Soup Archive x uns* LOOK BOOK MAY 2021

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photographs by alexander norton

"Clothing is my amour in everyday life. I need to feel that it highlights my strengths, and on the other hand Protects my soft spots – just like amour"

"Sustainability to us, is about finding meaningful places for Material to go, places to trap it and enclose it, and make it feel special, but also ways to play with it on the body, and with body, to create pieces that make us feel comfortable, and confident." Soup archive

"one of the most important aspects of clothing is coding. it indicates belonging to certain subcultures / groups, Which is also connected to the topics of “strength” and “amour” and more over in -for example - queer community: shelter and safety"

garments by soup archive @soup_archive jewellery by katy mason @katymasonstudio photographs by alexander norton (she/her) @alexstilllovesworking models LUKA (he/him) and VIOSS (any pronouns) from uns* @wirsinduns

Alexander Norton is an artist working with various mediums. She works with notions of existing in human spaces through Performance, Photography, Every day Sculpture, Illustration, Poetry, Curation, Experimental Music and Comedy. She aims to create a tension with her work to focus on small details that claim the mundane as fascinating and important.


Soup Archive is a Berlin and London based clothing and accessories brand. Soup manipulates existing materials/objects/garments into new wearable pieces. Fabric is often pulled and cut in ways that can create and release tension simultaneously – creating comfortable and playful pieces. Soup has a desire to work closely with customers and models, to create pieces that will be worn repeatedly, to feel comfortable and authentic in. @soup_archive

uns* is the first exclusively lgbtqia+ talent agency in germany. uns* celebrates the vast diversity of the community, and advocates for the representation of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, bodies, and backgrounds across all areas of fashion and media. @wirsinduns