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Bringing Birds Back: Supporting Birds Throughout Their Life Cycle By Jaime Kenowski


very year Wisconsinites eagerly await the return of the robin, our iconic state bird that heralds in spring with its familiar cheery tune and bold orange breast. Other migratory birds are close behind, from orioles to ospreys to whip-poor-wills, peppering forests, parks, and lakes with movement and life as a new season unfurls. It is easy to think of these birds as returning home, but when it comes to conservation efforts, it is critical to keep in mind our “Wisconsin” birds spend significant portions of their life outside of the state. At the Foundation we are investing in strategies that support the habitat and resources birds use throughout the different stages of their life. Safe havens on a perilous journey Can you imagine taking a road trip to Central America, only to find there were no gas stations, restaurants, or hotels along the way? Just as we need places to rest and refuel while making a long journey, migratory birds depend on “stopover sites” while traveling to and from their breeding and wintering grounds. Many species make this annual round trip of over 6,000 miles each year, and those that travel the farthest are often experiencing the greatest declines. Predators, disease, collisions with building and electrical wires, and changing climate patterns also make migration an extremely vulnerable time for birds.


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Habitat conservation along Lake Michigan Thousands of birds travel along the Great Lakes as part of their migration, sticking to the coastline rather than taking a risky venture across such a large body of water. Recently you helped fund the creation of A Planning Tool for Migratory Bird Conservation along Lake Michigan, a comprehensive resource that pinpoints 42 distinct stopover sites along the coast of this important flyway. This resource will help land trusts, city, county and regional planning departments, and other This tool is free to use and view online at www.wisconsinbirds.org/migratory. conservation groups make informed decisions about migratory bird habitat conservation efforts, from Kenosha to Door County. A special thanks to our project partners, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, and the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program.

Welcome Sarah, our new Great Wisconsin Birdathon Coordinator

Sarah Cameron

“My interest in conservation began from a young age growing up in Driftless Wisconsin listening for the eastern whip-poor-will that made its nightly call from our woods. It is with great excitement that I look towards this next chapter as the Great Wisconsin Birdathon Coordinator to bridge my background in community engagement with my passion for our avian friends!” WIBirdathon.org Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

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Bridges Spring 2020  

In this Spring Issue of Bridges you can read about our efforts to protect and secure a future for birds in Wisconsin, see the winning images...

Bridges Spring 2020  

In this Spring Issue of Bridges you can read about our efforts to protect and secure a future for birds in Wisconsin, see the winning images...