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WCP Ad Competition Criteria 15. Best Ad Copy Writing

Submit the ad and name of the writer.

16. Community Service/ Graphics

Shows what the publication is doing for the community. Submit ad plus clippings, statements or other evidence showing paper’s role in serving their community through advertising by aiding or promoting community projects. If several items relate to the same theme, all items should be considered one entry.

17. Do More With Less Space

Submit ads where you needed to stuff too much in a spot too small. Entries will be judged on amount of information per size of ad. Division 1: Half page or less. Division 2: Greater than half page.

18. Best Cover Page of Special Section:

Division 1: Newsprint cover. Division 2: Coated stock cover.

19. Best Use of Photograph

Ads showing exceptional use of photograph(s) in ad design. Division 1: In-House Photography Division 2: Stock Photography

On-Line Advertising 20. Best On-Line Ad

Single ad. Submit a color printout

21. Best Home Page:

Submit one screen print of your home page into your publication’s digital edition that also indicates the URL. Judges will review your full digital edition from a computer.


Judging is based on originality of content, writing quality and layout, with emphasis on importance to communities served.


22. Community Service/ Editorial:

This shows what the publication is doing for its community. Submit statements and other evidence showing the publication’s role in serving its community through news or editorial content. Material should aid or promote community projects. This is in contrast to self-promotion. If several items relate to the same theme, all items should be considered one entry.

23. Best Original Writing News Article

News articles cover events within a community, such as crime, politics, business development, current events and public policy.

24. Best Original Writing Feature Article

Feature articles cover profiles of people, organizations and attractions.

25. Best Original Writing Sports Article

Sports articles cover sporting events, which can include team or individual sports of both youth and adults.

26. Best Original Writing Opinion

Opinion writing expresses the writer’s opinion about specific events or public policy issues.

Please note:

Entries (other than General Excellence) should be submitted on-line by going to: See Contestant Instructions for details.

2013 P

Wisconsin Community


Ad Competition

WCP Ad Competition Criteria

WCP Ad Competition Criteria General Excellence entries must be mailed to: WCP Awards Competition 101 S. Main St., Fond du Lac, WI 54935

The Wisconsin Community Papers (WCP) Annual Awards Competition provides special, statewide recognition for excellence in free community paper publishing.

Entry Data

Entry Preparation

Eligibility: Any WCP member publication in good standing is eligible to enter.


Publication may enter as many entries in each category per division, except Category 1 (General Excellence), where only one entry may be submitted.


To standardize entries for judging fairness, please follow the contestant instructions for on-line submission to:

Competition Groups: Papers compete in two circulation groups. Group A is for papers with circulation less than 20,000. Group B is for papers with more than 20,000 circulation.

Material: Material for all entries must have been produced and used between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. Ads which have previously won awards and have been republished are ineligible. Ad Design Requirements: Ads submitted, unless otherwise specificed by the competition criteria, must be of the publica- tions own creative design. Agency ads are not accepted. Judging: Entries are judged by a panel of experts in advertising, composition, layout, media buying, journalism and photography. Announcements: Winners will be announced at the WCP Annual Convention May 17 and 18, 2013 Recognition: First place winners receive commemorative plaques. Second and third place winners receive certificates. Additional plaques or certificates may be ordered for a nominal charge. Property (Title): Entries become the property of WCP, and at the discretion of the board of directors, can be used in the development of services for members.

3. Count your entries and pay as directed in the instructions.

Entries failing to follow entry preparation rules may be disqualified.


1. General Excellence:

Entries will be judged on layout style, quality of reproduction, organization of paper, halftones and mechanicals, use of color, quality of layout and design of individual ads, diversity of advertisers, general readability and overall look and design of publication. The number of pages in the pub- lication is not a criteria. For Division 2, criteria will include presentation of editorial coverage and overall appeal.

Publisher shall submit two copies of their publication as follows:

• One week from February, 2012. and • One week of your choice from 2012, for a total of 2 issues.

Division 1: Papers with less than 10% news content.

Division 2: Papers with more than 10% news content.

The WCP Ad Competition provides special statewide recognition for excellence in free community paper publishing. The awards are rewarding for the publication, staff and business. Be sure to display and share your success with your community. Businesses want to be associated with successful, state-of-the-art publications.

Deadline: For Entries is February 15, 2013 Fees: $6.00 per entry. See instructions for your payment options.


Will be judged on originality of idea, good layout and design.

An advertising campaign promoting the business of all, or a group of, the paper’s advertisers. Division 1: Advertising ROP, Single page Composite or Sig Page Division 2: Advertising ROP, 2-4 pages. This category deals with small advertising promotions that appear inside your paper. Division 3: Advertising Special Section inside paper. This is a special section with many advertisers, that deals with a theme or is built around an event. Division 4: Advertising for a separate, stand-alone publication with partial or separate distrib ution.

2. Advertising Promotion:

3. Self-Promotion:

Division 1: Advertising campaign promoting use of your paper, by advertisers or its acceptance by readers. (sell sheets, promotional ROP). Division 2: Promotion of your paper other than ads in your paper. Direct mail, specialty advertising, brochures, billboards, photos, rate card or marketing media kits used by your publication. Division 3: Best Masthead. A banner or masthead carrying the paper name appearing on the cover of your publication.

4. Classified Promotion:

Division 1: Classified Sales Promotion (i.e. lovelines, holiday greetings, garage sales, etc.)

Division 2: Self-Promotion/Own Publication Classifieds. Ad published ROP in your publication or a flyer in your sales kit promoting use of your classified services.

5. New Media Promotion:

Division 1: Use of new media promoting your publication (i.e. mobile ads, social media, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)


6. Best Grocery Ad:

Division 1: Half page or less. Division 2: Greater than half page.

7. Best Single Ad:

Division 1: Black and White, 1/2 page or less. Division 2: Black and White, larger than 1/2 page. Division 3: Black, plus 1-color fountain, any size. Division 4: Process Color, 1/2 page or less. Division 5: Process Color, larger than 1/2 page.

8. Best Ad Series

A series of at least three ads showing continuity. Upload individual ads together so the judges know each series is one entry.

9. Best Automotive Ad:

Division 1: Half page or less. Division 2: Greater than half page.

10. Best Real Estate Ad:

Division 1: Half page or less. Division 2: Greater than half page.

11. Best Dining Ad:

Division 1: Half page or less. Division 2: Greater than half page.

12. Best Health Care Related Ad

Division 1: Half page or less. Division 2: Greater than half page.

13. Best Front Page Design

Showcases front page of publication NOT a special section. Division 1: Front page with editorial. Division 2: Front page without editorial.

14. Best Graphic Display of Classifieds

Submit one classified page presenting best graphic display of the section. Based on readabilty and overall presentation including font, type size, leading and organization.

Ad contest Brochure 2013  
Ad contest Brochure 2013  

Ad Contest Brochure 2013