 16, Mon, 6:30-9:30pm #4104.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)


Intro to Lapidary Learn safety and the basic skills to saw, grind, sand and polish many different types of rocks into cabochons. Designed for the beginner and a great complement to other jewelry making courses. July 18 - Aug 22, Wed, 5:30-9pm #4205.101 $129.50 (Student/Union Member) $139.50 (Non-member)

Stone Setting in Jewelry Solder, cut, and anneal while you learn the art of bezel setting stones to make a pair of earrings or a ring.

Fuse glass enamel on metal to create a beautiful summer butterfly pendant. Aug 9, Thu, 6:30-9:30pm #4123.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member) NEW

Chain Maille Earrings

Create chain maille earrings by interlocking jump rings and finish with beads or charms. July 10, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #4126.101

July 12 & 19, Thu, 6:30-9:30pm #4106.101

$19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)

$39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Twist-Forged Cuff Bracelet

MOSAIC PENDANTS See Page 3 Watercolor Effect Enamel Pendants

Choose nickel, copper or brass to forge a shining bracelet with an elegant twist. July 31, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #4144.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant

Fuse glass on metal using separation enamel to create a pendant with flowing translucent designs similar to watercolor washes.

A cabochon is a polished stone that hasn’t been faceted. Learn wire-wrapping techniques to create a custom cabochon setting. This class is perfect for those with some basic wire work experience.

May 9, Wed, 6:30-9:30pm #4123.301

June 12, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #4201.101

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Etched Copper Pendants Learn the steps of metal preparation, use of resist to create a design and acid baths to create a pendant. May 15, Tue, 6:30-9:30pm #4120.302 July 23, Mon, 6:30-9:30pm #4120.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)


Summer Butterfly Enamel Pendant NEW

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156

Pictured: Stone Setting in Jewelry

Metalsmithing: Jewelry Design Basics

CAPTURED MEMORIES There’s more to photography than “point and shoot.” These courses are designed to help you take into consideration composition, lighting and depth of field to get a great shot. You can then edit and finish your photos. Want to practice your newly acquired skills? Be sure to register for one of the FREE field sessions! You must have previously taken a photography course at Wheelhouse Studios to attend a field session.

Travel & Scenic Photography May 8, Tue, 6-9pm #2335.301 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

The Complete Digital Photographer July 10 - Aug 7, Tue, 6-9pm #2301.101


$79.50 (Student/Union Member) $89.50 (Non-member)

See Page 7

Captivating Smartphone Photos June 27, Wed, 6-8:30pm #2200.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Beginning & Intermediate Digital Photography July 9 - July 23, Mon, 6-9pm #2300.101 $49.50 (Student/Union Member) $59.50 (Non-member)

DSLR Photography

Photo Portrait Workshop

July 18 - Aug 1, Wed, 6-8:30pm #2305.101

July 30, Mon, 6-8:30pm #2322.101

$49.50 (Student/Union Member) $59.50 (Non-member)

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Conquering Manual Focus for Macro & Portraits

FREE Photography Field Session

May 15 & 19, Tue, 6-9pm & Sat, 1-4pm #2325.301 July 18 & 21, Wed, 6-9pm & Sat, 1-4pm #2325.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

July 14, Sat, 1-4pm #2399.101 July 28, Sat, 1-4pm #2399.102 Aug 11, Sat, 1-4pm #2399.10 FREE – Pre-Registration Required

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156


FIBER ARTS NEW Wet Felted Cell Phone Cover

Wet felt your own fabric and make a small pouch to use as a cell phone cover or a clutch.

June 14, Thu, 6-8:30pm #4462.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)

Easy Crocheted Wrap Bracelet

Block Printing on Fabric

Get started with two easy and versatile crochet stitches and craft multiple bracelets.

Design your own stamps and create interesting prints on cotton fabric.

July 22, Sun, 5-8pm #4534.101

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member) NEW


Soleless Sandals

A cute and trendy summer accessory, these beaded anklets can be worn with or without shoes.

July 1, Sun, 6-9pm #4118.101 $14.50 (Student/Union Member) $24.50 (Non-member)

From Rags to Riches

Learn simple altering techniques to transform your clothes. Bring garments from your closet that you wish to upcycle.

Aug 2 & 9, Thu, 6:30-8:30pm #4433.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member) NEW Wet Felted Wine Bottle Sleeve

Create decorative covers for your wine bottles using the wet felting technique.

July 31 & Aug 7, Tue, 6:30-8:30pm #4531.101

Sept 20, Thu, 6-9:30pm #4464.201

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

$39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)



Fused Glass Pictures

July 1, Sun, 6-8:30pm #4608.101

Fusing glass is a fun way to mix colors and create a unique piece of art. From cutting glass to firing it in a kiln, you will be proud to put your art on display. No experience necessary for any of the glass courses.

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Lampworking: Glass Bead Making NEW

Fused Glass Bowls Bees & Butterflies

July 20 - Aug 13, Mon, 6-9pm #4622.101

June 11, Mon, 7-9pm #4616.101

$59.50 (Student/Union Member) $69.50 (Non-member)

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Fused Glass Coasters

Pictured: Fused Glass Bowls



Full Moon Fused Glass Bowls

July 25, Wed, 6:30-9:30pm #4605.101

June 27, Wed, 6:30-8:30pm #4614.101

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156

SUMMER CUISINES Summer Wines & Small Bites Explore the art of wine and food pairing. June 6, Wed, 6:30-8:30pm #6000.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Food & White Wine: Tastes of Summer NEW

Examine the reason why some combinations dance gracefully on your palate and others disagree. Three varieties will be explored: chardonnay, riesling and sauvignon blanc. July 18, Wed, 6-8:30pm #6020.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Mediterranean Cooking: Summer Season Sensations NEW

Explore vegetarian and locally-sourced ingredients as you create a five course meal with a masterful chef. June 17, Sun, 12-4pm #6350.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Quick & Easy Summer Meals NEW

A delicious menu of peppery chicken meatballs, soy glazed pork kebabs and unbaked four cheese stuffed zucchini rolls. June 27, Wed, 6-8:30pm #6202.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Knife Skills Workshop Learn and practice techniques to take the chore out of cooking and impress your friends. Techniques include: deboning, dicing, pasting garlic and cutting fruit as well as knife selection, sharpening and care. June 20, Wed, 6-8:30pm #6010.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Quick & Easy Indian Cooking

Learn to make a complete 3-course Indian meal, including dips and a dessert. June 17, Sun, 5-7:30pm #6311.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)

Indian Vegetarian Cooking Discover how to make quick, easy and healthy meals. July 15, Sun, 5-7:30pm #6310.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)


Sake Dinner

Try several varieties of sake (cold and warm) and see how they pair with soup, tempura, beef salad and Japanese pancakes. July 11, Wed, 6-8:30pm #6026.101 $39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

Seasonings, Spices & Healthy Eating Spice up your life and eat healthier by learning how to lower your salt and sugar intake without giving up flavor. The right seasonings can transform ordinary, inexpensive food into a treat. July 30, Mon, 6-9pm #6400.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)


Cake Decorating

Learn a variety of techniques for decorating cakes and different icing recipes. July 16, Mon, 6:30-8pm #6510.101 $29.50 (Student/Union Member) $39.50 (Non-member)

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156



July 1, Sun, 3-5pm #7012.101 $14.50 (Student/Union Member) $24.50 (Non-member) NEW

Summer Butterfly Enamel Pendant

Quick & Easy Summer Meals

Fuse glass enamel on metal to create a beautiful summer butterfly pendant.

A delicious menu of peppery chicken meatballs, soy glazed pork kebabs and unbaked four cheese stuffed zucchini rolls.


Aug 9, Thu, 6:30-9:30pm #4123.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Soleless Sandals

A cute and trendy summer accessory, these beaded anklets can be worn with or without shoes.

A summer sun inspired mosaic plate.

July 1, Sun, 6-9pm #4118.101

June 17 & 24, Sun, 6-8pm #4802.101

$14.50 (Student/Union Member) $24.50 (Non-member)

$19.50 (Student/Union Member) $29.50 (Non-member)


NEW Mediterranean Cooking: Summer Season Sensations

Learn techniques of fiction writing: Tell the story with dialogue, character development and passion. You’ve the got the imagination. Use it!

Explore vegetarian and locally-sourced ingredients as you create a five course meal with a masterful chef.

$39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

June 17, Sun, 12-4pm #6350.101

Terrace Mason Jars

Join us on the Terrace for a quick “bite” of art and a beautiful sunset. Gather your friends and sign up for one or the whole series - your creativity will flow!

Paint a canvas and small wooden Terrace chair back for a truly unique piece of art. Aug 1, Wed, 6-8pm #1800.101 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)


$39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)

$39.50 (Student/Union Member) $49.50 (Non-member)


Mixed Media Terrace Chair Back Painting

June 27, Wed, 6-8:30pm #6202.101

Sunburst Plate

Summer Fiction Writing Workshop

July 10-31, Tue, 6-9pm #3800.101


Pictured: Terrace Mason Jars


Learn the basics and a few modern twists to the fast and upbeat Cha Cha.


Painted Wine Glass Set

Paint a set of 4 Terrace-themed wine glasses.

Decorate a set of 2 Terrace-themed mason jars. Aug 15, Wed, 6-8pm #1800.103 $24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Aug 8, Wed, 6-8pm #1800.102

Paint a Terrace Sunset

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

Aug 22, Wed, 6-8pm #1800.104

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

Paint a Terrace sunset on a large canvas.

$24.50 (Student/Union Member) $34.50 (Non-member)

608. 262.3156


We would be happy to help you host a unique group gathering! Team-building activities for 100 of your coworkers or intimate birthday parties, we can do it all.

Pricing Projects start at just $2/person! This will depend on the project you choose, number of people in your group and if you have any refreshments, however. We are happy to discuss your budget and type of event to help you pick the best project to meet your needs.

Select an instructor-led project or simply reserve the space. The project opportunities are endless. Most popular projects:

Location Wheelhouse Studios can accommodate events up to 45 guests. If your event is larger than 45 guests, we can come to your location or help you locate another space and still create a great event.

Refreshments Like you, we want your event to be perfect. If you would like appetizers, a special cake, beer or wine, please let us know! We will coordinate with Wisconsin Union Catering to make it happen. Please keep in mind Memorial Union has a no carry-in policy when planning your event.

Paint Nights


Screen Printed T-Shirts

Painted Pottery

Polaroid Self-Portrait Collage

Ceramics & Pottery

Contact Us Ready to book a party or want an official quote? Visit to submit a request or call us at 608.262.3156 to confirm a date and time.

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156


Pictured: The Terrace Paintacular

FREE Make art on the Terrace! No registration required.

Terrace Art Zone Free art making and crafting. Wednesdays 4-7pm June 13 – Paint a Mini Masterpiece June 20 – Decorate a Trucker Hat June 27 – Paint a Pot & Plant It Presented in collaboration with Allen Centennial Gardens. July 11 – Terrace Bandanas July 18 – Rock Mandalas July 25 – Decorate a Picture Frame

Terrace Takeover with Allen Centennial Gardens A Terrace “landscape” paint night and flower crowns. July 24, Tues, 6:30-8:30pm

The Terrace Paintacular Madison’s largest paint night returns! We provide the canvas, paints and instruction while you enjoy the sunset, painting and the Terrace. A perfect way to end the summer. Sept 3, Mon, 6-8pm.


F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156


FAQ Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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Available for any amount over $25, gift certificates are good for one year towards any course registration, drop-in project, group event or studio pass. Gift certificates are available online, in-person or by phone.

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Children in Wheelhouse Courses Wheelhouse Studios courses and facilities are designed for adult learners, ages 18 and up. Children ages 14 and up can enroll with a parent or guardian (two registrations required). Wheelhouse Studios needs to be informed of any registration of someone under the age of 18. The adult must attend with the child and has full responsibility/liability for the child. Thank you for your understanding.

Membership means a lot at the Wisconsin Union. It means the beginning of a lifelong connection to the heart and soul of the campus. It supports all the things people love about the Union - arts and culture, adventure, special guest lectures, film, music and more. Because the Union is a completely selfsupporting organization operating without any tax dollars, membership ensures everything that makes the Union special can be enjoyed for years to come.


Whether a graduating student, alumnus, retiree or just a lover of the Union - membership is open to everyone. We have a variety of options from one-time payments to yearly installments for a lifetime of benefits. 608.262.2263

Refunds & Transfers If we have to cancel a course for any reason, you will be issued a full refund of your course fee. If you cancel your participation in a course and request a refund, a $5 fee will be deducted from your refund to cover administrative costs. To receive a refund, please provide notice to our office at least three (3) business days before the first class meeting. Transfers and credits to your account are possible up to three (3) business days prior to the starting date of any course. No credits will be issued after the second class session for multiple session courses. One-session and individual lesson courses require at least three (3) business days prior to the class start date for transfer or credit. Credits are transferable to another individual.

F U L L C O U R S E L I S T I N G AT U N I O N .W I S C . E D U / W H E E L H O U S E

608. 262.3156

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Wheelhouse Studios Memorial Union University of Wisconsin-Madison 800 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706

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PAID Permit No. 658 Madison, WI


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Give us your name, address, phone and the course section #’s you are registering for.

By Phone 608.262.3156

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Wheelhouse Studios 800 Langdon Street Madison, WI 53706

In Person

Make checks payable to: The Wisconsin Union

Create. Make. Do. Memorial Union Lower Level

Hours Open Studio Hours: Noon-10pm, Monday-Sunday Closed holiday weekends and July 4

PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Teaching Artists do NOT take registrations or payment. Registrations accepted until the day of course provided class has made minimum enrollment and space is available. Register early to ensure your space in a course!

Wheelhouse Catalog - Summer 2018  
Wheelhouse Catalog - Summer 2018