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“Journey” 0,3,6,12 month

Mood Boards

Disclaimer: This is file is for the client personal use. It’s developed as a guide to different styles of photography and moods. The final product may vary depending on the venue, client’s style and available props. The pictures in this file are examples from the internet or Zoom In copy righted , in both case it cannot be used or redistributes with permission.

Style 1 Keep it simple


Style 2 Colorful background


Style 3 Baby outfit


Style 3 Props Letter cubes, balloons, soft toy big, calendars



What colors of outfit should I choose?


How can best prepare for my session? Similar to any other photo shoot: just be prepared to look your best! Feed a baby before the shoot, to make him more calm.


Pre-Session Questionnaire 1.Your due date ! 2. Will anyone else be photographed at the session besides the baby (like, Parents, Grandparents, or Brothers/Sisters and their ages)? 3.Do you have any poses or ideas for your photos? Something you would really like to try? ( Please explain, share a link or send examples to our email address)


20131024 journey storyboard  
20131024 journey storyboard