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50 YEARS OF UPAF AND MILWAUKEE’S BIGGEST RIDE By Katie Joachim photos by dave schlabowske, red hammer photography

Your legs burn pleasantly as you ascend a hill. Only 23 more miles, you say to yourself. You can do it. You look to your left. A woman in a tutu passes you. To your right, a superhero adorned in a cape flashes you a grin. A parrot squawks in the distance, as a man with a cage on the front of his bike stops for a photo. You smile to yourself. Only 23 more miles? Shoot.

This is what makes the UPAF Ride for the Arts one of Milwaukee’s most beloved cycling events. It’s FUN and everyone wins, including Milwaukee’s performing arts scene. The United Performing Arts Fund’s Ride for the Arts, sponsored by Miller Lite, will take place on Sunday, June 4th. This year is a milestone for UPAF, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since the ride’s inception in 1981, more than 280,000 riders, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of sponsors have helped to raise over $9 million for UPAF and the 15 prominent performing arts organizations it supports. In 10

Wisconsin Bike Fed Magazine, May 2017