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Pilot Volume 25 Issue 5 May 2019

Drawn by Hannah Gorski

Reflections: Teachers’ First Year at Wisco

By Isabella Delwiche

Photos by Gerry Milton


Wisco had many new teachers this year. We took some time to catch up with them about their first year at Wisco.

Mr. Moldenhauer

Mr. Strutz

Mr. Moldenhauer came to us after teaching at St. Philips. This year he taught English 9, American Literature, and Ancient History. He said his first year at Wisco, “has been a great first year for me. What I have enjoyed is being part of a diverse learning experience for students. I also have enjoyed seeing students grow both in my classes and in extra curricular activities. Wisco is a place like very few others where students grow academically, physically, and spiritually.”

This is Mr. Wiechmann’s first year in Wisconsin after teaching at St. Cloud Christian school in Minnesota. He was in charge of the visual arts department this year, as well as advising the Compass. He said his first year at Wisco was “everything I was hoping for. I was blessed to have students who were open with me about who they are, and who they want to be. I got to see creativity and determination on a daily basis. Teaching at Wisco this year taught me how important it is to work at a place where you one hundred percent believe in the mission. I had been searching for this since getting my masters degree, and it is wonderful to be home in the WELS.”

Mr. Strutz is at Wisco after teaching at Waterford Union High School. This year he taught in the Extended Learning Center and became the head girls’ basketball coach. He has great memories of his first experience with OHFHS. He said, “It was great to be a part of some of the exciting events with other staff members and students.”

Pastor Butler

Mr. Wiechmann

Pastor Butler spent 15 years in parish ministry before coming to Wisco. This year he taught Proclaiming Christianity, Living Christianity, and Revelation. He has “enjoyed building relationships with students and staff. Coaching soccer has also been a lot of fun.”


Mrs. Cousins

Before coming to Wisco, Mrs. Cousins taught math in Flagler County, Florida. About her first year teaching, she said, “It was fantastic. I enjoyed so many aspects, but all of the students were the best part--from the teams I coached, to the students I taught.”

School Mr. Wenzel

Working at Wisco was Mr. Wenzel’s first teaching job. He is currently a student at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, where he is studying to be a pastor. About his first year he said, “This year at Wisco has been an incredible experience. Teaching Latin has been a blast--the students were awesome to work with, and I’ve learned so much about teaching in a classroom setting.”

Mr. Walz

Mr. Walz joined his brother Mr. Ryan Walz at Wisco after teaching at St. Paul’s Muskego. He taught in the Theology department this past year. He said this about his first year at WLHS, “I have enjoyed my first year of teaching at Wisco. It has been awesome to see how the Lord blesses our student body, faculty/staff and our mission. For me, the greatest part of teaching is having the opportunity to build rapport with the kids through sports and coaching.”

Mr. Nelson

Mr. Nelson comes to us from Christ-St. Peter, and he taught both Chemistry and AP chemistry. His comments on his year are, “My first year of teaching chemistry at WLHS has been amazing. It’s been so much fun to get to know so many Christian young people and watch them grow both academically and spiritually. I also get to not only stay in Christ as part of my daily routine, but also point others towards their Savior. I can’t emphasize how important this past point is. I look forward to becoming more effective as time goes on.”

Mrs. Wenzel

This is Mrs. Wenzel’s first year teaching. Previously she was a social media specialist and journalist for websites across the state, as well as starting her own clothing business. She said, “My first year of teaching was a lot of fun. The students taking my class were all motivated to learn. I especially enjoyed getting to know the students and seeing their faces when the item they chose from a pattern actually turns into the item in the picture.”

Mr. Hernandez

Last year Mr. Hernandez taught Spanish at West Allis Nathan Hale H.S. He said, “My first year at Wisco was busy and extremely enjoyable. I loved integrating Scriptures into class everyday and getting to know terrific young people outside of class and seeing how they are serving our Savior. Coaching was also a highlight for me. This summer I am blessed to be able to go to Mexico with a group of students to teach about Jesus. Finally, I have phenomenal colleagues with whom it is a pleasure to work and through whom I see myself becoming a better teacher and a more faithful disciple of Jesus.


Civil Rights

Civil Rights Tour 2019

By: Mercedes Rzepkowski

and their experiences each day. The students visited a variety of cities on the tour including: Atlanta, Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Memphis. While in these cities, students stay in a variety of hotels and eat Southern cuisine in local restaurants. While there were several aspects about the trip that made it exciting and memorable, one of the most interesting was visiting places such as the Lorraine hotel where MLK Jr. was shot and killed or the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, dedicated to the lynchings that took place. This gave students an opportunity to see these memorable historic sites and in a sense “experience history.� The Civil Rights Tour was fun for teachers as well. Mrs. Knight stated that she experienced eye-opening moments when she

came to grips with everything that had happened where she stood. She also enjoyed watching the students being brave enough to have engaging conversations about the trip. Mr. Whiteside loved the jokes the students played on each other and on him. He stated that he thought hypothetically about what he would do, say, or be like if he lived during that time period. Overall, this trip helps students to gain a heightened understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and the struggles African Americans faced and continue to face. Students also bond and become friends with those they never thought they would be friends with before the trip. It is an experience unlike any other, and many of the participants recommended that all who can, should apply for the trip next year.

Pictures by: Mr. Whiteside

The Civil Rights Tour is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn first hand about the Civil Rights movement. This year 32 sophomore and junior students from different backgrounds participated. The students who were selected by application visited important historical sites such as Martin Luther King Jr’s birthplace and burial place. The goal of the trip is to develop or further develop an understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and the struggles that came along with it. The students then bring back their knowledge to Wisco and share it. While on the trip, students visit a variety of historical sites such as museums, memorials ,and churches. Aside from the stops themselves, the group of students and faculty who attend have a variety of group discussions and journal entries about what they learned



Many people are familiar with the idea of playing the drums. However, not everyone is acquainted with the idea of steel pans. Steel pans are relatively new instruments to Wisconsin Lutheran High School. Their origins begin far away from the cold, Wisconsin weather on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. When enslaved Africans were brought to the islands during the 1800s, they brought their culture and music along with them. In order to suppress their heritage, slave holders eventually forbade the African Americans from using drums. Because of this, the enslaved Caribbean Africans adapted to their situation by using bamboo sticks and metal scraps as a replacement. They eventually began to put their focus on the metal scraps; over time,

By: Blessed Ikuobolati

e t S

many changes occurred for these metal scraps to transform into the steel pans we know today (Steel). Here at Wisco, dozens of students gather to play these interesting instruments to prepare for performances and even certain chapel services. “The music/ sound of the instruments always has a summertime vibe and it just sounds really cool,” one student said when asked about what she really likes about steel pans, “also, being able to play with other musicians is awesome.” Not only is steel pans an extracurricular activity, it is also a learning experience. Liam Teague, a professor of music and head of Steel Pans Studies at Northern Illinois University (NIU), made his way into the halls of Wisco to aide our steel pans groups with their growing dedication to this instrument. He even took his time to play with the students during our school’s Spring Concert, which inspired many of the participants. “He played everyone’s part, skillfully improvising and memorizing. It was inspiring.” One student said about their encounter with Teague, “It really encouraged me to keep playing.”


l e

s n

a P

Steel Pans are a breath of fresh air among the many fine arts programs of Wisco. One participant expressed her love for how diverse the instrument is with many different genres. “One thing I love about it is how diversifiable it is” she said. Another student recommended it to anyone who can read music. When asked how she would summarize steel pans in one word, she said happily, “Fun!” There are so many different instruments to choose from. Consider adding steel pans to your list of instruments to learn to play . . . or at least look up some videos of others playing them.


Summer Boredom Solutions

By Emily Gorski

Junior Staff at Camp Phillip Camp Phillip is home to many acres of beautiful nature and a countless amount of people who have hearts for serving Jesus. Every summer, in the woods of Wautoma, Wisconsin, over a thousand campers get the chance to strengthen their faith while meeting new friends and making memories that will not be forgotten. High school students have a similar opportunity. Teenagers coming out of their freshman, sophomore, and junior year can apply to be part of Camp Philip’s Junior Staff. After a week of training in the beginning of summer, teens come back throughout the course of the summer for weeks of counseling. During these weeks, campers and staff interact with one another and their campers by rocking out in song period, getting challenged on the ropes course, swimming in the lake, and participating in various Bible studies and devotions. Hannah Gorski, a senior who has spent her previous three summers as a Junior Staff member, says, “I would highly recommend trying junior staff even if you’re a little nervous about it, because you have so many opportunities to grow in your faith. You are surrounded by encouraging and loving staff, and in the process you create lifelong Christian friendships.” Isabella Delwiche, a sophomore, experienced her first year of Junior Staff this past summer and explains what it means to her by saying, “I love working with the kids and getting to know them throughout the week. It is so cool to see them interact with each other and become closer friends. Also, the staff are amazing and really supportive. You won’t find this experience anywhere else.”

See the sunsrise and sunset

While summer is a time for sleeping in, take a day to get up early and watch the sunrise. Or, if you’re not a morning person, catch the sunset. A beach is a great place to see the amazing views of either one.


Summer See a Movie

If you’re looking for a way to cool off and need a break from the hot sun, visit a nearby movie theater. Many new movies are being released this summer that you don’t want to miss. Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and Aladdin are just a few of these. On Tuesdays, Marcus Theaters offers movies for only $5, and on Thursdays, they offer tickets for $6 and a free 46 oz popcorn for students and faculty. AMC theaters have a $5 Tuesday deal and concession specials as well.

Six Flags

Those seeking adrenaline and thrill should take a trip to Six Flags. A new ride called Maxx Force, set to open this coming summer, will have the fastest launch in North America and the fastest inversion in the world. From riding the roller coasters to cooling off in the waterpark and playing carnival games, there is definitely a lot of fun to be had at Six Flags. You will again be able to find savings on Coke cans and online.

WIsconsin State Fair


Summerfest is the world’s largest music festival held at Henry Maier Festival Park, right here in Milwaukee. Not only are there plenty of artists to see at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater, there are several free stages to visit as well. In addition to the music, you can choose from a variety of different restaurants to eat at, including Cedar Crest Ice Cream, AJ Bombers, and Belair Cantina. If you don’t mind heights, take a ride on the Skyglider. You can get a great view of the fireworks from the park on the first day of Summerfest and on the 3rd of July. Look online for ticket deals and promotions.

A popular summer event is Wisconsin State Fair (August 1--11). Take the opportunity to eat some crazy foods, visit several farm animals, or ride the SkyGlider. There are also concerts and performances on the Mainstage. Some of this year’s performers include KING & COUNTRY and Jeff Dunham. If you buy tickets online, you can get $8 admission from now until June 30th.


Pilot Senior Staff

Seniors What was the most memorable moment(s) in high school? The most memorable thing I can remember is when I first came to Wisco, I could not understand the classes, but my English teacher helped me a lot to fit into school life.

Meeting my best friends, the Homecoming dances, football games, pep rallies, and prom.

The most memorable moment is being part of the Academic Top 10, also, meeting good friends.

Would you recommend Pilot to other people? Why? I would recommend Pilot to other people because people can truly learn many things reading the articles, and they can also learn stuff by being on the Pilot staff. Yes! You get the opportunity to work on your writing skills while meeting other people and having a bunch of fun. There’s a variety of things you can do, and you can pick which ones suit you best.

Samantha Xu Artist

I would recommend Pilot to others if they want to be involved with their writing, artistic, and photography skills.

I would recommend Pilot to other people because it promotes the improvement of writing skills which are essential in almost any class you ever take and almost any job you have.

I would recomment Pilot to learn how to be a better writer and meet new people.

Yes, I think it is a great way to get used to writing while learning about new topics for articles. Plus, they are a great group of people to be around.

Allison Miller Photographer


Timothy Broekema Writer

Jamare McMurtry Writer

Seniors What are you plans after high school? Next year I’ll be at WLC studying Marine Biology. --Jaydin My plan is to attend UW Whitewater for Accounting. --Timothy

I plan to attend Concordia University Wisconsin to study Actuarial Science. --Reece

At this moment, I am still unsure. Most likely, I will end up either taking a semester off or taking general classes at a college near here or online.--Hannah

I will go to the RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institude) and major in Biology.--Samantha I plan on going to MATC next year and getting a degree in Graphic Design. --Allison

How do you think participating in Pilot helped you improve? I learned a lot through writing the articles, and it provided me a way to show my writing ability.

My communication, since I was socially awkward in grade school.

Pilot gave me a chance to work on my writing skills.

Writing articles gave me a new style of writing instead of my usual formal usage.

What’s something that happened while you were on Pilot that will you always remember? I love seeing each issue go from a whole lot of different pieces to all of them fitting together like a puzzle. Sometimes it has felt like fitting everything will not fit, but it always ends up working out.

Almost losing an entire issue due to computer problems, learning how to do Indesign, the beautiful art that Bella, Samantha, and all the artists created for the issues, and climbing around the room to set up Christmas decorations.

Jaydin Pluta Writer & Photographer

Hannah Gorski Editor-In-Chief


Reece Elton Editor

Diante Johnson Writer


Black Hole By: Abigail Berg

Outer space is home to many things that are unbelievable to humans. Space travel itself is the impedimenta of science fiction, but the technological advancements humans have made in regards to space exploration are far from fiction. Recently, scientists have used a system of telescopes to take the first picture of a real black hole in the Earth’s very own solar system. A black hole is a very unique occurrence. Since it is made up of gravity, space, and time, it is not able to be seen and there is not

much research done on it. Scientists are not able to measure very many of its properties from the outside; however, they can develop theories based on how the black hole affects the things around itself. A black hole is formed when a star collapses in on itself. This extraordinary event has never been caught on film due to its invisibility. That is, until now. Scientists created a network of eight radio telescopes to take the first picture of a black hole. The picture, while blurry, depicts the gravitational pull and the

energy of the black hole in the form of light. This picture is revolutionary not only because it exhibits how far technology and the research of outer space has come, but it also gives the people of an example of just how vast and incredible the universe really is. From a Christian point of view, it is an example of just how incredible and powerful God is. As science and technology continues to advance and improve, more fantastic and revolutionary discoveries can be expected to be made in the future.

Departing Teachers

By: Sofia Chasco

Being a teacher is not just a job; it’s an opportunity. Mrs. Luebke and Mrs. Kolander understand that. They have taught and influenced so many people at Wisco, and now they have the chance to do that for many others. Next year, Mrs. Luebke will be teaching at Eastfork Lutheran High School on the Apache Reservation. She said, “After teaching in public schools for eight years, I loved to be able to share Jesus and grow in my faith with my students. Never forget, we all need more Jesus! A second shout out to all my math kids who didn’t think they could get it, but learned they could, and

they did! You guys are amazing— the math growth from my freshmen this year was absolutely spectacular...seriously—some of you grew multiple years of math in our short time together. I’m so proud of you!” --------------------------------------- During her retirement, Mrs. Kolander will spend time with her family and will be pursuing service orientated work. She will also continue to serve on a foundation supporting Lutheran schools in Zambia. Mrs. Kolander said, “I am going to miss interacting with the students in a more personal way. I love watching what is developing in

Mrs. Kolander

their lives and seeing their talents. Additionally, I am going to miss the Christ-centered atmosphere of the school and of the chapel services. I am strenghened and comforted by chapel. I love seeing the variety of worship styles and also the students using their talents. I will also greatly miss my colleagues. I want to thank the faculty, staff, and students for their support and love.”

Photos by Gerry Milton

Mrs. Luebke

Even though they are leaving Wisco, they will always be part of our Wisco family. We are blessed to have teachers that love us and our school just as much as we do.



Summer Word Search


Adventure August Backpacking Barefoot Beach Bees Camping Fireflies Flowers Freedom Graduation Humid Ice Cream July June Lady Bug Lemonade Memories Outdoor Picnic Pool Sunscreen Sunshine Swimming Travel Vacation Warmth Watermelon Waterpark

Drawn by Samantha Xu

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2019 May Pilot  

Teacher Reflections, Civil Rights Tour 2019, Wisco Steelpans, Summer Boredom Solutions, Senior Pilot Staff, Departing Teachers, and fun game...

2019 May Pilot  

Teacher Reflections, Civil Rights Tour 2019, Wisco Steelpans, Summer Boredom Solutions, Senior Pilot Staff, Departing Teachers, and fun game...